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Ben Tennyson, his cousin Gwen, and their grandfather Maxwell start their summer camping trip. Ben goes stomping off into the woods after another fight with Gwen, whom he is not happy to have along on the trip, and finds an alien pod on the ground. When he examines it, he finds a mysterious, watch-like device, called the Omnitrix, stored inside. The device attaches permanently to his wrist and gives him the ability to transform into a variety of alien life-forms, each with their own unique powers, quite similar to DC ComicsDial H for Hero comic. Although Ben realizes that he has a responsibility to help others with these new abilities at his disposal, he is not above a little superpowered mischief now and then. Along with Gwen and Max, Ben embarks on an adventure to fight evil, both extraterrestrial and earthly.


The Omnitrix is the mysterious watch-like alien device that allows the user to transform into various alien forms by combining the DNA of the selected alien with the user’s own DNA, effectively turning them into the alien species the user has selected. The alien form is selected by unlocking the control dial, turning the control dial to the desired alien species which is displayed on the Omnitrix’s display, then pressing the control dial back into place completing the transformation. The alien DNA also seems to contain some aspects of the original aliens’ personality; when questioned how it felt to be an alien, Ben described it as follows: “It kinda freaked me out at first. It was like I was me… and like I was somebody else.” [2]

The Omnitrix was originally created by Azmuth (a Galvan like Greymatter) to allow the people of the universe a way to literally “walk in someone else’s shoes”. However, many beings saw the Omnitrix’s abilities as something that could be used as a powerful weapon—most prominently the villain Vilgax who claims it to be the most powerful weapon in the galaxy. Fearing that people might misuse the Omnitrix for this very reason, Azmuth put several safeguards in place to ensure that whoever used the Omnitrix would not have full access to its powers. Several of these safeguards include transforming into an alien different from the one that is selected on the control dial, the ten minute auto time-out, the restriction of only ten accessible aliens, and a self-destruct mechanism. However, these safeguards are disabled once the Master Control for the Omnitrix is unlocked, which is apparently done by a random combination of selections on the control dial. Once the Master Control is unlocked, the user can stay in their alien form indefinitely and is also able to switch between alien forms at will just by thinking about it, speaking the name its user has given any alien, or turning the badge with the Omnitrix insignia on it.

In addition to the aliens that were pre-programmed into the Omnitrix’s DNA sequencer by Azmuth, the Omnitrix also possess the ability to absorb DNA samples from other alien species by simply coming into contact with them, effectively downloading a DNA sample and allowing access to that form.

Ben 10 forms

Original ten

At the start of the series, Ben only has access to ten aliens. More are gained in the following seasons.


Diamondhead (voiced by Jim Ward in the first series, Daran Norris in the live-action movie, Dee Bradley Baker in the second series) is a Petrosapien (“Petro-” referring to rocks, “sapien” referring to an intelligent being; Petrosapien would mean “intelligent rock”) from the crystal planet Petropia (a combination of the Greek “Petro-” and “topos”, forming a word similar to “rock place”).[1] The planet was destroyed by Vilgax with assistance from Tetrax, who unknowingly helped him create the weapon that destroyed his home.[2] Ben first transforms into Diamondhead in “And Then There Were 10” when he needed to destroy Vilgax’s giant robot. In the planning stages, Diamondhead was set up to be one of the aliens Ben would have discovered later on, while Cannonbolt would have been one of the original ten.

Diamondhead’s body is composed of an extremely durable organic crystal, making him nearly invulnerable. Diamondhead can control his crystal physiology at will, allowing him to create crude crystal weapons from any part his body on demand or fire crystal shards from his hands. This same ability also allows him to regenerate to an extent, such as regrowing lost limbs. In addition to growing crystal from himself, Diamondhead can grow crystal over other objects. Lasers and other similar weapons are useless against Diamondhead, as his crystal body acts as a prism, refracting the beams. The one drawback to Diamondhead’s crystal form is the crystal itself, which can shatter if exposed to sufficiently strong sonic vibrations. While Petrosapiens can regenerate limbs, there is a limit to how much damage they can recover from.[1][3]

Diamondhead makes an appearance in the third season premiere of Ben 10: Alien Force, regenerating from Chromastone’s remains after Vilgax destroyed him. Diamondhead’s appearance is slightly altered, with a primarily dark blue uniform that extends over his head to form a hood.


Ben’s preferred offensive form is Fourarms (voiced by Richard McGonagle), a Tetramand (tetra meaning “four” in Greek, mand being “arms” in Latin) from the desert planet Khoros. Khoros epitomizes a dystopia, resulting in the strength-oriented Tetramands.[4] Fourarms is the most used alien in the original series, since it is the form that most suits 10-year-old Ben’s fighting style: blindly rushing at the enemy with little forethought. Ben first transformed into Fourarms in “Washington B.C.” when he needed to fight the giant mammoth that Dr. Animo had reanimated.

Fourarms is a ten-foot tall, four-armed, four-eyed powerhouse with armored skin and extremely dense musculature, making him unmatched in pure physical strength. His strength is such that he can create shockwaves simply by pounding the ground or clapping all four of his hands together, dubbed the “Big Smack”, and his leg strength allows him to cross entire city blocks in a single jump. However, all the extra mass of his muscles and heavy skin makes Fourarms relatively slow, and his size likewise makes using things designed for smaller species difficult, especially when enlarging them is a bad idea.[4] When under the effects of an illness, Fourarms’ strength and stamina are somewhat lessened and he develops pungent hives in his armpits.


Ghostfreak (voiced by Steven Blum) is an Ectonurite (ecto playing on ectoplasm) from the perpetually dark planet Anur Phaetos (phaetos playing on phantom). Ectonurites are part of a hive mind, which is contained within the vast genetic memory of every Ectonurite.[5] Ben first transformed into Ghostfreak in “Permanent Retirement” when he wanted to get away from his Aunt Vera for a while. Ben’s version of Ghostfreak outwardly resembles a one-eyed ghost, the result of a second skin, while Ghostfreak’s true form is that of a wraith-like genie with blue claws, decaying skin, and an exposed, upside-down skull with a single eye for a head.

Ghostfreak is composed of a variable-density protoplasm which allows him to become invisible and/or intangible at will. Ghostfreak can levitate freely, and he doesn’t require oxygen, allowing him to survive in a vacuum. For the short time Ben has access to the form, it has no real weaknesses to speak of, aside from Ben’s limited access to its true powers. The second skin protects him from Ghostfreak’s otherwise fatal aversion to sunlight, and also allows Ben to frighten his opponents by pulling back the skin to reveal his true form beneath. The second skin also has ‘tracks’ on it, along which Ben can move his single eye, allowing him to see anywhere the tracks go.

In his true form, revealed once Ghostfreak’s personality becomes dominant, Ghostfreak demonstrates a number of powers Ben himself cannot use. In addition to the standard invisibility and intangibility, Ghostfreak can render others intangible through physical contact. His intangibility also enables him to possess humans, controlling them from within. Ghostfreak also has psychic abilities such as telepathy and telekinesis, but the extent of these abilities remains unclear.[5] His true form also has a flock of tentacles protruding from his chest, which can be used as extra appendages. In total darkness, these features become even more pronounced, and he can fire energy blasts from his chest.[6] However, having torn off the protective skin Ben made use of, Ghostfreak is extremely photosensitive, spontaneously combusting when exposed to direct sunlight over a prolonged period.[5] He is also unable to possess Ben while in alien form, as the Omnitrix repels negative forces aimed at it, but can possess other true aliens. Ben loses access to the form in “Ghostfreaked Out”, but, at the end of “Be Afraid of the Dark”, Ben gains the natural Ectonurite form, though he never used it again in any episode.

Grey Matter

Grey Matter (voiced by Richard Steven Horvitz in the TV series and by Carlos Alazraqui in the live-action movie) is a Galvan (the former a play on actual grey matter and Greys, the latter a play on galvanization) from the tiny planet Galvan Prime.[7] Ben first transformed into Grey Matter in “Washington B.C.” when he saw that a gold Sumo Slammer card could be found in a box of cereal. Gwen found him looking for the card in the cereal boxes at the supermarket. Although Ben rarely intentionally selects Grey Matter, he often finds himself in that form as a result of accidental transformations, such as in “A Small Problem”.

Grey Matter is a gray-skinned, frog-like, bipedal alien only five inches tall; however, his size belies his intellect, which is second to none. He can create almost anything from spare parts and deduce the function of any device at a glance. This ability extends to organic organisms also, determining the position of nerve clusters under the skin of an alien creature he’d never seen before.[8] His size allows him to squeeze into small spaces, and he can climb walls thanks to tiny suction cups on his skin. He also has sharp teeth, and his slimy skin makes him difficult to grab. However, Grey Matter’s size makes him unsuited for battle, and hence Ben must outsmart his enemies while using the form.[7] Showing a more light-hearted side of the Omnitrix, Ben, despite being able to understand any device, does not consciously comprehend what he is doing, leading him to remark as such.


Heatblast (voiced by Steven Blum in the TV series and by David Franklin in the live-action movie) is a Pyronite (pyro meaning fire) from the star Pyros.[9] Heatblast is Ben’s first transformation, which was activated in “And Then There Were 10” when Ben was tampering with the Omnitrix upon it first attaching to him.

Heatblast is a magma-based life-form that can control fire at will, either projecting it in a wide range of forms or absorbing it into himself. He can fire streams of flame, create fireballs, manifest tornadoes of flame, utilize said tornadoes to carry himself and others short distances, and radiate heat in all directions for a localized explosion. He can also achieve flight by firing at the ground to propel himself like a rocket. Apart from this, Heatblast is also a highly durable alien, able to endure being thrown through buildings without being slowed.[10] While under the influence of an illness, Heatblast’s powers are reversed, giving him cryokinetic powers instead of the normal pyrokinesis. Heatblast’s dependency on heat is also his weakness, as his powers can be negated by sufficient amounts of water or similar fire-extinguishing materials and large amounts of water can extinguish him permanently. He is also unable to lower his own body temperature, which prevents him from touching things without burning them, people included.[11]


The aquatic alien Ripjaws (voiced by Fred Tatasciore) is a Piscciss Volann (from piscēs, the Latin word for fish) of the water planet Piscciss.[12] Ben first transformed into Ripjaws in “The Krakken” in order to take the Krakken’s eggs back from Jonah Melville. Because of the extremely specific conditions required to maintain Ripjaws, he is the least used Omnitrix alien, and is not seen for the entirety of the third season.

Ripjaws shares a number of traits of Earth aquatic life-forms—namely alligators, eels, anglerfish, and sharks—combined into a single being. Naturally, his main ability is being able to breathe underwater. Ripjaws can also withstand a remarkable amount of pressure, and his luminescent dangler allows him to see in the darkest of depths (or otherwise dark areas). He can swim at great speeds, and his sharp teeth and claws can pierce through almost anything. His lower jaw can unhinge to allow him to bite much larger objects.[12] Though his tail hides a pair of legs for travel on land, Ripjaws is limited by his need to remain hydrated, dehydrating rapidly if left out of the water for even a few minutes.


Another of Ben’s more commonly used forms, Stinkfly (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) is a Lepidopterran from the swamp planet Lepidopterra (a play on lepidoptera, the scientific name for butterflies and moths).[13][14] Ben first transformed into Stinkfly in “Washington B.C.” when he had to save Gwen after she fell from the Washington Monument.

Stinkfly is meant to be a combination of various Earth insects (dragonflies, crickets, and praying mantises specifically).[14] His primary ability is flight facilitated by the four thin wings on his back, which grant Stinkfly high mobility and speed. Stinkfly also possesses disproportionate strength, enough to carry people and objects heavier than himself. In “Don’t Drink the Water”, the child form of Stinkfly (Stinkyfly) was able to unleash a powerful herbicide gas by farting. Stinkfly’s four eye stalks give him a wide range of vision from the sky, including the ability to look directly behind himself. Pollen ducts in his eyes and mouth allow Stinkfly to excrete high-pressure streams of liquids.[13] The type of liquid can range from a flammable toxin to an immobilizing jelly. His razor-sharp tail and pincer-like legs can also be used in melee combat. Stinkfly’s primary weakness is water, which can negate his flight if it gets on his wings. In addition, while his body is fairly strong, his wings are not.[13] A more minor inconvenience is Stinkfly’s intense body odor (hence the name), which is a result of the oils he secretes to keep his joints moving.[15]


Upgrade (voiced by Tara Strong) is a Galvanic Mechomorph (mecho- meaning machine and -morph meaning shape) of the moon Galvan B, which orbits Galvan Prime. Though originally uninhabited, Galvan B was accidentally brought to life when Galvan scientists introduced self-replicating nanotechnology to the moon, which bonded with the moon’s minerals and created sentient life.[16] Ben first transformed into Upgrade in “Permanent Retirement” to stop some criminals who were robbing an ATM. Upgrade is the only alien form in which Ben’s voice does not change, aside from the more computerized tone behind it. The reason for this is revealed in the enhanced version of “Game Over”; Galvanic Mechomorphs can’t bond with organic things, so Ben’s transformation into Upgrade is incomplete.

Upgrade is composed of nanotechnology, allowing him to reshape his body at will.[16] This makes restraining or harming him difficult, as he can “melt” to avoid either and will quickly regenerate from any damage taken.[17] Upgrade can also merge with other technology, earning his name by upgrading it far beyond its original design as long as he is merged with it. The size of the device is inconsequential. While merged with a device, Upgrade controls it as he would his own body.[16] Even without a machine at hand, Upgrade can reconfigure his form around his eye in order to fire a plasma beam from it. Upgrade is also capable of forming simple constructs from plasma, such as spikes. Upgrade’s weakness is his specialization: being technology-oriented, Upgrade cannot possess biological creatures, and sentient or more powerful robots are harder for him to control. Upgrade’s liquid-metal composition can also work against him, namely where electrical attacks are concerned. Furthermore, any sort of metal corrosive can upset Upgrade’s delicate internal workings and wreak havoc on his systems.[16]


Wildmutt (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) is a Vulpimancer from the garbage planet Vulpin (a play on vulpine, which means fox).[18] Ben first transformed into Wildmutt in “And Then There Were 10” after his second experiment with the Omnitrix. This was Ben’s first intentional transformation.

Wildmutt is a vaguely dog-like alien whose physical features are a cross between a lion, a wolf and a gorilla.[14] Ben 10,000’s Wildmutt has much more pronounced feline traits, including stripes and a tail. Wildmutt’s powerful arms allows him to run, jump, and climb objects at high speeds, in addition to making him fairly strong. Wildmutt has no eyes, but has gills on his neck which allow him to hear and smell many times better than humans, giving him radar-like sight which is depicted as functioning somewhat like a thermograph sensor. According to various profiles on Wildmutt, the porcupine-like quills on his back supplement his radar sight and can also serve as weapons, either protecting Wildmutt while he’s rolling or as projectiles which can be fired off at will.[18] This ability is unique to adult Vulpimancers, and since Ben’s version is only ten years old, these quills haven’t developed. Wildmutt’s weakness, though it is rarely an issue, is his lack of sight, which can be impeded through various means,[18] and he is rendered effectively useless if his nostrils are clogged. Wildmutt is also the only Omnitrix alien who cannot speak in any understandable fashion, communicating through snarls and growls, which can be a problem when attempting to relay messages or avoid conflict.[19]


XLR8 (voiced by Jim Ward) is a Kineceleran (a portmanteau of the words ‘kinetic’ and ‘accelerate’) from the hyper-accelerated planet Kinet (the first part of kinetic, which is movement energy).[20] Ben first transformed into XLR8 in “And Then There Were 10” when he decided to play around a bit with his newfound power, using the form to get revenge on some bullies that he fought with earlier in the episode.

XLR8 resembles a semi-armored velociraptor, the base creature for the form’s design.[21] XLR8 has wheel-shaped feet and wears a helmet with a windshield, which is part of his alien biology, leaving the features of his head unknown. Ben 10,000’s XLR8 also has a scanner built into the helmet, the product of nanotechnology Ben 10,000 uses to enhance his aliens.[22] The Bandai profile for XLR8 describes the actual species much differently. The profile states that Kinecelerans are vaguely elfin in appearance, with long hair, blue skin, pointed ears, large tails, and oversized feet.[20] The Bandai profiles also create another contrast: actual Kinecelerans are said to be incapable of running on slippery surfaces. Furthermore, because of their constant motion, Kinecelerans build up large stores of static electricity, which reacts badly with water.[20] XLR8 has only once encountered this problem, while speeding across ice.

XLR8 can manipulate friction to reach speeds of 300 mph in an instant, and the same power allows him to climb up walls and run on water with relative ease. Using his speed, XLR8 can perform a number of unique feats. He can create tornadoes through centrifugal force, either through running in a small circle or spinning, and can deliver speed-enhanced attacks in rapid succession.[23] Amazing reflexes accompany this speed, allowing XLR8 to quickly dodge attacks with relative ease. His scissor-like claws can also cut through objects. XLR8’s weakness is his lack of physical strength, which is about on par with a normal human, although his speed tends to make up for it. Magnets and charged pulses are said to be a problem, apparently disorienting Kinecelerans to the point that they cannot balance properly,[20] but the series has never addressed this weakness.

Additional forms

Starting with the second season, Ben begins unlocking new forms, either through DNA sampling or pure chance.


Benmummy (voiced by Richard Green) is a Thep Khufan (playing with the word Khufu, an Egyptian pharaoh) from the desert planet Anur Khufos. This character would seem to be based on the Mummy, from various horror films of the mid-20th century, to keep with the “horror” element associated with Ghostfreak. Ben gains this form in “Under Wraps” when another Thep Khufan inadvertently adds its DNA to the Omnitrix, but accidentally transforms into Upgrade instead when trying to use him. Ben first uses the form in “The Return” to fight off the Yenaldooshi. The credits give the name “Benmummy,” though Ben never named it on-screen. Ben’s version looks slightly different, with his eyes and the gaps between his bandages glowing green instead of purple. Benmummy also has black bracers and greaves, as well as a smaller mask and the Omnitrix symbol on his left shoulder. Benmummy can speak, even though the original seems to be mute.

Benmummy is composed of a bandage-like material that can be reshaped at will, allowing Benmummy to stretch his limbs, similar to Wildvine, split apart to dodge attacks, and instantly regenerate damage, even impalement and dismemberment. He is also deceptively strong, able to throw a creature as heavy as Diamondhead with little effort. The material that makes up his body, however, is fairly weak on its own, and can be torn with relative ease. Benmummy’s body is also fairly light because of it, making him susceptible to strong winds or other pulling forces.[24]


Benvicktor (voiced by Michael Dorn) is a Transylian (a play on the region of Transylvania, the setting for many monster movies) from the planet Anur Transyl. This character would seem to be based on the Frankenstein Monster, from various horror films of the mid-20th century, to keep with the “horror” element associated with Ghostfreak. Ben first gains this form while battling with Doctor Vicktor in “Be Afraid of the Dark”, during which time Doctor Vicktor accidentally grabs the Omnitrix. Ben uses the form later in the same episode to fight Ghostfreak. The credits give the form’s name as Benvicktor, even though Ben himself has yet to name it.[6] Benvicktor looks slightly different from Doctor Vicktor, the source alien. Benvicktor sports longer hair, a smaller left eye, and generates green lightning rather than purple.[6]

Benvicktor’s main power is the ability to manipulate electricity, which is generated by the structures on his back. With this power, he can channel electricity through metal surfaces or fire it as powerful bolts from his fists. His body is made of an organic metal which conducts this electricity, as well as making him quite strong and durable. The metal can also be magnetized to allow him to stand firmly on metal surfaces.[6]


Benwolf (voiced by Tara Strong) is a Loboan (as in Lobo, Spanish for wolf) from the Anur Transyl moon, Luna Lobo (literally translating from Spanish as “Wolf Moon”). This character would seem to be based on the Wolf Man, from various horror films of the mid-20th century, to keep with the “horror” element associated with Ghostfreak. Ben obtains this form after an alien of the same species scratched the Omnitrix, causing its DNA to be added into Ben’s selection of aliens. According to the show’s “popup edition,” the result of Ben’s battle leaves the Omnitrix half way between “Collection Mode” and “Active Mode”, causing him to transform over the course of several hours instead of instantly as he normally does.[25]

Benwolf more or less resembles a werewolf, with the exception of a quadri-hinged mandibled mouth. In keeping with this, Benwolf has enhanced strength, speed, agility, and senses.[26] By opening his mouth, Benwolf can emit an ultrasonic howl capable of shattering rock. The only weakness of the form is that it appears to be colorblind.


Cannonbolt (voiced by Fred Tatasciore in the first series and by Dee Bradley Baker in the second series) is an Neburian Pellorotor (based on pelota, Spanish for “ball” and rota, a play on “rotation”) from the planet Neburia. The information from the Bandai Alien Collection toy for Cannonbolt refers to his species as a Vulpinic Tortugan (tortuga is Spanish for “turtle”) from the planet Vulpin, which Wildmutt also originates from. The Vulpinic Tortugan’s are Pellorotors that moved to Vulpin they mutated due to the pollution and developed the ability to breath fire.[27] The Pellorotor home planet was destroyed by “The Great One” shortly before Ben discovers the form in “The Big Tick”. Cannonbolt is the first new alien to appear on the Omnitrix,[28] and eventually replaces Ghostfreak in the opening theme. Cannonbolt was originally meant to be one of the original ten aliens, but was replaced by Diamondhead in production.

Cannonbolt is a hulking, broad-shouldered alien covered in natural armor plating. This armor can resist almost any attack, ranging from acids to lasers[28] to extreme heat.[6] By curling up into a ball, much like an armadillo or pillbug, Cannonbolt can encase himself in his armor, becoming virtually invulnerable. He can then spin himself like a wheel, rolling into enemies at high speeds to attack.[28] The drawback is that Cannonbolt quickly picks up inertia, which can make hitting more maneuverable targets difficult, as he can’t slow down quickly.[29] In addition, Cannonbolt’s speed and maneuverability is limited outside of his ball form, owing to his bulk and high center of gravity.[28]

Cannonbolt makes an appearance in the second season finale of Ben 10: Alien Force after Azmuth unlocks the Omnitrix master control. His appearance is the same as in the original series, with the exception of Omnitrix symbol, which has been moved to his chest, his eyes now being green instead of yellow, and the lower black stripe being gone. In the third season, he appears to be one of Ben’s ten aliens.


Ditto (voiced by Rob Paulsen) is a Splixson (based on the word “split”) from the Earth-like planet Hathor (the first syllable of this name being similar to the word “half”). Ditto first appears in “Divided We Stand”.

Ditto is a small, humanoid alien with the ability to clone himself without limit. Every clone operates independently, regardless of whether or not Ben wants them to, and each clone is indistinguishable from the others. Though the clones are autonomous, they share each other’s pain, and the death of one clone will cause the death of the rest (as seen with Dr. Animo’s Ditto-enhanced Stinkfly mutants), which negates the usefulness of making large numbers of clones. The child-size Ditto is also no stronger or faster than his size and build suggests.

When the Omnitrix times out, the Ditto clones are forcibly recombined into one before the transformation reverts. If one or more clones are isolated from each other when the Omnitrix times out, the timer will reset periodically until they are reunited. This only seems to apply when a clone is physically unable to reunite with the others; in open air, the clones will float to each other over great distances in order to facilitate the transformation. It is implied that the reset “glitch” forces the Omnitrix into a state where the next transformation is timed out much faster than usual, due to the strain of being active through multiple timeouts.[30]


In the film Ben 10: Race Against Time, the alien Eon (played by Christien Anholt), a Chronian from Chronia (both play on the Greek word “chronos“, meaning “time” ), uses the Omnitrix to turn Ben into a younger version of himself, due to the fact that the Hands of Armageddon needed the energy of a young Chronian to activate. He also deactivated the failsafe so his DNA would completely overtake Ben’s personality, essentially changing Ben into a clone of himself. As Eon, Ben activates the Hands of Armageddon, but returns to normal after Gwen manages to reach Ben inside Eon.[31] Like the original Eon, the Omnitrix clone has vast time manipulation powers, though Ben himself exhibits little of them besides energy projection.[31]

Eye Guy

Eye Guy (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) was introduced in the first alternate opening of Ben 10: Secret of the Omnitrix, replacing Heatblast during the fight with Doctor Animo.[32] How Eye Guy was obtained is never addressed. Eye Guy is an Opticoid from the planet Sightra. Eye Guy’s upper-body is covered in eyes, hence the name, though he ironically has no eyes on his head, which consists of a mouth and a very large pair of batlike ears. From these eyes, Eye Guy can fire numerous energy beams. The eyes can be merged to create different effects, such as three on his shoulder which can form a freezing beam. By merging every eye into the large eye in his chest, he can fire his strongest energy blast. He can also scale walls. His only appearance in the TV series itself was in “Ben 10 vs. the Negative 10”, where Ben was attempting to prevent the Negative 10 from stealing the Sub-Energy.


Upchuck (voiced by Dave Wittenberg in the first series and by Dee Bradley Baker in the second series) is a Gourmand (from the French word gourmet meaning one who enjoys fine food or glutton) from the volcanic planet Peptos XI (Peptos being the Greek word for ‘cooked’ or ‘digested’[33] and the XI being the roman numeral for eleven).[34] Upchuck first appears in the episode “The Visitor”, in which an alien named Xylene enters a code into the Omnitrix to activate the form.

Upchuck is a small alien with a very large appetite. He has four strong, adhesive tongues that can stretch to great lengths, allowing him to latch onto large objects and reel them in with relative ease. Upchuck’s mouth and stomach stretch to facilitate the digestion of such objects. Upchuck possesses several acid-filled stomachs that can dissolve all forms of inorganic matter, meaning he can’t digest organic matter such as ordinary food. The items ingested are converted into explosive balls of liquids that can be expelled at will with great accuracy.[34] Upchuck also seems to have impressive stamina for his size, as he is able to take on the impact of a moving car [35] as well as survive being thrown through a wall. Despite his appetite, Upchuck can’t seem to easily digest human food, as Ben realized when he tried to eat pizza, only for the alien form to not like the food. Another impediment to Upchuck is his small stature.

Upchuck, like Way Big and Cannonbolt, returns in the second season finale of Ben 10: Alien Force after Azmuth unlocks the Omnitrix master control. His appearance is slightly different from the original series, with the Omnitrix symbol moved to his chest from his left-hand, a new color scheme consisting of shades of brown and yellow with black spots on his skin, a higher voice, and green eyes instead of white. Upchuck also appears in “Vengeance of Vilgax” as the first instance of an incorrect transformation by Ben’s recalibrated Omnitrix.

Way Big

Way Big (voiced by Fred Tatasciore in the first series and by Dee Bradley Baker in the second series) is a To’kustar (from the Japanese term “tokusatsu“, given Way Big’s resemblance to characters from the Ultra Series), not so much an alien species as an anomaly created during cosmic storms.[36] He is by far the biggest alien in Ben’s arsenal.[2] Way Big’s size grants him extraordinary strength and invulnerability to most attacks.

Way Big first appears in Ben 10: Secret of the Omnitrix, when Azmuth activates it on the Omnitrix so Ben can fight off Vilgax’s army. His only appearance in the TV series itself was in “Ken 10” when Ben loses his temper and viciously beats Kevin into the ground after the latter pushes him too far by injuring Ken.

Way Big, like Upchuck and Cannonbolt, returns in the second season finale of Ben 10: Alien Force after Azmuth unlocks the Omnitrix master control. He now has green eyes instead of yellow, blades on his feet and arms, and a few changed facial features.


Wildvine (voiced by Jim Ward) is a Florauna (a combination of flora and fauna) from the planet Flors Verdance (a combination of flora and verdens, Latin for green). Wildvine makes his first appearance in the episode “Camp Fear” as an accidental transformation.

Wildvine is a plant-based alien with five vine-like legs, four-fingered claws, and venus flytrap-shaped flaps covering his head. Wildvine can grow to stretch his limbs great lengths or grow thorns to cause additional damage. He can also merge with other plants, and can burrow underground to conduct surprise attacks or travel quickly. Eight regrowable seeds on his back can be used as various types of explosives, both lethal and non-lethal. When exposed to cold, kept from sunlight, or deprived of a water source, however, Wildvine quickly withers up.[37] Ben has never encountered this problem, likely due to the limited periods in which the form is used.

Ben 10,000 forms

In the episode “Ben 10,000”, set twenty years into a possible future, a thirty-year old version of Ben has access to 10,000 different aliens, of which he demonstrates three not yet accessible by the present Ben. Among them are:

  • Spitter (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) is a Spheroid from the rainy planet Scalpasc. A large, blowfish-like alien, Spitter has the power to spit slime at high pressures.[22]
  • Buzzshock (voiced by Tara Strong) is a green Megawhatt (the electric aliens from “Tourist Trap”) from the Nosedeen Quasar (a megawatt is a unit of power equal to one million watts, while quasars are astronomical bodies capable of producing vast amounts of energy).[22]
  • Arcticguana (voiced by Tom Kane) is a Polar Manzardill, one of many types of Manzardill, from the polar ice caps of X’Nelli. He is a blue iguana-like alien that can breathe freezing vapor.[22]

A number of alien forms were mentioned in the episode “Ken 10”, although none have made an onscreen appearance. Snakepit, Sandbox, and Shellhead were among Ken’s starter aliens. Of the three, only Shellhead is described, being a turtle-like alien whose only power is to hide within its shell for defense. Another of Ken’s initial aliens was Toepick, until he was replaced by Grey Matter (Ken described him as too gross even for him). Ken also mentions one called Atomix, expressing disappointment that it was not among his choices

Episode list

[edit] Season 1: 2005–2006

EP# Title Airdate Prod. code
1 And Then There Were 10 December 27, 2005 (2005-12-27) 101
Near Earth, a battle between two space ships takes place. Clearly outmatched, the smaller of the two fires a laser at the larger ship’s bridge and launches a pod to Earth amidst the confusion. The bridge explosion nearly kills the large ship’s commander, Vilgax, but the smaller ship appears to have been destroyed completely. On Earth, Ben Tennyson begins his cross-country summer vacation with his cousin, Gwen, and his grandpa, Max. Ben finds the crashed pod at their first stop. Within it is a watch-like alien artifact. Reaching to touch it, the watch jumps onto his wrist and refuses to come off, unwillingly merging with his DNA. Ben accidentally discovers that it can change his form into various alien creatures and quickly learns how to use it. Deciding that he could be a superhero who can actually help people, Ben uses the watch to destroy robots sent by Vilgax to retrieve it, thus beginning a summer of adventure for himself, Max and Gwen.
2 Washington B.C. January 13, 2006 (2006-01-13) 102
During a trip to Washington D.C., Ben confronts Dr. Animo, a disgruntled scientist whose Transmodulator can mutate living animals, and even resurrect dead ones, and eventually learns a lesson about what being a hero really means.
3 The Krakken January 14, 2006 (2006-01-14) 103
Ben encounters a lake monster called the Krakken and Captain Shaw, a fisherman obsessed with catching it. He soon finds out the creature is upset because Jonah Melville, a poacher in the guise of an animal lover, is stealing the creature’s eggs. After Ben retrieves the eggs, a close scene is shown with the Krakken cuddling her regained eggs in her nest.
4 Permanent Retirement January 21, 2006 (2006-01-21) 104
Ben and Max drive to a retirement center to visit Ben’s Aunt Vera, but evil alien shape-shifters, called the Limax, are kidnapping and replacing the elderly residents in order to devour them later.
5 Hunted January 28, 2006 (2006-01-28) 105
Still in recovery, Vilgax hires three alien bounty hunters to retrieve the Omnitrix: a robotic crustacean named Kraab, an assassin named Sixsix, and a mysterious gunman named Tetrax. The trio encounters Ben playing around with the watch and force him to flee. However, when Ben attempts to fight Tetrax, who had separated from the group, Tetrax reveals himself to be the same species as Diamondhead and criticizes him for his lack of strategy while in combat. Proving himself to be on the good side, Tetrax aids Ben in warding off Kraab and Sixsix. Realizing that Ben took his words to heart, Tetrax decides to leave the Omnitrix with the child and awards him with a hoverboard.
6 Tourist Trap February 4, 2006 (2006-02-04) 106
While in a tourist trap town called Sparksville, Ben plays a practical joke that accidentally unleashes Megawatts, small creatures made from electrical energy, on the town. Ben must stop them from multiplying out of control and destroying the town with their dangerous pranks. Ben eventually turns to Heatblast to seal the Megawatts in the World’s Largest Lightbulb.
7 Kevin 11 February 11, 2006 (2006-02-11) 107
Straying from Max after an argument, Ben meets and befriends a boy named Kevin, who has the power to absorb any form of energy. Their first misadventure forces Ben to reveal what the Omnitrix is capable of. Kevin suggests that they team up. However, Kevin just wants the Omnitrix’s power at his disposal; being treated like a monster for his strange powers since birth, Kevin had let hatred build up in his heart and is now out to get back at those who had hurt him. Ben attempts to reason with Kevin but ends up fighting him as Heatblast vs.Fireblast, at which point Kevin escapes and Max finds Ben. Ben finds Kevin terrorizing some bullies with energy stolen from Heatblast and fights him as Fourarms. Ben defeats Kevin(who battled as Sixarms) this time, forcing him to flee. Unknown to Ben, however, Kevin had absorbed energy from the Omnitrix after all.
8 The Alliance February 18, 2006 (2006-02-18) 108
Fourarms reluctantly fights a female thief named Joey and her gang, but Vilgax sends more attack drones at the same time. While Ben shifts his attention to the drones, Joey attacks Max. Ben destroys the robots and knocks Joey out, leaving them all at the scene in order to get Max to a hospital. While he is away, the drones fuse with Joey, transforming her into a semi-robotic being called Rojo. Vilgax makes telepathic contact with Rojo through the drones and commands her to steal the Omnitrix. At the hospital, Ben realizes that his watch makes him a constant target and puts Gwen and Max in danger by association; worried for their safety, Ben runs away. He later encounters Rojo and fights her as XLR8, which proves futile. With advice from Max via cell phone, Ben defeats Rojo as Upgrade by merging with and shorting out her robotic parts. In the process, Vilgax makes telepathic contact with Upgrade through the drones and threatens him, claiming that he will obtain the Omnitrix some day. Ben returns to Max and Gwen upon the realization that he needs them. Max tells Ben not to worry about what Vilgax said; however, Max expresses a look of anxiousness while Ben is out of sight.
9 Last Laugh February 25, 2006 (2006-02-25) 109
While visiting a travelling circus, Ben fights an evil clown named Zombozo, who drains the souls of everyone watching through their laughter, all the while inhibited by a fear of clowns. Conquering his own fear, Ben defeats Zombozo by terrifying him as Ghostfreak and saves his family from the evil clown’s soul draining machine. During this fight, Ben first notes that he scared himself while fighting as Ghostfreak.
10 Lucky Girl March 4, 2006 (2006-03-04) 110
Ben defeats a magician named Hex as he attempts to steal a spellbook. During the fight Ben retrieves one of Hex’s five magical Charms of Bezel and gives it to Gwen. The charm gives Gwen the power of probability manipulation. Using a Mardi Gras costume, Gwen becomes a new superheroine named “Lucky Girl,” and begins stealing the spotlight from Ben while proving she’s also got what it takes to be a crime-fighter. Unfortunately, Hex wants his charm back. He takes the spellbook and lures Gwen into a trap. He is able to take back his charm and begins an incantation to suck the entire city of New Orleans into a vortex. Fortunately, Gwen catches him off guard and takes back the Charms of Bezel, smashing them so that they may never be used again for any evil purposes. Fourarms restrains Hex until he is arrested.
11 A Small Problem March 11, 2006 (2006-03-11) 111
In a fit of stubbornness, the Omnitrix transforms Ben into Grey Matter and leaves him stuck in that form for far longer than normal. During this time, Grey Matter is captured by an alien-obsessed nerd named Howell Wayneright. Grey Matter successfully contacts Gwen and Max for a short period before a secret society of modern knights, known as The Organization, retrieves both Grey Matter and Howell. The two work together to escape and quickly discover a room filled with extraterrestrial technology, with which The Organization could take over the world. Grey Matter sabotages one of the objects to trigger an explosion and take down The Organization’s base. Enoch, The Organization’s leader, orders his men to find information on Ben and his family.
12 Side Effects March 18, 2006 (2006-03-18) 112
A man named Clancy, who has the power to control insects wants to take revenge on Councilwoman Liang because she wants to tear down the building where he and his insects live. Meanwhile Ben has to deal with the strange side effects a cold has on his alien forms after celebrating stopping an attempted robbery by having an ice cream party. Each alien had a different effect: Wildmutt had his sensors clogged by the cold, making him unable to see or smell. Fourarms cold didn’t effect his powers, though, his armpits became putrid pockets, making them smell horrible. Heatblast’s powers changed completely, as the cold gave him freeze powers, which actually defeated Clancy and stopped the meltdown.
13 Secrets March 25, 2006 (2006-03-25) 113
With his wounds finally healed, Vilgax decides to personally retrieve the Omnitrix. He again contacts Ben in a dream, which Ben tells Max about. Worried, Max plots a course to Mount Rushmore. Ben ignores Max’s warnings not to go alien and flies off to stop trouble along the way, only to engage in combat with Vilgax. After a futile struggle, Vilgax captures Ben and brings him aboard his ship. Having retrieved weapons from a secret base in Mount Rushmore, Max and Gwen free Ben from Vilgax’s extraction device. Ben and Vilgax fight again, but Ben surrenders when Vilgax holds Max and Gwen hostage. Unknown to either of them, Max had activated a self-destruct command on Vilgax’s ship. Ben traps Vilgax and escapes, leaving his opponent in the resulting explosion.

[edit] Season 2: 2006

EP# Title Airdate Prod. code
14 Truth May 29, 2006 (2006-05-29) 201
After the incident with Vilgax, Max tells Ben and Gwen about his secret past. He really was a plumber, but not the garden variety version. He was part of a secret government organization known as “The Plumbers,” that dealt with extra-terrestrial and paranormal phenomenon that others couldn’t. The organization was disbanded after he defeated Vilgax for the first time. During one of Ben’s regular acts of heroism, they run into Max’s old partner, Phil. Phil is still in the business of hunting aliens, though he is now a freelance agent. He suggests that they remake The Plumbers, but Max is against the idea. Ben, however, is much more enthusiastic about the idea. During another alien battle, Ben reveals the secret of the Omnitrix to Phil, and Phil is even more determined to get him as a partner. Phil ends up taking them to an expensive hotel, which he is able to pay for thanks to rewards for capturing the aliens. The frequency of the alien attacks, as well as the familiar aliens themselves, raises Max’s suspicions, and he heads to Mount Rushmore to check on something. There, he finds the Null Void Projector—a weapon that can trap things in, or release them from, an alternate dimension—missing. Phil has been abusing it to scam various hotel owners into paying him to remove the aliens that he sets free. Phil releases an alien to deal with Max, but Ben is able to rescue him and eventually trap Phil in the Null Void.
15 The Big Tick May 30, 2006 (2006-05-30) 202
During a trip to Yellowstone National Park, Ben discovers a new form on the Omnitrix: Cannonbolt, an armadillo- and beetle-like alien. At the same time, a meteor crashes nearby unleashing a giant, tick-like alien called the “Great One” that intends to devour the planet. On top of that, it has its very own worshipers, who intend to make sure it completes its task. Ben easily defeats the worshippers, but the Great One is impervious to all of his original alien forms. Since nothing else works, Ben has to rely on a form he knows nothing about in order to defeat the Great One. He quickly discovers that Cannonbolt is impervious from any attack when rolled into an armored ball and penetrates the Great One’s armor in that form, killing the alien from the inside. The worshipers proclaim Ben the new Great One, but change their minds once he reverts back to normal.
16 Framed May 31, 2006 (2006-05-31) 203
In San Francisco, Ben discovers that look-alikes of his aliens are committing crimes around the city. Ben encounters the imposter and discovers that it was really Kevin; their last battle has permanently given Kevin the ability to transform into the various aliens of the Omnitrix. Kevin leaves Ben to pay for his own crimes performed as Omnitrix aliens, bringing Ben into direct conflict with the ruthless Lt. Steel of the government’s Special Alien Capture Team. Evading Steel, Fourarms confronts Kevin atop the Golden Gate Bridge. Kevin loses control of the Omnitrix’s powers during the battle, prompting Ben to walk away. Kevin’s rage at the loss forces one final transformation: a fusion of all of the Omnitrix aliens without the ability to revert to human form. Blaming Ben for the mess, Kevin vows to kill Ben once and for all. Fourarms is no match for the new mutation. Fortunately, Steel had observed the battle and conversation and decides that Kevin is the enemy, knocking him into the water below. Ben and the Tennysons leave the scene with approval from Steel.
17 Gwen 10 June 1, 2006 (2006-06-01) 204
This episode is a “What If?” scenario that is separate from the main story. When Ben wakes up one morning, he finds the Omnitrix missing from his arm. Weirder still is the fact that Gwen and Grandpa Max have no idea what he’s talking about when he asks about it. Ben soon discovers that he’s actually reliving the very first day of summer, the same day that Ben found the Omnitrix to begin with, but in an alternate reality. At the campsite, Ben tries to find the Omnitrix as it crashes to Earth, only to find out that it has already been found by Gwen. Gwen quickly adjusts to the Omnitrix’s powers, with much greater skill than Ben. However, unlike the first episode Vilgax was not injured at all earlier and is already heading for Earth to take it back from her, preferably in a very painful way. Ben’s going to have to prove himself to be a hero without the Omnitrix to back him up if he wants to save Gwen.
18 Grudge Match June 7, 2006 (2006-06-07) 205
Diamondhead battles the still-mutated Kevin, who had rendered Gwen and Max unconscious. A droid named Slix Vigma observes their fight, recognizing them as potential gladiators. Amidst the combat, a teleportation beam takes Diamondhead and Kevin to a huge ship called the Mega Cruiser, where life or death gladiator matches are regularly held between slaves captured from different alien races. There, Vigma makes Ben and Kevin a team, bonding them with shackles that transfer pain from one to the other. With no choice, Ben and Kevin battle another captive, Technorg, during which Ben teaches Kevin new attacks combining Omnitrix alien abilities in order to win. Though Kevin intends to kill Technorg, Ben restrains him and spares his opponent’s life. After the fight, Ben and Kevin rally the other prisoners, who nearly all escape. However, Kevin traps Ben with the intent to kill, revealing that he still bears a grudge. Ben transforms into Cannonbolt, the only alien Kevin doesn’t have, and knocks him out. Cannonbolt was about launch his escape pod, until Kevin regained his conscious and tries to seize Cannonbolt. Fortunately, Technorg abides by a code of honor and saves Ben, sending him back to Earth. Kevin is left aboard the Mega Cruiser with Technorg.
19 The Galactic Enforcers June 13, 2006 (2006-06-13) 206
When a pair of bounty hunters plan to use raw minerals from earth to build a devastatingly powerful bomb, Ben joins a group of alien super heroes, the Galactic Enforcers, in order to stop them. However, all is not well with the new group, as a small gift of Ben’s chocolate is all that’s needed to weaken the group’s leader, Ultimos. This causes his second, Synaptak, to take the lead in order to try showing Ben up. However, the Enforcers tactics involving ‘commanding presence’ backfire on them, and nearly getting Tini hurt in the process. However, after Ben goades Synaptak into rescuing Tini from a landslide, Ben and the Enforcers put aside their differences to finally arrest the bounty hunters.
20 Camp Fear June 21, 2006 (2006-06-21) 207
Distracted by Ben and Gwen quarreling, Max almost hits a young camper on the road. They take the boy back to his camp, Camp Opinicon, only to find no one there. As they investigate the premises, they find two more children, twins, who are hiding from something that caused the camp to become deserted. Max is captured by tendrils while he investigates, prompting Ben and Gwen to split up. While Gwen leads the campers to safety from fungal mutants, Ben attempts two failed rescue missions, getting captured on the second. In trying to escape, Ben unlocks a new alien form, a plant-like alien named Wildvine; however, even Wildvine cannot defeat the brain that controls the fungal creatures. Fortunately, Ben drops his shoe, which has athletes foot powder in it onto the brain and causes it and its minions to wither. Ben and Gwen spread more of the antifungal powder on its tendrils and save the camp.
21 Ultimate Weapon July 6, 2006 (2006-07-06) 208
Max’s Plumber equipment detects that an ancient mask had been unearthed. This quickly triggers a change in Max’s attitude; he claims that this artifact would lead to the most powerful weapon ever designed, and that he should retrieve it before it falls into the wrong hands. Max immediately becomes more impatient, worse-tempered, and far stricter. Upon retrieving the mask, the Tennysons come into conflict with The Orgainization, now called the Forever Knights, who want to find the weapon themselves. The Tennysons end up with the mask after a struggle and use it to find the ultimate weapon, the Sword of Ekchuah, inside of a Mayan pyramid. There, Fourarms faces off against the Mayan death god Ah Puch while the Forever Knights fight Max for the sword. In a painstaking decision, Max decides to save his family instead of claiming the weapon, realizing which was more important. His choice was not in vain, as the antique sword crumbles to dust once Enoch takes it. The temple collapses, and though Max warns Enoch not to stay, Enoch remains inside in an attempt to collect the dust that was once the ultimate weapon.
22 Tough Luck July 12, 2006 (2006-07-12) 209
Gwen dons her Lucky Girl costume again upon finding the Keystone of Bezel at a convention in Las Vegas. Rather than magical luck, the Keystone increases all of Gwen’s natural abilities, making her a more efficient and powerful heroine. At the same time, Hex has been busted out of prison by his niece, Charmcaster, and seeks to use the keystone to restore the destroyed charms. Charmcaster tricks Gwen into trusting her so that she could easily take the Keystone and give it to Hex. However, Charmcaster double-crosses her uncle so that she can take the Charms power for herself. Wildvine stops the recreation process and Gwen defeats Charmcaster herself. To do so, she instinctively fires an energy blast from Hex’s staff which suggests an affinity for magic.
23 They Lurk Below July 18, 2006 (2006-07-18) 210
The family ride a jet belonging to Grandpa Max’s old Friend, Donovan Grand Smith, who owns an underwater resort. At the entrance, they receive a warm welcome from Donovan himself, though they also meet with his grandson, Edwin, who didn’t seem to be excited about their guests. Later, when Edwin, Ben, and Gwen enter the Undersea Manta Ray, a giant submarine, they encounter strange aliens that threatened to destroy the whole resort. While the kids find a way to cooperate with each other to find the source that lures them in, Donovan himself learns a few lessons in how to bond better with his grandson.
24 Ghostfreaked Out July 25, 2006 (2006-07-25) 211
Lately, Ben has been having strange nightmares about Ghostfreak. During a tour of a school Gwen wishes to attend, Ben sees and hears Ghostfreak everywhere, and bad luck follows him around. When Frightwig, Acid Breath, and Thumbskull show up, Ben activates his Omnitrix; however, it transforms him into Ghostfreak. After a vicious battle, during which Ben is clearly no longer in control, Ghostfreak escapes from the Omnitrix. Ghostfreak removes his second layer of skin in order to possess Ben, revealing a horrifying creature underneath. As a side effect of removing it, though, he can no longer withstand sunlight and is forced to retreat. Ghostfreak scares the circus trio into working for him as he schemes to possess Ben and gain control of the Omnitrix. Ben and family encounter Ghostfreak and his minions that night. Gwen and Max easily deal with the circus trio, but he has Ben on the run. As Ghostfreak prepares to possess him, Ben pulls back the curtains in the room while the sun is rising, incinerating him.
25 Dr. Animo and the Mutant Ray August 25, 2006 (2006-08-25) 212
When Ben tries to take apart the Omnitrix to see how it works, he ends up breaking off its face and causing weird combinations of his alien forms when he transforms. Additionally, the broken piece begins mutating the smaller creatures it comes into contact with. Meanwhile, Dr. Animo escapes from prison and, during a battle with Ben, finds the broken piece of the Omnitrix. Using it, he is able to complete his large-scale Transmodulator, giving him the power to mutate the entire planet in a single shot.
26 Back With a Vengeance October 9, 2006 (2006-10-09) 213
Ben accidentally figures out the master control of the Omnitrix, allowing him to become any alien just by thinking about it, and stay an alien indefinitely. Elsewhere, Kevin had assumed control of the Megacruiser. Using it to navigate the Universe, he locates and revives Vilgax. The two battle, but Vilgax quickly realizes the nature of Kevin’s mutation and decides that he may be of use. Kevin and Vilgax locate Ben and fight to a stalemate. Max attempts to trap the enemies in the Null Void dimension; however, Ben gets pulled in as well and ends up continuing his battle in another realm. Gwen enters the Null Void in order to retrieve Ben. Unfortunately, Kevin takes her hostage, forcing Ben to give away the Omnitrix in order to save her. But before anyone can escape, Kevin double-crosses Vilgax. Ben and Gwen procure the Omnitrix in the resulting brawl and leave the villains trapped in the Null Void dimension. Ben reattaches the Omnitrix, only to realize that he had zeroed out the master control and can no longer perform mind-accessed transformations.

[edit] Season 3: 2006–2007

EP# Title Airdate Prod. code
27 Ben 10,000 November 25, 2006 (2006-11-25) 301
When Ben and Gwen forget about Grandpa Max’s birthday cake, the two kids wind up bickering over who’s to blame. But when a mysterious stranger appears out of nowhere and kidnaps Gwen, Ben follows her into a strange portal as XLR8. When the dust settles, Ben suddenly realizes where he is: the future, in a world where humans and aliens live peacefully. Ben, however, is taken aback when he learns that Gwen’s captor is actually her own future self, an accomplished magician to boot. Future Gwen reveals that the current Ben is now a world-renowned hero with 10,000 different alien forms. But, upon meeting his future self, Ben realizes that the future Ben is all business and just can’t relax, not even for his own family.
28 Midnight Madness December 2, 2006 (2006-12-02) 302
While visiting a mega-mall, Ben and Gwen watch a hypnotist perform. Gwen volunteers Ben as a test subject, and the host, Sublimino, successfully hypnotizes him. When asked to act like an alien, Ben naturally turns to the Omnitrix and almost changes in front of the audience. Even though he is stopped by Gwen, the trouble doesn’t end there. Sublimino is able to use those he hypnotizes to commit crimes in their dream state, and the alien-equipped Ben proves to be the perfect accomplice. Using Ben, Sublimino is able to steal parts to make a much bigger hypnotism device, this time hypnotizing everyone in the mall except Ben. Ben stops him as Wildvine and Sublimino is presumably arrested.
29 A Change of Face December 9, 2006 (2006-12-09) 303
While Ben and family are visiting Salem, Massachusetts, Charmcaster attacks in an attempt to switch bodies with Ben; however, Gwen interferes, causing Charmcaster to switch with her instead. Gwen gets arrested in Charmcaster’s body while Charmcaster stays with the unaware Ben and Max and tries to cook up another body-transfer spell. Gwen escapes from jail and returns, convincing Ben of the truth before Charmcaster tries again. However, Charmcaster manages to swap their bodies once more, ending with Charmcaster in her true body while Gwen and Ben have switched. The two swap back as a result of Charmcaster’s third body-swap spell and Cannonbolt defeats Charmcaster. In the aftermath of the battle, Gwen ends up taking Charmcaster’s spellbook for her own use and in hopes of building up her magic.
30 Merry Christmas December 11, 2006 (2006-12-11) 304
Ben, Grandpa Max, and Gwen come upon a bizarre Christmas village run by a Christmas-obsessed man who thinks Grandpa Max is Santa Claus and proceeds to trap him. As Ben and Gwen explore, they learn about a strange curse on the village from one of its few unloyal elves, who happens to be the son of the Christmas-obsessed man. The village was frozen at Christmas, in the 1930s, But when Ben delivers all the gifts that had been made, time catches up to the village instantly.
31 Benwolf February 17, 2007 (2007-02-17) 305
During a visit to New Mexico, a wolf-like creature appears in a flash of purple lightning. Once there, it begins stealing satellite equipment for an unknown reason. One of Max’s old friends believes it to be a Yenaldooshi, or Navajo werewolf, a sign of pure evil. Wildvine fights the creature, but it bites Wildvine’s root just before Ben returns to normal. It nearly kills Ben as a human, but he is spared when the wolf accidentally scratches the Omnitrix rather than Ben himself. Afterwards, Ben begins transforming into a werewolf himself, presumably an effect of the bite. The others hurry to kill the werewolf before Ben’s transformation is complete. However, they discover that werewolf is actually an alien. By scratching the Omnitrix, it added its own DNA to the Omnitrix, which was gradually shifting Ben into that form. Upon reverting back to human form some time later, Ben fights the werewolf as Cannonbolt inside an active volcano, sealing it within. The group is unable to find the missing equipment, but assume the threat to be over. However, the alien had finished building a transmitter from the parts he salvaged, and it activates on its own.

Guest Star: Bettina Bush as Kai Green

32 Game Over February 24, 2007 (2007-02-24) 306
Ben and Gwen are playing Sumo Slammer video game and Gwen is beating Ben at it. As a result, Ben turns into Upgrade and merges with the computer so he can lower Gwen’s score. As Gwen tries to get Ben out, lightning hits the van and zaps them both into the game. It isn’t long before they realize that all of the aliens in the Omnitrix are unavailable and they have to collect tokens in order to activate certain ones. They progress through the levels in order to get the Upgrade token and allow them to leave the game. However, the villain of the game hears them, and wants to use the Upgrade token to leave the game and take over the real world.
33 Super Alien Hero Buddy Adventures March 3, 2007 (2007-03-03) 308
When a television show called Super Alien Hero Buddy Adventures, which stars corny cartoon versions of Fourarms, Heatblast, and Wildmutt, shows up, Ben gets angry and demands credit. Furthermore, it has replaced his favorite show, Kangaroo Commando. It just so happens Ben and Gwen are visiting Planetary Studios at the time, so he tries to confront the producer about it. Meanwhile, strange accidents begin occurring around the actor who plays The Commando, conveniently allowing the actor to save the day. The Commando suspects that the artist producing the cartoon, Tim Dean, is responsible, but Gwen suspects foul play on the Commando’s part.
34 Under Wraps March 10, 2007 (2007-03-10) 309
In order to teach Ben and Gwen the value of hard work, Grandpa Max takes them to a farm. However, a farmhand tells Ben and Gwen of a mummy that had recently arrived in a flash of purple lightning, prompting their curiosity. The two of them find it digging for a strange stone, but it attacks them as soon as they see it. XLR8 fights it to no avail, but the mummy flees in the confusion. Max discovers that the strange rock is an unstable chemical called “Corrodium,” which causes severe mutation in earthly organisms. The Tennysons track the mummy down to an ice cream factory, but end up in danger when the mummy proves to be invincible. In the resulting struggle, the mummy touches the Omnitrix and inadvertently adds its DNA, allowing Ben to use that form; however, the Omnitrix decides to transform Ben into Upgrade instead. Upgrade possesses a liquid nitrogen containment tank and sprays the mummy with the chemical, effectively freezing it. The family then flees the farm for fear of more manual labor.
35 The Unnaturals March 17, 2007 (2007-03-17) 310
Ben goes to see his favorite Little League team. Unfortunately, who should be on his team but his rivals, JT and Cash. He discovers that their opponents, the Squires, are robots. He cheats for his own team, but it works against them when the robots try to kidnap people on the team who appeared to be experts due to Ben’s help. While attempting a rescue, Ben discovers that the robots plans are to replace the President of the United States, who had also been watching the game. The Tennysons foil the Squires’ plan and personally save the president. After they have left, Enoch appears, revealing the plan to be his own. He vows that the Tennysons will pay with their lives.
36 Monster Weather March 24, 2007 (2007-03-24) 307
Grandpa Max takes Gwen and Ben to a music festival in Chicago to see his favorite old time band, Shag Carpeting, but the event is interrupted by a weather-controlling robot called S.A.M. Ben uses Fourarms to send shockwaves to the robot eventually destroying him.
37 The Return April 7, 2007 (2007-04-07) 311
A shuttle launch at NASA is interrupted by a purple lightning storm. This attracts the attention of Ben, Gwen, and Max, who hope to discover the origin of the alien werewolf and mummy. While at NASA, Ben runs into an ill-tempered scientist by the name of Dr. Vicktor. Surveillance tapes associate him with the purple lightning storm, and he is quickly shown to be in cahoots with the two creatures. Ben, Gwen, and Max encounter the creatures again, in addition to Doctor Vicktor in his true form. Following a losing battle, the Tennysons split up: Max and Gwen board the space shuttle that Doctor Vicktor launches, and Ben follows Vicktor as XLR8. The mummy’s onboard the space shuttle, and Vicktor sends the werewolf to New Mexico in a flash of purple lightning through use of a teleportation device. But as Ben confronts Dr. Vicktor, the scientist reveals that he is not carrying out his own plan. Vicktor revives his master: Who to Ben’s horror, is revealed to be, Ghostfreak!
38 Be Afraid of the Dark April 14, 2007 (2007-04-14) 312
From where the “The Return” left off, Ben is now facing both a revived Ghostfreak and Doctor Vicktor, quickly transforming into Grey Matter to escape. Grey Matter is able to discern Ghostfreak’s plan from a computer terminal: Using the corrodium to amplify the power source of the orbiting space station, in conjunction with the device the alien werewolf built in New Mexico, Ghostfreak is intent on covering the daylight side of the Earth in a corrodium shield. This will not only mutate Earth’s population, but it will also block out the sun, giving Ghostfreak a world of eternal darkness to rule over. Ben uses Upgrade to create a makeshift rocket to get to the space station, which Vicktor clings to so that he might also get to the station. Meanwhile, Max and Gwen fight the mummy aboard the space center and attempt to thwart Ghostfreak’s plan from there. Upgrade seemingly defeats the mummy, but Ghostfreak appears again and manually starts the device. In pure darkness, Ghostfreak’s form enhances; Ben’s new Benvicktor form holds him off until doctor Vicktor came back. However, Max tricks Vicktor into destroy the projector, ruining Ghostfreak’s plan and apparently killing the werewolf. In a fit of rage, Vicktor attempts to warp Ben away, but accidentally banishes himself and the mummy. Ben and Gwen escape with Max on the shuttle, on which they again expose Ghostfreak to sunlight and defeat him. Cannonbolt protects Gwen and Max from atmospheric reentry, and the three land in Egypt. In the aftermath of the attack, Ben realizes that he has gained Ghostfreak’s natural form on the Omnitrix.
39 The Visitor April 21, 2007 (2007-04-21) 313
Two snowmobilers accidentally release an alien named Xylene from a strange container. Xylene locates the Omnitrix and attacks Ben, under the impression that he had stolen it. However, when Max comes to defend, the two recognize each other as old friends. Xylene and Max reminisce later that night. As Wildvine spies on them, Xylene asks Max to leave Earth and travel through the Universe with her. Distraught, Ben runs back to the campsite, where he is unable to ward off an attack by one of Vilgax’s remaining drones and has to rely on Max and Xylene for help. There, Xylene reveals that she was the commander of the ship bringing the Omnitrix to Earth when Vilgax attacked it, and that she had intended to send it to Max; Ben received the Omnitrix by accident. Ben runs off in shock and Gwen follows. The drone attacks again and captures Max. Ben and Xylene reluctantly team up to save him. In the process, Xylene uses her knowledge of the Omnitrix to unlock a new form, Upchuck, which Ben uses to destroy the robot. At that, Xylene prepares to leave the planet and repeats her offer to Max. Max declines, claiming that Ben and Gwen are his whole world.

[edit] Season 4: 2007-2008

EP# Title Airdate Prod. code
40 Perfect Day July 14, 2007 (2007-07-14) 401
Ben seems to be having a perfect day: Grandpa Max makes a breakfast Ben considers edible, a bus full of cheerleaders including Kai Green breaks down in front of him, he, Grandpa Max and Gwen go to a pizza n’ play (where Ben gets kissed by two girls, causing him to blush) and unreleased games fall off a truck. However, when another Gwen and Grandpa Max show up, he discovers that Enoch and the Forever Knights have trapped him in a dream world while they attempt to remove the Omnitrix from his wrist. Revealed, Enoch turns the dream into a nightmare…Ben’s school. After managing to take control of the dream and escape, Ben traps Enoch in his own dream world. Once the Tennysons leave, another Forever Knight, the “Forever King”, decides to leave Enoch to his fate because of one too many failures.
41 Divided We Stand July 19, 2007 (2007-07-19) 402
During a trip to the beach, Ben discovers a new alien on the Omnitrix, Ditto. Ditto has the power to multiply at will, drawing the attention of Dr. Animo, who has just escaped from prison with the help of a mutated seagull. He captures one of Ben’s Ditto clones in hopes of exploiting his alien DNA for his own evil purposes. Using the alien DNA, Animo creates an army of self-multiplying mutant Stinkflies, but Ben exploits the inherent weakness in the clones to destroy every Stinkfly clone and capture Dr. Animo once more.
42 Don’t Drink the Water July 26, 2007 (2007-07-26) 403
Growing weak with old age, Hex is seeking out something to make him stay young. At the same time, Max is having difficulties with his aging body, so he decides to impress his grandkids at a fair to show them he’s not as elderly as he seems. At the dunking game Max challenged them to, he and Ben both get splashed, unaware that the water is from the Fountain of Youth. Max regresses into a ten-year-old while Ben becomes a four-year-old. The booth’s owner is the guardian of the fountain, having been charged to do so by Juan Ponce de León 400 years previously. Hex manages to force the man into revealing the location of the fountain, which he uses to become young again. However, Ben uses Heatblast to vaporize the fountain, in the process exposing Hex to enough of the water to turn him into an infant. With the fountain gone, the man reveals that the effects of the water will wear off without constant exposure. Meanwhile, Charmcaster finds her infant uncle and enjoys taunting him at his expense.
43 Big Fat Alien Wedding August 2, 2007 (2007-08-02) 404
Ben, Gwen, and Grandpa Max attend a family wedding for Max’s nephew Joel and his bride-to-be, Camille. Before the day of the wedding, Ben tries to go swimming in the lake, only to interrupt a mud alien’s attempt to sabotage the wedding. Ben defeats the sludge alien as Cannonbolt, but finds the groom’s parents pointing rifles at him soon after. He escapes with Gwen’s help, and Max explains that the groom’s side of the family are all Plumbers, while the bride’s side are all mud-like aliens, called “Sludges”, which the Plumbers were enemies with until Joel and Camille meet. This wedding represents a truce. During a dinner time with the families, they were confronted by Camille’s ex-boyfriend. Ben tries fighting him with Diamondhead, but realises the Sludge is immuned to the diamond ammunition. As they fought, Diamondhead pushes Camille’s ex-boyfriend into a hot tub, where he dissolved into the water. After the incident, Joel’s parents tried to convince Joel and Camille to cancel the wedding. They refused, forbidding them to brind any Plumber gear and the wedding continued the next day. However, on the wedding day, chaos erupts when Camille’s parents and ex-boyfriend revolt against the marriage. Max realises that they just set up the ex-boyfriend plot, so they could hide their own true colours. The opposition showed their true selves and attempt to eradicate Joel. As Heatblast, Ben defeats them with a little help from Max, who bought some Plumber weapons, and the angry bride.
44 Ben 4 Good Buddy September 22, 2007 (2007-09-22) 405
While traveling through a desert, the Tennysons encounter a group of modern-day pirates called the Road Crew attempting to hijack the RV of Laurence Wainright. After stopping the Road Crew, the family makes a pit stop and Ben and Gwen start to complain about how the Rust Bucket doesn’t work right and isn’t nearly as luxurious as Laurence’s RV. Shortly afterwards the Road Crew returns and steals the Rust Bucket. While Grandpa Max tries desperately to track down the Rust Bucket, the Road Crew give it a makeover for use in their plans. The Tennysons “borrow” Laurence’s RV to catch up to the Road Crew just as they steal missiles from a train. Baron Highway, the leader of the Road Crew, plans on using the missiles to destroy the new highway, which in turn will increase traffic on the roads that the Road Crew patrol. Ultimately Ben stops Baron Highway’s plan using his knowledge of the Rust Bucket’s quirks.
45 Ready to Rumble September 29, 2007 (2007-09-29) 406
After damaging Gwen’s laptop, Ben enters a mutant wrestling competition as Fourarms to earn some money to replace it, becoming an instant celebrity. During the tournament, he fights a pair of mutant brothers who owe a mob boss a large sum of money in order to save their farm. They entered the competition in order to pay off their debt, which Ben doesn’t learn about until after defeating them. After learning the truth, Ben goes with them to save their mother, who is being held by the gang as “collateral”. After rescuing her, Ben gives the prize money to the family since they need it more than he does. Returning home, he admits to what he did, only to discover that the computer wasn’t even broken in the first place, requiring a special key that Gwen had to activate it.
46 Ken 10 October 6, 2007 (2007-10-06) 407
In the future, Ben’s son Ken is celebrating his tenth birthday, and to commemorate the occasion Ben gives him an Omnitrix of his very own. However, he equips it with a limiter, unwilling to trust his son to defeat villains on his own. Ken soon befriends a boy named Devlin, and the same night Kevin 11 attacks. Unable to locate the Null Void, which Ben has moved after the events of “Ben 10,000”, he retreats. Ken, also unaware of the move, endeavors to find it on his own, only to unwittingly lead Devlin, who is Kevin’s son and can transform into his father’s mutant form, right to it. Devlin releases his father from the void, but is soon heartbroken to learn that Kevin’s only interest is in fighting Ben, not in seeing his son. Kevin is ultimately defeated by the combined forces of Ben 10,000, Ken 10, and Devlin 11, who is later adopted into the Tennyson family.
47 Ben 10 vs. the Negative 10 (Part 1) March 9, 2008 (2008-03-09) 409
The Tennysons pick up the grandson of another Plumber named Cooper, who is hitching a ride home with them. Meanwhile, a Plumber base at Fort Knox is robbed by the Circus Freaks and Sublimino. By the time the Tennysons find out, they are too late to help. They soon learn of a second robbery, this one run by Rojo (having gained a new cybernetic suit), Animo, Clancy (mutated into an insect), and Charmcaster. Max discovers that they are searching for the keys to the “Sub Energy”, an extremely potent sub-atomic power source given to the Plumbers by an alien race. they lose the keys to the villains, and attempt to route them at the Mount Rushmore base, where the Sub Energy is stored. However, they find that the Forever King, joined by a subordinate and the villains that raided the earlier bases, has beaten them to it. He dubs his team the Negative 10 and sets them upon the Tennysons.
48 Ben 10 vs. the Negative 10 (Part 2) March 9, 2008 (2008-03-09) 410
Ben, Gwen, and Max, along with Cooper, use the Plumbers’ Mount Rushmore installation to mount a final stand against the Forever King’s forces. Max discovers that the Forever King was once a plumber named Driscoll who was kicked out after hoarding alien technology. Despite their best efforts, they are unable to keep Driscoll from obtaining the Sub Energy. Driscoll uses the energy to enhance his armor suit and battles Ben, who is able to use Upchuck to digest the power source and destroy it safely (he obliterates the Mount Rushmore faces in doing so, however).
49 Goodbye and Good Riddance April 15, 2008 (2008-04-15) 408
In this non-canon episode, Ben returns home after the summer vacation ends, and is told by Max that he must keep the Omnitrix a secret. This is made more difficult with his classmates admiring the alien heroes that they’ve seen on the news, unaware that it is Ben himself. Initially disappointed, Ben gets the chance to use the Omnitrix when Vilgax attacks, yet again looking to take the device from Ben. All four Tennysons (Ben’s father helps) fight off Vilgax’s drones running amok in the city. When Vilgax appears again, easily fending off Ben, Ben’s father suggests leading him into the underground gas line, which they ignite to incinerate the villain. Ben’s secret is revealed to the public during the affair, and Gwen ends up transferring to his school. Just when it seems like everything is quiet, Dr. Animo shows up with a cadre of mutated animals, which Ben and Gwen get ready to fight.
50-52 Ben 10: Secret of the Omnitrix August 10, 2007 (2007-08-10) (Standalone)
May 2, 2008
During a battle with Dr. Animo, the Omnitrix is accidentally set to self-destruct. In order to stop it, Ben has to travel across space to track down the Omnitrix’s creator. Three alternate versions of this have aired, each with a modified opening from the original. Actually an episode which made up the first three episodes of season 4.

[edit] Ben 10 Shorts

The Ben 10 Shorts are a series of roughly two-minute videos that were included as extras on the DVDs. They were also shown on Cartoon Network’s video hosting service.

Title Airdate
Hijacked February 4, 2008 (2008-02-04)
Two men try to carjack the Rustbucket while Grandpa Max is out. Fortunately, Ben is on the Rustbucket and the carjackers end up messing with Fourarms.
Snack Break February 18, 2008 (2008-02-18)
Ben and Gwen want something from the vending machine. When Ben’s snack doesn’t come out of it, his plan to retrieve it as Grey Matter backfires.
Survival Skills March 10, 2008 (2008-03-10)
When Ben unwittingly puts out the campfire needed to roast marshmallows, Ben must start the fire again without using the Omnitrix. But when Max isn’t around, Ben ends up using Heatblast and later pays the price.
Radio Dazed March 24, 2008 (2008-03-24)
Ben and Gwen are tired of the music Grandpa Max listens to. As Upgrade, Ben mixes it up.
Sleepaway Camper April 7, 2008 (2008-04-07)
Grandpa Max’s crazy snoring is keeping Ben awake. Now he must figure out a way to get to sleep. When all else fails, Ben uses Ripjaws and sleeps at the bottom of the lake.
Dogged Pursuit April 21, 2008 (2008-04-21)
When an elderly woman’s purse is snatched, things don’t turn out well for Ben when he retrieves it as Wildmutt.
Let The Games Begin July 1, 2008 (2008-07-01)
Ben and Gwen are playing bingo and Ben is losing so he turns into XLR8 to place things on his card on the road but his plan backfires.
Handle With Care July 8, 2008 (2008-07-08)
Ben and Gwen are at the museum observing the crystal eggs when thieves try to rob the museum. Ben turns into Diamondhead to protect the crystal eggs and fend off the thieves.


Yuji Sakai, a high school student, expected his very normal life to last forever. However, this expectation is quickly shattered one day while on his way home.

The world suddenly freezes in time, leaving Yuji to watch in horror as blue flames engulf the people around him. Soon a monster resembling a large doll appears and begins sucking the flames into its mouth, until it notices Yuji. Surprised with Yuji’s insusceptibility to the time-stop (fuzetsu), it jumps with glee.

Just as the monster prepares to consume Yuji, a sword-wielding girl in black attire with flaming red eyes and hair appears, swiftly and confidently destroys the monster, before noticing Yuji moving freely. The girl calls herself a “Flame Haze” who hunts the “Denizens of the Crimson Realm” and the “Rinne” they send to do their bidding. When Yuji notices a blue flame in his chest, the Flame Haze tells him that the “real” Yuji died some time ago, and that he is a “Torch”, a temporary replacement for erased humans. Torches take on the forms of those erased persons, but after a period of time, they will vanish from existence and the memories of the living. Unfazed by his apparent death, Yuji befriends the strange girl and names her “Shana” after her sword. The reason Yuji was able to move in the fuzetsu is that he is not a normal Torch, but instead a special kind called a “Mystes”: he has a treasure inside him, known as a “Hougu”, a device possessing special abilities of sorts, and an extremely powerful and valuable one at that. The hougo inside Yuji allows him to remain in existence rather than fading away like other torches. Shana resolves to protect Yuji from the Denizens, who would use the treasure to disrupt the balance of the world, and Yuji decides to join Shana in her fight.

Shana’s fight is actually a long-standing struggle between the Lords and Denizens of Guze. The Denizens steal Power of Existence, the energy that forms the basis of the world, from living people and utilize it for their own selfish ambitions. Some Lords inhabit humans creating Flame Hazes in an attempt to retain balance by hunting renegades from Guze. Flame Hazes create Torches in place of the consumed to save the world the disruption of many existences being lost at once, allowing the Torches to gradually burn out over the course of time.

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Anime series

# Title Air date on MBS
01 “The End of Everything, The Beginning of One Thing”
“Subete no Owari, Hitotsu no Hajimari” (全ての終わり, 一つの始まり)
October 9, 2005
One day after school, Yuji Sakai is thrust into a battle between two Rinne and a Flame Haze of the Crimson Realm. After the battle, he discovers that he is already dead.
02 “The Lit Flame”
“Tomoru Honō” (灯る炎)
October 16, 2005
Yukari Hirai’s flame after becoming a Torch is about to go out already. With not much time left, Yuji tries to make her last moment on Earth memorable.
03 “The Torch and the Flame Haze”
“Tōchi to Fureimu Heizu” (トーチとフレイムヘイズ)
October 23, 2005
With Yukari Hirai already disappeared, Shana joins Yuji’s class in her place in order to keep an eye on him. While at school the next day, the same Rinne from before attacks Shana once more.
04 “The Confused Flame Haze”
“Madoi no Fureimu Heizu” (惑いのフレイムヘイズ)
October 30, 2005
Shana unexpectedly starts living in Yuji’s house for the time being. Later, another Flame Haze by the name of Margery Daw comes to Misaki and starts a battle with Shana.
05 “Respective Thoughts”
“Sorezore no Omoi” (それぞれの想い)
November 6, 2005
While on a date with Kazumi at the art museum, Yuji meets Lamies the Corpse Retriever who has been eating many of the Torches in town whose flames are all but burnt out. Meanwhile Margery Daw has a run in with Friagne the Hunter.
06 “Complication, Activation, Confrontation”
“Kousaku Hatsudō Taiketsu” (交錯·発動·対決)
November 13, 2005
Friagne decides to accelerate his plans and begin the City Devouring process sooner rather than later. Shana must go and find some way to defeat him before it’s too late.
07 “The Two Flame Hazes”
“Futari no Fureimu Heizu” (二人のフレイムヘイズ)
November 20, 2005
Yuji has requested that Shana start to train him for future battles as he believes he may be of some help to her. Margery Daw is still on the trail of Lamies with the intention of ending his life.
08 “The Beautiful Goblet”
“Uruwashi no Goburetto” (麗しのゴブレット)
November 30, 2005
The battle between Margery Daw and Shana has finally begun while the fate of the entire city rests in the balance. What can Yuji do to help Shana during battle?
09 “The Poolside of Love and Desire”
“Koi to Yokubō no Pūrusaido” (恋と欲望のプールサイド)
December 4, 2005
Due to it being so hot outside, Hayato Ike hands out tickets to a water park and ultimately it’s decided that Yuji and his friends go there after school. Once there, Margery Daw unexpectedly shows up, though Shana can’t sense any intent to kill.
10 “Entangled Feelings”
“Karamaru Omoi” (絡まる想い)
December 11, 2005
Yuji’s training is not going so well so Shana wants to up the level by creating a Fuzetsu one day after school. However, school business with the student council doesn’t allow him to do this, so Shana gets angry at him. Also, another Rinne appears.
11 “Yuji, Shana, and Kisses”
“Yūji to Shana to Kisu” (悠二とシャナとキス)
December 18, 2005
Shana’s feelings towards Yuji are growing stronger and now Shana asks Yuji’s mother for advice about the meaning of a kiss. Also, two more Denizen are on a search for Shana.
12 “Flowers Bloom in the Cradle”
“Yurikago ni Hana wa Saite” (ゆりかごに花は咲いて)
December 25, 2005
After seeing Yuji and Shana together at the river one night, Kazumi’s feelings for Yuji are hitting the breaking point until she finally confronts Shana about it. Suddenly, the two sibling Denizen show themselves and Shana rushes into battle.
13 “Declaration of War Behind the School”
“Kōsha Ura no Sensenfukoku” (校舎裏の宣戦布告)
January 8, 2006
Shana finds a way to somehow get out of the clutches of the two incestuous Denizen during their battle. Meanwhile, Yuji gets help from Margery Daw to help destroy them as well.
14 “A Great Person”
“Idai Naru Mono” (偉大なる者)
January 15, 2006
Back before Shana became a Flame Haze, she was living in a large castle-like structure floating in the sky along with Alastor and a maid who cares for her. One day, a Denizen attacks the maid, whose name is Wilhelmina Carmel, who is also a Flame Haze.
15 “The Day the Flame Was Born”
“Honō no Umareta Hi” (炎の生まれた日)
January 22, 2006
With Tendo-kyu, the castle Alastor and Shana resided in, destroyed, the time has now come for Shana to finally become the Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter. However, she must first enlist the help of Tenmoku Ikko, a very powerful Mystes.
16 “The Flame-Haired, Burning-Eyed Hunter”
“Empatsu Shakugan no Uchite” (炎髪灼眼の討ち手)
January 29, 2006
Now that she’s become a Flame Haze, Shana must defeat Tenmoku Ikko and take his sword – Nietono no Shana.
17 “A New Chapter”
“Aratanaru Joshō” (新たなる序章)
February 5, 2006
The Misago Festival is coming soon and Kazumi has made up her mind to confess her feelings there. However, she meets a new Flame Haze who tells her the truth about the world.
18 “A Shattering Wish”
“Kudakeru Negai” (砕ける願い)
February 12, 2006
When Yuji doesn’t come home after school on the day of the festival, his mother and Shana go to the festival to look for him but before long another Denizen shows itself. Also, Kazumi discovers the truth that Yuji is indeed a Torch.
19 “Inside the Battle”
“Tatakai no Naka de” (戦いの中で)
February 19, 2006
The Seeking Research Denizen has already started his plan to open up a gate to another dimension and now all three Flame Haze must work together to defeat him.
20 “Heartless Wirhelmina”
“Hijō no Viruherumina” (非情のヴィルヘルミナ)
February 26, 2006
Wilhelmina arrives in Misaki and meets up with Shana again. Meanwhile, Margery Daw finally leaves Misaki without saying goodbye to either Eita or Keisaku. Also, Wilhelmina comes to the conclusion that Yuji must be destroyed in order to protect the balance of the world.
21 “Diverging Feelings”
“Tōzakaru Omoi” (遠ざかる想い)
March 5, 2006
Shana is able to persuade Wilhelmina, at least for now, to not destroy Yuji, who has finally decided to leave Misaki in order to protect it. Later at the bonfire which burned much of the decorations from the festival, a spell is activated.
22 “The Flickering Flame”
“Yuragu Honō” (揺らぐ炎)
March 12, 2006
After getting heavily injured, Shana must recover in the care of Wilhelmina. Meanwhile, Hecate begins to synchronize with the Reiji Maigo residing within Yuji.
23 “Battle at the Palace of the Stars”
“Seireiden no Tatakai” (星黎殿の戦い)
March 19, 2006
While fighting within the Seirei-den, a spell is cast which drains their power of existence for a time, however, Margery Daw comes back and destroys the spell. Ultimately, it is now up to Shana to decide the fate of Yuji.
24 “Crimson Thoughts”
“Guren no Omoi” (紅蓮の想い)
March 26, 2006
After managing to defeat Hecate, the city is about to be destroyed regardless. However, there is one final plan, though Shana’s life may be on the line if it succeeds. Shana then confesses her love to Yuji, thinking that she would die.

Shakugan no Shana Second

# Title Original air date
01 “The Second Time”
“Futatabi no Koku” (再びの刻)
October 5, 2007
Yuji has been put to sleep by a Denizen as he encounters events from the past in a dream. When he realize he was only dreaming, the spell was broken. He awoke to see Shana destroying the Denizen, calling it “weak”. However, it was not the true form.
02 “The Beginning of Everything”
“Subete no Joshō” (全ての序章)
October 12, 2007
Yuji is placed in a dream again, along with Shana, in another plot to steal the Reiji Maigo.
03 “The Suspicious Transfer Student”
“Giwaku no Tenkōsei” (疑惑の転校生)
October 19, 2007
A student that looks very much like Hecate has transferred into Yuji’s class, Fumina Konoe. By using a Tomogara, Shana wants to make sure if she is Hecate or not.
04 “The Distressed Girls”
“Urei no Shōjotachi” (憂いの少女達)
October 26, 2007
Shana and Kazumi grow jealous of Konoe’s attachment to Yuji.
05 “The Family Dinner Table”
“Kazoku no Shokutaku” (家族の食卓)
November 2, 2007
Shana and Kazumi continue brooding over Konoe and Yuji’s growing relationship; Wilhelmina starts taking parenting advice from Yuji’s mother and tried to cook a home-made meal for Shana.
06 “Exam Eve”
“Shiren no Zenya” (試練の前夜)
November 9, 2007
School resumes and the class teacher springs a surprise test on the class. Ogata suggests everyone stay at Sato’s place for an overnight study session and reluctantly Shana comes as well. Margery Daw ends up giving insightful advice to Ogata and Kazumi on their relationships with those of which they love.
07 “Hayato Ike, His Day of Glory”
“Ike Hayato, Eikō no Hi” (池速人, 栄光の日)
November 16, 2007
Ike suggested to visit the amusement park as a welcome for Konoe, but the carefully planned outting turns out all wrong when he miscalculated certain events. His underlying plan of impressing Kazumi was believed to be ruined initially, but he resorted to asking Kazumi to ride the Ferris wheel with him, which he was confident he would not get sick in. But mid way through the ride, he got sick. The ending dedicates Konoe thanking Ike for the outting. With Kazumi giving a smile to Ike, he ends off his unlucky day.
08 “The Door to the Past”
“Kako e no Tobira” (過去への扉)
November 23, 2007
The episode starts off with Yuji being trained by Shana and Wilhelmina. Yuji managed to somehow defeat a Rinne that Wilhelmina summoned. In the background, Sato, one of Margery Daw’s guides was silently observing, after which Sato returns and tried to plead with Margery Daw to be requested to be trained. However Margery Daw declines and subsequently tells Sato and Tanaka about her past. In her past, there appears a boy as a flame haze and the story subsequently plot around the boy and Margery Daw. The Boy is revealed to be named Yuri Chvojka.
09 “The Milestone of Sorrow”
“Kanashimi no Mairusutōn” (悲しみのマイルストーン)
November 30, 2007
Yuji is training with Shana in order to learn how to cast a Fuzetsu. The story shifts back to Margery’s past, where she approaches to take down the two Tomogara, one of which called Anabel lures her into a trap where Sydonay manages to inflict a fatal wound on her. Just as they are about to kill Margery, Yuri comes to attack, managing to save Margery. However, Yuri becomes fatally wounded and dies in battle, ending it in a draw. The story shifts back to Yuji’s training where he succeeds in casting a Fuzetsu, however, the flame of the Fuzetsu is silver. Shana and Alastor are surprised when they see the flame. Coincidentally, Margery’s long hated enemy also had a silver flame.
10 “The Man who Returned”
“Kaettekita Otoko” (帰って来た男)
December 7, 2007
A mysterious man appears near Yuji’s home, and is spotted by Shana when he is following her and Kazumi. Shana instead plans to ambush the suspicious man, and afterwards attempts to kick him. He manages to dodge the attack and is revealed to be Yuji’s dad. Yuji’s father and mother give advice to Shana and Kazumi about their affection towards Yuji.
11 “The Promised Pair”
“Yakusoku no Futari” (約束の二人)
December 14, 2007
The culture festival is approaching, and everyone in school is putting finishing touches in preparation for it. Shana’s friendship with Kazumi becomes closer. Wilhelmina returns back with the research on the Reiji Maigo and she meets up with Shana and Yuji to explain its origins. It is revealed to be a treasure created by Pheles to ensure that her lover Johan would not die and stay with her forever. However, the pair was defeated somehow and the Reiji Maigo was lost, later being teleported inside Yuji. Wilhelmina warns Yuji and Shana to be on their guard against the possible return of Pheles to hunt down the Reiji Maigo.
12 “The Clear Autumn Festival Begins”
“Seishū Sai Hajimaru” (清秋祭始まる)
December 21, 2007
Shana and the others enter the culture festival. Wilhelmina decides to delay telling Margery about Yuji’s silver. Wilhelmina drags her to the festival to see Shana and the others. Margery eventually agrees to wait for the following night for Wilhelmina to tell her the entire truth of silver. Meanwhile Yuji, Shana and Kazumi ended up qualifying for the Grand Prix. In the end Shana ended up winning the best costume award. She plans to confess her love to Yuji on stage and just as she was about to do so, Yuji’s hands touched another girl’s hand. The girl was mentioned earlier in the episode to be Alice, and just as Yuji’s hand touched her, a tornado appeared. Pheles had made her appearance in front of Yuji, much to the surprise of the Shana and the other Flame Hazes.
13 “Convergence, Then an Omen”
“Shūsoku, Soshite Kizashi” (収束, そして兆し)
January 11, 2008
A Fuzetsu was uncontrollably set up by Yuji, causing Margery to go berserk upon seeing the color of the flame. Wilhelmina attempts to control the Interpreter of Condolence while Shana prevents Pheles from taking the Reiji Maigo out of Yuji. Margery attempts to attack the source of the silver flame in her blind rage, but Yuji was protected by his anti-flame ring and Pheles, who was weakening significantly, with Shana and Wilhelmina working together to restrain both. After Satou and Tanaka plead with Margery to listen to an explanation, Margery realizes her folly and calms down, but only to question Yuji about what he is. Pheles then explains that the Reiji Maigo isn’t what it was meant to be, and requests The Interpreter of Condolence to check it. Margery then restores everything back to normal with the help of Wilhelmina’s ribbons and Yuji’s Power of Existence.
14 “Eternal Lovers”
“Eien no Koibito” (永遠の恋人)
January 18, 2008
As Pheles weakens, she reveals the secret of the Reiji Maigo, but even she says she doesn’t know what is wrong with the Hōgu. Although Pheles is not trusted by the others, Yoshida invites her to attend the festival and Yuji agrees helping Pheles to survive by giving her some of his Power of Existence. At the end of the festival, Pheles true self awakes and she tries to get her beloved Johan back. When Pheles comes close to Yuji, a silver arm comes out of his Hōgu, piercing Pheles.
15 “Awakening”
“Kakusei” (覚醒)
January 25, 2008
The Silver awakens within Yuji due to Pheles’s second attempt to free Johan. Hecate’s secret is finally revealed and seals the Silver inside Yuji’s Hōgu. She joins together with Fecor in the fight. When Yuji gets caught in the shockwaves of the battle, Johan is freed and Pheles once again gets to see Johan. In the end, Johan turns back to Yuji and Pheles claims she won’t go after the Reiji Maigo because Johan instructed her not to.
16 “Ceaseless Thoughts”
“Tsukisenu Omoi” (つきせぬ想い)
February 1, 2008
The festival ends without any more disruptions, and it seems that everybody forgot about Konoe. Before Pheles left, she gave Yoshida a secret Hōgu. She wants Yoshida to use this cross shaped Hōgu when something strange is happening to Yuji. It will summon Pheles, but to do so, the human who uses it will disappear due the limited power of existence.

Yuji requested to get the sword Blutsauger as a weapon to fight.

17 “Respective Paths”
“Sorezore no Michi” (それぞれの道)
February 8, 2008
Tanaka still suffers because of Margery’s attack where she nearly killed Ogata. Yuji is slowly improving in fighting with a sword by training with Shana. Meanwhile, Satou and Tanaka meet in front of a convenience store to talk. Tanaka desides to live a normal life with Ogata and leave Satou and Margery.
18 “The Intricate Yuji”
“Sakusō no Yūji” (錯綜の悠二)
February 15, 2008
Yuji continues his training as if he was possessed by something. Shana is concerned about Yuji’s sudden change. Also a Tomogara called Zarovee appears in Misaki City.
19 “Matters That Could Not Be Said”
“Ienakatta Koto” (言えなかったこと)
February 22, 2008
Yuji is confused by Shana and Kazumi’s words. While thinking about their words, he is ambushed by a cloning Tomogara who has a secret plan Yuji must uncover. Yuji eventually uncovers the plan, and with the help of Tanaka, is able to inform the Flame Hazes. He dispatches all of the cloned Tomogara, while Shana and Wilhelmina defeat the hidden Wanderer Tomogara. Just as they kill the Tomogara, a new flame appears in the recesses of the ruins induced in the fight.
20 “The Scarlet Death Struggle”
“Akaneiro no Shitō” (茜色の死闘)
February 29, 2008
The Destructive Blade, Sabrac appears from the explosion that engulf Yuji and everyone else. The overwhelming roar of flames covers Misaki city. Even with heavy wounds, Wilhelmina still faces her nemesis Sabrac.
21 “Merging Powers”
“Awaseru Chikara” (合わさる力)
March 7, 2008
Wilhelmina struggles against Sabrac who appears to be invincible. Yuji gathers Shana, Margery, Kazumi and Keisaku, and devises a plan to defeat Sabrac. They are successful in severing his energy reserves while Wilhelmina distracts him, and without Power of Existence to draw on, Sabrac loses two more swords and finally falls to Nietono no Shana.
22 “Christmas Eve”
“Kurisumasu•Evu” (クリスマス•イブ)
March 14, 2008
Shana and Kazumi decide to write letters to Yuji, professing their feelings toward him through written words. Hecate suddenly appears and removes the Reiji Maigo from Yuji. Ike also confesses his love for Kazumi.
23 “The Early Movements of Peril”
“Kinan no Taidō” (危難の胎動)
March 21, 2008
Yuji’s Reiji Maigo had been taken out by Hecate, who suddenly appeared alone unexpectedly, and is tranferred to the Tomogara with the Silver Flame. Bal Masqué’s secret weapon, Taimei Shihen, finally starts to move, with the Tomogara with the Silver Flame at its heart. Johan tells Kazumi that the Reiji Maigo has been taken from Yuji. Meanwhile, Shana, Margery and Wilhelmina manage to get into the blue sphere to save Yuji. While they get there Margery is severely injured by Sydonay.
24 “That Which Must Be Protected”
“Mamoru beki Mono” (守るべきもの)
March 27, 2008
The Statue of Pride is about to be born. When Yuji picks his sword up, he screams the name of the one he desires to protect, and that is Shana. After a fierce battle with the members of Bal Masqué, Shana is eventually able to break through and enter the Statue of Pride. She meets up with Yuji, and they run to fight the Tomogara with the Silver Flame at the heart of the Statue of Pride. Shana and Yuji fight together and eventually manage to beat the Tomogara, and Yuji regains the Reiji Maigo. With the heart destroyed, the Statue of Pride collapses, and Bal Masqué retreats. In the end, it is strongly implied that Yuji picks Shana over Kazumi Yoshida.

Mini specials


Shana-tan episodes are omake and kuso short animations mentioning what would happen to the scenes in the regular episodes again if: 1) Shana became super deformed (“as tall as a pencil” small); 2) Other characters are acting in an “over-realistic” way.

# Title Original sale date
01 “Shakugan no Shana-tan”
“Shakugan no Shana-tan” (灼眼のシャナたん)
January 25, 2006
Various scenes are shown with the premise of Shana being very tiny and often riding on Yuji’s head while eating melon bread or in one scene, sharpening Nietono no Shana.
02 “Shakugan no Shana-tan Returns”
“Shakugan no Shana-tan Ritānzu” (灼眼のシャナたん りたーんず)
May 25, 2006
Various critical scenes from the first anime series are portrayed with Shana being very tiny.
03 “Shakugan no Shana-tan The Movie”
“Gekijōban Shakugan no Shana-tan” (劇場版 灼眼のシャナたん)
September 21, 2007
Various scenes from the movie are shown in the Shakugan no Shana-tan premise, including some scenes of Friagne and Marianne, and Yuji with Yukari Hirai in the sunset before she disappears, in the same comical line of the Shakugan no Shana-tan series.
04 “Shakugan no Shana-tan Begins”
“Shakugan no Shana-tan Biginzu” (灼眼のシャナたん びぎんず)
January 25, 2008
Various scenes relating the opening scenes between episodes one and three of Shakugan no Shana Second are shown.
05 “Shakugan no Shana-tan & Yoshida: Fumina Konoe Strikes Back”
“Shakugan no Shana-tan & Yoshida -Konoe Fumina Gyakushū-“ (灼眼のシャナたん&吉田-近衛史菜の逆襲-)
May 23, 2008
Various scenes between the Fumina Konoe arc till the end in Shakugan no Shana Second are shown, this time featuring Fumina Konoe.


The same as Shana-tan specials, now featuring super deformed Hecate.

# Title Original sale date
01 “The Supreme Hecate-tan”
“Itadaki no Hekate-tan” (頂のヘカテーたん)
October 2006
Various scenes from the anime involving Hecate are shown except now both Shana and Hecate are very tiny. There are also some scenes original to this special.


# Title Original sale date
01 “The Sovereign Carmel-san”
“Banjō no Carmel-san” (バンジョウのカルメルさん)
April 4, 2007
The beginning contains an advertisement for the Shakugan no Shana movie. A short scene follows with Wilhelmina Carmel standing on the edge of a cliff overlooking the sea where she comments on her being absent in the film. After this scene comes a similar one where Wilhelmina reveals that the second season anime series is currently in production.


# Title Original sale date
13.5 “Shakugan no Shana Special: Love and Outdoor Hot Spring Tutorial!”
“Shakugan no Shana Tokubetsu Hen Koi to Onsen no Kōgai Gakushū!” (灼眼のシャナ 特別編 恋と温泉の校外学習!)
December 8, 2006
Yuji’s school goes on a field trip to a hot spring where Makate Ogata tries to do something about her feelings towards Eita Tanaka. Towards the middle of the episode she starts to get the idea that Sato and Tanaka are lovers.

Main characters

Yuji Sakai (坂井 悠二, Sakai Yūji?) (Mystes)
Voiced by: Satoshi Hino (Japanese), Kristian Ayre (English)
Yuji, the main character of the story, is just an average high school student. However, his world is turned upside down when he discovers that he is already dead and does not have much time before he disappears. Fortunately, Yuji is a Mystes who contains a treasure known as the Reiji Maigo (零時迷子?, “Midnight Lost Child”). Unlike normal torches, the treasure inside him restores his Power of Existence every night at midnight. With the Reiji Maigo, Yuji has the possibility to live on like an average human as long as he makes sure that his Power of Existence does not run out before midnight. Later, he begins to learn to use the yet untapped potential of the treasure kept within him. He cares deeply about Shana, but has yet to reveal if he truly has feelings of love for her; also in the first season anime leading up to the final episode, he starts to see Shana as her old view of the world, where he is just a Torch and she is just a Flame Haze. With this going on, he distanced himself from the closeness than the two originally shared, leaving Shana hurt with the new feelings of love she has developed but cannot explain. However, Yuji and Shana have since repaired the damage to their relationship.
Shana (シャナ?) / “Flaming-Haired, Blazing-Eyed Hunter” (「炎髪灼眼の討ち手」, “Enpatsu Shakugan no Uchite”?) (Flame Haze)
Voiced by: Rie Kugimiya (Japanese), Tabitha St. Germain (English)
The female lead of the show and a Flame Haze. Initially she is concentrated solely on her duty as a Flame Haze, going as far as to not bearing even a name. She sees Yuji only as a Torch, an object, marginally interesting because of his status as a Mystes. However, she slowly opens up to Yuji, coming to think of him as a person, despite being a Torch, and eventually comes to love him. Until she met Yuji, she was identified by only her Flame Haze title “Flame-Haired Red-Hot-Eyed Hunter,” or her nodachi, Nietono no Shana (贄殿遮那?, “Vairocana of the Offering Room”). Yuji, in his need to humanize her, chose to name her “Shana” after her sword. Shana has a habit of saying “Urusai! Urusai! Urusai!” which means “Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!” whenever Yuji asks her questions or makes remarks that disturb her original point of view. But in reality they really care for each other. She has a great fondness for melon bread. Shana later comes to the startling conclusion that she loves Yuji, and even confesses it to him in the last episode of the first anime series when she thought she was going to die, but he does not hear what she said. Shana is continually torn between her mission to protect the balance, and her love for Yuji. Due to a decision she made near the end of the first season of the anime version, the closeness they once had begun to erode as Yuji kept a distance from her because of it. However, it seems that Shana and Yuji have repaired the damage from their previous relationship.
Alastor (アラストール, Arasutōru?) / “Flame of Heavens” (「天壌の劫火」, “Tenjō no Gōka”?) (Lord of the Crimson Realm)
Voiced by: Masashi Ebara (Japanese), Paul Dobson (English)
He is the Lord of the Crimson Realm to whom Shana is bound. He expresses his will through a divine vessel called the Cocytus, which (in Shana’s case) takes the form of a pendant. His name is actually the name of a demon in mythology. Alastor is considered to be one of the strongest of all Lords or Denizens; in fact being one of the true Gods of the Crimson Realm. But even so, he tries to keep the Denizens from consuming Power of Existence.
Margery Daw (マージョリー・ドー, Mājorī Dō?) / “Chanter of Elegies/Interpreter of Condolence” (「弔詞の詠み手」, “Chōshi no Yomite”?) (Flame Haze)
Voiced by: Hitomi Nabatame (Japanese), Janyse Jaud (English)
Margery is a tall, well-endowed and mature blond Flame Haze with a drinking habit. She uses the book Grimoire, which is the divine vessel through which Marcosius, to whom she is bound, expresses his will. Her main powers focus around chanting spells and turning into a werewolf. She casts spells by chanting an “Improvisational Poem of Slaughter” (屠殺の即興詩, Tosatsu no Sokkyōshi?). Her name comes from Mother Goose, as does what she chants. Eita and Keisaku look up to her because she saved their lives once, and act as her subordinates. She holds a vendetta against a Crimson Denizen with a silver flame. She is also known as the Interpreter of Condolence, a title synonymous to her name as a Flame Haze.
Marcosias (マルコシアス, Marukoshiasu?) / “Claw and Fangs of Violation” (「蹂躙の爪牙」, “Jūrin no Sōga”?) (Lord of the Crimson Realm)
Voiced by: Mitsuo Iwata (Japanese), Trevor Devall (English)
The Crimson Lord to whom Margery Daw is bound. He expresses his will through the divine vessel Grimoire, which takes the form of a book. His name is actually the name of a demon. He talks wildly, makes comments without remorse, and often teases Margery, often earning a retaliatory punch. He does genuinely care about her, however, perhaps not in the form of friendship but as a companion in battle. The dynamic of their relationship is quite different than that between Shana and Alastor; Marchosias will serve as Margery’s vehicle from time to time and occasionally suffers physical abuse at her hands, but they seem to be equals in their quest.
Kazumi Yoshida (吉田 一美, Yoshida Kazumi?)
Voiced by: Ayako Kawasumi (Japanese), Chantal Strand (English)
Yuji’s classmate. She has a crush on him, but is a bit too shy to tell him directly. When Shana becomes her love-rival, she vows to tell Yuji her feelings and to let him decide between her and Shana. She is a shy but kind and pure person, who later finds out about Torches and Flame Hazes.


Power of Existence (存在の力, Sonzai no Chikara?)
As its name suggests, Power of Existence is a power that is contained within any biological or magical entity and functions as fuel for one’s very existence. Thus, it is not limited to reside in living humans. Crimson Denizens can drain it from humans and Torches, while Flame Hazes are able to use the remaining Power of Existence from Torches. When all of the Power of Existence from a human or Torch is lost, the very existence of the human or Torch is annihilated. All humans who had memories associated with the human or Torch will have that memory erased; however those who know of the hidden physics of the world retain all of their memories, such as Crimson Denizens, Flame Hazes, and humans and Torches who have been exposed to the hidden workings of the world.
Torch (トーチ, Tōchi?)
A Torch is a replacement entity for a human, whose Power of Existence has been significantly depleted. Torches are “shock-absorbers” for the sake of the balance in the real world. They are only temporary, and will disappear after a certain amount of time, eradicating all traces of existence related to the Torch.
Mystes (ミステス, Misutesu?)
A Mystes is a special kind of Torch, who contains a Treasure Tool. The main character Yūji is an example, albeit a special one who can sustain his presence indefinitely due to the power of his Treasure Tool, Reiji Maigo. In general, Mystes will eventually be extinguished like normal Torch, unless the Mystes feeds on Denizens or Flame Hazes like Tenmoku Ikko did to refuel himeself, though it is very unlikely for anyone else to be able to do the same.
Flame Haze (フレイムヘイズ, Fureimu Heizu?)
A Flame Haze is a servant whose duty is to maintain the world’s balance. Each Flame Haze has contracted a Lord of Crimson Realm, with exceptions like the Flame Haze “Archer of Aurora” (極光の射手, Kyokkō no Ite?) whom has contracts to twin lords. Flame Hazes mostly fight against Crimson Denizens who consume great amount of power of existence and endangers both world, although some work to restore the balance of the world that has been disturbed.
The Lords use Flame Haze as their medium because if they are to exist like other Denizens, they will also require Power of Existence. However, the Lords can manifest in the human world, although this means they will consume a vast amount of Power of Existence (aka Tenpa Jōsai). This sudden surge of Power of Existence will usually exceed the limit their Flame Haze may contain, and will result in the death of the Flame Haze. When someone becomes a Flame Haze, they will have their existence burned, making them as if they never existed before. Flame Hazes become a new existence and live solely to protect balance of the worlds.
Crimson Denizens (紅世の徒, Guze no Tomogara?)
Crimson Denizens are mostly evil entities who usually do not care for the balance of the two worlds, collecting and using Power of Existence for their own purposes. Unfortunately for the few that respect and do not seek to upset the balance, some Flame Hazes do not distinguish between them, and thus become targets. As in human world, some Denizens will stand out and are known as Lords (王, Ō?).
Lords of Crimson Realm (紅世の王, Guze no Ō?)
Lords of Crimson Realm are Denizens whose power stands out among their peers, such as the Trinity of Bal Masqué, Friagne, Pheles, or the Lords that bind themselves to Flame Hazes. Most of the Lords in the series inhabit Flame Hazes and work to maintain the balance, but some are similar to the Crimson Denizens and use Power of Existence for their own purposes.
For the Lords of Crimson Realm who work to maintain the balance, they take care of the balance of the world by monitoring the Power of Existence and utilizing their Flame Haze to terminate those Crimson Denizens who harm the balance. Lords represent themselves as magical objects, in Shana’s case, a pendant. They can manifest fully, but to do so requires tremendous amounts of power. Lords that are even more powerful, such as Tenjō no Gōka (天壌の劫火?) or Sairei no Hebi (祭礼の蛇?) are known as Gods (神, Kami?) of the Crimson Realm, and each of these Gods are bestowed upon the duty of materializing the very laws of the Crimson world; for example, Alastor is known as the God of Atonement (天罰神, Tenbatsushin?), while the Snake of Festival is the God of Creation (創造神, Sōzōshin?), each having abilities that suit these names.
Rinne (燐子?)
Rinne are created servants for the Tomogara. They are unstable existences and require Power of Existence from their master in order to survive.
Power of Unrestraint (自在法, Jizaihō?)
Also known as Unrestricted Spells, they are powerful magic spells. These spells can be used for any purpose, from restoring the fragments of a long-lost painting to transforming normally untransferrable objects in a whole city into a big hunk of Power of Existence, however are mostly used in battle in the series. They can be invoked by chanting (some high-class Methods may require centuries of work to activate), and consumes Power of Existence. An Unrestricted spell can be seen as a blue insignia upon casting.
Treasure Tool (宝具, Hōgu?)
Treasure Tool is the name of magical objects which can provide special abilities or even an Unrestricted spell. A Treasure Tool is created when a single Denizen and a human, each representing their own world, has the same desire to one another; if worked out with the right Unrestricted spells & physical materials, a Treasure Tool for the sole purpose of fulfilling that desire will be created; Reiji Maigo, which is sought by many for its ability to replenish its owner’s Power of Existence at midnight every day, was originally created by the Lord-Mystes lovers, Pheles and Johann, under their desire of “being together forever,” using a single whole clock tower for the physical material part. Most Denizens, Flame Hazes, and even humans who aid them possess one or more of these, and would try to acquire as many as they can for many reasons, like getting an upper hand in critical time during battles.
Seal (封絶, Fūzetsu?)
Seal is the most common of all Unrestricted spells, and it also refers to the special dimension the Method creates; here the Crimson Realm and the real world intermingles, and all sorts of causalities, including time, is stopped for ordinary living beings. The mad scientist Lord Dantalion originally created the complex and flawed version of the Seal; later, the genius spell creator Denizen Leanan-sidhe fixed it into the easier modern version, which quickly spread over all related beings in the world. Flame Hazes are able to create such Seal at will, as may Crimson Denizens. However, battles in the Seal can damage real world objects, and harm the paused living beings, though thankfully for both it is possible to reverse the effects, if one uses enough Power of Existence. However, if the Seal is ever unlocked during a battle, the damage is irreparable.
Crystal Altar (玻璃壇, Haridan?)
Crystal Altar is a Treasure Tool that functions as a miniature projection of the real world. It can be used to observe the location of Torches and Power of spells, and other things related to Power of Existence. From Margery’s story, it is told that Crystal Altar was made about three milennia ago by a God-class Crimson Lord called the Snake of the Festival (祭礼の蛇, Sairei no Hebi?), who had taken a liking to the act of “ruling.” He created a human city and then watched over that city using the Crystal Altar. However, he was sealed in an alternate dimension after many battles with various Flame Haze. Friagne, who discovered and took possession of the Crystal Altar then brought it with him to Misaki city. While one may be deceived that it looks like the city’s replica, the Altar itself is actually shaped like a small bronze mirror, hidden inside Friagne’s enormous pile of Treasure Tools.
The Crystal Altar was originally intended to be used with the Gehinnom, an enormous stone bowl found inside the Bal-Masque’s headquarters filled with iron grain which moves to make quick, accurate replicas of the desired area nearby; but as the Altar is missing, it is normally seen containing the three weapons of the Trinity, who are none other than the closest subjects of the Snake of the Festival.
Outlaw (外界宿(アウトロー), Autorō?)
The facilities or organizations that support the activities of Flame Haze with finance, information, transportations, etc. They were merely hotels each with Treasures called Tessera, the regular dodecahedronal objects that conceal the presence of Flame Haze. Then a half-retired Flame Haze became the keeper to one of the Outlaw and made improvements, turning it into a place to trade information. The plan turned out successful after many years later as many other Outlaws had followed and thus the networks and connections were established throughout the world.

please teacher

Posted: October 5, 2009 in comedy, science fiction


Please Teacher! is a story mainly revolving around a tight-knit group of friends in high school and how they cope with several life-changing events that are never too far off from intimate relationships. The main character is a boy named Kei Kusanagi who suffers from a very rare disease which causes a comatose state referred to as a “standstill” whenever he is under severe emotional distress.

Before the beginning of the story, Kei, at 15 years old, had fallen into a “standstill” lasting three years after witnessing the suicide of his elder sister. After recovering, he quietly moved away from home in order to avoid social difficulty due to his long absence, and began living with his uncle, a medical doctor, and aunt. Due to the strange nature of how he came to live there, Kei wanted to keep the situation a secret from his new friends for fear of being ostracized as being too old to associate with them.

After Kei had established himself in his new surroundings and had entered into a close group of mutually supportive friends, a Galactic Federation starship had entered Earth’s atmosphere stealthily (it is equipped with cloaking technology, rendering it invisible to EM spectrum detection equipment), approached Honshū Island and landed surreptitiously in Lake Kizaki. (Aside from physical travel of the spacecraft via its own engines, travel back and forth across intermediate and long distances – including other star systems and/or dimensions – is accomplished using Star Trek-like ‘transporter’ technology.) The story begins with Kei, after suffering a minor ‘standstill’ while in the vicinity of the lake, witnessing several unexplainable phenomena happening there, and then watching as a beautiful half-human alien named Mizuho Kazami materializes beside the shore.

Kazami was sent to observe planet Earth by a seemingly benevolent Galactic Federation in order to prevent humans from making developmental mistakes. (Later, it is revealed that she had personal reasons; she wanted to see the home planet of her father, who had died when she was a child.) Kei, upon observing the materialization, attempts to escape the pursuing Kazami (who he does not get a clear look at, as she appears surrounded by bright white light). Kazami is under strict orders to prevent her true identity and mission from being discovered (the penalty for which can include capital punishment). During his attempt to escape, Kei falls into the lake, seeming to drown as a result of another stress-induced ‘standstill’. In fact, Kazami rescued Kei and, using information from his identification, was able to return him home after examining him for injuries.

The next day begins fairly normally, as Kei awakens at his uncle’s home, in his room, under the impression that the previous evening was the product of a dream. Upon arriving at the school, Kei’s peers are discussing the fact that the previous homeroom teacher has mysteriously quit his position, and that the beautiful Ms. Kazami has become his new homeroom teacher. Later that day, Kei is further astounded that she is now a next-door neighbor.

During assisting her in moving in, he suffers another standstill, and while in a weakened state explains his predicament to the compassionate Mizuho, who cared for him without alerting the authorities, and thus kept his condition a private secret. During his recovery, he recalls the events of the previous evening, realizing that it was not a dream, and that she was the person he saw by the lakeside. Mizuho’s inherently honest nature causes her to admit her origins and purpose on Earth. A near tragic comedy of errors ensues, as a frightened Kei attempts to escape her embrace. An accidental activation of the ‘transporter’ technology almost costs Kei and Mizuho their lives as she rescues him once again. A rapprochement is achieved, as it becomes evident that neither Mizuho nor the Galactic Federation she serves is hostile, and Kei promises not to reveal her identity as Mizuho makes a similar promise about Kei’s medical condition. This is the beginning of a friendship that rapidly becomes more intimate.

After being discovered in what on the surface would appear to be a compromising situation (Mizuho had wanted to speak with Kei privately and had him transported to a physical education sports equipment locker), Kei protects Mizuho from charges of an inappropriate relationship between student and teacher by supporting the idea impulsively given by his uncle to the school’s Headmaster that they are married, resulting in an actual civil marriage that later blossoms into genuine affection for each other. Kei’s true calendar age becomes evident during the Headmaster’s phone call to City Hall to verify their married status, and the Headmaster relents, partly because he, too, had married a former student younger than himself and can understand their situation personally. Both are allowed to stay so long as they do not reveal their status to the other students, and do not engage in any public displays of affection.

The remainder of the series concerns the budding intimate relationships between the close friends, one of whom (Koishi Herikawa) is romantically interested in Kei and another (Ichigo Morino) who he later learns has suffered even greater loss of time from the same disease as he has; the problems of having to maintain the secrecy of the marriage; an interfering parent and sibling visiting from Federation space; and Kei learning to overcome the ever-present threat of another lengthy ‘standstill’ stealing more of his life, particularly as he has fallen deeply in love with Mizuho and desperately wants to remain with her.


Kei Kusanagi (草薙 桂, Kusanagi Kei?)
Voiced by: Soichiro Hoshi (Japanese), Dave Wittenberg (English)
Kei is an 18 year old who retains a 15 year old body after a three year long “standstill”, which is a coma-like state that occurs during a time of extreme emotional distress. Standstills are derived from an unknown – possibly psychological – disease that Kei and his friend Ichigo Morino have. He tends to be a very frail, shy boy, not often wanting to assert himself when need be.
After observing the landing of a UFO while on the bank of the nearby lake and subsequently observing the alien on the lake shore, odd things begin happening to Kei in connection with this alien. The next day, Kei is surprised to find, like everyone else, that one of their teachers quit and a quick replacement was found which just happened to turn out to be the alien – Mizuho Kazami. After a few more encounters with each other, Kei is taken to her spaceship where the whole situation goes from bad to worse. Upon striking Marie, a tiny computer helper of Mizuho’s, it effectively is unable to perform as well as it seemed to work, which often puts the characters in strange situations if they can’t rely on the help of Marie.
Eventually, after Kei and Mizuho are found in a locked storage room by Kei’s uncle and the principal of the school, his uncle impulsively tells the principal that Kei and Mizuho are in fact married. Later, Kei and Mizuho do actually get married, though only the paperwork is done while there was no official ceremony. This whole situation is, of course, kept secret from Kei’s friends as Ichigo Morino constantly tries to pair Kei up with a friend of hers, Koishi, and all the while Kei and Mizuho’s relationship and attraction for each other only grows.
Mizuho Kazami (風見 みずほ, Kazami Mizuho?)
Voiced by: Kikuko Inoue (Japanese), Bridget Hoffman (English)
A 23 (as alien physiology is only hinted at, and growth rates may be different for the un-named alien species she is partly derived from) year old half alien, half human, Class C Planet Inspector from the Galactic Federation, sent to delta DES 8228 (Earth) to observe and study humans. Mizuho came to Earth to monitor the planet, but inadvertently she was seen by Kei as she was just landing on Earth. Although she did not trust him at first, she started to become attracted to Kei and eventually falls in love with him after they shared secrets about their past to one another. In a conversation with Maho, Kei learns that she is the youngest member of the GF Observers ever to gain a license. She is striped of her surveyor status in episode twelve. Also from Maho we learn that Mizuho apparently has never had a romantic relationship, which is verified when she admits as much to Kei.
One of the main conflicts in the story involves Mizuho and how she tends to have great jealousy and misjudgment. She even went to such great lengths as to spy on Kei while he was hanging out with a friend from school, Koishi Herikawa, in a set up date, and when Mizuho’s mother held Kei hostage in a hotel.
She loves to eat pochy, a Japanese snack food that consists of a biscuit stick covered with chocolate. She eats Pochy because it reminds her of her dead father; an empty box of Pochy was all Mizuho has left of him. Her mother and sister are also seen eating it in several episodes. Pochy is a fictional version of an actual snack known as pocky. Her catch phrase is “Saiyūsen jikō yo!” (“This is a priority one!”).
Koishi Herikawa (縁川 小石, Herikawa Koishi?)
Voiced by: Ayako Kawasumi (Japanese), Michelle Ruff (English)
She is one of Kei’s close friends who also pursues a romantic relationship with Kei, but towards the end of the series discovers her affection for one of her teachers, Yamada. During the anime this inappropriate relationship is only ever hinted at, but in the OVA special Ichigo taunts her about having sex in his room triggering a flashback. In the series itself, Yamada is confronted by the principal about him seeing Yamada and a girl from their school walking together. Her parents own a grocery store and she often has to go to deliver food that people ordered.
Koishi has a happy-disposition to her personality and is only ever seen crying when it comes to matters that involve Kei. One of the things Ichigo would get irritated at was that Koishi would never act on her urges and in effect she waits too long, and by the time she does tell Kei her true feelings, he’s already hopelessly in love with Mizuho.
Ichigo Morino (森野 苺, Morino Ichigo?)
Voiced by: Yukari Tamura (Japanese), Julie Anne Taylor (English)
An evidently shrewd young woman who is seemingly wise beyond her (apparent) years, and who associates with very few friends. Surprisingly, even though she resembles a diminutive 15 year old or perhaps younger, her real age is 21; her physical development was stunted due to her “standstills”, in the same way that they affect Kei. She had been in a “standstill” for 6 years. Ichigo’s loss of time and her sense of life cruelly having passed her by due to the illness (she wistfully reveals to Kei that she has a younger sister who is now married and expecting a child) tends to cause her to have a much more cynical and serious demeanor than is normal for someone of her seeming age, which is sometimes commented upon by her (much younger) friends.
In order to prevent the triggering of ‘standstills’, her emotional expression is very subdued and phlegmatic. But for all her apparent depressive state, she is in fact very caring, attempting to assist both Koishi and Kei by acting as a ‘matchmaker’ for the two, because her own losses have been felt so keenly, and because she doesn’t want her friends to experience the kind of heartache she has felt by their wasting opportunities for closeness that she has been forced to endure.
She is quiet but fiercely independent, currently living alone in a rather Spartan apartment, partly on her own initiative so that her (well-to-do) family wouldn’t be burdened by her malady. She still maintains ties to her family, providing at least a semblence of normality. At one point she confesses to Kei that had they met earlier and revealed their mutual affliction to each other sooner, they might have become closer.
Her keen mind causes her to suspect the too-often ‘coincidences’ regarding their former teacher’s departure, the new one’s arrival and strange events in their neighborhood immediately after that to be connected, but her much younger and guile-less friends dismiss those connections. She also deduces that Kei and Mizuho repeatedly being found together in unusual situations to be the result of a covert relationship, but does not alert the authorities, preferring to observe the situation to verify it, proving herself to possess a formidable intellect as well as no small degree of compassion.
Kaede Misumi (水澄 楓, Misumi Kaede?)
Voiced by: Sayaka Ohara (Japanese), Melissa Fahn (English)
Also one of Kei’s friends, Kaede tends to be a rather shy girl most of the time. Her physical characteristics include that she is one quarter Irish, tall (for a Japanese) and with red hair and freckles. Despite her shyness, during an accidental visit to her hotel room by a sleep-deprived Hyosuke, in which he mistakenly climbed into her bed, she awoke from a lightly inebriated slumber and claimed that he had appeared to her in a dream which now seems to have come true. She then sweetly confesses her love for him and proceeds to seduce him. The two become inseparable and are seen together throughout the series, to the point of being seen exiting a love hotel together in the OVA.
Hyosuke Magumo (間雲 漂介, Magumo Hyōsuke?)
Voiced by: Mitsuo Iwata (Japanese), Kirk Thornton (English)
A brash student with dyed blonde hair, Hyosuke aspires to attend college at Tokyo University and become a professional statesman, much like his brother. Hyousuke’s demanor is initially that of a shallow attention-seeker, but after he becomes romantically involved with Kaede, a deeper and much more sensitive and reflective side is revealed. Kaede confirms to Ichigo and Koishi that the private Hyosuke is actually a very different person; of him, she says “He’s a gentleman and he’s sweet.” Of Kei’s group of friends, he tends to be the most hyperactive of them all and often does the strangest things too.
Matagu Shido (四道 跨, Shidō Matagu?)
Voiced by: Hiroaki Miura (Japanese), Tony Schnur (English)
A rather serious student who is also into astronomy, Matagu seems to be the most hopeless of the cast, a classic ‘nerd’, never even getting to the point of gaining a girlfriend by the end of the series. He is much less confident and self-assured than Hyosuke, or even Kei, leading one to conclude that he suffers from crippling shyness. His stated fondest dream is to meet with ‘an alien creature from outer space’, totally unaware of the fact that his teacher certainly qualifies as such, and that he has had several conversations with his life’s dream in a very normal setting. He even considered to confess his love to her, but his shyness put a halt to his plans.
Minoru Edajima (江田島 みのる, Edajima Minoru?)
Voiced by: Naoya Uchida (Japanese), Michael McConnohie (English)
Kei’s uncle and doctor of the local clinic. Minoru is something of a lecherous rogue, continually making wolfish comments regarding the attractiveness of passing women. He even does within earshot of his wife, who often retaliates with a measured degree of physical violence. He is openly jealous of Kei’s relationship with Mizuho and is more than a little perverted (in the Japanese sense of the word). Despite this, he often covers for and helps Kei and Mizuho out, such as moving Kei’s possessions into the married couple’s new apartment, purchasing a proper wedding ring for their private ceremony, and paying for an expensive hotel in Okinawa for their honeymoon.
Konoha Edajima (江田島 このは, Edajima Konoha?)
Voiced by: Rei Sakuma (Japanese), Karen Strassman (English)
Kei’s aunt and nurse of the local clinic. A warm, kind-hearted and quite attractive woman who puts up with her husband’s behavior only so much before she starts to get really angry at him. It is evident that she is the more mature member of their pair, and is quite able to curb Minoru’s wayward eye and lecherous comments with a significant look or gesture. She is not above using a small degree of force to cause her husband to ‘heel’ if his behavior gets too outrageous. She seems very sexually amorous towards her husband and loves him deeply. She is very supportive of Kei and Mizuho’s relationship, backing Minoru’s initial lie to the Headmaster about the couple being married, and then providing a second-hand wedding dress for Mizuho to wear in a private ceremony with only her, Mizuho, Kei and Minoru present.
Marie (まりえ?)
Voiced by: Tomoko Kaneda (Japanese), Sandy Fox (English)
A quasi-organic master control program for Mizuho’s ship. Totally self-repairing and maintenance free. Hovers around in an innertube and on occasion plays a miniature guitar. Due to Kei fearfully striking ‘him’ during an initial escape attempt when Mizuho revealed her true identity, Marie’s programming became scrambled, endangering both Kei and Mizuho. Communicating partly through indistinct sounds and through gestures, Marie is essentially a portable link to the ship’s operating system. But ‘he’ is also capable of emotion, as witnessed by the romantic relationship formed between ‘himself’ and Miruru and his sorrow at their parting. Additionally, in the OVA they are implied to have sex, and both of them become embaressed when they see others display affection. The implication provided in the series ‘extras’ is that Marie and Miruru are but extensions of the ships themselves, and thus are the ships.
Masami Yamada (山田 正臣, Yamada Masami?)
Voiced by: Tomokazu Sugita (Japanese), Tony Oliver (English)
A quiet and shaggy male teacher whose hobby is creating human-powered planes (one of which flies successfully in the final episode, earning him a trophy). At first he appears to be something of a physically-developed nerd, obsessed with his hobby. Koishi delivers him meals from her parents’ grocery store. He later becomes something of a confidant, attempting to help Koishi by providing a sympathetic ear after a breakup with Kei and her subsequent depression but does not take advantage of her vulnerable situation. At the end of the series, it is implied that their relationship gets much closer than that of teacher and student.
Maho Kazami (風見 まほ, Kazami Maho?)
Voiced by: Satomi Koorogi (Japanese), Sandy Fox (English)
Mizuho’s little sister, who disapproves of Kei but eventually comes to accept him. Initially, she is incensed that a member of the powerful Galactic Federation’s elite Observers (which it is revealed that Mizuho has the honor of being its’ youngest member) would stoop to marry such an evident primitive (conveniently overlooking the fact that she is ostensibly the product of just such a union, claiming that the only time that she had ever seen Mizuho cry was when their father died; the implication of wildly different growth rates between alien and human are suggested here, as Maho is much younger appearing than Mizuho and Mizuho had stated that she could barely recall her father’s appearance). Maho even attempts to use Miruru to hurt Kei. During the process, she learns just how deeply Kei loves Mizuho and vice versa, and she relents, and later actually shows him a degree of affection with a stolen kiss, but she still possesses a playfully devious nature and is not above blackmailing Kei with videos of intercourse between him and Mizuho to get what she wants.
Hatsuho Kazami (風見 はつほ, Kazami Hatsuho?)
Voiced by: Yumi Takada (Japanese), Wendee Lee (English)
Mizuho’s mother, who is very fond of Kei, whom she claims resembles her late husband. She is a very sensual, self-assured, bold but subtly assertive woman. She is not above playfully teasing her oldest daughter and son-in-law, demanding to know intimate details regarding their relationship. In the OVA, to ‘spice up’ her daughter’s love-life, she half-seriously abducts Kei to a love hotel to engage in mock bondage with him, with Mizuho in hot pursuit. She then departed, having gotten the newlyweds in a situation where they had no choice but to enjoy themselves. She greatly resembles Mizuho, with the exception of having purplish hair instead of magenta, green eyes and a small beauty mark on her chin.
Shirou Kazami (風見 士郎, Kazami Shirō?)
Mizuho’s father; No image of him has ever been seen in the series. The 2009 Mars expedition ship he was a crewmember of was presumed lost in space. However, a GF vessel rescued the crew. The implication, never verified, was that he was not allowed to return to Earth. One of the crew of the GF spacecraft that rescued the Mars expedition was Hatsuho, which is how they came to meet and be married. Unable (or unwilling) to return to Earth (possibly due to the Federation’s strict laws governing contact with non-incorporated races) he remained in Federation space and raised a family there. The assumption is that he had attained citizenship, either through marriage or through naturalization, and at that point may have been abjured from returning. Eventually, he went on to develop a planetary contact program for Earth for the Galactic Federation. He died when Mizuho was still a child. The only thing of Earth that he had left behind had been an empty box of Pochy, which Mizuho had treasured.
Miruru (みるる?)
Voiced by: Michelle Ruff
Another computer intelligence hologram, dressed in female-like clothing. The implication is that both Marie and Miruru are in fact commlinks for the ships, themselves. In other words, the ships house self-aware AI’s capable of emotions, which are reflected in the actions of the two miniature beings. Seems also to be romantically involved with Marie.
Kozue Kusanagi (草薙 こずえ, Kusanagi Kozue?)
Voiced by: Omi Minami (Japanese), Julie Anne Taylor (English)
Kei Kusanagi’s elder sister. In a flashback which is shown during a critical ‘standstill’, it is revealed that Kozue was a very bright – though possibly mentally disturbed – girl who felt that human emotions were the cause of much suffering in the world, and sought to escape them by committing suicide, which Kei had had the misfortune of witnessing. The trauma of having done so and the guilt that he had felt at being unable to prevent it led to his first ‘standstill’


# Title Original airdate
01 “Teach Me, Teacher”
“Oshiete tīchā” (教えてティーチャー)
January 10, 2002
While out on the lake, Kei witnesses a UFO landing. An alien appears and he panics as a result. Kei attempts rather poorly to escape from her. After the alien saves Kei from drowning, he discovers that the alien is in fact his new homeroom teacher, as well as his new neighbor.
02 “I Can’t Get Married Anymore”
“Mou Omuko ni ikemasen” (もう、お婿にいけません)
January 17, 2002
After being teleported into the gym closet for a much needed talk, Kei and Mizuho are stuck when the door is locked. Later, they are discovered in the closet by Kei’s uncle and the principal. In an attempt to save Mizuho’s job, Kei’s uncle lies to the principal, saying that Kei and Mizuho are married.
03 “This Isn’t Right, Teacher”
“Mazuiyo sensei” (まずいよ★先生)
January 24, 2002
Kei and Mizuho get married, but during the ceremony Kei’s friends show up for an unexpected visit. Kei must avoid being discovered, and a series of close encounters ensues.
04 “Actually, I Think I Love You”
“Yappari sukikamo” (やっぱり好きかも)
January 31, 2002
Kei and Koishi get set up on a date. A worried and jealous Mizuho finds out and decides to follow them. Kei must now hide his marriage, while trying to contend with an emotional wife.
05 “For That, Teacher, I…”
“Sonna sensei ni boku wa” (そんな先生に、ぼくは)
February 7, 2002
Kei and Mizuho go to the beach and stay at a hotel for their honeymoon. Unfortunately, things begin to go wrong when Kei’s friends stay at the same hotel forcing Kei and Mizuho to hide their relationship. It is at this point that Kaede and Hyosuke begin to take steps beyond friendship.
06 “Let’s Start From The Beginning”
“Hajimatte kara hajime you” (始まってから始めよう)
February 14, 2002
Kei and Mizuho receive an unexpected and awkward visit from Mizuho’s flirty mother and annoying sister.
07 “Don’t Cry, Teacher”
“Nakanaide sensei” (泣かないで先生)
February 21, 2002
Mizuho’s sister Maho sees what she thinks to be Kei making Mizuho cry so she tries to get rid of Kei, but in the end begins to develop feelings for him.
08 “Long Night”
“Nagai yoru” (長い夜)
February 28, 2002
Mizuho and Kei get into an argument. This causes Kei to meet up with Koishi later that day where she confesses her love to Kei and is rejected, after which Kei rushes to Mizuho before Matagu can ask her out.
09 “Let’s End It Now”
“Mou owari ni shiyo” (もう、おわりにしよう)
March 7, 2002
Ichigo finds out that Kei rejected Koishi and tries to confront him but falls into a standstill thus revealing her secret to Kei. He leaves Mizuho to date Koishi so Ichigo doesn’t fall into a standstill again.
10 “But”
“Demo” (でも)
March 14, 2002
Koishi finds Kei having a conversation with Ichigo, realizing Ichigo set everything up she tries to kiss Kei but is interrupted by Mizuho who runs away crying. Kei catches up to her and they kiss but Kei falls into a standstill.
11 “Teacher”
“Sensei” (せんせい)
March 21, 2002
Kei falls into a serious standstill and Mizuho tries to help him out of it. We find out the true reason why Kei gets his standstills and enter Kei’s subconscious.
12 “One More Time, Teacher”
“Mouichido tīchā” (もう一度ティーチャー)
March 28, 2002
Mizuho is sent back to her planet, but her love for Kei prompts her to return to Earth . His memories of her are supposed to be erased, but in the end he still remembers her, thanks to a box of Pochy. The events turns out to be similar to episode one.
OVA “Secret Couple”
“Himitsu na Futari” (ヒミツなふたり)
October 25, 2002
Hatsuho and Maho visit and force Mizuho to talk about intimate moments with Kei. Hatsuho kidnaps Kei, takes him to a love hotel, and ties him to a bed. Although Hatsuho is sexually attracted to Kei, it is actually an attempt to add excitement into Kei and Mizuho’s marriage.


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Yu-Gi-Oh! tells the tale of Yugi Mutou, a shorter-than-average high school student who was given the fragmented pieces of an ancient Egyptian artifact, the Millennium Puzzle, by his grandfather. Upon reassembling the Puzzle, he is possessed by another personality who is later revealed to be the spirit of a 3,000-year-old Pharaoh (5,000-years-old in the English anime) called Atem, with no memory of his own time. As the story goes on, the two of them (together with Yugi’s friends), try to find the secret of the Pharaoh’s lost memories and his name, with the Duel Monsters card game being an ever prevalent backdrop or plot device.

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX is set 10 years after the first series. It follows the story of Jaden Yuki (Judai Yuki in the Japanese version), a young talented duelist who is given the card “Winged Kuriboh” by Yugi before Jaden’s admission to Duel Academy (Duel Academia in the Japanese version), an elitist boarding school established by Seto Kaiba. Jaden (who receives low marks in his admission tests), is placed in the Slifer Red dormitory (Osiris Red), which is reserved for students with the lowest grades. The story goes on as Jaden faces challenges from different students in Duel Academy. He later finds himself entangled in a conflict related to the hidden secrets of the academy.

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds is set in a distant future where the residents of the poverty-stricken town called Satellite provide the manpower to sustain a utopia called New Domino City (Neo Domino City in the Japanese version), a futuristic version of the city of Domino where some of the events of the original Yu-Gi-Oh! took place. The story centers around five characters known as Signers, who have birthmarks bearing one part of a monster called the Crimson Dragon (which saved the world in the past,from the Earthbound Immortals). The main character, named Yusei Fudo, is a Signer. Each Signer has a dragon monster. In later episodes, they fight Dark Signers—duelists who try to revive the Earthbound cards.

The early chapters of Yu-Gi-Oh! feature a variety of different games; but from the Duelist Kingdom arc onwards, the focus is shifted to a card game called Duel Monsters. Duel Monsters is played using a holographic image system created by Seto Kaiba (following his first Shadow Game with Yugi). In the manga and first series anime, these were initially performed on tables, using holographic tubes, while the second series anime uses huge holographic fields. Starting with the Battle City arc, (as well as the series that followed), duels are performed using portable Duel Disks, invented by Seto Kaiba, which allows duels to happen anywhere.

  • Yugi Mutou (武藤 遊戯, Mutō Yūgi?, Yugi Muto in the English anime) – The protagonist of the show who always has his nose in some game (“Yūgi” means “game” in Japanese), Yugi is especially adept at playing Duel Monsters, a.k.a. Magic and Wizards. He wears the Millennium Puzzle, one of the seven Millennium Items and an ancient Egyptian artifact holding the spirit of the pharaoh around his neck. When Yugi is playing a game or under stress, the spirit inside the Millennium Puzzle surfaces and the 3,000-year-old nameless pharaoh (5,000 in the English anime) takes partial or complete control of the body.
  • Dark Yugi (闇の遊戯, Yami no Yūgi?, Yami Yugi in the English anime) – The pharaoh Atem (アテム, Atemu?) who sacrificed himself, thus saving the world from destruction. His soul is trapped in Yugi’s Millennium Puzzle. After eight long years of effort, Yugi puts together the puzzle pieces and releases Atem, who then possesses Yugi’s body. Atem calls himself “Dark” (“Yami”) because he lost the memory of his previous life. His favorite card is the Dark Magician but he also holds the three Egyptian God Cards.
  • Anzu Mazaki (真崎 杏子, Mazaki Anzu?, Téa Gardner in the English anime) – Anzu is Yugi’s childhood friend. Although her dueling ability is decent and she regularly defeats Jonouchi, Anzu is not a game-player and her ability is well below that of Yugi. She is sweet and supportive to everyone. In the Duel Monsters anime, she and Honda are basically cheerleaders for Yugi and Jonouchi. In the manga, especially in the beginning, Anzu is somewhat of a “tomboy”. She is athletic and secretly works at a fast food restaurant to save money; her dream is to attend dancing school overseas in New York City, New York, United States. Anzu has romantic feelings for both Yugi and Atem, creating a love triangle.
  • Katsuya Jonouchi (城之内 克也, Jōnōchi Katsuya?, Joey Wheeler in the English anime) – Jonouchi is Yugi’s best friend. Initially nothing more than a street thug and bully, Jonouchi is touched by Yugi’s behavior towards him and they become loyal friends. He likes playing games but usually loses to Yugi. Jonouchi is rash and gets himself into trouble quite often.
  • Hiroto Honda (本田 ヒロト, Honda Hiroto?, Tristan Taylor in the English anime) – Honda is Jonouchi’s friend, and another thug who changes his mind about Yugi. He does not play much Duel Monsters (he dueled and lost in one episode in the Virtual World story arc against Big 4, Soichiro Ota) and rarely plays any other games with Yugi. In the first anime series, Honda is obsessed about being a janitor at his school, and is in love with Miho Nosaka.
  • Mai Kujaku (孔雀 舞, Kujaku Mai?, Mai Valentine in the English anime) – Mai is a confident, attractive woman who relies on her own strength in battle. She once worked on a casino ship as a duelist. After meeting Yugi and his friends, she begins to realize the rewards of supporting and being supported by others. In the manga, she develops romantic feelings for Jonouchi, though only Anzu seems to notice.
  • Ryou Bakura (獏良 了, Bakura Ryou?) is a transfer student who becomes friends with Yugi, though he is the holder of the Millennium Ring. Bakura also has a dark half who intends to collect all of the Millennium items. (see below)
  • Dark Bakura (闇の獏良, Yami no Bakura?, Yami Bakura in the English anime) – A 3,000-year-old psychotic spirit that lives within the Millennium Ring and possesses Ryo Bakura with its power. He wants to gather the seven Millennium Items to take control of their dark power. He also has a bitter grudge against Dark Yugi.
  • Seto Kaiba (海馬 瀬人, Seto Kaiba?) – Kaiba originally appears as a villain, but later on becomes an ally. He believes that he is the best gamer in the world, and that Yugi is a threat. He does not believe in the magic of the Millenium Items in the English dub, but is a believer and a lot nicer in the Japanese show. Despite his age, he is the president of Kaiba Corporation, the biggest game company in the world and the most influential in Japan. He is unafraid to flaunt his wealth.
  • Mokuba Kaiba (海馬 モクバ, Mokuba Kaiba?) – Seto Kaiba’s younger brother. In the manga, he is at first a spoiled brat who tries repeatedly to get back at Yugi for defeating Seto Kaiba. After Kaiba realizes how important Mokuba is to him (as a result of Yugi’s actions), their relationship is strengthened and Mokuba becomes a friendlier character. Mokuba is a good game player who specializes in Capsule Monster Chess.
  • Sugoroku Mutou (武藤 双六, Mutō Sugoroku?, Solomon Muto in the English anime) / Solomon Muto – Sugoroku is Yugi’s grandfather. He owns the Kame (Turtle) Game Shop. “Sugoroku” is a Japanese game similar to Backgammon. He is the reincarnation of Siamun Muran, Pharaoh Atem’s right hand man. Another romanization of his name is Solomon Might.
  • Shizuka Jonouchi (城之内 静香, Jōnōchi Shizuka?, Serenity Wheeler in the English anime) / Serenity Wheeler – Shizuka is Katsuya Jonouchi’s little sister. In the manga and the Duel Monsters anime, Katsuya enters a Duel Monsters tournament hoping to win and use the prize money for Shizuka’s eye surgery. Shizuka sees Mai Kujaku as a role model.
  • Ryuji Otogi (御伽 龍児, Otogi Ryūji?, Duke Devlin in the English anime) – Otogi is the creator of Dungeon Dice Monsters. He opens a rival game shop across the street from the Kame Game Shop. Yugi and Otogi become friends when Yugi bested Otogi at his own game, despite not knowing the rules beforehand.
  • Pegasus J. Crawford (ペガサス・ジェイ・クロフォード, Pegasasu Jei Kurofōdo?, Maximillion Pegasus in the English anime) – Pegasus is the American creator of the Magic and Wizards game and an early antagonist. He possesses the Millennium Eye, and tries to take over the Kaiba Corporation so that he could use its Solid Vision technology to see his departed lover, Cyndia .
  • Marik Ishtar (マリク・イシュタール, Mariku Ishutāru?) – The holder of the Millennium Rod. Marik’s family has guarded the tomb of the pharaoh for generations. He attempts to obtain the three God Cards through his secret organization, GHOULS, and become Pharaoh himself. Marik seeks to send the Pharaoh’s soul into the darkness in which he had to spend his childhood. Another romanization of his name is Malik Ishtar.
  • Dark Marik (闇のマリク, Yami no Mariku?, Yami Marik in the English anime) – Marik’s alternate personality and a psychopath who loves killing his opponents, he was created by his host’s hatred of the tombkeeper’s life. Dark Marik first appears after Marik is forced to undergo the painful initiation ritual passed down through his family. The dark half fed on his misery until one day, when Marik was about to punished for going above ground, he took over both Marik’s body and the Millennium Rod and brutally stabbed Marik’s father to death.
  • Ishizu Ishtar (イシズ・イシュタール, Ishizu Ishutāru?) – Marik’s sister, she lures Yugi and Kaiba into Duel Monster battles, using the Pharaoh’s memories and the God Cards as bait. In an attempt to save Marik, she enters the semi-finals of the Battle City, disguising herself as the mysterious eighth duelist. Her Millennium Tauk (Necklace in the English version) enables her to foresee the future, granting her an advantage over her enemies.
  • Shadi (シャーディー, Shādī?) – Shadi is the guardian of eight mile, the original resting place of the seven Millennium pieces. He is the reincarnation of one of the Pharaoh’s six saints 3,000 years ago. Because he was injured by Bakura at least five thousand years ago, he is actually a ghost whenever he appears in the television series. Shadi also guards the Millennium Scales and the Millennium Key.


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The events depicted in Star Wars media take place in a fictional galaxy. Many species of alien creatures (often humanoid) are depicted. Robotic droids are also commonplace and are generally built to serve their owners. Space travel is common, and many planets in the galaxy are members of a Galactic Republic, later reorganized as the Galactic Empire.

One of the prominent elements of Star Wars is the “Force“, which is an omnipresent form of energy which can be harnessed by those with that ability. It is described in the first produced film as “an energy field created by all living things [that] surrounds us, penetrates us, [and] binds the galaxy together.”[2] The Force allows users to perform a variety of supernatural feats (such as telekinesis, clairvoyance, precognition, and mind control) and also can amplify certain physical traits, such as speed and reflexes; these abilities can vary from user to user and can be improved through training. While the Force can be used for good, it has a dark side that, when pursued, imbues users with hatred, aggression, and malevolence. The six films feature the Jedi, who use the Force for good, and the Sith, who use the dark side for evil in an attempt to take over the galaxy. In the Expanded Universe many dark side users are Dark Jedi rather than Sith, mainly because of the Rule of Two (see Sith Origin).

Star Wars: Clone Wars


The original series consists of 10 three-minute installments for seasons 1 and 2 (later collectively known as Volume 1), and five 12-to-15 minute installments for Season 3 (later called Volume 2). The series follows the Jedi in their exploits fighting the Separatist movement against the Galactic Republic. The 25 episodes are mostly comprised of energetic set-piece battles. Many characters from the films are featured prominently, while other episodes feature minor characters from the films and/or those from the Expanded Universe. Since much emphasis is placed on action, the story and plot is less developed than in the films.

Season One and Season Two/DVD Volume One

The main storyline features Obi-Wan Kenobi being assigned to lead an assault on the planet Muunilist, with his apprentice Anakin Skywalker leading the battle in space above. Meanwhile, Separatist leader Count Dooku takes in the Dark Jedi Asajj Ventress as his apprentice and sends her off to assassinate Anakin. Anakin diverts his attention in the middle of battle to pursue Ventress to Yavin 4, where he manages to defeat her in a lightsaber duel, though only through the means of fear and anger, the path to the dark side of the Force. Surrounding this storyline are various different battles focusing on other Jedi and their clone troops, including:

Season Three/DVD Volume Two

The story picks up directly from Anakin’s defeat of Ventress and Obi-Wan’s victory on Muunilist. After much consideration, the Jedi Council decides to promote Anakin to a Jedi Knight. Three years later, Anakin and Obi-Wan are assigned to a mission to the Outer Rim Territories to liberate a group of Nelvaanians enslaved and mutated for the use of the Separatists. Meanwhile, General Grievous leads an assault on Coruscant and, despite the best efforts of Yoda, Mace Windu and Shaak Ti, kidnaps Supreme Chancellor Palpatine for his master Count Dooku. Anakin manages to fulfill his mission, though he once again draws upon his anger, then sets out with Obi-Wan to rescue the Chancellor over Coruscant (as seen in the opening minutes of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith).



Medical droid who treats Luke Skywalker‘s wounds and fits him with a prosthetic hand in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.[1]
4-LOM – portrayed by Chris Parsons
A bounty hunter droid in The Empire Strikes Back.[2]
An 8D smelter droid working in Jabba the Hutt‘s palace in Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.[3]
A droid working with Jerec in Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II.


Admiral Ackbar – portrayed by Timothy M. Rose and voiced by Erik Bauersfeld
Commands the Rebel fleet in their attack against the second Death Star in Return of the Jedi.[4]
Stass Allie – portrayed by Lily Nyamwasa and Nina Fallon
Human Jedi Master and Jedi Council member in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones and Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.
Allana Solo
Jacen Solo and Tenel Ka’s daughter in the Legacy of the Force series. Adopted by Han Solo and Leia Organa-Solo at the end of Invincible and given the name Amelia in public to keep her true parents secret.
Padmé Amidala – portrayed by Natalie Portman
Senator from Naboo who marries Anakin Skywalker and gives birth to Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa.[5] Died after giving birth to the twins.
Mas Amedda – portrayed by Jerome Blake and David Bowers
Vice chair of the Galactic Senate.[6] Blake played the character in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, Bowers played him in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones, and both actors appeared in the role for Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.[6]
Bail Antilles
An Alderaanian senator. Sundered Heart owner.[7]
Raymus Antilles – portrayed by Rohan Nichol and Peter Geddis
Captain of the Tantive IV in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and captain of the Sundered Heart in the game Star Wars: Empire at War.
Wedge Antilles – portrayed by Denis Lawson and Colin Higgins
A Rebel and New Republic starfighter pilot.[8]
Queen Breha Antilles Organa – portrayed by Rebecca Jackson Mendoza
Ruler of Alderaan and adoptive mother of Leia Organa.
Tavion Axmis
Antagonist in Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy.


Ponda Baba
Aqualish mercenary who attacks Luke Skywalker in A New Hope.[9] When the original Kenner action figure for Baba was released, the then-unnamed alien was called simply “Walrus Man”.[9] His proper name (as well as the name of his species) was given in 1989 for his appearance in a Star Wars role-playing game.[9]
Cad Bane – voiced by Corey Burton
A ruthless bounty hunter in The Clone Wars who appears in Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes.[10]
Bao-Dur – voiced by Roger G. Smith
Zabrak technician in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. Bao-Dur invented the mass shadow generator that ended the battle on Malachor V.
Garm Bel Iblis
A Republic senator and initial member of the Rebel Alliance.[11]
Sio Bibble – portrayed by Oliver Ford Davies
Governor of Naboo in the prequel trilogy.[12]
Depa Billaba – portrayed by Dipika O’Neill Joti
Jedi Master on the Jedi High Council. Was sent to Haruun Kal by the council. She fell to the dark side and fell into a coma.[13]
Jar Jar Binks – portrayed by Ahmed Best
Hapless but good-natured Gungan throughout the prequel trilogy. Also known to be clumsy.[14]
Jolee Bindo – voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson
A human “Gray” Jedi who lived during the times of the Old Republic and went into self-imposed exile on Kashyyyk. He joined Darth Revan to help triumph over the Sith Empire in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.
Blue Max
Droid that is part of Han Solo’s crew in The Han Solo Adventures by Brian Daley.[15]
Bossk – portrayed by Alan Harris
A Trandoshan bounty hunter in The Empire Strikes Back.[16] He also appeared in the book Tales from the Bounty Hunters, in the story “The Prize Pelt”, and in Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption.
Droid that is part of Han Solo’s crew in The Han Solo Adventures by Brian Daley.[17]
Borvo the Hutt – voiced by Clint Bajakian
A Hutt smuggler on Naboo featured in Star Wars: Episode I: Battle for Naboo.
Brianna – voiced by Grey DeLisle
The “Last Handmaiden” on a Jedi Academy located on Telos IV in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords.
Noa Briqualon – portrayed by Wilford Brimley
Marooned on Endor in Ewoks: The Battle for Endor.[18]


C-3PO – portrayed by Anthony Daniels
Protocol droid who appears throughout the Star Wars movies and Expanded Universe.[19]
Was a droid Jabba the Hutt used to keep his will. After his death shortly before the Battle of Endor, Zorba the Hutt, Jabba’s father, reclaimed Jabba’s will and everything he owned through the droid. He was first featured in the novel Zorba the Hutt’s Revenge.
Joruus C’baoth
Insane clone of Jedi master Jorus C’baoth and an antagonist in Timothy Zahn’s Thrawn trilogy.[20] Zahn originally conceived the character as an insane clone of Obi-Wan Kenobi.[20]
Darth Caedus
Sith Lord born as Jacen Solo, the oldest son of Han Solo and Leia Organa Solo and Jaina Solo‘s twin brother.
Lando Calrissian – portrayed by Billy Dee Williams
Old friend of Han Solo. Businessman and scoundrel who leads the Rebels’ space attack against the Death Star in Return of the Jedi.[21] He eventually resigns his military commission and returns to being a businessman.[21]
Force-wielding antagonist in Battle for Endor.[22]
Chewbacca – portrayed by Peter Mayhew
Han Solo‘s partner and co-pilot of the Millennium Falcon.[23] His father, Attichitucuk, appears as a playable character in Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds. Chewbacca and his wife, Mallatobuck, have a son named Lumpawarrump.[23]
Nas Choka
Yuuzhan Vong warmaster who succeeded Tsavong Lah. Surrendered on behalf of the Yuuzhan Vong after Shimrra’s death, ending the conflict.
General Airen Cracken
Rebel and New Republic intelligence officer. West End Games Star Wars roleplaying supplements sometimes were published as “Cracken’s” guides to their topic.
Arvel Crynyd – portrayed by Hilton McRae
A-wing pilot who crashes into the Star Dreadnought Executor, causing it to spin out of control, in Return of the Jedi
Salacious B. Crumb – portrayed by Tim Rose and voiced by Mark Dodson
Kowakian monkey-lizard in Jabba the Hutt’s court.[24] Rose’s antics controlling the Crumb puppet led to an increase in the character’s prominence.[24]


Admiral Natasi Daala
Antagonist introduced in the Jedi Academy trilogy, returning in Darksaber, Planet of Twilight, and Death Star.[25] In the Legacy of the Force series, Daala becomes the chief of state of the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances.
Biggs Darklighter – portrayed by Garrick Hagon
Luke Skywalker‘s friend from Tatooine who helps in attacking the Death Star.[26] Biggs’ reunion with Luke was cut from the theatrical release of A New Hope but restored for the Special Edition release.[26]
Dengar – portrayed by Morris Bush
A bounty hunter in The Empire Strikes Back.
Bren Derlin – portrayed by John Ratzenberger
Rebel officer in The Empire Strikes Back.[27]
Desann – voiced by Mark Klastorin
Dark Jedi antagonist in Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast.
Grand Moff Vilim Disra
Imperial antagonist in the Hand of Thrawn duology and in the novel Allegiance.
Jan Dodonna – portrayed by Alex McCrindle
Rebel general who plans the starfighter attack on the first Death Star,[28] and the first character to utter the phrase, “May the Force be with you”.
Count Dooku – portrayed by Christopher Lee
Separatist leader and Sith apprentice also known as Darth Tyranus.[29] Dooku severs Anakin Skywalker’s right forearm in Attack of the Clones, and Skywalker kills Dooku in Revenge of the Sith.[29]
Grand Moff Dunhausen
A high-ranking Imperial officer and member of the Central Committee of Grand Moffs. Dunhausen is predominantly known for two things: his scheming nature and for always wearing a pair of blaster-shaped earrings. He owns the droid 3B6-RA-7. He is first featured in the novel The Glove of Darth Vader.
Captain Dunwell
Assists Trioculus in his search for Darth Vader‘s glove. Killed after his submarine explodes. First featured in the novel The Glove of Darth Vader.
Durge – voiced by Daran Norris
A character in the 2003 Clone Wars animated series.[30]
Kyp Durron
Jedi Master who first appears in Kevin J. Anderson‘s Jedi Academy Trilogy.[31]
Darth Desolous
A male Pau’an Dark Lord of the Sith. Once a revered Jedi Master, he loses his proper identity after falling to the dark side of the Force. Appears in the video game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.


Captain Juno Eclipse – voiced by Nathalie Cox
Female Imperial pilot and Galen Marek’s love interest in The Force Unleashed.[32]
Droid working in Jabba the Hutt’s palace in Return of the Jedi.[33]
Doctor Cornelius Evazan – portrayed by Alfie Curtis
Character who antagonizes Luke Skywalker in A New Hope.[34]


Keyan Farlander
Rebel Alliance starfighter pilot and Jedi. The Farlander Papers enclosed with some copies of the Star Wars: X-Wing provided backstory to the game’s unnamed protagonist.
Jagged Fel
Starfighter pilot and Baron Soontir Fel’s son, appearing in the New Jedi Order and Legacy of the Force series.
Roan Fel
Deposed galactic emperor in the Star Wars: Legacy series.
Baron Soontir Fel
Elite Imperial starfighter pilot in Dark Horse Comics and the New Jedi Order series.
Davin Felth
Imperial stormtrooper 1023 who discovered that the escape pod that the Empire is looking for contained droids. He kills his superior officer Mod Terrik after becoming disgusted with the Empire’s tyranny, giving the Millenium Falcon the time needed to escape from Tatooine.
Jango Fett – portrayed by Temuera Morrison
Bounty hunter, clones of whom composed the Republic’s Army in the prequel trilogy.[35]
Boba Fett – portrayed by Jeremy Bulloch (V-VI), Daniel Logan (II), and Jason Wingreen (voice, V), Temuera Morrison (voice in the 2004 release of the Original Trilogy)
Clone of Jango Fett raised by Jango and Camille as their son.[36] Becomes a bounty hunter.[36]
Borsk Fey’lya
Bothan politician, introduced in the Thrawn trilogy, who rises to become chief of state of the New Republic.[37] He is held accountable for imprisoning Admiral Ackbar in the Hand of Thrawn trilogy by Timothy Zahn.
Kit Fisto – portrayed by Zachariah Jensen and Daniel Zizmor (Attack of the Clones) and Ben Cooke (Revenge of the Sith)
Jedi Master in the prequel trilogy. Fisto was originally conceived as a Sith apprentice, but was then modified to be a Jedi with a “less malevolent face” while retaining the character’s “imposing presence”.[38] Darth Sidious killed Kit Fisto.
Fode – voiced by Scott Capurro
A male Troig that in The Phantom Menace commentated for the Boonta Eve Classic, and shares a body with a conjoined head called Beed. He commentated in an easy Basic drawl. His head was tinted red.
Bib Fortuna – portrayed by Michael Carter and voiced by Erik Bauersfeld
A male Twi’lek from the planet Ryloth who serves as Jabba the Hutt’s majordomo in Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.


Adi Gallia – portrayed by Gin Clarke
Corellian Jedi master in the prequel trilogy.[39]
Garindan – portrayed by Sadie Eddon
Long-snouted creature who leads Imperial stormtroopers to the Millennium Falcon.[40]
Gonk Droid
A rectangular-cubed shaped droid that walks very slowly. It is a series of worker droids. It is a playable character in the Lego Star Wars series of games and gives ammo to a player in Star Wars Battlefront II.
Mirta Gev
Boba Fett‘s granddaughter, who first appears in Bloodlines.
Greedo – portrayed by Paul Blake and Maria de Aragon
Rodian bounty hunter who serves Jabba the Hutt. At the Mos Eisley Cantina in A New Hope, he attempts to kill Han Solo, something he has “been looking forward to… for a long time”, but Solo shoots him instead.[41]
See also: Han shot first
General Grievous – voiced by Matthew Wood
Cyborg supreme commander of the Separatist droid armies killed by Obi-Wan Kenobi in Revenge of the Sith.[42]
Nute Gunray – portrayed by Silas Carson
Viceroy of the Trade Federation killed by Darth Vader in Revenge of the Sith.[43]


HK-47 – voiced by Kristoffer Tabori
Assassin droid who joins the player’s party in both Knights of the Old Republic and The Sith Lords.[44] It is also part of the Trials of Obi-Wan expansion pack to the massively multiplayer online game Star Wars: Galaxies.[44]
Rune Haako – portrayed by Jerome Blake/James Taylor (Episode I) and Sandy Thompson (Episode III)
Second in command to Nute Gunray.[45]
San Hill – voiced by Chris Truswell
Chairman of the Intergalactic Banking Clan, killed by Darth Vader in Revenge of the Sith.[46]
Grand Moff Bertroff Hissa
Leading figure in an attempt to overthrow Ysanne Isard as the head of the Galactic Empire. Hissa founded the Central Committee of Grand Moffs, who installed Trioculus as their figurehead. First appears in the novel The Glove of Darth Vader.
Corran Horn
X-wing pilot and Jedi Knight.[47] I, Jedi is narrated from his first-person perspective.[47] Michael Stackpole, who created the character for the X-Wing series, depicts Horn in the Star Wars Customizable Card Game.[47]


Bounty hunter introduced in The Empire Strikes Back.[48] Ralph McQuarrie‘s production sketches show a sleeker design than the droid that appears in The Empire Strikes Back.[48] The term “IG-88” itself is not the original label: the script calls the character a “chrome war droid”, and during production it was called “Phlutdroid”.[48] The production puppet consisted of recycled props from A New Hope, including the Mos Eisley Cantina drink dispenser as its head.[48]
Ysanne Isard
Former head of Imperial Intelligence and leader of the Empire in the Rogue Squadron book series.[49] Isard and her clone are killed in Isard’s Revenge.
Irek Ismaren
Antagonist in Children of the Jedi and the New Jedi Order’s Enemy Lines duology.
Character who courts Princess Leia in The Courtship of Princess Leia.[50] Killed by Darth Caedus in Invincible.


Jabba the Hutt– voiced by Larry Ward and operated by Mike Edmonds, Dave Barclay, Toby Philpott, and John Coppinger
A crime boss employing bounty hunters in The Phantom Menace, A New Hope, and Return Of The Jedi, killed by Leia Organa aboard his skiff in Return Of The Jedi.[51]
Mara Jade Skywalker – portrayed by Shannon McRandle
“Emperor’s Hand” to Palpatine during his reign; Luke Skywalker’s wife.[52]
Queen Jamillia – portrayed by Ayesha Dharker
Queen of Naboo succeeding Padmé Amidala.[53]
A young female Arkanian in the comic book series Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (comics)
Carnor Jax
Member of the Emperor’s Royal Guard who bribed the Emperor’s physician to poison Palpatine’s clones. Antagonist of the Crimson Empire II series.
Jedi Exile
The player’s unnamed character in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II The Sith Lords.
Dark Jedi and main antagonist in Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II.
Moff Jerjerrod – portrayed by Michael Pennington
Commanding officer of the second Death Star.[54]
Dexter Jettster – voiced by Ronald Falk
An alien that wears an apron. He is a good friend of Obi-Wan’s.
Qui-Gon Jinn – portrayed by Liam Neeson
Jedi Master who trained Obi-Wan Kenobi and took Anakin Skywalker away from Tatooine to be trained as a Jedi.[55]
Bardan Jusik
Jedi Knight who fought in the clone wars, later left the Jedi Order to become a medic, and eventually joined the Mandalorians.


Tenel Ka
Jedi Knight lover of Jacen Solo and mother of their daughter Allana.
Captain Kael – voiced by Bruce Robertson
Captain in the Naboo Royal Security Forces during the invasion of Naboo. Featured in Star Wars: Episode I: Battle for Naboo.
Kir Kanos
Anti-hero of the Crimson Empire series.[56]
Talon Karrde
Smuggler introduced in Timothy Zahn’s Thrawn trilogy.[57]
Kyle Katarn
The player’s character in the first two Dark Forces video games.[58]
Obi-Wan Kenobi – portrayed by Alec Guinness and Ewan McGregor(films) and James Arnold Taylor (The Clone Wars)
Jedi Master who trains Anakin Skywalker and Luke Skywalker.[59]
Ki-Adi-Mundi – portrayed by Silas Carson
Cerean Jedi Master and Jedi Council member in the prequel trilogy.[60]
Jabba the Hutt’s skiff guard(s) from Return of the Jedi. Originally named “Woof” by ILM designers, Klaatu is a green dog-like humanoid. The character was included in trading cards and miniature figurines.
The son of Triclops and grandson of Palpatine. Born on Kessel and taken to live in the Lost City of the Jedi underneath Yavin 4. He was found by Luke Skywalker who then joined the Rebel Alliance. It is unknown what happened to Ken after the defeat of Trioculus. First appears in The Lost City of the Jedi.
Derek “Hobbie” Klivian – portrayed by Richard Oldfield
Rogue Squadron pilot in The Empire Strikes Back.[61]
Agen Kolar – portrayed by Tux Akindoyeni
Zabrak Jedi Master and Jedi Council member in Attack of the Clones, Revenge of the Sith and the Clone Wars series.
Plo Koon – portrayed by Alan Ruscoe and Matt Sloan (films) and James Arnold Taylor (The Clone Wars)
Kel Dor Jedi Master and Jedi Council member in the prequel trilogy and Expanded Universe. Discovered Togruta Padawan Ahsoka Tano, participated in many battles of the Clone Wars, and was shot down by his clone troopers at the end of the war.[62]
General Rahm Kota – voiced by Cully Frederickson
Starkiller’s mentor in The Force Unleashed.
Kreia – voiced by Sara Kestelman
Featured in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, she acts as a mentor to the Jedi Exile. A former Jedi Master and one of the few survivors of the Jedi Civil War and its aftermath, Kreia is secretive and manipulative, and her true history and motivations remain a mystery throughout most of the game. As part of Gamespy‘s 2005 Game of the Year awards, Kreia received the award for “Best Character.”[63]
Exar Kun
Fallen Jedi who establishes a dark-side presence on Yavin IV.[64]


Warmaster Tsavong Lah
Warmaster during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion.[65]
Beru Lars – portrayed by Bonnie Maree Piesse and Shelagh Fraser
Owen Lars’ girlfriend in Attack of the Clones; in Revenge of the Sith, is his wife, the two take custody of Luke Skywalker.[66]
Cliegg Lars – portrayed by Jack Thompson
Moisture farmer who freed from slavery and married Shmi Skywalker.[67] Lost his leg when pursuing the Sand People who had kidnapped Shmi.[67] The name – and variations of – Cliegg has been in Star Wars drafts since 1974.[67]
Owen Lars – portrayed by Phil Brown and Joel Edgerton
Son of Cliegg Lars and stepbrother of Anakin Skywalker.[68] He and his wife take custody of Luke Skywalker in Revenge of the Sith.[68]
Lobot – portrayed by John Hollis
Lando Calrissian’s cyborg aide in The Empire Strikes Back.[69]
Logray – portrayed by Mike Edmonds
An Ewok.[70]
Introduced in Marvel’s Star Wars comics, and returns in the Legacy of the Force series as the dark Jedi who turns Jacen Solo to the dark side of the Force.[71]


General Crix Madine – played by Dermot Crowley
Imperial officer who defects to the Rebel Alliance.[72]
Darth Malak – voiced by Rafael Ferrer
Antagonist in Knights of the Old Republic whom the player’s character defeats in the game’s final battle.[73]
Galen Marek – voiced by Samuel Witwer
For information about Witwer’s performance, see Star Wars: The Force Unleashed#Plot.
Darth Vader’s secret apprentice, also known as Starkiller, in the The Force Unleashed, and later joins the Jedi. multimedia project.[74]
Darth Maul – portrayed by Ray Park and voiced by Peter Serafinowicz
Darth Sidious‘ apprentice in The Phantom Menace, killed by Obi Wan Kenobi.[75]
A medical droid serving Trioculus that first appears in The Glove of Darth Vader.
Tion Medon – portrayed by Bruce Spence
Local administrator on Utapau in Revenge of the Sith.[76]
General Rom Mohc – voiced by Jack Angel
Creator of the Dark Trooper program in Dark Forces and the game’s final boss.
Kasan Moor – voiced by Olivia Hussey
Former commander of the 128th TIE Interceptor Squadron, member of Rogue Squadron. Featured in the video game Star Wars: Rogue Squadron.
Sly Moore – portrayed by Sandi Findlay
One of Palpatine‘s personal aides.[77]
Mon Mothma – portrayed by Caroline Blakiston and Genevieve O’Reilly
Republic senator; later, co-founder and leader of the Rebel Alliance.[78]
Admiral Conan Antonio Motti – portrayed by Richard LeParmentier
Officer aboard the Death Star over-confident in its power.[79] George Lucas, in a May 1, 2007, appearance on Late Night with Conan O’Brien, gave Motti’s full name as “Conan Antonio Motti”.
Grand Moff Muzzer
Was an Imperial Grand Moff. He was shot in the leg by Tibor, Zorba the Hutt’s personal bounty hunter when the Moffship pulled the Zorba Express into the moffship, but survived. He was first featured in the novel The Glove of Darth Vader.


Momaw Nadon
Ithorian seen in the Mos Eisley cantina in A New Hope.
Boss Rugor Nass – portrayed by Brian Blessed
Gungan leader in The Phantom Menace, and attends Padmé Amidala’s funeral in Revenge of the Sith.[80]
Captain Lorth Needa – portrayed by Michael Culver
Captain of the Star Destroyer Avenger killed by Darth Vader for failing to capture the Millennium Falcon in The Empire Strikes Back.[81]
Darth Nihilus
Sith Lord who appears in The Sith Lords and Star Wars: Legacy. Darth Traya found and trained Nihilus; Nihilus and Darth Sion later betrayed her. The player’s character eventually defeats Nihilus.
Nien Nunb – portrayed by Richard Bonehill and Mike Quinn
Sullustian and Lando Calrissian’s co-pilot in Return of the Jedi.[82]


Barriss Offee – portrayed by Nalini Krishan
Jedi Padawan of Luminara Unduli.[83]
Ric Olié – portrayed by Ralph Brown
Pilots the queen’s ship and an N-1 starfighter in The Phantom Menace.[84]
Cal Omas
Politician and leader of the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances in the New Jedi Order and Legacy of the Force series.
Omega Squad
A four-man Republic Commando unit featured in the books Star Wars Republic Commando: Hard Contact and Star Wars Republic Commando: Triple Zero.
Carth Onasi – voiced by Raphael Sbarge
A Republic officer and renowned pilot who joins the player character’s quest in Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic, where if the player chooses a female protagonist, he is a potential love interest.[85] He also appears as an Admiral in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II if the player designates that Revan was light-side in the game.
Depicted throughout most of the New Jedi Order series as a “shamed one”, The Unifying Force reveals that Onimi in fact controls Overload Shimrra. Jacen Solo kills Onimi in the series’ final book.
Oola – portrayed by Femi Taylor
Dancer in Jabba the Hutt’s palace. She was eaten by Jabba’s rancor.[86]
Canderous Ordo – voiced by John Cygan
A Mandalorian warrior who joins the player character’s quest in Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic. He eventually becomes Mandalore and will join the player character’s quest in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II.
Bail Organa – portrayed by Jimmy Smits
Leia Organa’s adoptive father and one of the Rebel Alliance’s founding members.[7] Adrian Dunbar portrayed Organa for scenes cut from The Phantom Menace.[7] Smits voiced the character for The Force Unleashed.[87]
Princess Leia Organa – portrayed by Carrie Fisher
Luke Skywalker’s sister and Han Solo’s wife.[88] Leader in the Rebel Alliance and the New Republic.[88]
Jan Ors – voiced by Angela Harry (Jedi Knight), Julie Eccles (voice, Dark Forces), Vanessa Marshall (voice, Jedi Outcast)
Kyle Katarn’s pilot and love interest.
General Otto – voiced by Tom Kane
Imperial officer who deserted the Empire. First appears in the game Star Wars Demolition and appears later in Star Wars Galaxies.
Admiral Kendal Ozzel – portrayed by Michael Sheard
Initial commander of Darth Vader’s Star Dreadnought Executor in The Empire Strikes Back.[89] Vader kills Ozzel for his incompetence. George Lucas remarked that Sheard produced “the best screen death” he’d seen.[90]


Emperor Palpatine – portrayed by Ian McDiarmid and Clive Revill
Naboo senator also known as Darth Sidious.[91] Dark Lord of the Sith whose machinations turn the Galactic Republic into the Galactic Empire.[91] Lures Anakin Skywalker to the dark side of the Force and dubs him Darth Vader.[91] Eventually killed by a redeemed Darth Vader.[91]
Captain Panaka – portrayed by Hugh Quarshie
Captain of the queen’s guard in The Phantom Menace who eventually becomes an Imperial moff.[92]
Gilad Pellaeon
Imperial officer introduced in Timothy Zahn’s Thrawn trilogy who rises to lead the Imperial Remnant.[93]
Even Piell – portrayed by Michaela Cottrel
Lannik Jedi Master and Jedi Council member in the prequel trilogy.[94]
Firmus Piett – portrayed by Kenneth Colley
Imperial officer who succeeds Admiral Ozzel as commanding officer the Executor.[95] Dies when the Executor is destroyed in Return of the Jedi.[95]
Darth Plagueis
Sith Lord, mentioned in Revenge of the Sith, who trained Palpatine.[91]
Poggle the Lesser – voiced by Marton Csokas
Archduke of Geonosis and one of the Separatist leaders killed by Darth Vader on Mustafar.[96]
Jek Tono Porkins – portrayed by William Hootkins
A corpulent X-wing pilot codenamed “Red Six” killed in A New Hope.[97]


Ulic Qel-Droma
Jedi/Sith in the Tales of the Jedi series.[98]
Danni Quee
New Jedi Order character whose research helps in the fight against the Yuuzhan Vong in the New Jedi Order series.
Ooryl Qrygg
A Gand member of Rogue Squadron in Michael A. Stackpole’s X-Wing series.


R2-D2 – portrayed by Kenny Baker
Astromech droid that appears in all six Star Wars films and in the Star Wars Expanded Universe.[99]
Droid that was present in the second Death Star when it blew up.
Droid that accompanied Obi-Wan Kenobi on his mission to Kamino. She died in the Battle of Coruscant.
Droid whose motivator blows in the midst of a transaction with Owen Lars on Tatooine, resulting in the ownership of R2-D2 by Luke Skywalker.[100]
Dack Ralter – portrayed by John Morton
Luke Skywalker’s snowspeeder gunner in The Empire Strikes Back.[101] The spelling of the character’s first name vacillates between Dack and Dak.[101]
Oppo Rancisis – portrayed by Jerome Blake
Thisspiasian Jedi Master and Jedi Council member in the prequel trilogy, master of Battle Meditation.[102]
Max Rebo
Leader of the band that plays at Jabba the Hutt’s palace in Return of the Jedi.[103]
Dash Rendar – voiced by John Cygan
A smuggler developed for the Shadows of the Empire multimedia project, prominently appearing as the protagonist of the Shadows of the Empire video game.[104]
A banished Gran convicted of murder on his homeworld, Kinyen. Ree-Yees expatriated to Tatooine, where he established himself in Jabba’s Palace. Later, Ree-Yees plotted to assassinate Jabba the Hutt for the Galactic Empire, in exchange for a retraction of his murder sentence.[105]
Darth Revan – voiced by Rino Romano
The player’s character in Knights of the Old Republic. Revan can be either male or female, though Revan is canonically male and follows the lightside path.
General Carlist Rieekan – portrayed by Bruce Boa
Rebel commanding officer on Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back.[106]
Rogue Squadron
Rebel Alliance and New Republic starfighter pilots featured in the original trilogy and expanded universe.
Rookie One – portrayed by Jamison Jones (Rebel Assault II)
The player’s character in Rebel Assault and Rebel Assault II.
Noghri who assassinates Grand Admiral Thrawn in The Last Command.[107]


Sabé – portrayed by Keira Knightley
One of Padmé Amidala’s handmaidens in The Phantom Menace.[108] Sabé is the queen’s decoy; for parts of the movie, the Sabé character is addressed as Amidala.[108]
Thrackan Sal-Solo
Han Solo’s cousin and an antagonist in the Corellian trilogy. He is also prominent Legacy of the Force series, where he is killed.
Admiral Sarn – portrayed by Gary Martinez
Leader of the Phantom TIE program in Star Wars: Rebel Assault II.
Sebulba – voiced by Lewis MacLeod
Podracer who competes against Anakin Skywalker in The Phantom Menace.[109]
Aayla Secura – portrayed by Amy Allen (film),[110] voiced by Jennifer Hale (The Clone Wars)[111]
Jedi who appears in Attack of the Clones, Revenge of the Sith, Dark Horse Comics’ Republic and Clone Wars series, and The Clone Wars television series.
Moff Kohl Seerdon
Antagonist in Star Wars: Rogue Squadron.
Zev Senesca – portrayed by Christopher Malcolm
A Rogue Squadron pilot in The Empire Strikes Back.[112]
Shedao Shai
A supreme commander and the advance leader for the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the Star Wars galaxy at the beginning of The New Jedi Order series. Corran Horn defeats Shai in a duel.
Bastila Shan – voiced by Jennifer Hale
Jedi in Knights of the Old Republic who joins the player’s character’s quest (even falling in love with them if the player is male) but is seduced to the Dark Side.[113] If the protagonist aligns with the light side of the Force, he defeats Bastila in a lightsaber duel and she redeems herself by helping the Republic fleet.[113] If the protagonist is a dark-side character, the player has the option of killing Bastila or allowing her to live and become his Lover and apprentice.[113]
Yuuzhan Vong Supreme Overlord, controlled by Onimi, in the New Jedi Order series.
Darth Sidious – portrayed by Clive Revill and Ian McDiarmid
Palpatine’s Sith alter ego.[91]
Jedi master who ordered the creation of the clone trooper army in the prequel trilogy.
Aurra Sing – portrayed by Michonne Bourriague
Bounty hunted in The Phantom Menace.[114]
Darth Sion – voiced by Louis Mellis
An antagonist in The Sith Lords. Darth Traya trained both Sion and Nihilus, who in turn betray her. He holds his ravaged body together with the Force. The player’s character eventually defeats Sion.
Anakin Skywalker – portrayed by Jake Lloyd (I), Hayden Christensen (II, III and the revised version of VI), James Earl Jones (voice) (III, IV, V and VI), and Sebastian Shaw (VI)
Jedi whose fall and redemption are portrayed in the Star Wars films. Aka. Darth Vader.[115]
Ben Skywalker
Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade Skywalker’s son. Jedi Knight. Former student of Jacen Solo, his cousin. In Fate of the Jedi: Outcast, he voluntarily accompanies his father into exile. He proves himself as both a fighter and as an investigator.
Cade Skywalker
Descendant of Luke and Mara Jade Skywalker and protagonist of the Star Wars: Legacy comic series.
Luke Skywalker– portrayed by Mark Hamill
Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala’s son and Leia Organa’s twin.[116] Jedi whose coming of age and rise as a Jedi are portrayed in the original Star Wars trilogy and Star Wars Expanded Universe.[116]
Luuke Skywalker
A clone of Luke Skywalker, created by Joruus C’baoth in the Thrawn Trilogy
Mara Jade Skywalker
“Emperor’s Hand” to Palpatine during his reign; Luke Skywalker’s wife and mother to Ben. Aunt to Jaina, Jacen and Anakin.[52] Murdered by Darth Caedus.
Shmi Skywalker – portrayed by Pernilla August
Anakin Skywalker’s mother who is always supportive of her son. She, too, is a slave. Qui-Gon attempts to bargain for her freedom but fails. Anakin finds it hard to leave Tattooine without her. She dies in his arms after being kidnapped and mistreated by sand people.[117]
Sy Snootles
Lead vocalist of the Max Rebo Band in Return of the Jedi..[118]
Anakin Solo
Youngest son of Han and Leia Organa Solo.[119]
Han Solo – portrayed by Harrison Ford
Captain of the Millennium Falcon who joins the Rebellion and marries Leia Organa.[120]
Jacen Solo
The oldest son of Han Solo and Leia Organa Solo, and Jaina Solo‘s twin brother. Becomes Darth Caedus.[121]
Jaina Solo
The daughter of Han Solo and Leia Organa Solo, and Jacen Solo‘s twin sister.[122] Jedi Knight.
Leia Organa Solo
See “Princess Leia Organa” under #O.
Lama Su – voiced by Anthony Phelan
Prime Minister of Kamino in Attack of the Clones.[123]
Nomi Sunrider
A Jedi in several Dark Horse Comics Old Republic-era series.
Gavyn Sykes – portrayed by Christian J Simpson
A Lieutenant in the Royal Naboo Security Force during the Invasion of Naboo. Partnered with R2-C4 to knock out the Droid Control Ship’s Shield Generator in The Phantom Menace, allowing young Anakin Skywalker to destroy the ship from within.[124]


General Cassio Tagge – portrayed by Don Henderson
Imperial officer aboard the Death Star in A New Hope.[125]
Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin – portrayed by Peter Cushing and Wayne Pygram
The commanding officer of the Death Star in A New Hope.[126]
Captain Roos Tarpals – portrayed by Steven Spiers
Gungan soldier in The Phantom Menace.[127]
TC-14 – portrayed by John Fensom and voiced by Lindsay Duncan
A protocol droid who appears in the beginning of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.
A protocol droid who appears as a playable character in the Knights of the Old Republic series as an Expert Droid which is able to undertake a variety of task including ship repair. [128]
Booster Terrik
Smuggler who becomes Corran Horn‘s father-in-law in the X-Wing series and helps protect Jedi children in the New Jedi Order series.
Mirax Terrik
Smuggler who becomes Corran Horn‘s wife in the X-Wing series.
Mod Terrik
Imperial stormtrooper captain who was shot in the back by subordinate fellow stormtrooper Davin Felth while attempting to kill or capture Han Solo and his human and droid cargo.
Tessek – portrayed by Gerald Home
Also known as “Squid Head”, Jabba the Hutt’s accountant in Return of the Jedi.[129]
Bria Tharen
Woman whom Han Solo rescues from a cult in The Han Solo Trilogy. Later joins the Rebel Alliance and helps the Rebels secure the plans to the first Death Star. After being captured by the Empire, Tharen commits suicide rather than risk betraying the Rebellion during interrogation.
Grand Moff Thistleborn
He was a loyal member of the Central Committee of Grand Moffs. He was first featured in the novel The Glove of Darth Vader.
Raynar Thul
Jedi whose personality is altered by joining with the Kiliks in the Dark Nest Crisis series.
Grand Admiral Thrawn
The antagonist in Timothy Zahn‘s Thrawn Trilogy.[130]
Shaak Ti – portrayed by Orli Shoshan
Member of The Jedi Council who escaped The Great Jedi Purge. In a deleted scene from Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith, she is killed by General Grievous, though this is officially regarded as non-canon.[131] She later appears in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, and is apparently killed by Starkiller/Galen Marek.
A Barabel bounty hunter who assists Zorba the Hutt. First appears in Zorba the Hutt’s Revenge.
Saesee Tiin – portrayed by Khan Bonfils, Jesse Jensen, and Kenji Oates
Jedi in the prequel trilogy and Clone Wars TV series.
Major Grodin Tierce
In Timothy Zahn’s Hand of Thrawn series, Tierce is the clone of a stormtrooper of the same name. Thrawn, who created the clone as part of an experiment, added some of his own military genius to the clone’s mind.
Created from extracting the DNA from Palpatine and inserted into a woman named Niobi. He was born mutated with a third eye in the back of his head. Thought to be more powerful than his father, he was sent to exile. Later found by Luke Skywalker and joined the Alliance. First appears in Mission from Mount Yoda.
The self-proclaimed son of Palpatine and the ruler of half of the Empire. First appears in The Glove of Darth Vader.
Darth Tyranus – portrayed by Christopher Lee
See “Count Dooku” under #D.
Captain Gregar Typho – portrayed by Jay Laga’aia
Amidala’s bodyguard in Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith.[132]
Ahsoka Tano – voiced by Ashley Eckstein in the Clone wars movie and animated TV series. Anakin Skywalker’s first jedi padawan.


Darth Vader – portrayed by David Prowse (IV-VI), Sebastian Shaw (unmasked original, VI), Hayden Christiansen (III), and James Earl Jones (voice, III-VI)
The alter-ego of Anakin Skywalker after his fall to the dark side.[115]
Supreme Chancellor Finis Valorum – portrayed by Terence Stamp
Chancellor ousted from office in The Phantom Menace, allowing Palpatine to rise to power.[133]
Nahdar Vebb – voiced by Tom Kenny
A male Mon Calamari who served as the Padawan of Jedi Master Kit Fisto during the Clone Wars. Vebb was killed by the infamous General Grievous.
General Maximilian Veers – portrayed by Julian Glover
Officer who led the Empire’s attack on Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back.[134]
Tahiri Veila
Anakin Solo’s best friend and briefly Darth Caedus’ apprentice. Brought back to the light by Ben Skywalker.
Asajj Ventress – voiced by Grey DeLisle and Nika Futterman
Antagonist in the Clone Wars and The Clone Wars series.[135]
Jedi who lives among the Yuuzhan Vong and offers Jacen Solo insight into their culture and connection to the Force.[136]
King Veruna
Ruler of Naboo preceding Padmé Amidala. Veruna abdicated the throne and went into hiding after a thirteen-year reign surrounded by scandal. He was found dead six months prior to the Battle of Naboo, and though his death was ruled accidental, it was suspected that he was assassinated. It was partly because of the mystery surrounding Veruna’s death that Panaka got the idea of employing a decoy for Queen Amidala.
Fallen Old Republic Jedi introduced in Dark Empire. Regains her connection to the Force after aiding Leia Organa Solo in Dark Empire II and Empire’s End.
Quinlan Vos
Jedi featured in the Star Wars: Republic comic series.
Vuffi Raa
Lando Calrissian‘s droid companion in The Adventures of Lando Calrissian.


Wicket W. Warrick – portrayed by Warwick Davis
Ewok who helps Princess Leia and the other Rebels in Return of the Jedi, and who also appears in the Star Wars: Ewoks animated series and the Caravan of Courage TV movie.[137]
Watto – voiced by Andy Secombe
Junk store owner and slaveholder of Anakin and Shmi Skywalker in The Phantom Menace.
Taun We – voiced by Rena Owen
Kaminoan administrator who guides Obi-Wan Kenobi during his visit to the cloning facility in Attack of the Clones.[138] During filming, Owen wore on set a maquette of the alien’s head atop a hardhat, providing her co-stars with the proper eye-line for talking with the character.[138]
Zam Wesell – portrayed by Leeanna Walsman
Shape-shifting bounty hunter who fails in her mission to kill Padmé Amidala and was killed by Jango Fett.[139]
Beru Whitesun – portrayed by Bonnie Maree Piesse and Shelagh Fraser
See “Beru Lars” under #L
Mace Windu – portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson
A master who sits on the Jedi Council and the main character in Shatterpoint.[140]
A Rebel agent known as “Targeter” who goes on to be an aide to Leia Organa Solo and Admiral Ackbar.
Wuher – portrayed by Ted Burnett
Bartender at the Mos Eisley Cantina in A New Hope.[141]


In Jude Watson‘s Jedi Apprentice series, Xanatos is the former padawan of Qui-Gon Jinn who turned to the dark side of the Force.
Prince Xizor
A character in Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire. Little is known about his past. He is head of the Black Sun criminal syndicate, depicted “like the Godfather with a reptilian overlay.” He puts a hit on Luke Skywalker, so that Darth Vader will suffer the emperors wrath and he will become his apprentice and his grip on the galaxy will be supreme.[142] According to Forces of Corruption, Xizor is apparently killed after the game’s protagonist frames him. The character’s name was inspired by a Portuguese name, Xico.[142]


Yaddle – portrayed by Phil Eason
Female member of the Jedi Council in The Phantom Menace.[143] Iain McCaig’s concept art was originally a depiction of a young Yoda, conveying youth, pain, and wisdom inspired.[143] This work was used to create Yaddle.[143]
Yoda – portrayed by Frank Oz, Tom Kane (voice only, mainly the tv series and video games)
Jedi master who trained Count Dooku and Luke Skywalker. His species is unknown. [144]


Zax the Hutt
A Hutt found on Taris in the video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Players go to him to obtain bounties.
Jedi friend of Jacen and Jaina Solo, appearing in The New Jedi Order and Legacy of the Force series.
Ziro the Hutt – voiced by Corey Burton
Jabba the Hutt’s uncle who appears in the Clone Wars series.
Zorba the Hutt
Jabba the Hutt‘s father[145] and barron of Cloud City after Lando Calrissian. First appears in Zorba the Hutt’s Revenge.
Zuckuss – portrayed by Cathy Munro
Gand Bounty hunter appearing in The Empire Strikes Back.
Commodore Zuggs
An officer in the Imperial Starfleet and also later serves under Trioculus. First featured in The Lost City of the Jedi and later returns in Star Wars: Rebellion.


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Most of the episodes involve Black Jack doing some good deed, for which he rarely gets recognition—often curing the poor and destitute for free, or teaching a capitalist fat cat and his pompous colleagues a lesson in humility. They frequently end with a good, humane person enduring hardship, often unavoidable death, to save others.

Osamu Tezuka drew on his knowledge as a physician in writing Black Jack, and the manga contains frequent medical details. However, Tezuka chose to generally eschew medical plausibility in his manga: Black Jack is superhuman, regularly performing spectacular and impossible feats of surgical virtuosity, such as operating in absolute darkness completely from memory, and transplanting body parts without any risk of rejection. (However, rejection is accounted for in some anime episodes.) The Black Jack stories also frequently include pseudoscience and science fiction elements.

List of episodes

Black Jack television episodes (2004-2006)

# Title Original airdate
00 “The Order of Operations”
“ope no junban” (オペの順番)
11 October 2004
A ferry trip goes bad, and Black Jack saves an Iriomote cat, a baby, and a politician, in that order. The politician sues, but Black Jack saves him from cancer, and he relents.
01 “The Missing Needle”
“Kieta hari” (消えた針)
11 October 2004
Pinoko saves Sharaku, a boy, from Kong, a bully, and they become friends. Then, Sharaku becomes sick and Black Jack operates on him, but a runaway gurney causes a needle to break off in his vein. Black Jack fails to extract the needle, but by a miracle it comes out on its own.
02 “The Ant’s Legs”
“Ari no ashi” (アリの足)
18 October 2004
A handicapped boy is inspired by a book to walk the 400km from Hokkaido to Osaka by himself. Black Jack follows him, to the boy’s annoyance. The boy succeeds and the book turns out to have been about BJ’s own rehabilitation.
03 “The Dog Thief”
“Hittakuri inu” (ひったくり犬)
17 July 2006
Black Jack and Pinoko take in a dog they name Largo. The dog has a habit of stealing things and putting them outside. Inevitably, Largo takes a necklace the doctor received as payment, forcing Black Jack and Pinoko leave the house. An earthquake occurs and both are saved as the dog had detected the catastrophe.

** This episode was shown out-of-order due to a major earthquake occurring shortly before the intended airdate.

04 “Playing Doctor”
“Oisha san gokko” (お医者さんごっこ)
1 November 2004
Kong’s sister Chako has TB. Chako, having heard about Black Jack, begs her brother to make BJ take her case. Kong can’t find the doctor, though, so he gets Keaton from the drama club to pretend to be BJ and help raise her spirits. In the end, the real Black Jack operates and saves her.
05 “The Sixth-Magnitude Man”
“Roku touhoshi no otoko” (六等星の男)
8 November 2004
Black Jack meets a Dr. Shitake at the scene of a fallen building. Dr. Shitake, a skilled but unnoticed doctor, works for a hospital whose leadership has recently come under fire and many of whose staff has been arrested for fraud. When a man is injured by fireworks, Black Jack’s fee is too much for the hospital, and the underestimated Dr. Shitake is given the chance to show his real skills.
06 “A Teacher and a Pupil”
“Aru kyoshi to seito” (ある教師と生徒)
15 November 2004
A boy who is afraid of his teacher is hit by a motorcycle when forced to go to school. The teacher hires Black Jack to save the boy’s legs. When the instructor learns of the boy’s fear, he leaves the hospital in a daze and is struck by a car. He offers Black Jack his life insurance to pay him for his student’s operation, but BJ saves them both.
07 “White Lion”
“Shiroi raion” (白いライオン)
22 November 2004
The white lion at the local zoo is sick. The lion’s keeper begs Jack for help, but Jack refuses. In the end Jack takes the lion as his fee, releasing it in Africa.
08 “The Miracle Arm”
“Kiseki no ude” (奇跡の腕)
29 November 2004
A skilled sushi chef, Taku, is hit by a truck and loses his arms. The truck driver Akira then learns to be Taku’s arms and make sushi. They form an unlikely friend- and partnership, until Akira is mortally injured saving a child from a fire. As his last wish, his arms are transplanted onto Taku.
09 “Moraimizu”
“Moraimizu” (もらい水)
6 December 2004
Pinoko and Sharaku befriend an old lady who is homeless. Her doctor son kicked her out of the hospital room she was living in. After she’s trapped in a mudslide, Black Jack rescues her, and forces her son to decide what’s really important to him.
10 “Legend of the Phoenix”
“Hi no tori densetsu” (火の鳥伝説)
13 December 2004
Black Jack and Pinoko fly to Asia to treat a 200 year old man. Miriam, the man’s descendant, wants him to be able to talk so he can tell her how to find the phoenix, whose blood supposedly grants everlasting life. Black Jack cures the old man, but the legend turns out to be a hoax – the phoenix is really just a bird covered in luminescent bacteria.
11 “The Gift from a Killer Whale”
“Shachi no okurimono” (シャチの贈りもの)
17 January 2005
Black Jack tells Pinoko about how he befriended the killer whale Toriton. One day at the beach, BJ discovered the injured Toriton. He patched him up, and again each time he was injured. Toriton is falsely accused of attacking a fisherman, and Black Jack tries to end their friendship, but the whale turns out to be innocent, and Black Jack rescues him just in time.
12 “Give My Brother Back!”
“Nii chan o kaese” (にいちゃんを返せ!)
24 January 2005
Pinoko befriends the actor inside a monster suit. The actor has a lymphatic problem that Black Jack treats, but the actor’s brother Yukio thinks BJ is part of the TV show and has kidnapped his sibling. Pinoko comes up with a plan; the actor “saves” Yukio from BJ and they escape.
13 “A Pirate’s Arm”
“Kaizoku no ude” (海賊の腕)
31 January 2005
Ichinoseki is a local star gymnast. He loses an arm to gangrene, and Black Jack replaces it with a metal pincer. Ichinoseki becomes depressed, but his arm talks him into playing competitive shogi. He wins the championship, and the arm turns out to be voiced via transistor by his long-suffering friend Toshie.
14 “Move, Solomon”
“Douke Soromon” (動けソロモン)
7 February 2005
Pinoko is saved by Musashi, a lifeguard/animator, and becomes interested in his animation work. Musashi wants to make anime that truly appears to live, despite being constantly put down by his successful friend Kojiro. However, when Musashi becomes sick, Black Jack saves him in return for his animation cells.
15 “The Fabricated Wedding”
“Itsuwari no uedingu” (偽りのウエディング)
14 February 2005
Michiru is a teenage girl dying of cancer. Her dying wish is to marry the next man she sees, and in walks Black Jack. After he cures her, she wants to continue the marriage. BJ declines and gives her a pep talk about living her new life.
16 “Missing Pinoko”
“Pinoko yukuefumei” (ピノコ行方不明)
21 February 2005
Pinoko befriends a burglar who has lost his job and family. She goes with him to help him, and they begin a long journey on foot to find his family. However, Black Jack believes Pinoko has been kidnapped, and gives up a chance to have his medical license reinstated in order to search for her. After he and Largo locate them the man takes a tumble off a cliff. Pinoko not only persuades BJ to save the man, but also to help him get a job and reunite with his family.
17 “The Idol Who Lost Her Voice”
“Koe o utta aidoru” (声を失ったアイドル)
28 February 2005
Rei is the school’s star vocalist, until a polyp on her vocal cords causes her to lose her voice. Black Jack operates, but she can’t remain silent for two weeks and reinjures her throat. Forced to be silent for three months, she becomes depressed, but befriends Shakaru’s sister Wato, and eventually is able to regain her voice.
18 “Mail Friends”
“Meeru no yuujou” (メールの友情)
7 March 2005
Although Jun is in wheelchair, he tells his Internet friend Tom he can play baseball. When Tom is about to visit, Jun asks Black Jack to heal his weak heart. The price is too high, and Jun breaks off his friendship with Tom instead. Tom offers to pay for it instead of having his blind eyes fixed. BJ fixes them both.
19 “Good Luck, Kowa Clinic”
“Ganbare, kowa iin” (がんばれ古和医院)
14 March 2005
Black Jack is forced to take Pinoko to a local clinic for digestion medicine, and comes to assist Dr. Kowa, a country doctor, in a thyroid operation. BJ is extremely impressed by the friendliness and respect Dr. Kowa is treated with by his patients, especially since he can tell Dr. Kowa is an unlicensed doctor. In the end, Dr. Kowa goes back to school.
20 “Tetsu of Yamanote Line”
“Yamatesen no satoshi” (山手線の哲)
21 March 2005
Tetsu, the owner of Black Jack’s favorite cafe, tells the story of how he was a famous pickpocket chased constantly by a police detective. The detective desperately wanted to catch Tetsu red-handed, but during a chase, Tetsu is injured in an accident involving sheet glass and loses two fingers. The detective blackmails BJ into performing surgery to reattach them, hoping to continue as before, but Black Jack covers for Tetsu, and in the episode Tetsu returns the favour when the detective tries to arrest Black Jack for unlicensed practice.
21 “ice breaker”
“Haru ichiban” (春一番)
11 April 2005
Kumiko loses sight in one eye due to glaucoma. Black Jack implants a cornea, and Kumiko starts seeing the donor’s last sight; a man reaching towards her. Pinoko thinks the man is a murderer and begins a rescue effort, but it turns out the vision is of the donor’s fiancee in his last, desperate attempt to save her.
22 “Pinoko’s Plans for Adulthood”
“Pinoko otona keikaku” (ピノコ大人計画)
11 April 2005
Pinoko meets Tinq, a boy her age, and tried to have an adult relationship with him, much to Sharak’s horror. Tinq has a strange condition, though; his organs are reversed, and Black Jack with Pinoko’s help undertakes an operation to save his life. It turns Pinoko has been trying to make the Doctor jealous, as he is the one she truly loves.
23 “Pouring Rain, then Love”
“Doshaburi nochi koi” (土砂降りのち恋)
18 April 2005
Black Jack meets a Kiyomi, a pretty young physician, and the only doctor on her island. Kiyomi falls in love with BJ, but he knows he’s not worth her giving up her life on the island with so many people depending on her. Then, Kiyomi is injured in a landslide and is saved by Black Jack, only to wake up and find him already gone.
24 “A Challenge Called Nadare”
“Nadare to iu chousen” (ナダレという挑戦)
25 April 2005
A genetically-enhanced deer, Nadare, is attacking forest workers. In the past, the deer was befriended by a young doctor and treated as his own sibling. Wishing Nadare was intelligent enough to talk back, the doctor convinces Black Jack to move Nadare’s brain from his skull to his chest, allowing it to grow and make him smarter. In the present, the doctor who owned the deer must stop Nadare who, out of control from his own intelligence and emotions, attacks his fiance. They drive Nadare off, and Black Jack operates to save the woman’s life.
25 “The Cholera Epidemic”
“Korera sawagi” (コレラ騒ぎ)
2 May 2005
Black Jack thinks that he may have cholera, so he quarantines himself, leaving Pinoko to take care of a patient at the clinic for three days. Thinking he is in the clear after the incubation period has passed, Black Jack returns to the clinic and performs an operation, only to become extremely sick in the moments afterward. BJ thinks he has cholera after all, but it turns out to be Pinoko’s special medicine that cause the symptoms.
26 “Abacus Genius”
“Soroban no tensai” (そろばんの天才)
9 May 2005
While hearing Pinoko talk about the abacus, Black Jack remembers when the teacher and father of Eiji, a boy, came to see him a long time before. Eiji dreamed of being an abacuschampion, but he couldn’t move his hands. Black Jack operated to fix them, but when his hands cramp up in a competition, reverts to using the abacus with his tongue.
27 “Tragedy of an High Technology Room”
“Saisentan ruumu no higeki” (最先端ルームの悲劇)
16 May 2005
Black Jack, Pinoko and several rich men are trapped in an underground, disaster-proof bunker, where the oxygen is being sucked out. BJ breaks through the wall with a scalpel and cuts a wire, finally releasing them when all were on the verge of death. The men had promised him money to free them, then tried to renege. Fortunately, Black Jack has their promise on tape.
28 “Wilderness Epidemic”
“Kouya no densen byou” (荒野の伝染病)
23 May 2005
Black Jack and Pinoko investigate a mysterious plague in Australia. They become separated; Pinoko befriends an aussie, BJ walks for days. Black Jack contracts the deadly plague, and realizes it’s actually a parasite. He removes it by performing surgery on himself inside a plastic tent.
29 “arranging the flower of life”
“Inochi o ikeru hana” (命を生ける花)
30 May 2005
BJ takes on a case of Sono, a young girl who is sensitive to light and has a weak heart. Her father wants her to become better at all cost so she can become the head of the family. The family’s main focus is ikebana so Sono is pushed to the brink of death to make the ultimate ikebana for her recital. When Sono almost dies trying to go outside to see wildflowers in their natural beauty, BJ tells her father she is being pushed too hard. Sono tells BJ she will die anyway so why give her the surgery. Hearing this BJ tells Sono that flowers and human are both beautiful because they live. He states he has seen patients far worse than her including Pinoko who struggled so much to live. BJ states if she is not interested in living the operation is off. Later Sono states she wants to live and BJ goes ahead with the operation lengthening her life.
30 “The Operation at the Thunderstorm”
“Raiun no naka no OPE” (雷雲の中のオペ)
6 June 2005
There is a massive strike of Doctors in a hospital, where a little kid asks a doctor to cure his father but due to the strike the doctor refuses. Then the kid finds a young lady that tries to get help. Finally trying to take the Kid’s father to another hospital a thunder makes a tree to fall making impossible to keep going, while they find the doctor who refuses the operation. BJ’s enters in action and decides to operate the sick man in a countdown before a Tree falls on them. A Tree fell on the Doctor and he asks help to BlackJack which says “He will go to strike” and finally agrees to operate by the high amounts he usually asks.
31 “Intimidation in the Twentieth Year”
“20nen me no anji” (20年目の暗示)
13 June 2005
While Black Jack was operating on a patient, his hand suddenly became paralyzed and he didn’t know why. It was 20 years after Dr. Honma operated on him and he remembers that he blocked his memory about a doctor telling Dr. Honma that the hand of Black Jack will not be able to move after 2 decades.
32 “The Terror of the Azure Sea”
“Aoi umi no kyoufu” (青い海の恐怖)
20 June 2005
Black Jack and Pinoko go to visit a remote island and end up meeting a fisherman and his son. The fisherman wants his son to grow up and go to school, but when his son hears him talking about enrollment he runs away. After hours of searching, BJ finds him trapped by a huge clam. attempting to free the boy, Black Jack dives underwater and ends up getting stuck himself. After nearly drowning, BJ and the young boy are both free and not badly injured, but in the process Black Jack broke his arm.
33 “An Invader from the Sky”
“Sora kara no shinryakusha” (空からの侵略者)
27 June 2005
A friend of Sharaku witnesses a comet fall from the sky and thinks it is a UFO. Soon he develops a strange lump on his side and is admitted to the hospital. Doctors, nurses and even his own mother has been acting strangely around him… growing paranoid by the minute, he begins to suspect aliens are conducting experiments on him. Black Jack arrives, clears things up and operates on the boy…
34 “shaky operating room”
“Yureru shujutsushitsu” (揺れる手術室)
4 July 2005
BlackJack met this guys “Hotch” while going to a neighborhood where a patient of his is not yet paid. Then Hotch’s wife became sick and BlackJack took care of it even though Hotch never had enough money But the vibrations of the train above them keep distracting BlackJack and his work so Hotch goes to the train station and ask the man in charge to stop the train.
35 “Hijack the Hospital”
“Byoin jakku” (病院ジャック)
11 July 2005
Black Jack is in the middle of an operation on a young boy when the hospital he is working in is taken over by armed men. They hold the patients and staff of the hospital hostage, threatening to destroy the hospital generator, killing the patients on life support. The leader also forbids Black Jack from continuing the operation, leaving the patient open and dying. One of the doctors recognizes the leader of the terrorists, and reveals that the terrorists son had died in the hospital. In the end, the situation boils over, and the generator is destroyed. Black Jack finishes the boys operation in the dark while the police restore the hospitals generator.
36 “The House on the Cape is Incomplete”
“Misaki no uchi wa mikansei” (岬の家は未完成)
18 July 2005
Pinoko becomes frustrated at the poor state of their house and begins pestering Black Jack to move. Black Jack instead tells her the story of the carpenter that had originally built the house. He insisted on being the one to renovate the house into the clinic that Black Jack desired, but ended up becoming the first patient due to leukemia, which at that time was still largely untreatable.
37 “The Dolphin and the Pirates”
“Iruka to goutoudan” (イルカと強盗団)
1 August 2005
Black Jack is kidnapped on his way home after a job and forced to operate on a thief who had been injured during a large job. The brother of the wounded man and the third member of the group take Black Jack out to see on a boat, but they become lost. With the wounded brothers condition deteriorating and the third bandit slowly succumbing to madness due to hunger and fear, a dolphin is brought onto the boat. Black Jack saves the dolphins life and lets it go, the dolphin in return guides the boat back to Japan, at the cost of its own life.
38 “A Challenge from the Unknown”
“Mishinaru mono e no chousen” (未知なる者への挑戦)
8 August 2005
Sharaku, his sister, Black Jack, and Pinoco take a trip to a dig site where Sharaku’s father works. They had uncovered ancient ruins. Sharaku’s father had called for Black Jack, saying that he felt “Compelled to do so.” That night, Sharaku takes a staff that was recovered from the dig site and heads deep into the ruins, tailed by Black Jack, Pinoco, and Watou. A monk who was waiting for them in the ruins is mysteriously injured, with several foreign bodies appearing in his body. Sharaku, seemingly possessed, compels Black Jack to save the man. Black Jack is then guided deeper into the ruins where a group of aliens had been hiding. The aliens had been shot at by humans, their medical equipment was destroyed and one of them was in critical condition. The aliens eventually convince Black Jack to start the operation by using telepathy to show him a picture of his mother. In the end, Black Jack and the others agree to keep the whole ordeal a secret.
39 “The War Continues”
“Sensou wa naomo tsuzuku” (戦争はなおも続く)
15 August 2005
Luna, a boy from Iru, is suffering from a spinal cord injury and is slowly becoming paralyzed. Black Jack is called in to perform the operation at the behest of a seemingly inhuman mother who was forcing the boy to get up and walk every night, further injuring him. Black Jack discovers later that the mother had been acting so because she realized the house was under surveillance by the military of the country, which had already executed her husband for speaking against the war.
40 “The Manequin and the Police”
“Ningyou to keikan” (人形と警官)
22 August 2005
An extremely rigid police officer becomes obsessed with the welfare of a statue in the likeness of a patrol officer and begins taking care of it when a group of thugs that held a vendetta against him began vandalizing the statue. On his day off, the officer stayed hidden near the statue to capture the vandals red handed. He spots them, chases after them, but is seriously injured in an accident. Black Jack, who had encountered the officer before after being accused of running a red light, saves the officers life, and later has the statue repaired.
41 “The Miracle of a Movie and of Operation”
“OPE to eiga no kiseki” (オペと映画の奇跡)
29 August 2005
A movie director wants to film an operation by Black Jack to save his son who has a severely compromised immune system due to a congenital disorder. Black Jack is the only one who can even attempt an operation on the very weak boy, and in the end saves the boys life. Although at first the powers that be refused to distribute the movie to other doctors because Black Jack was unlicensed, he reveals that he had made a second version of the film for doctors that made it appear that another doctor performed the miracle surgery.
42 “Life’s Wrong Diagnosis”
“Jinsei no goshin” (人生の誤診)
5 September 2005
43 “Shrinkage!”
“Chijimu” (ちぢむ)
12 September 2005
Black Jack was invited by his former mentor who is doing research in Africa. When he arrived at Africa, he was shocked by the plague that made him bizarre. He didn’t leave immediately because he was also infected. He stayed for 27 days, and after waiting for an answer, Black Jack created the cure for the mysterious disease; however, he failed to give it to his mentor….
44 “Pinoko was Born”
“Pinoko tanjou” (ピノコ誕生)
10 October 2005
BlackJack tells the story about how Pinoko came to his life. Some years ago, some doctors came and visited BJ with a young woman, with Teratoma (Pinoko was inside her) the doctor asked BJ to heal her, as the other hospitals couldn’t due to some unknown forces. BJ tried to operate the woman when he gets pushed by the powers, BJ started a chat with Pinoko and he tells her he will let her live. After the operation BJ takes Pinoko’s flesh and with some mannequin pieces to build her a body. Then BJ raises Pinoko when she tried to walk, to speak, etc. Later then BJ makes the Young Woman and Pinoko face each other. The Young woman rejects Pinoko as her sister and Pinoko treats her as “Fool” and attacks her.
45 “A Classmate who Loves to Laugh”
“Waraijougo no doukyuusei” (笑い上戸の同級生)
17 October 2005
Black Jack’s classmate from elementary school loves to laugh. Black Jack asks him why he laughs so much and his classmate says it is because he likes being happy and bringing joy to the people. His classmate encourages Black jack to laugh too. When Black Jack visits his house, he learns that his classmate’s parents abandoned him because he couldn’t pay debt. Then the crooks went to his house and stabbed a dart on his neck, making Black Jack’s classmate unable to laugh. Black Jack promised to be a doctor to help save him. When he comes to check on his friend during his college years, he finds him bedridden and still unable to laugh. Black Jack operates on him and it is successful until he receives a call letting him know his former classmate has just died laughing.
46 “The Bodyguard at the Festival”
“Bunkasai no youjinbou” (文化祭の用心棒)
24 October 2005
47 “A Violin from a Snowfall”
“Setsugen no vaiorin” (雪原のヴァイオリン)
31 October 2005
The plane Black Jack and Pinoko were riding crashes in a place where a blizzard is blowing. The passengers panic until a skilled violinist calms them down with his music. Forced to stay in a warehouse, the passengers stay there for the night. The violinist says that he dropped his violin somewhere in the snow and he goes to look for it. Black Jack warns him not to go out because he will get frostbitten but the violinist insists. After being gone for a long time, Black Jack finds the violinist unconscious in the blizzard and his fingers frostbitten. Black Jack amputates them inside the safety of the warehouse.
48 “The Robin and the Boy”
“Komadori no shōnen” (コマドリの少年)
7 November 2005
49 “The Voice of a Distorted Face”
“Jinmensou no honne” (人面瘡(そう)の本音)
14 November 2005
50 “The Brothers that were Separated”
“Hiki sakareta kyoudai” (引き裂かれた兄弟)
21 November 2005
Two brothers where orphaned after a flood leaving them both homeless. Only one of them is adopted leaving the other in the streets. Black Jack and Pinoko visit the town where both of them live. Then the homeless brother comes down extremely ill and needs a liver transplant. At the last minute the other brother comes to help, and Black Jack operates. A secret that has been kept from the adopted boy’s foster mother is revealed and the family decides to adopt the other twin, reuniting the two.
51 “The Infamous Acupuncturist”
“Uwasa no zatouishi” (噂の座頭医師)
28 November 2005
Biwamaru, an acupuncturist, heals people with his needle and without pay and somewhat got BlackJack’s patients to heal. But then a girl with an illness was visited by Biwamaru and put the needle on her but he doesn’t know that the girl had an extreme fear of needles causing her to have panic attacks. Then BlackJack came to save the day and teaches Biwamaru that needles aren’t always the way to heal patients. Later Biwamaru returns the favor by using a needle to heal BlackJack’s weak intestines.
52 “The Moment of Witness”
“Isshun no mokugekisha” (一瞬の目撃者)
5 December 2005
A bomb is detonated in a train station, in which BJ brings support to the injured. The investigation starts and there are 4 people who are suspicious. A young woman who lost her sight due to the bomb is the only witness. BJ accepts to operate her even knowing that she will only see by 5 minutes. The witness recognizes the culprit and is immediately arrested.
53 “Locker’s Cradle”
“Rokka no yurikago” (ロッカーのゆりかご)
19 December 2005
54 “The Fortunes And Misfortunes Of The Deceitful Parent And Child”
“Itsuwari oyako no kouun fuun” (偽り親子の幸運不運)
16 January 2006
55 “The Platform Of Life”
“Inochi no purattohoomu” (命のプラットホーム)
23 January 2006
56 “The Skin Donor”
“Nuime hifu no teikyousha” (縫い目皮膚の提供者)
30 January 2006
57 “Pinoko’s Exam Diary”
“Pinoko no ojyuken nikki” (ピノコのお受験日記)
6 February 2006
58 “The Old Man And The Big Tree”
“Roujin to taiboku” (老人と大木)
13 February 2006
59 “Black Queen”
“Burakku kwiin” (ブラッククィーン)
20 February 2006
60 “The Encounter Between The Two With A Past”
“Kako aru futari meguriai” (過去のある二人めぐり逢い)
27 February 2006
61 “The Two Pinokos”
“Futari no Pinoko” (二人のピノコ)
6 March 2006

Black Jack 21 episodes (2006)

# Title Original airdate
01 “The Day His Medical License Returns”
“Ishimenkyo ga kaeruhi” (医師免許が返る日)
10 April 2006
Black Jack is given a chance to redeem his medical license, but refuses and is arrested. During Black Jack’s imprisonment, an Italian billionaire who was encountered in the other series begs Black Jack to save his grandson, knowing that Black Jack was the only doctor with the necessary talents. The head of the medical association in Japan refuses to release Black Jack despite the billionaires attempt at bribery, and the operation is taken on by Dr. White who attempts to do the operation using a robotic surgical aid. The billionaire visits Black Jack in jail and tells him of the boys miraculous recovery, but Black Jack states that the recovery was too dramatic, and the boy dies anyway. Enraged at the death of his grandson, the billionaire puts out a hit on the son of the head of the medical association. Black Jack is released from prison and ordered to save the boy.
02 “BJ Meets His Father Again”
“BJ chichioya tono saikai” (BJ父親との再会)
17 April 2006
Black Jack’s father contacts him for the first time in 21 years and asks Black Jack to perform plastic surgery on his second wife. Black Jack, still holding a grudge on his father for walking out on him and his mother when they were injured in a bombing, does the surgery under the instructions to make the woman “The most beautiful woman alive.” Black Jack constructs her face to look like his late mothers. After he arrives at his house, a bomb detonates, much in the same way that happened to him when he was a boy.
03 “Pinoko’s Sadness”
“Kanashimi no Pinoko” (悲しみのピノコ)
24 April 2006
Pinoko, refusing to believe that Black Jack is dead, continues to try and dig through the rubble of their bombed out house. For a while, she lives in the diner owned by Black Jack’s friend Tetsu, but is later adopted by a family that runs a local hospital. Pinoko still rejects her predicament, and later spots someone in a black cloak, similar to the one Black Jack wore. It is then revealed that Black Jack had survived the bomb blast thanks to help from his whale friend Torition. Black Jack went into hiding to prevent putting Pinoko in danger in case the group that was after him tried another assassination attempt, though he later comes out of hiding and takes Pinoko with him when he discovers an old picture in the clinic once owned by Dr. Honma, Black Jack’s mentor.
04 “The Black Angel of Northern Europe”
8 May 2006
Black Jack and Pinoko go to Europe trying to track down Dr Kreutzer, a man that Black Jack recognized in the photograph he found at Honma’s clinic, which was his only lead on the people that tried to kill him. While at a hospital run by Kreutuzer, Black Jack runs into a little girl named Suzie who mistakes Black Jack for the devil because of his black clothing. Black Jack befriends the girl later and enters the hospital, where he finds out that Kreutzer was in a persistent vegetative state after a car accident. Black Jack is asked to imitate Dr. Kreutuzer and perform an operation on a cancer patient. At first Black Jack refuses, though he later accepts the job once Pinoko reveals to him that the patient he was asked to work on was the little girls mother.
05 “The Robotic Arm”
15 May 2006
After seeing him at Kreutzer’s hospital, Black Jack goes after Dr. Stein, a major leading expert on prosthetic limbs and organ transplants. Black Jack also encounters a woman whom he was familiar with. He discovers that Stein was about to perform an operation that would attach an experimental robotic arm to an aspiring pianist. Black Jack fails to get any answers from Dr. Stein, but does talk to the boy who was about to receive the robotic arm. Black Jack talks to the boy that was about to receive the new arm. The boy admits that he didn’t want the robotic arm which would enable him to play the piano with simple thought but would rather keep his human arm and learn to play the hard way. Black Jack saves the boys arm, and then attempts to follow Dr. Stein to England.
06 “The Flying Hospital”
22 May 2006
With the help of a woman doctor named Ayako, Black Jack attempts to reach England by riding in the Sky Hospital, a military aircraft that had been converted into a fully functioning clinic. While he is on board, a pack of rogue militants hijack the plane, interested in turning it back into a fighting craft. Though the passengers and crew of the plane resist the terrorists, one of them detonates a stun grenade in the cockpit. The pilots and one of the terrorists are badly injured by shrapnel generated by the grenade, and the plane itself begins losing fuel. Black Jack and the planes owner, Dr. White, are forced to try and save the lives of the injured people and safely land the damaged Sky Hospital.
07 “The Promise Concerning Life, Worth Ten Billion Yen”
(百億円 命の約束)
29 May 2006
Black Jack and Pinoco go to a middle eastern town after leaving the damaged Sky Hospital. While there, Black Jack is arrested and accused of murder. He is cleared of the charges thanks to a Japanese businessman named Aritani. Black Jack makes an agreement with Aritani, saying that he would repay the favor. Later, Aritani is convinced to take the fall for his company which was funneling money illegally. After claiming to be responsible for the dirty play, Aritani is thrown in front of a train in an assassination attempt disguised as a murder. Desperate to save Aritani’s life, Black Jack uses some of his savings to buy out the hospital Aritani was being kept at after he inspires the proper owner with his determination. Black Jack saves Aritani and receives his first real lead on the group after his life.
08 “Awake After Sixty-Five Years”
“65nen me no mezame” (65年目の目覚め)
5 June 2006
BJ finally arrives in England to hear of a man who’s been in a coma, unaged, for 65 years. Dr. Stein wants to analyse him to find out why he hasn’t aged, thinking it will give them information about eternal youth; but the patient’s niece has hired Kiriko to put an end to it. BJ operates, but afterwards the patient ages and dies upon finding out that his family had died.
09 “The Imprint on the Heart”
12 June 2006
Black Jack and Pinoko travel to New York. A doctor who happens to be the son of an old friend of Black Jack’s parents, asks Black Jack to help him operate on his mother because she has Honma’s Hematoma. Black Jack, remembering his mentor’s words not to get involved in that disease, refuses. Later, Black Jack discovers the clock that was in the photo he found. Benitokage shows up and shoots Black Jack in the heart.
10 “A Miracle in New York”
26 June 2006
11 “The Destiny of the Black Doctor”
3 July 2006
12 “Beyond the Aura”
10 July 2006
13 “Pinoko go Back to Japan”
24 July 2006
14 “The Terrifying Phoenix Disease”
31 July 2006
15 “The Truth About BJ’s Father”
“BJ Chichioya no Shinjitsu” (BJ父親の真実)
14 August 2006
BJ is called by Renka, he thinks that about his father but she says she want him to stay and be a family, but Renka’s daughter thinks BJ is after his father’s fortune. When about operating on his father, the organization henchmen kidnap Pinoko and lure him in a trap, in which he gives up the pendant. Benitokage appears and saves the day, apparently because one of the Organization knocks BJ and then he awakes to meet Zen Mantoku the former leader. He tells that the reason of his father to leave BJ and his mother was to protect them from the Organization (meaning the bomb that near killed BJ was a plot of the organization) it is revealed who Benitokage is, and then both of them work together to escape. At the end BJ is aimed with a Sniper Rifle in which Benitokage saves his life using her.
16 “The Challenge Against Extinction”
“Hametsu e no jyousen” (破滅への挑戦)
29 August 2006
BJ is ready to go Japan with Pinoko when is requested to go to the Sky Hospital and check on Zen Mantoku who has Phoenix Disease, by a direct request of Dr. White & Renka. BJ agrees in performing the operation with Dr. White. Renka secretly plots to get the Disease cure so she can win much money when she spreades Phoenix disease. One of Renka’s henchmen tries to hijack the Hospital and by that Mantoku gets out of the Capsule causing the Phoenix Disease to spread among the aircraft. Now BJ has to face the Phoenix Disease to save Pinoko and the others lives.
17 “The Sanctity of Life”
“Inochi no Songen” (生命の尊厳)
4 September 2006
BJ tells Dr. White to chance course to the North Pole, in the meanwhile Renka start her plan in getting the Phoenix Disease. Later the Sky Hospital receives a call from the US alaska base, and are told that Doctors from all the world are trying to find the cure to the Phoenix Disease, one of them being Dr. Kuma revealing that they only have 21 hours to cure or die. . The National Security manager is told that they are going to launch a Nuclear Missile to rid of the Virus and as well of those ill from it. Renka gets on the Sky Hospital. Just before Renka about to shot BJ, her father interfere, they both shot each other, Zen Mantoku died and Renka injured badly, BJ decided to operate Renka, anyway. When operating Renka BJ finds the cure to the Phoenix Disease. The missile has been shot without any way to making it to don’t crash on North Pole, in a state of confusion from BJ, he sees Pinoko in a 18 years old shape makes BJ to go back into his senses. The Antiserum is named Honma Antiserum . Finally BJ & Pinoko return with their friends, after dealing with the most dangerous “enemy” yet.


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XxxHolic_vol1_CoverPlot summary

Kimihiro Watanuki is a high school student plagued by yōkai, spirits with a strong attraction to him. The spirits are invisible to others and encounters with them are extremely troublesome. When he stumbles into a shop that grants wishes, however, events in his life promise to become more unusual.

The shop is owned by Yūko Ichihara, a mysterious and beautiful (sometimes playful) witch of many names and esoteric renown. For a price, she offers to grant Watanuki’s wish to be rid of the spirits. The price, according to Yūko, must be of equal value and so, as payment, he temporarily becomes Yūko’s part-time employee.

Watanuki’s job consists of small errands dealing with the supernatural and household chores. His love interest, Himawari Kunogi, and “rival”, Shizuka Dōmeki, occasionally join him in his work as per Yūko’s request. The three become increasingly close despite Watanuki’s annoyance with Dōmeki.

The world of xxxHolic is directly connected to several other of Clamp’s works through dimensional traveling. The series is directly connected to Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, while other series including Cardcaptor Sakura, Legal Drug, and Magic Knight Rayearth are referenced at different times.

Yūko constantly refers to hitsuzen (必然?), meaning inevitability, destiny, or fate, as being the driving force in the world. She states that there is no such thing as coincidence, and that every single action and decision is inevitable, because without them, other related events in the future could not happen.

Main characters

Kimihiro Watanuki

Voiced by: Jun Fukuyama (Japanese), Todd Haberkorn (English)

Kimihiro Watanuki (四月一日 君尋, Watanuki Kimihiro?) is a high school student plagued daily by spirits who are constantly attracted to him. After meeting Yūko, she promises to remove this unwanted ability in exchange for working part-time in her shop until it equals the worth of his wish. He lives by himself due to his parents no longer being around, so he excels in cooking and cleaning, much to Yūko’s pleasure. She also sends him on various jobs that often have a spiritual nature.

Watanuki is known for a having both a volatile and caring nature to him. Depending upon the person he talks to, his emotions tend to be overly exaggerated. While around Himawari, he is very excited and speaks in a high-pitched voice, while he expresses irritation while speaking to Dōmeki. He generally uses very wild facial expressions and arm motions to express himself. He generally gets enraged at the often inane requests of Yūko, though he will pay close attention whenever she is serious with him.

Watanuki is essentially another part of Syaoran,[1] having been created to fill the gap left by Syaoran after he decided to turn back time and erase himself from his own world to save Sakura. Watanuki becomes the child of Syaoran’s parents, and fills all of the relationships Syaoran would have made, which means that Watanuki’s existence is essential to keeping stability in the universe. Watanuki gives up the memories of his past in order to help Yuko find Fei Wong Reed and protect Syaoran and his friends. This makes him question his humanity, as he cannot remember anything about his past, the exchange, or even things that he has eaten. After Yuuko disappeared, Watanuki decided to stay with the shop until he sees her again. He offers up the remaining time within him in order for the shop to be stable. As a result, Watanuki can never leave the shop again, nor can he age.

Yūko Ichihara

Voiced by: Sayaka Ohara (Japanese), Colleen Clinkenbeard (English)

Yūko Ichihara (壱原 侑子, Ichihara Yūko?) is a woman who runs a shop that deals in granting wishes in exchange for something of equal value to the wish; sometimes this is refered as a soul. She can take anything from a precious object to abstract concepts, such as love and luck in exchange. She usually displays an immature and free-spirited attitude, drinking saké (酒) at all hours of the day and forcing difficult tasks upon Watanuki. While dealing with customers or giving Watanuki advice, she is much more stern and offers cryptic messages to warn him and others of impending danger. She constantly speaks of inevitability and how nothing is a coincidence.

Yūko had a past relationship with Clow Reed, and while she was on the verge of dying, he accidentally used his powers to freeze time for her just by wishing for her to open her eyes. After that point, she battles against Fei Wong Reed by using the wishes of others. She also takes in Watanuki in order to fulfill her wish of keeping him in existence in order to balance the split time line created by Syaoran, and help him better himself. After a while, time returned to her and she disappeared.

Shizuka Dōmeki

Voiced by: Kazuya Nakai (Japanese), J. Michael Tatum (English)

Shizuka Dōmeki (百目鬼 静, Dōmeki Shizuka?) is a classmate of Watanuki. He lives in a shrine owned by his late grandfather, a Shinto priest, who taught Dōmeki about folklore and shinto practices during his childhood. However, despite his heritage, Dōmeki has a nearly null ability of seeing ghosts or spirits, though he can sense them, and he has a natural ability to exorcise them. He is part of the school’s kyūdō club and often tops school competitions. Dōmeki barely speaks unless explaining folklore or asking Watanuki for bento lunches made up of hard to find ingredients in order to infuriate him.

Watanuki generally states that he doesn’t like Dōmeki’s calm and sarcastic demeanor, and often becomes enraged at any small comment. Despite his hatred, they have been stated to be connected by fate. Dōmeki’s natural ability to repel and exorcise spirits works well at keeping away the large number of spirits attracted to Watanuki. Even though Dōmeki may seem sarcastic and rude around Watanuki and is sometimes annoyed with Watanuki’s many eccentricities, Dōmeki does seem to have a great deal of concern over Watanuki’s well-being. Utilizing Yūko’s shop, Dōmeki has given Watanuki half of Dōmeki’s eye, which allows Dōmeki to see and experience what Watanuki goes through, and a large amount of his blood, which Yūko states has slowly changed their personalities.

Four years after Yūko’s disappearance, Dōmeki is a university student studying ancient history and often visits Watanuki in the shop.

Himawari Kunogi

Voiced by: Shizuka Itō (Japanese), Cherami Leigh (English)

Himawari Kunogi (九軒 ひまわり, Kunogi Himawari?) is Watanuki’s love interest. She has a cheerful attitude and is very friendly around Watanuki and Dōmeki. She is often cheering for them, if not commenting them on their “comedy acts” together. Despite the fact that Watanuki is very open in showing his feelings and admiration for her, she seems very oblivious to the fact that he likes her. She has never shown any favoritism between the two, but Watanuki always thinks that Dōmeki is more favored.

Himawari possesses extremely bad luck that affects everyone around her except her parents, as they brought her into the world, and those with spiritual abilities, such as Dōmeki and Yūko. For example, the house next door became a target of arson just because she picked up a ball near her home. People she was connected to were hurt, including all her friends, a girl in the neighborhood who ended up committing suicide, and her class teacher was stabbed by his wife when he was caught in an affair.

Watanuki originally believes that she is his “goddess of good luck”, though Yūko and others state the opposite. She attempts to stay away from Watanuki in order to protect him, often making excuses in order to avoid being around him. She eventually causes him to fall out of a two story window, decides to bear his scars in order to save his life, and attempts to cut all connections with him. Watanuki, however, states that he is truly happy around her no matter what and refuses to stop seeing her. He later gives her a small bird named Tanpopo (タンポポ?, lit. dandelion) that is immune to her bad luck.

Secondary characters


Voiced by: Sumi Mutoh (Japanese), Brina Palencia (English)

Zashiki-warashi (座敷童?) is a spirit girl who lives on a mountain with pure spiritual energy. She develops a crush on Watanuki as his exploits become known among spirits, and she first meets him when she accidentally steals Dōmeki’s soul while attempting to get a good Obon Festival gift for Wantanuki. He later sees her while giving her a White Day present, and rescues her from a spirit that captures her after a failed attempt to recover Watanuki’s eye. She is very shy and prone to crying, which causes her guardians to defend her.

Tengu Guardians

Unlike most depictions of tengu, which consists of well-trained, devote, and focused samurai and birds with the IQ of humans, these tengu are a bit more laxed in appearance. They are all similar in appearance, having blue jackets, carrying paper-looking blades, and sometimes sunglasses. All of them are midgets in size (about two-feet tall) and act and resemble western biker gangs, even down to shaved heads, some of them bearing mohawks. There are six guardians all assigned to protecting Zashiki-warashi, and are prone to attacking Watanuki for making her cry. (This constant line of attacking a seemingly innocent being is a running gag in the show). The tengu travel on snowboard shaped flaps of what might be metal, wood, or plastic, and use them in midair. It is later revealed that the tengu possess a fan of emense power, considering their class of troop, but give it away as compensation to Yuko if she’ll open the “spider queen’s” barrier. They are usually quick to conclude that Watanuki is to blame for making Zashiki cry and attack vigorously. they are primarily comic relief in the show.


Voiced by: Akiko Yajima (Japanese), Kate Oxley (English)

Ame-warashi (雨童女?) is a high ranking rain spirit, who has a very hostile attitude toward humans due to the fact that “humans have no care or regard whatsoever with living nature”. She is somewhat close and protective of Zashiki-warashi, and greatly dislikes Watanuki, despite him helping to fulfill her request.


Kudakitsune (管狐?), later named Mugetsu (無月?, lit. moonless or no moon) by Watanuki, is a tube fox spirit given to Yūko as payment by Ame-warashi for Watanuki’s help. It quickly becomes attached to Watanuki, and protects him during dangerous situations. It is generally a small snake-like being with a fox head, but it can transform into a traditional Kitsune when it reveals its true power. It is able to create “Foxfire” in the form of large fireballs, and it can detect evil spirits. It takes a large amount of pure spiritual energy to revert it to its initial form.

Maru & Moro

Maru voiced by: Voiced by: Kazuko Kojima (Japanese), Leah Clark (English)
Moro voiced by: Voiced by: Hisayo Mochizuki (Japanese), Brina Palencia (English)

Maru & Moro (マル&モロ?) are two artificial beings that keep Yūko’s shop in existence. They are two energetic small girls, who often speak in unison and repeat the words of others. They cannot leave the shop, as they have no souls. They help Yūko around the shop most of the time, but often go into long periods of hibernation due to the strain from keeping the shop in existence. Maru and Moro’s full names, Maru-dashi and Moro-dashi, are both words which mean “exposing oneself in public” – similar to “flashing” and “streaking” in English.

Mokona Modoki

Voiced by: Mika Kikuchi (Japanese), Carrie Savage (English)

Mokona Modoki (モコナ=モドキ?) refers to a pair of two rabbit-like creatures created by Yūko Ichihara and Clow Reed in preparation for the events in Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle and xxxHolic, as well as to stop Fei Wong Reed‘s plans and save “two futures”. The white Mokona travels with Syaoran’s group, while the black Mokona stays in Yuko’s shop. Both are based upon the original Mokona, who Yūko and Clow encountered while Mokona was traveling through different worlds. Mokona provided Yūko and Clow with the knowledge of alternate dimensions.

The black Mokona, whose real name is Larg, acts as a liaison between the Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle group and Yūko. Mokona likes to be around Yūko, who treats Mokona as a “drinking buddy.” He also likes to be around Watanuki and play with Maru and Moro. While allowing the two groups to speak, Mokona can also teleport and receive items from the white Mokona by swallowing them. Like the white Mokona, he has a single earring. It is a blue gem made by Clow Reed and has the ability to seal magical power, and it also holds Sakura’s memories of Syaoran and Watanuki’s memory of his past.

Kohane Tsuyuri

Voiced by: Rina Hidaka

Kohane Tsuyuri (五月七日小羽, Tsuyuri Kohane?) is a young girl known publicly as a child prodigy, medium and exorcist, having been featured on many paranormal-based TV shows. After first developing her powers, she helped her mother learn that her father was having an affair, causing a drastic change in her mother’s personality. She soon stops touching Kohane, doesn’t refer to her by name, takes away any objects or food not considered “pure”, and cuts off all contact with other people. She focuses on having Kohane on as many television shows as possible, and buys large amounts of extravagant items. This treatment causes Kohane to have a quiet and lonely demeanor, though she attempts to stay strong for her mother’s sake, blaming everything on herself.

She eventually meets Watanuki, who can also see spirits, and forms a bond with him. Despite constant protest from her mother, he keeps in contact with her, all while trying to make her feel happy. Her powers of exorcism develop from Sakura’s feather, though her ability to see spirits is natural.

Four years after Yūko’s disappearance, Kohane is now a student at Tsuji Academy and often visits Watanuki in his shop. She still lives with the grandmother fortune teller. Haruka Dōmeki

Haruka Dōmeki (百目鬼 遥, Dōmeki Haruka?) is the deceased grandfather of Dōmeki, and a former Shinto priest who taught Dōmeki many of his practices. He has the ability to cross into dreams and often appears to Watanuki during them, taking on the appearance of a teenager. He looks exactly like Dōmeki, though he has a somewhat more cheerful and outgoing personality than his grandson, and he is almost always smoking. He acts like a guide to Watanuki as Yūko does, often giving him advice, telling him about Dōmeki, and helping him work out problems.

Episode listingDragon_Ball_GT_Volume_1

Season 1: Black Star and Baby Sagas

Ep# Dub Title/Original Title Translated to English
Original Japanese Title
Original Airdate US Airdate
1 “A Devastating Wish” / “The Mysterious Dragon Balls Appear!! Son Goku Becomes A Child!?”
“Nazo no Doragon Bōru Shutsugen!! Gokū ga Kodomo ni!?” (謎のDB(ドラゴンボール)出現!!悟空が子供に!?)
February 7, 1996 February 5, 2005
As Goku and Uub fight inside Dende’s lookout, Emperor Pilaf scales the outside of the lookout, and sneaks in to the inner chamber, unnoticed. He finds the Black Star Dragon Balls, and summons the dragon. He is interrupted by Goku. Frustrated, he says that he wishes Goku were a child again so he could beat him up. The dragon grants this accidental wish, and Goku becomes a child. After Pilaf leaves, King Kai tells Goku that the only way he can return to normal is by finding the Black Star Dragon Balls, which are now scattered throughout the galaxy. Goku decides it will be easier to just grow up again, and he heads into town. There he finds Pan foiling a bank robbery. He heads home for the first time in years with her, and explains to everyone what happened. King Kai interrupts their conversation. He has discovered that when a wish is made on the Black Star Dragon Balls, the planet the wish was made on will explode within one year unless the seven balls are brought back.
2 “Pan Blasts Off” / “I Am The Leader! Pan Flies Into Space!!”
“Shuyaku wa Watashi! Pan Uchū ni Tobitatsu!!” (主役は私!パン宇宙に飛び立つ!!)
February 14, 1996 February 12, 2005
Bulma begins preparing the spaceship for Goku’s journey. Gohan decides to go, as well. Pan is very disappointed that she can’t go. Everyone has been treating her like a child lately, and she is getting frustrated. When it’s time for blast-off, Vegeta decides that Trunks and Goten should go instead of Gohan, because in his eyes, the two of them have gotten soft in this time of peace. This means that Trunks will be relieved of his duties as president of Capsule Corp. While Goten is saying goodbye to his girlfriend, Trunks and Goku board the ship, only to find that Pan has snuck into the control room. She hits the blast-off button before Goten can climb aboard. Now Goku, Trunks, and Pan begin their adventure.
3 “Terror on Imecka” / “The Ultimate Moneygrubbers!! Imegga, Planet Of Merchants”
“Chō Gametsui!! Shōnin no Wakusei Imegga” (超ガメツイ!!商人の惑星イメッガ)
February 21, 1996 February 19, 2005
Bulma finds a small part of the ship that fell off during takeoff. The absence of the part causes a jet to fall off of the ship. Trunks makes an emergency landing on the nearest planet, Imecka. Everyone on this planet tries to sell them things. Even the hotel they stay at charges them for every possible thing. They learn that this is all because of the new tyrannical king of Imecka. While walking back to the ship, Trunks drops the dragon radar, and it is eaten by a small robot. After they catch the robot, they see their spaceship being dragged away.
4 “The Most Wanted List” / “Wanted!! Son Goku Is A Criminal!?”
“Wonteddo!! Gokū ga Shimeite Hai!?” (ウォンテッド!!悟空が指名手配!?)
February 28, 1996 February 26, 2005
Pan packs up the robot in her backpack. Goku tries to use Instant Transmission to catch the thieves, but finds that his control over the ability is severely limited due to his new body. They follow the tracks to the palace and sneak in. When they reach their ship, their cover is blown, and they have to make a quick escape. They safely reach the outskirts of town, but Trunks still needs a part to fix the ship. Back in town, they find that they are at the top of Imecka’s most wanted list. To make matters worse, a band of military officers arrives to arrest them.
5 “Goku vs. Ledgic” / “See, The Strong Guy!! The Bodyguard Rejjik”
“Tsuyoi Yatsu Mikke!! Yōjinbō Rejikku” (強いヤツ見っけ!!用心棒レジック)
March 6, 1996 March 5, 2005
Goku, Trunks, and Pan decide to give themselves up, so they can infiltrate the king’s palace. Once inside, they break their bonds and head to the king’s room. After failing to stop them with guns, he sends his best fighter, Ledgic, after them. Goku and Ledgic begin to fight, and it is clear that Ledgic is strong. But Goku’s transformation into a Super Saiyan is too much for Ledgic, and he gives up, defeated. The king promises to give his citizens free rent on their homes, and to return all of their spaceships. While packing up to leave, they realize that Giru, the robot, has integrated the dragon radar into his system, and they spot the location of their first Dragon Ball.
6 “Like Pulling Teeth” / “It Hurts, Eh!? Son Goku The Dentist”
“Chotto Itee Zo!? Gokū no Haisha” (ちょっとイテえぞ!?悟空の歯医者)
March 13, 1996 March 12, 2005
Goku, Trunks, and Pan land on the planet with the first Dragon Ball. Everything on this planet is massive. They find the four-star Dragon Ball lying under a tree, but before they can get it, a giant apple falls on it. Then a giant bird swoops down and picks up the apple, and unfortunately, the Dragon Ball is stuck in it. The bird belongs to a giant, and they follow him back to his campsite. They sneak around to try and get the apple, but he eats it before they can get it. The giant starts howling in pain, and Goku figures out that the Dragon Ball is stuck in one of his teeth. He flies in the giant’s mouth and blasts the tooth out with a Kamehameha wave. The group leaves the planet with their first Black Star Dragon Ball.
7 “Trunks, The Bride” / “Beloved Honey!? The Betrothed Is Trunks”
“Itoshi no Hanī!? Hanayome wa Torankusu” (愛しのハニー!?花嫁はトランクス)
March 20, 1996 March 19, 2005
Goku, Trunks, and Pan land on the next planet, and find the six-star Dragon Ball. It belongs to a village, and the villagers agree to hand it over if they help them. Their village is being terrorized by a giant beast named Sunama. A girl has agreed to become Sunama’s bride if he will stop creating earthquakes, and he agrees, saying that he’ll come back tomorrow for her. Pan comes up with a plan to stop Sunama, and attempts to force Goku to pose as the girl and then cut off the monster’s whiskers, which is what he uses to create earthquakes, when his guard is down. However, as Goku is too short to pull it off convincingly, Pan forces Trunks to do so. The next day, Sunama comes to claim his bride.
8 “Whisker Power” / “Son Goku Also Thunders!! The Whiskers’ Power Is At Full”
“Gokū mo Dokkan!! Ohige Pawā Zenkai” (悟空もドッカン!!おヒゲパワー全開)
April 17, 1996 March 19, 2005
Sunama brings Trunks back to his volcano lair, and Goku, Pan, and a villager, Doma, follow. Trunks gives Sunama a potion that is supposed to put him to sleep. After he passes out, Doma uses a giant pair of scissors to cut off his whiskers. However, he is only able to cut off one before Sunama wakes up. He is still tipsy from the potion, and tries to cause an earthquake with his remaining whisker, but nothing happens. Pan realizes that Sunama has only been predicting earthquakes, not causing them. The volcano begins to erupt. They all are able to escape but the lava from the eruption is heading towards the village. Goku is able to destroy it with a Kamehameha wave. Later, they are given the six-star ball as a reward. The ball begins to glow, and it flies into the hands of one of the villagers, who reveals himself to be an alien. He flies in the air, and a ship picks him up and flies away.
9 “Lord Luud” / “Damn!! Son Goku Leaps Into The Trap Planet!?”
“Shimatta!! Gokū Tobikomu Wana no Hoshi!?” (シマッタ!!悟空飛び込む罠の星!?)
April 24, 1996 March 26, 2005
Goku, Trunks, and Pan begin to chase after the three Para Para brothers, one of whom stole their Dragon Ball. The brothers lead them into a rocky planet, whose center is a maze of caves. They escape, and return to their home planet, leaving Goku, Trunks, and Pan lost in the maze. Upon their arrival, they hand over the Dragon Ball to Cardinal Muchi Muchi, the servant of Lord Luud. The Cardinal is angry with them, because he knows that the three had another Dragon Ball aboard their ship, and if they don’t retrieve it, he will turn them into dolls. The Para Para brothers return to the planet they left Goku and the others on. When they find them, they are being attacked by four giant worm monsters. The Para Para brothers take the opportunity to sneak onto their ship and try to steal the Dragon Ball.
10 “Dance and Attack” / “Dance Attack!? Boom-shakalaka!!”
“Ototte Atakku!? Bonpappa — !!” (踊ってアタック!?ボンパッパー!!)
May 1, 1996 March 26, 2005
When the three Para Para brothers fail to find the Dragon Ball on Trunks’ ship, they realize that one of the other three must be carrying it on them. Goku figures out how to defeat the giant worm monsters, and the three make short work of them. The Para Para brothers then command them to hand over the six-star ball, but Goku refuses. The brothers then take off their armor, which turn into stereos, and they start dancing. The mystical beat forces Goku, Trunks, and Pan to dance along with them, and the brothers’ leader takes advantage of their essential paralysis and begins to beat them up. More more giant worm monsters appear and crush the brothers’ stereos, freeing Goku, Trunks, and Pan. The three then easily defeat the Para Para brothers. Later, when searching the brothers’ ship for the stolen Dragon Ball, Pan and Giru accidentally trigger the launch sequence, and the ship takes off, leaving Trunks and Goku behind.
11 “Lord Luud’s Curse” / “The Curse Of Ruudo!? Pan Turns Into A Doll”
“Rūdo no Noroi!? Ningyō ni Sareta Pan” (ルードの呪い!?人形にされたパン)
May 8, 1996 April 2, 2005
Pan and Giru land on planet Luud, and with the dragon radar, they find the location of the six-star ball. The Para Para brothers tell Goku and Trunks where their ship went, and they follow closely after them. Pan goes into the castle, but Giru, being too scared, flies away. He finds Trunks, Goku, and the Para Para brothers and tells them where Pan went. Pan fights her way into the main chamber and grabs the Dragon Ball, but Cardinal Muchi Muchi stops her by turning her into a doll. He is about to throw her into the giant cauldron when Trunks and Goku show up. Angry, the Cardinal turns the brothers into dolls and disposes of them. He then sics a giant robotic lion on Goku and Trunks, but Goku drops a giant boulder on it. The resulting explosion destroys Cardinal Muchi Muchi, but his whip transforms into his true form.
12 “The Last Oracle of Luud” / “The Oracle Of God Is REALLY Troublesome!! Soldier Ruudo”
“Kami no Otsuge wa Chō-Meiwaku!! Rūdo Kidō” (神のお告げは超迷惑!!ルード起動)
May 15, 1996 April 2, 2005
While Goku and Trunks fight Cardinal Muchi Muchi, Pan is picked up by the mysterious Master Daltaki, the leader of the Luud cult. While he addresses his followers, they notice that he is operating Lord Luud with a remote control. He admits that Luud is just a robot, but then uses Luud to turn them into dolls. He uses the energy from the dolls to power Lord Luud. Meanwhile, Goku and Trunks transform into Super Saiyans, and are able to defeat Cardinal Muchi Muchi. They head into the main chamber to retrieve the Dragon Ball, but Master Daltaki stops them. He has finally gathered enough energy to power up Lord Luud.
13 “The Man Behind The Curtain” / “This Is Father And Son? The Riddle Of Scientist Myuu”
“Koitsu ga Oyadama!? Nazo no Kagaku-Sha Myū” (こいつが親玉!?謎の科学者ミュー)
May 22, 1996 April 9, 2005
Luud is powered up, though not at full strength, and he begins to fight Goku and Trunks. Though powerful, his fighting technique is lacking, and Goku and Trunks are able to take him down. Meanwhile, Daltaki is summoned before his master, Dr. Myu. Myu realizes that Luud is losing his fight, so he commands Daltaki to let Luud absorb Pan. When he refuses, Myu turns him into a doll, and Lord Luud absorbs both of them. Finally at full power, Lord Luud continues his fight against Goku and Trunks with renewed energy.
14 “The Battle Within” / “Can We Get The Rhythm Down Perfectly!? Capture Ruudo!!”
“Rizumu de Bacchiri!? Rūdo Kōryaku!!” (リズムでバッチリ!?ルード攻略!)
June 5, 1996 April 9, 2005
Now at full power, Lord Luud seems unstoppable. Inside of the robot, Pan and the Para Para brothers force Daltaki to tell them how to escape. He says that there is a single cell on the chest of the robot, and that hitting it with simultaneous blasts from the inside and outside will destroy Luud, and free the people trapped inside. The Para Para brothers use telepathy to communicate their plan to Goku. After a few unsuccessful tries, Goku and Pan manage to hit it at the same time. Luud explodes, and the people inside fall to the ground unharmed. Before they can stop him, Daltaki escapes in a spaceship.
15 “Beginning of The End” / “I Can’t Take Anymore!!” Pan Runs Away!?””
“Mou Gure te Yaru!! Pan no Iede!?” (もうグレてやる!!パンの家出!)
June 12, 1996 April 16, 2005
Giru detects a Dragon Ball on a desert planet. When they land, a giant snake monster attacks them and damages their ship. While Trunks is fixing it, he and Goku suggest going back to earth to replace Pan with Goten. Angry, Pan storms off into the desert in search of the Dragon Ball. Later, Giru goes after her. After a while, Pan succumbs to dehydration, and is attacked by a giant snake monster. Giru arrives just in time to save her. When she comes to, she finds out that he also found the five-star ball and water, and she emotionally thanks Giru and apologizes for treating him so badly. When Goku and Trunks arrive, they find a nearby oasis, and use the water to refill the broken cooling tanks, and ultimately reconsider replacing Pan. Meanwhile, Daltaki is killed by Dr. Myu’s right-hand man, General Rilldo.
16 “Giru’s Checkered Past” / “Machine Planet M2… Giru The Backstabber!?”
“Mashin Wakusei M2… Uragiri no Giru!?” (マシン惑星M2…裏切りのギル!?)
June 19, 1996 November 14, 2003
Giru convinces Trunks to land on his home planet, since he hasn’t been there in years. They walk into a city that seems deserted. Thousands of Giru-like robots appear, and they all seem to know him. The three get hungry, so they go in search of food. They are confronted by a group of incredibly powerful robots who call themselves the Sigma Force. Giru jumps up to the platform they’re on to join them. One of the robots disintegrates, and then reforms around Goku and Trunks, trapping them. As Pan curses Giru for betraying them, the robots, including Giru, fly away to General Rilldo.
17 “Pan’s Gambit” / “Waiting for Pan!! The Tactical Strike to Rescue Son Goku!!”
“Pan ni Omakase! Gokū kyū shutsu sakusen!!” (パンにおまかせ!悟空救出作戦!!)
June 26, 1996 November 21, 2003
The robots analyze the captured Trunks and Goku, and find that they each have extraordinary power, particularly Goku. Pan sneaks into their hideout and finds some robot parts. She disguises herself as a robot to further infiltrate the compound. Her identity is uncovered, and she is forced to fight one of the members of the Sigma Force. Real robots are revealed to have the power to walk through walls, and this Sigma Force robot uses that to his advantage. Giru has uploaded fighting data on Goku, Trunks, and Pan into the other robots, which gives them the upper hand. Angry at Giru’s betrayal, Pan explodes with furious rage, and destroys her opponent. Meanwhile, Goku wakes up and breaks out of his containment chamber. Pan then breaks in, and is knocked out.
18 “Unexpected Power” / “Yo, Some Data is Missing!! Son Goku’s Ultimate True Determination”
“Dēta Nya Nai Ze!! Gokū no Chō-honki” (データにゃないぜ!!悟空の超本気)
July 10, 1996 November 28, 2003
Trunks comes to and brings Pan back to the spaceship. There, they find that Giru has stolen the Dragon Balls. Meanwhile, Goku takes on the three remaining Sigma Force members. When he proves to be too strong for them, they combine into the Sigma Force Cannon. In this state, both their power and their speed increase dramatically. Goku has some trouble with them, but in the end, he doesn’t even need to transform into a Super Saiyan to beat them. General Rilldo, who has been watching on a video screen, gets very angry. He decides to take them out himself, and he takes off toward their spaceship.
19 “A General Uprising” / “Set Out and Attack!! The Mighty Mutant Rirudo”
“Shutsujin!! Saikyō myūtanto Rirudo” (出陣!!最強ミュータント·リルド)
July 17, 1996 December 5, 2003
Goku arrives at the ship just before General Rilldo. The General shoots a weird energy beam at Pan, but Trunks pushes her out of the way and is hit by it. It freezes him in a metal block, and he is instantly transmitted to the nearby tower, where he’ll be sent to Dr. Myu’s lab for dissection. Pan rushes off to save him, but she arrives too late. Meanwhile, Goku and General Rilldo have been fighting. Goku is swarmed by robots who appear out of nowhere, and he is forced to transform into a Super Saiyan. General Rilldo follows suit by powering up himself. Nearby chunks of machinery fly toward him while he’s powering up, and he merges with them to become Meta Rilldo.
20 “The Source of Rilldo’s Power” / “Surprise!! Son Goku’s Attacked By a Metal Storm”
“Tamageta zo!! Gokū o osou kinzoku tsunami” (たまげたぞ!!悟空を襲う金属津波)
July 31, 1996 December 12, 2003
Goku and Rilldo continue to fight, but Rilldo reveals his secret power: he can manipulate all of the metal on the planet, allowing him to appear anywhere there is metal, among other things. Pan, meanwhile, is trying to sneak into the main tower, but the emergency removal system keeps spitting her back out. But with the help of another robot, she deactivates the system. Before she can destroy Giru, he reactivates it, spitting her back out. Luckily, the Dragon Balls got spit out with her. General Rilldo tells Goku to give up, because as long as there is metal on the planet’s surface, he can’t be destroyed.
21 “A Secret Revealed” / “What is this!! Son Goku is Turned to Metal”
“Nante kotta!! Kinzokuban ni natta Gokū” (何てこった!!金属板になった悟空)
August 7, 1996 December 19, 2003
Goku and Rilldo continue their fight. Pan shows up to tell Goku that she found the Dragon Balls. Rilldo catches them off guard and turns them into metal blocks, just like Trunks. They are transported to Dr. Myu’s lab, where he prepares to dissect them. Giru shows up and frees both Goku and Pan with a special beam. Before he can free Trunks, another robot grabs the block, and in the scuffle, it breaks. While Goku and Pan mourn his death, Trunks appears on the nearby staircase. He and Giru reveal that everything that happened on this planet was planned by Giru and him. The metal Trunks that was destroyed was a fake. Trunks opens a secret door in the lab, despite Dr. Myu’s protests. The reason for the entire plan is inside.
22 “The Baby Secret” / “Violent Ambition!! Birth of the Evil ‘Baby'”
“Abakareta yabō!! Ja-aku seimeitai Bebī” (暴かれた野望!!邪悪生命体ベビー)
August 14, 1996 December 26, 2003
Dr. Myu’s special creation is an evil robot named Baby. Trunks has deactivated Baby’s life support. While Dr. Myu tries to revive his creation, Trunks explains that when he was transmitted to the tower as a metal block, Giru freed him, and then created a replica that he transmitted to Dr. Myu’s lab. Meanwhile, the evil scientist has revived Baby, and the robot bursts out of his container. Goku, Trunks, and Pan immediately blast him, and when the smoke clears, Baby is gone. Dr. Myu runs to his spaceship and takes off. On the ship, Baby bursts out of Dr. Myu, revealing that he used the scientist to create him. He crushes Myu’s head, revealing the one-star ball inside.
23 “Hidden Danger” / “A Hidden Crisis!? A Spacewrecked and Mysterious Boy”
“Kakusareta Kiki!? Nanbasen to Nazo no Shōnen” (隠された危機!?難破船と謎の少年)
August 21, 1996 January 2, 2004
Giru restores their ship, and they take off. They locate a Dragon Ball that’s on a nearby abandoned ship. The four of them board the ship and find the one-star ball. Pan sees something move, and decides to check it out. Giru informs the party that they only have two minutes until the ship crashes into the star it is orbiting. Pan finds a heavily injured, barely alive young boy, and they bring him back to their ship. Giru sends out a distress signal, and a nearby planet responds. They land, and take the boy to the hospital, where Goku is highly nervous and uncomfortable due to his severe trypanophobia. While in the emergency room, the boy wakes up, and blasts away the door.
24 “Discovering The Truth” / “Bebi’s Counterattack!! Target the Saiya-jin!!”
“Bebī gyaku shū!! Nerawareta Saiyajin!!” (ベビー逆襲!!狙われたサイヤ人!!)
August 28, 1996 January 9, 2004
Thinking the explosion was an accident, Goku rescues the boy from the burning room. Alone in his new room, the boy is revealed to be possessed by Baby. Baby then possesses a doctor and gets Trunks alone. He attacks Trunks, but Goku and Pan arrive in time to save him. They sensed Baby’s energy on the planet, and they knew that he would be after them, so they have been on their guard the entire time. They attempt to destroy Baby, but he catches Trunks off guard and possesses him. As Trunks, he is about to blast Goku at point-blank range, when Trunks takes control and redirects the blast. Because Baby is in a weak state, Trunks is able to force him from his body. Baby escapes and possess a random woman on the street. Not knowing which of the thousands of people Baby is in, the three take off in their ship.
25 “Baby’s Arrival” / “Oh no!! Bebi Has Appeared on Earth”
“Taihen da!! Chikyū ni Bebī ga Arawareta” (大変だ!!地球にベビーが現れた)
October 9, 1996 January 16, 2004
Goku, Trunks, and Pan find the seven-star ball, and are now just two Dragon Balls short of their goal. Meanwhile, back on earth, a mysterious and powerful thug is rampaging through the city looking for the Saiyans. Goten finds this man and defeats him and his cronies. Another strange and powerful person attacks Goten, and then goes into convulsions. Baby extracts himself from this person, revealing that it was he who was possessing these mysterious fighters. During his journey to earth, Baby regained a lot of his strength, and is not nearly as weak as he was when he fought Goku and Trunks. Baby tells Goten that he plans on possessing him.
26 “Saiyan Hunting” / “Gohan and Goten… The Worst Brotherly Spat!?”
“Gohan to Goten… Sai-aku no kyōdai Genka!?” (悟飯と悟天…最悪の兄弟ゲンカ!?)
October 16, 1996 January 23, 2004
Goten and Baby begin to fight. Baby baits Goten into powering all the way up. Then, he takes control of his body. Baby, as Goten, heads back to Capsule Corporation, eager to find Vegeta, whom he knows is the strongest of the Saiyans on earth. Meanwhile, Goku, Trunks, and Pan find the three-star ball, and are now just one Dragon Ball away from finishing their quest. Back on earth, Gohan realizes that something isn’t right, and brings Goten out into the country. Gohan tells him that he knows that something is possessing him. Baby, sensing that Gohan is even stronger than Goten, tries to bait Gohan into releasing his full power by unleashing Goten’s power on the earth. Gohan is forced to power up to stop him, and when Gohan has his guard down, Baby switches bodies. Piccolo arrives, but is quickly cut down. Baby, as Gohan, continues his search for Vegeta.
27 “The Attack on Vegeta” / “Ambition Achieved!? Vegeta Possessed”
“Yabō kansei!? Nottorareta Bejīta” (野望完成!?乗っ取られたベジータ)
October 23, 1996 January 30, 2004
Baby, as Gohan, finds Vegeta and Bulla driving along a highway. Vegeta notices something wrong with Gohan right away, and instructs Bulla to go home. Vegeta learns that it is a Tuffle who is possessing Gohan. Baby explains how the Saiyans stole the Tuffles’ home planet and claimed it as their own. This forced Tuffle scientists to create a parasitic organism, and send it off into the far reaches of space. Baby, this parasite, possessed Dr. Myu and forced him to create a body for him. Vegeta tries to stop Baby, but Goten shows up, and he is still possessed by Baby. The two Saiyan brothers are too much for Vegeta, and Baby takes control of his body. Meanwhile, Goku, Trunks, and Pan find the two-star ball. Now that they have all seven Black Star Dragon Balls, they head back to earth.
28 “A Worldwide Problem” / “Son Goku Returns… ‘All of Earth is My Enemy!?'”
“Gokū kaeru… Chikyū wa zenbu ora no teki!?” (悟空帰る…地球は全部オラの敵!?)
October 30, 1996 February 6, 2004
Goku, Trunks, and Pan finally arrive back on earth. They land at Dende’s lookout, and hand over the Dragon Balls to him. They decide not to wish Goku back to normal, because then they would have to collect the balls all over again. When Goku and Pan arrive back at home, they notice something strange about Chi Chi and Videl. Gohan and Goten burst into the room and attack. Pan falls to the ground unconscious. Goku easily fights off the two of them, but then Vegeta shows up. It seems that Baby has laid eggs inside of everyone on earth, turning them all into Tuffles. Baby even laid an egg inside of Majin Buu, but Buu was able to spit it out. Buu and Mr. Satan, through Buu’s protection, are the only two that escaped Baby’s rampage.
29 “The Fall of The Saiyans” / “This is Really Bad!? Super Saiya-jin 3 Fails!!”
“Chō Yabai!? Sūpā Saiyajin Surī yabureru!!” (超ヤバイ!?超サイヤ人3敗れる!!)
November 6, 1996 February 13, 2004
Buu eats Mr. Satan and Pan for their protection, and then takes off. Trunks and Bulla show up and are eager to fight Goku, since they, too, have been infected. Gohan, Goten, Trunks, and Bulla all try to fight Goku, but Baby calls them off. He means to destroy Goku himself. Goku powers up to Super Saiyan 3, but finds that with his new body, he can’t reach his full power, or defend himself as well. Baby begins to pummel Goku, who is now helpless. Gohan, Goten, Trunks, and Bulla each give all of their energy to Baby, who takes on a new form. He then gathers energy from everyone on earth into a giant ball, and hurls it directly at Goku. It seems that Goku is dead.
30 “The Game After Life” / “Goku Has Passed On!? ‘I’m Dead.'”
“Gokū Shōmetsu!? Ora wa Shinjimatta” (悟空消滅!?オラは死んじまっただ)
November 13, 1996 May 1, 2004
Just before the blast hits Goku, Kibito Kai appears and pulls him out of the way. But just as he makes his inter-dimensional shift, he is hit by the blast’s shockwave, and accidentally drops Goku in a mysterious dimension. Neither Baby nor the others saw any of this happen. Goku meets a strange man named Sugoro, who challenges him to a life-sized board game. If Goku wins the game, he gets to keep his life and return to earth, but if he loses, he must give up his life. To make matters worse, Goku is stripped of all of his powers, as they are “against the rules”. They begin to play a game of chance, and Goku always seems to have bad luck, unlike Sugoro, who never has anything bad happen to him. This is because he cheats while Goku isn’t looking. Back on earth, Dende gives Baby the Black Star Dragon Balls, and he wishes for the Tuffle home planet to be restored in orbit around the earth. He then gathers all of the Tuffles on earth, and they begin to board a giant spaceship that will take them there.
31 “Collapse From Within” / “What the…!? The Sky of Suguro-ku Studio is Collapsing”
“Atto odoroku!? Suguroku kūkan dai hōkai” (アッと驚く!?スゴロク空間大崩壊)
December 11, 1996 May 8, 2004
Goku discovers that Sugoro has been cheating with the help of his son, who disguised himself as a die, and both are shapeshifting “Space Lemurs”. Goku openly shouts about this despite Sugoro’s pleading. The powers that run the game are angry about this, so they begin to destroy everything. Goku grabs Sugoro and blasts a hole into another dimension. Once they exit the game dimension, Kibito Kai appears and takes them to the world of the Kais. Elder Kai begins to train Goku, since he is not strong enough to beat Baby in his current state. Back on earth, Buu, Pan, and Mr. Satan sneak onto the ship. Their cover gets blown, and Gohan is commanded to execute Pan. Just as he is about to carry out this order, Uub shows up and saves her.
32 “The Return of Uub” / “Son Goku Returns!! Angry Fighter Uubu”
“Gokū o kaese!! Ikari no senshi Ūbu” (悟空を返せ!!怒りの戦士ウーブ)
January 8, 1997 May 15, 2004
From Pan, Uub discovers that Goku has been “killed” by Baby, and he vows to avenge him. Uub and Baby begin to fight, and Uub seems to be winning. Gohan, Goten, and Trunks come to Baby’s aid, but he reveals that he was just testing Uub. Frustrated, he apparently kills his three servants. He then quickly overpowers Uub, and begins to gather a giant energy ball, just like the one he used to attack Goku. Buu takes Pan and Mr. Satan to safety. He says goodbye to them, and then flies back and absorbs the blast. Buu explodes, and the pieces of him rain down on Uub. Buu and Uub fuse to form Majuub. Meanwhile, Goku sees what’s happening on the Tuffle planet and demands to be sent there immediately. The Elder Kai reveals that the purpose of Goku’s training was to grow his tail, but because there is no time to waste, he decides to pull it out manually, using a giant pair of pliers.
33 “The Tail’s Tale” / “Eat This, Bebi! New Uubu’s Killing Light Ray!!”
“Kurae Bebī!! Shinsei Ūbu hissatsu kōsen!!” (くらえベビー!新生ウーブ必殺光線!!)
January 15, 1997 May 22, 2004
After numerous failed tries, Goku ties Elder Kai to a rock and tells him to hold on to the pliers. He flies away as hard as he can, which pulls his tail out to full length. Back on the Tuffle planet, Majuub creates a giant energy wave and aims it at Baby. After a long struggle, Baby is able to deflect the wave back at Majuub, turning him into chocolate, which Baby eats. Goku arrives and powers up to Super Saiyan 3. But even with his tail back, he doesn’t seem to have gained any strength. Baby knocks him to the ground and prepares to deliver the final blow, when Goku looks up at the earth. This causes him to transform into an Oozaru with golden hair.
34 “Back in The Game” / “The Transformation Fails!? Giant Ape Son Goku’s Rampage!”
“Henshin Shippai!? Gokū no Ōzaru dai abare!” (変身失敗!?悟空の大ザル大暴れ!!)
January 22, 1997 May 29, 2004
Fully transformed, Goku begins to attack Baby. It is clear that he is now stronger than Baby, but in his present state, he can’t focus his mind on fighting. He goes on a rampage, destroying everything in sight, while Baby looks on. He sees the earth again, and tries to run towards it. Standing on a mountaintop, Goku is reaching for the earth, when Pan shows up. She tries to bring him to his senses, but he swats her away. Then she shows him a picture of their family on a beach vacation, and it, combined with Pan’s tears, reminds Goku of who he is. He then transforms again. Goku is now at Super Saiyan 4.

Season 2: Super 17 and Shadow Dragon Sagas

Ep# Dub Title/Original Title Translated to English
Original Japanese Title
Original Airdate US Airdate
35 “Goku’s Ascension” / “Final Strength! Son Goku Becomes Super Saiyan 4!!”
“Saikyō! Gokū ga sūpā Saiya-jin Fō ni!!” (最強!!悟空が超サイヤ人4に!!)
January 29, 1997 June 5, 2004
In his new state, Goku’s powers are incredible. He finds Baby, and they begin to fight. It seems like Baby still has the upper hand, but Goku reveals that he hasn’t even been trying. Now on the offensive, Goku seems indestructible. Baby is no match for him. Bulma contacts Baby, saying that she’s found a way to focus earth’s energy onto him, which would turn him into an Oozaru. She hits him with this beam just before Goku releases a Kamehameha wave, and Baby transforms into a golden-haired Oozaru.
36 “The Tuffle Gorilla Attacks” / “Immortal Monster!? Atrocious Giant Monkey Baby”
“Fujimi no kaibutsu!? Kyōaku ōzaru bebī” (不死身の怪物!?凶悪大ザルベビー)
February 5, 1997 June 12, 2004
Goku and Baby begin to fight. In his new state, Baby is more powerful, but just like with Goku, lacks control of himself. He begins to destroy his own city and his people. Goku is able to fight back, and is confident that he can win. Baby begins to speak to Goku normally. He says that while Vegeta’s body transformed, he, the parasite, remained unchanged. He was only destroying his people for fun. He then aims a Super Galic Gun right at the earth, and Goku isn’t quick enough to stop it. Though the Earth is not destroyed, the blast has caused it significant damage, and it won’t be able to take another direct hit. Goku hits Baby with a Kamehameha wave, but it does little damage. Baby aims another beam right at the earth, but Goku gets in the way and takes the full force of the blast.
37 “Old Kai’s Last Stand” / “Bebi and Son Goku — Double KO!!”
“Sōzetsu!! Bebī to Gokū Daburu Keī Ō!!” (壮絶!!ベビーと悟空ダブルKO!!)
February 12, 1997 June 19, 2004
Goku’s Kamehameha wave has a delayed effect, and knocks Baby down. They get back up, only to knock each other out. Elder Kai takes advantage of this and sends Kibito Kai to Dende’s lookout. His plan is to use the Sacred Water, the same water that was used to return earth to normal after they beat Garlic Jr, to revive the other Saiyans. Kibito Kai finds the water and uses it on Dende and Mr. Popo. Then he arrives on the Tuffle planet and uses it to revive Trunks. Bulma uses the antenna again to restore Baby to his full strength. Goku wakes up, and it seems like he, too, has regained his strength, though he is only bluffing. He tries his best to avoid Baby’s attacks while still seeming confident.
38 “Family Bonds” / “From Everyone’s Power… The Revival of Super Goku 4”
“Minna no pawā de… Sūpā saiya-jin Fō fukkatsu” (みんなの力で…超サイヤ人4復活)
February 19, 1997 June 26, 2004
Goku can no longer avoid Baby, and he gets severely beaten. Pan can’t stand to look on anymore and rushes in to confront Baby. Baby knocks her down and is about to stomp on her, when Trunks shows up and blasts Baby away. Gohan and Goten arrive, and they prepare to fight. Goku stops them, saying that the only thing powerful enough to stop Baby is Super Saiyan 4. He instructs them to give him their energy so he can fight. Realizing this, Baby attacks them. Baby begins writhing in pain. Majuub, whom Baby had eaten, has regained his form and is attacking from the inside, revealing that he had purposely allowed Baby to deflect his attack and eat him. This gives them enough time to give Goku their energy. Baby spits Majuub out, and with Goku at full power, the final battle begins.
39 “Baby Put To Rest” / “This is How it Ends! At Last, Bebi’s Extinction”
“Kore de Saigo da! Tsui ni bebī shōmetsu” (これで最後だ!ついにベビー消滅)
February 26, 1997 July 3, 2004
Now that he’s at full power, Goku is much stronger than Baby. With no other way out, Baby hits Goku with his Revenge Death Ball. Goku is enveloped by the blast, but refuses to give up. He absorbs the energy. He then fires a powerful Kamehameha wave at Baby, knocking him unconscious. Goku then blasts away Baby’s tail, causing him to regress into his earlier form. Knowing that he is greatly outmatched, Baby extracts himself from Vegeta’s body and flees to his ship. Vegeta recovers, but Baby flies away. Determined to finish him off, Goku fires another Kamehameha wave at Baby’s ship, blasting it into the sun. They head back to earth and sprinkle the entire surface with sacred water, while Kibito Kai and Gohan do the same on the Tuffle planet. The earth begins to shake violently. Because Baby made another wish on the Black Star Dragon Balls, the earth is still in danger of exploding. In two weeks, it will be one year since Goku was transformed, and that will mark the end of the earth.
40 “Piccolo’s Decision” / “Earth Explodes!! Piccolo’s Serious Determination”
“Chikyū Bakuhatsu! Pikkoro no Jūdaina Ketsui” (地球爆発!!ピッコロの重大な決意)
March 5, 1997 July 10, 2004
Vegeta decides to evacuate the earth’s population to the Tuffle planet, using ships and Goku’s Instant Transmission, which he can use again as a Super Saiyan 4. Mr. Satan convinces the people that the earth really is going to explode. As the last ship is leaving, Goku locates the last four stragglers, but someone realizes they left their son back on earth. Goku finds him, along with Piccolo. He loses his Super Saiyan 4, and can’t use Instant Transmission. Piccolo gives him his energy, allowing him to make one last trip. He takes the boy back, but Piccolo lets go of him and is left on earth. He telepathically tells Gohan that the Black Star Dragon Balls are too dangerous, and he plans to sacrifice himself so that they can never be used again. After the earth explodes, they make a wish on the Namek’s Dragon Balls to restore earth.
41 “Curtain Call” / “Tenkachi Budoukai. Who Will Be Satan’s Successor?”
“Tenkaiichi budōkai. Satan no kōkeisha wa dare” (天下一武道会 サタンの後継者は誰)
March 12, 1997 July 17, 2004
Goku, Pan, and Majuub enter the 31st World Martial Arts Tournament. Goku is forced to enter the Junior Division, since he is a child again; when he asks Mr. Satan about this, he states it is because of his height, and Pan fights in the Adult Division because she is taller than him. In reality, he doesn’t want to end up fighting Goku, and wants Pan to succeed him as World Champion. He makes it to the finals, but is accidentally knocked out of the ring by his opponent after being distracted by Vegeta, and loses. Pan makes it to the semi-finals of the Adult Division, but forfeits because she doesn’t want to turn out like her grandpa, Mr. Satan. Majuub makes it to the finals against Mr. Satan, and takes the fight seriously. He is about to win, when Buu, from inside of him, tells him to let Mr. Satan win, as Mr. Satan gives the world hope. He gets knocked out of the ring, and Mr. Satan retains the title of World Champion.
42 “A Dangerous Union” / “Die, Son Goku!! The Revived Strong Enemies Escape From Hell”
“Shine Gokū!! Jigoku kara yomigaeru kyōteki-tachi” (死ね悟空!!地獄から蘇る強敵たち)
April 16, 1997 July 24, 2004
Trunks shows up at Goku’s house badly beaten, and a black hole has suddenly appeared in the sky. When he recovers, he explains that Android 17 attacked him, and said that Dr. Gero and Dr. Myu have demanded that Goku come to hell through the black hole and fight them, or else they will resurrect Cell and Frieza and send them to earth. A reporter on TV says that there are mysterious monsters destroying the city, and they recognize the monsters as everyone Goku has defeated over the years. Goku decides to go to hell and fight. Down in hell, Dr. Gero and Dr. Myu explain that they created a replica of the Android 17 on earth, but altered both of their programming to make them completely loyal. When these two androids fuse together, the resulting Super Android 17 will have unbelievable power. When Goku arrives in hell, Dr. Gero and Dr. Myu flee, and close up the hole connecting earth and hell, trapping Goku inside. Cell and Frieza show up, and now that he’s trapped in hell, he has no choice but to fight them.
43 “The Resurrection of Cell and Frieza” / “Hell’s Devil Fighters!! The Revival of Cell and Freeza”
“Jigoku no masenshi! Seru & Furīza fukkatsu” (地獄の魔戦士!セル&フリーザ復活)
April 23, 1997 July 31, 2004
Goku begins his fight with Frieza and Cell, and it is clear that Goku is far stronger than both of them combined. He kills both of them quickly, but they come back to life. Since they are already dead, Goku can never kill them. They trap Goku in a cage of energy, and force him down into the depths of hell. There, he is tortured in various ways, finally being trapped in a block of ice. Back on earth, Gohan is fighting General Rilldo, and Rilldo hits him with his metal beam, turning Gohan’s right arm into metal. Trunks and Goten are exterminating Saibamen, while Vegeta deals with the new Android 17. The original 17 locates Krillin, Marron, and Android 18. He hypnotizes her, and tells her to join him.
44 “17 Times 2” / “The Ultimate Android! The Two #17s Unite”
“Kyūkyoku Jinzō-ningen! Futari no 17-gō gattai” (究極の人造人間!二人の17号合体)
April 30, 1997 August 7, 2004
Android 17 kills Krillin, which brings 18 to her senses. She fights, but loses, and 17 heads off to find his counterpart. Down in hell, Goku’s body heat weakens the ice enough for him to break it, and once he’s out, he uses the freezing machine on Frieza and Cell and then accidentally shatters them. Back on earth, the two 17’s find each other and merge together, forming Super Android 17. Vegeta, Trunks, Gohan, Goten, and Majuub all try to attack him, but their efforts are useless. 17 takes each of them down with a single punch. Watching this from hell, Goku asks King Yemma if he can bring him to earth, but it is beyond Yemma’s power. Piccolo, however, has a plan, and requests that King Yemma send him to hell; when King Yemma refuses, Piccolo convinces him that he made a mistake by wreaking havoc with numerous energy waves, and is sent to hell.
45 “Piccolo’s Best Bet” / “Hurry, Son Goku!! The Plan to Escape From Hell”
“Isoge Gokū!! Jigoku kara no dassutsu daisakusen” (急げ悟空!!地獄からの脱出大作戦)
May 14, 1997 August 14, 2004
Piccolo’s plan is to replicate the method that the two Android 17’s used to escape from hell. He telepathically communicates his plan with Dende. They try to send an energy blast to each other at the same time. After several tries, they finally hit at the exact same moment, and another black hole opens up. Piccolo, unfortunately, cannot follow Goku back to Earth, as he must remain perfectly still for the portal to remain open, but assures Goku that it will be all right; he is willing to spend eternity in hell to help his old friend. Accepting, Goku returns to Earth, while Piccolo decides to get in some “target practice” with some of the old villains. Meanwhile, Vegeta, Trunks, Gohan, Goten, and Majuub are losing badly to Super Android 17. The Android turns on Dr. Gero, because Dr. Myu programmed the android to only take commands from him. With Gero out of the picture, he tells 17 to finish them all off. Just as he’s about to blast Vegeta, Goku arrives and pushes him out of the way, and turns his attention to Super 17.
46 “Raising the Stakes” / “Crash!! Super Goku 4 vs Super #17”
“Gekitō!! Sūpā Saiyajin 4 VS Sūpā 17-gō” (激突!!スーパーサイヤ人4 vs. スーパー17号)
May 28, 1997 August 21, 2004
Goku and Super Android 17 begin to fight. The battle is clearly in 17’s favor, as Myuu has programmed knowledge of all of Goku’s techniques and abilities into him; however, Goku transforms to Super Saiyan 4, which Myuu has never seen. He hits 17 with hundreds of energy blasts, but none of them seem to hurt the android. He tries a Kamehameha wave, but 17 makes no effort to get out of the way, and Goku realizes that 17 is absorbing the energy, just like Android 19 did. Now that he can’t use any energy blasts, Goku tries to use Instant Transmission to sneak up on 17, but the android can sense where he is going to appear. With none of Goku’s tactics working, Super Android 17 conjures a powerful energy ball to finish him off.
47 “The Greatest Surprise” / “The Big Reversal! Son Goku’s and #18’s 2-Step Attack Explosion”
“Daigyakuten! Gokū to 18-gō no nidan kōgeki sakuretsu” (大逆転!悟空と18号の二段攻撃さく裂)
June 4, 1997 August 28, 2004
While 17 is distracted by making his energy ball, Goku sneaks up from behind and grabs him. He tries to blow them both up, but when the smoke clears, both of them remain alive. 17 had put up a shield to protect himself, but it also protected Goku just enough to keep him alive. Once again, he gathers energy for his final attack, but suddenly 18 shows up. Her taunts cause 17 to turn and destroy Dr. Myuu. He turns back to kill Goku, but before he can, 18 starts firing energy blasts at him. While 17 is absorbing the blasts, Goku realizes that he is unable to move while absorbing energy and thus vulnerable, and he quickly attacks, punching a hole through him. He finishes 17 off with a Kamehameha wave. Bulma arrives, saying that the earth is incredibly unstable because of the interdimensional portals that 17 and Piccolo opened up. They gather the Dragon Balls to fix this, only to find that they are all cracked. When they call Shenron, black smoke issues from them, and a mysterious new dragon emerges.
48 “The Shadow Dragons” / “This is a Surprise! Shenron is the Enemy?!”
“Kore wa Bikkuri! Shenron ga teki ni?!” (これはビックリ!神龍が敵に?!)
June 11, 1997 September 4, 2004
The new dragon turns out to be pure evil. He sucks up the Dragon Balls and then splits into seven more dragons, which then fly away. Elder Kai explains that each time the Dragon Balls are used, they store negative energy, and that energy takes 100 years to dissipate. The reason the balls scatter after they’re used is to give them time to release their negative energy. But because Bulma invented the dragon radar, they were able to find them very quickly and summon Shenron many times. This overuse caused the balls to overload themselves with negative energy, and that energy spawned the Shadow Dragons. All those present blame Bulma for this, but she quickly places the blame on Goku, stating that she could never have found them without his help. In any event, Goku, feeling guilty for having used the Dragon Balls so often, goes off to slay the dragons, as they will potentially destroy the universe if left unchecked. Goku follows the destructive path left by the dragons, and Pan follows him, bringing Giru along to use the dragon radar. They find the two-star dragon destroying a village.
49 “The Two-Star Dragon” / “The Strongest Enemy!? The Fear of the Underhanded-Trick Using Dragon”
“Saikyō no teki!? Kyōfu no urawaza o tsukau ryū” (最強の敵?!恐怖の裏ワザを使う龍)
June 18, 1997 September 11, 2004
The two-star dragon, Haze Shenron, is polluting the entire area, so Pan steps in to stop him. She is much more powerful than the dragon, who is getting pounded. But Pan’s attacks seem to do less and less, until the dragon is able to overpower her. Goku tries to transform into a Super Saiyan, but can’t do it. The dragon explains that his pollution causes everything to be poisonous, which is why Pan’s strength decreased, and why Goku can’t power up. He also reveals that he was created when Goku wished to revive Bora, father of his old friend Upa, after he was killed by Mercenary Tao, horrifying Goku with the fact that he was indeed responsible for the birth of the Shadow Dragons. The dragon beats them up, and then throws them into the lake. Giru, who is unaffected by the poison, goes underwater and pulls them to an uninfected part of the lake. There is a spring here that is feeding in pure water from underground, and Goku blasts the hole, flooding the lake with clean water. With their powers rejuvenated, Goku and Pan destroy the dragon and recover the two-star ball, which returns to its original form.
50 “The Five-Star Dragon” / “Saiya-jin Power Dies in Honorable Defeat!? Electrical Fighter Uu Shinlon”
“Saiya pawā gyokusai!? Denkijū Ūshinron” (サイヤパワー玉砕!?電気獣五星龍)
June 25, 1997 October 23, 2004
Goku, Pan, and Giru land in a nearby city to get something to drink, and they discover that all its inhabitants have left. They find some weird electric slime, and they figure out that the five-star dragon, Rage Shenron, is controlling the slime. After revealing that he was created when Master Roshi and Bulma wished to revive Goku when Vegeta and Nappa originally came to Earth, he gathers the slime and becomes gigantic. Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan 4 and tries to blast the dragon, but the slime bounces his attack back at him. The dragon traps Goku and Pan in the slime, which begins to electrocute them. It begins to rain, causing the dragon to short circuit and explode. Goku and Pan claim the five-star ball.
51 “The Six-Star Dragon” / “Ryuu Shinlon! Looking for the Big Tornado Attack’s Weak Point”
“Ryū Shinron! Daitatsumaki kogeki no jakuten o sakase” (六星龍!大竜巻攻撃の弱点を探せ)
July 2, 1997 October 30, 2004
Goku, Pan, and Giru find the six-star dragon, Oceanus Shenron, in a fishing village. She reveals that she was created by the very first wish that Goku and company ever made (Oolong wishing for a pair of underwear in order to thwart Emperor Pilaf); while both she and Pan are disgusted and embarrassed by this, Goku looks back on it with humor, much to the dragon’s anger. This dragon can put up energy shields, so Goku can’t hit her. He tries to use a Kamehameha wave, but the dragon deflects it. The dragon then creates a giant whirlwind, which pins Goku against a cliff. Pan creates her first Kamehameha wave and blasts it at the dragon, which gives Goku time to deal the finishing blow. They collect the six-star ball and continue their journey.
52 “The Seven-Star Dragon” / “Pan, Look Out! To be Possessed by Chii-Shinlon”
“Pan abune! Chii-Shinron nottote oki” (パンあぶねぇ!七星龍のとっておき)
July 9, 1997 November 6, 2004
Goku, Pan, and Giru locate the seven-star dragon, Naturon Shenron. He is creating earthquakes by digging holes in the ground, and he isn’t interested in fighting. Goku and Pan follow him while he’s digging, and see that he’s headed for a city. The dragon creates a massive earthquake, but Pan and Goku, with the help of Super Saiyan 4, are able to prevent the city from being damaged. The dragon gets angry at them and, after revealing that he was created by the wish to revive all innocents killed by Majin Vegeta on the day of Majin Buu’s resurrection, tries to fight, but ends up hitting himself with his own attack. Goku prepares to deal the final blow, but the dragon dies on its own. Goku powers down and Pan catches the seven-star ball, only to find that it still has cracks in it. The ball begins to glow, and Pan gets sucked into it. The dragon reveals that he was using a mole’s body, which is why he was so weak, and now he’s using Pan’s body. He wants to get Goku’s Super Saiyan 4 body, but Goku refuses to power up. He says that he’ll fight if the dragon releases Pan.
53 “Saying Goodbye” / “Pan Dies!? The Tears of 10x’s Kamehameha”
“Pan ga shōmetsu!? Namida no 10-bai Kamehameha” (パンが消滅!?涙の10倍かめはめ波)
July 16, 1997 November 13, 2004
The seven-star dragon begins destroying the city. Inside of him, Pan can’t take the destruction, so she telepathically pleads with Goku to fight. He realizes that it’s the right thing to do, so he reluctantly transforms into a Super Saiyan 4. Intending to kill the dragon, along with Pan, he hits the dragon with a Kamehameha wave. The dust clears, and the dragon is still alive. Goku couldn’t bring himself to put all of his energy into the blast. The dragon turns the tide of the fight, and appears to knock Goku out. He mockingly “grants Goku’s wish” by letting him see Pan one last time. He pushes Pan halfway out of him, and Goku grabs her and pulls her out. The dragon regresses to his normal form, and Goku destroys him. They claim the seven-star ball, and continue their journey.
54 “The Four-Star Dragon” / “6000 Degree Celsius Power! The Fighter of the Sun”
“Sesshi Rokusen-do no pawā! Taiyō no Senshi” (摂氏6000度のパワー!太陽の戦士)
August 6, 1997 November 20, 2004
The sun seems unusually hot, and they discover that it is because of the four-star dragon, Nuova Shenron, who reveals that he was created when the original King Piccolo wished to regain his youth and full power. He can raise his body temperature to even greater levels than the surface of the sun, which makes punching him out of the question. Goku is forced to run from the dragon. He realizes that he can still use energy waves, so he begins attacking the dragon. After a while, the dragon gets tired of playing around, and he changes into his final form. Goku follows suit, and transforms into a Super Saiyan 4.
55 “The Heart of the Prince” / “Buruma Begins Working on Vegeta’s Makeover Plan!”
“Buruma ugoku! Bejīta Kaizō keikaku” (ブルマ動く!ベジータ改造計画)
August 13, 1997 November 27, 2004
Vegeta tries to leave for the fight, but Bulma convinces him to stay. She says that she’s working on something that will help him. While she’s preparing the device, Vegeta reminisces about Goku; everything from their first fight, to Goku’s fight with Frieza, to their fight when he was Majin Vegeta, to their fight with Kid Buu. Bulma explains that after Goku was bombarded with the earth’s Blutz Waves on the Tuffle planet, he transformed into an Oozaru. Pan helped him become conscious of himself, and this made him transform again into the final Super Saiyan 4 stage. Since Vegeta is already conscious of himself as an Oozaru, he just needs to be bombarded with Blutz Waves to become a Super Saiyan 4. He wasn’t able to do it on the Tuffle planet because he wasn’t a pure Saiyan then, since Baby was possessing him. To create these Blutz Waves, Bulma has built the same machine that she built for Baby on the Tuffle planet.
56 “The Three-Star Dragon” / “After the Sun Comes the Freeze! The Fire and Ice Dragon Brothers”
“Taiyō no tsugi wa kokukan! Honō to Kōri no kyōdai ryū” (太陽の次は極寒!炎と氷の兄弟龍)
August 20, 1997 December 4, 2004
Goku and Nuova, the four-star dragon, begin to fight. Goku catches Nuova off guard, but grants him a freebie because Nuova spared Pan’s life at Goku’s request when he could have easily destroyed her. Nuova says that he doesn’t harm innocent and helpless people. As they continue to fight, a beam comes out of nowhere and hits Goku’s arm, freezing it. It came from Eis Shenron, the three-star dragon, and Nuova’s twin brother, who was (as revealed in Dragon Ball GT Perfect Files) brought forth by the wish that erased the memories of Majin Buu from everyone on Earth excluding the Z Fighters and their friends. Eis has taken the Dragon Balls from Pan, and he gives them to Nuova. He then freezes the rest of Goku. Eis commands Nova to finish Goku off, but Nuova refuses because Goku can’t defend himself. Eis beats up Nuova, and reissues his command. Nuova appears to obey, but his attack just melts the ice. Goku thanks Nuova, and promises to beat Eis in ten seconds.
57 “The One-Star Dragon” / “The Overwhelmingly Strong Enemy!! The Ruling Evil Dragon”
“Tsuyosa Attō Teki!! Jaaku Ryū o shihai suru ryū” (強さ圧倒的!!邪悪龍を支配する龍)
September 3, 1997 December 11, 2004
Goku and Eis begin to fight. When the battle is in Goku’s favor, Eis resorts to dirty tricks, such as using the unconscious Pan and even his own brother as human shields. Eis freezes him again, but Goku is able to break free, and he beats the dragon. As Eis is begging for mercy, he suddenly slashes Goku’s eyes, blinding him. Goku is able to quickly land a devastating punch, which finishes off the three-star dragon. Nuova hands Goku special eye drops to cure his blindness, but they are shot out of his hand. It was the one-star dragon, Syn Shenron, who was created (also revealed in Dragon Ball GT Perfect Files) by the wish that revived all victims of Frieza and his men. He quickly destroys Nuova, leaving only a blind Goku to fight him. An enraged and disgusted Goku criticizes him for killing one of his own kind, but Syn merely reminds him that Goku is responsible for the birth of all Shadow Dragons because he overused the Dragon Balls. Undaunted, Goku states that he always used the Dragon Balls for the good of the Earth and never used them selfishly even once, and tries to fight, but even when he lands a Kamehameha wave, he isn’t able to do any damage to the one-star dragon. The dragon lands a powerful hit, which knocks Goku unconscious. Pan regains consciousness, and is horrified to see Goku hanging upside-down from a pole.
58 “Shadow Dragons Unite” / “Counterattack Returned! Super 4 is Surpassed”
“Hangeki Kaishi! Sūpā-saiyajin 4 o koero” (反撃開始!スーパーサイヤ人4を超えろ)
September 10, 1997 December 18, 2004
Goku reverts to his base state, and Syn grabs his unconscious body and drops him, intending to have him impaled on a statue of a swordsman. However, at that moment, Goten, Gohan, Trunks, and Majuub save him, and Mr. Satan, Chi-Chi, and Videl also show up for support. While Majuub tries to hold off the dragon, Gohan, Goten, and Trunks give all of their power to Goku. Goku absorbs more power than even he thought possible, and even though he’s still blind, he can perfectly sense the one-star dragon’s movements. The dragon can’t even land a punch. Goku fires a Kamehameha wave at the dragon, seemingly killing him. The dragon reappears, having dodged the blast. He sucks up the other six Dragon Balls, which were scattered around the area, and he transforms into Omega Shenron.
59 “Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta” / “Friend? Foe?… Oozaru Vegeta on the Rampage”
“Teki-ka mikata-ka… Ōzaru bejiita Ō Abare” (敵か味方か…大猿ベジータ大暴れ)
September 17, 1997 December 25, 2004
Omega Shenron’s power has far surpassed Goku’s. Goku is no longer a match for him. Desperate, Goku grabs Omega Shenron. He begins to self-destruct, but Vegeta arrives and tells him not to. He knows firsthand that self-destruction doesn’t work. Bulma arrives with the Blutz Wave Generator, and she blasts Vegeta with it. Vegeta transforms into an Oozaru, and it seems like he has lost control of himself, but he quickly becomes conscious of his actions. He then transforms into a Super Saiyan 4, but even teaming up with Goku won’t be enough to stop Omega Shenron. He suggests that he and Goku fuse together.
60 “Super Saiyan 4 Fusion” / “Fu–sion!! The Ultimate Super Gogeta”
“Fyū-jon!! Kyuukyoku no Sūpā Gojīta” (フュージョン!!究極のスーパーゴジータ)
October 22, 1997 January 1, 2005
Omega Shenron realizes that Goku and Vegeta have a plan, so he rushes in to stop them. Gohan, Goten, and Trunks cut him off to buy their fathers some time. While they hold Omega Shenron off, Goku and Vegeta fuse. They are now Gogeta, and are far more powerful than Omega Shenron. His punches are too fast even for the dragon to see. But instead of quickly finishing the job, Gogeta toys with Omega Shenron. Furious, the dragon unleashes all of the Dragon Balls’ negative energy in one massive attack. Gogeta redirects the ball away from the earth, and the negative energy that was enveloping the earth dissipates. Gogeta then hits Omega Shenron with a giant Kamehameha wave, but it doesn’t quite kill him. Before Gogeta can finish him off, he splits in two again, their immense power having cut the normal fusion time in half. Six of the balls have been dislodged from the dragon’s body, and before he can suck them all back up, Goku grabs the four-star ball.
61 “The Limits of Power” / “I WILL Win!! Son Goku Swallows the #4 Dragon Ball”
“Zettai Katsu zo! Suushichū o kūta Gokū” (絶対勝つぞ!四星球を食った悟空)
October 29, 1997 January 8, 2005
To prevent Omega Shenron from eating the four-star ball and powering up completely, Goku eats it. Then he and Vegeta attempt to fuse again, but this time Omega Shenron knows what fusion is, and stops them. Goku and Vegeta try to fuse over and over again, but Omega Shenron stops them every time. He’s too fast and powerful to avoid long enough to fuse. Then Goku and Vegeta use the after-image technique, which distracts Omega Shenron long enough for them to do the fusion dance. However, the dance doesn’t work for some reason. Knowing that it won’t work again, Omega Shenron lets them try one more time. This time, Goku reverts to his child self. Because he’s been fighting longer than Vegeta, he is out of power, and therefore can’t fuse. Suddenly, the four-star ball appears on Goku’s forehead.
62 “Rescue Goku” / “To the Rescue!! Son Goku’s Final Assistant Appears”
“Gokū o Sukue!! Saigo no Mikata Tōjō” (悟空を救え!最後の味方登場)
November 5, 1997 January 15, 2005
The four-star ball flies out of his forehead and becomes Nuova, the four-star dragon. Nuova is no longer on Goku’s side, since he was infected with Omega Shenron’s negative energy after the dragon ate the ball. Nuova kicks Vegeta aside, and conjures a massive beam. Goku creates a Kamehameha wave, and both he and Nuova turn and fire at Omega Shenron. After being infected with Omega’s negative energy, Nuova was flooded with positive energy while inside Goku. Nuova then grabs Omega and encases the two of them in flames. The ball of fire erupts, and it seems that Omega has been destroyed. But when the smoke clears, only Omega is left. Right before the explosion, Omega took cover inside of Nuova’s heat-resistant body. Now Omega Shenron is at full power because he has all seven Dragon Balls inside him.
63 “Universal Allies” / “The Miracle Turnaround Victory!! Son Goku Pleads with the Galaxy for Help”
“Kiseki no Gyakuten Shōri!! Uchū o Sukutta Gokū” (奇跡の逆転勝利!!宇宙を救った悟空)
November 12, 1997 January 22, 2005
Vegeta loses power as well, and reverts back to his base state. This time, Omega Shenron is through playing games. He creates a giant energy ball and hurls it at the earth. Vegeta prepares to attack it, but Goku knocks him aside and tries to push it back. After a long struggle, Omega’s power is too much, and the ball explodes. Goku prevented the earth from blowing up, but seemingly died in the blast. Vegeta, Trunks, Gohan, and Goten all attack Omega Shenron, but are quickly beaten. Omega then once again floods the Earth with negative energy, and Vegeta, seeking to avenge Goku’s apparent death, charges only to be defeated quickly. Before losing consciousness, Vegeta assures him that he hasn’t won yet, which proves true as a still-living Goku rises from the crater holding a Spirit Bomb. He has gathered all the energy from the earth, but it’s not enough. He tells King Kai to ask the entire universe for power. During this time, Omega repeatedly blasts Goku, but does no harm. Energy from all over the universe gathers on earth, and the Spirit Bomb completes itself. Omega, now fearing for his life, swallows his pride and pleads for mercy, but Goku refuses to listen and hits him with the Spirit Bomb, destroying him. After the explosion, the others find Goku lying unconscious with the Dragon Balls scattered around him. Finally, Shenron himself appears.
64 “Until We Meet Again” / “Goodbye, Son Goku… Till the Day We Meet Again”
“Saraba Gokū… Mata Au Hi Made” (さらば悟空…また逢う日まで)
November 19, 1997 January 29, 2005
Shenron heals Goku, and explains that he cannot allow the Dragon Balls to be overused again, so he is leaving the earth, and taking the balls with him, planning to return when the people of Earth learn to solve their own problems without using the balls. However, he allows one more wish at Goku’s request, which is to repair all damage done to the Earth since the gateway to Hell was opened up by Android 17, as well as revive all the innocent people that the villains killed. Just before Shenron leaves, he calls for Goku to accompany him. Goku entrusts Vegeta to take his place as Earth’s savior, and as they fly away, Bulma reminisces about her time with Goku. Pan picks up Goku’s clothes that were left behind, and Vegeta tells her to treasure them dearly. Goku stops by Kame House to say goodbye to Master Roshi and Krillin, who has been revived. He also stops in hell to say goodbye to Piccolo, and tells him that he will one day get back into Heaven. As he lies on the back of Shenron, the seven Dragon Balls become one with his body, and he becomes one with Shenron. Many years later, Vegeta Jr. and Goku Jr., Pan’s grandson, are fighting in the junior division championship at the World Martial Arts Tournament. Goku Jr. is wearing Goku’s clothes that Pan picked up many years ago. Pan looks down and sees the now-adult Goku watching the fight, but when she goes down to find him, he’s not there anymore; Pan merely assumes that she was imagining things. As Goku exits the stadium, he flashes back to many of the events that shaped his past, from his adoption by Grandpa Gohan to Baby’s defeat. With his Power Pole in hand, Goku flies off on the Flying Nimbus into the distance, having the last words on the show “‘Til We Meet Again Guys.”


As a young adult, Goku meets his older brother, Raditz, who tells him that they come from a race of extraterrestrials called Saiyans. The Saiyans had sent Goku to Earth to destroy it, but his ship crashes upon arrival. Goku fell into a deep ravine and lost all memory of his mission. Goku refuses to help Raditz continue the mission, after which he begins to encounter others who want to battle him, such as the Saiyan prince Vegeta. He also encounters Frieza, who is considered to be one of the strongest beings in the universe, after which Goku begins training his first child, Son Gohan, to be his successor. Years later, a group of soldiers from the Red Ribbon army known as androids appear to kill Goku. Another android, Cell, absorbs Androids #17 and #18 from the Red Ribbon army to increase his power, then fights Goku and Gohan, resulting in the former’s death. Goku decides to stay dead for seven years to train in the Other World. When he returns, he is drawn into a battle for the universe against an extraterrestrial named Majin Buu. Joined by Vegeta and Gohan, the evil half of Buu is destroyed and the Good Buu (Mr. Buu) settles down with them. Ten years later at a martial arts tournament, Goku meets evil Buu’s human reincarnation, Uub. At the end of the series, Goku takes Uub away on a journey to train him as another successor.

Episode list

Ep# Initial dub Ep# Translated Title/Original Dub Title [New Dub Title]
Japanese Title
Japanese Airdate English Airdate
1 1 “Mini-Goku is Mr. Precious! I’m Gohan.” / “Arrival” [The New Threat]
“Mini Gokū wa Obotchama! Boku Gohan Desu.” (ミニ悟空はおぼっちゃま! ボク悟飯です。)
April 26, 1989 September 13, 1996
Five years have passed since Goku’s victory at the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament. Goku’s son, Gohan, is wandering around the woods outside of his house when a tiger steals his hat. While he’s looking for the tiger, he accidentally falls into a river. Goku, searching for his son, finds his hat. He suddenly sees Gohan floating down a river, but he can’t reach him in time. Goku looks up and sees Gohan clinging to a branch, having somehow jumped out of the river. With Gohan safe, they head to Master Roshi’s house. Meanwhile, a mysterious alien has arrived on earth looking for a man named Kakarrot. With a special device he wears on his head, he searches for high power levels on earth. He finds Piccolo, whose attack is completely ineffective. Suddenly, the alien locates another high power level and takes off.
2 1 “The Strongest Warrior in All of History is Goku’s Brother!” / “Arrival” [Reunions]
“Shijō Saikyō no Senshi wa Gokū no Ani Datta!” (史上最強の戦士は悟空の兄だった!)
May 3, 1989 September 13, 1996
Goku and Gohan arrive at Master Roshi’s island to meet Bulma, Krillin, Master Roshi, and Turtle. As old friends catch up, the same mysterious alien arrives at the island and reveals himself: he is a Saiyan warrior named Raditz, and he is Goku’s older brother. He also reveals that Goku’s real Saiyan name is Kakarot. Goku learns that he was sent to destroy all life on Earth, but his memory loss from a terrible fall as a child prevented this outcome. Raditz came to Earth to get Goku to join him and the other two remaining Saiyans, and he won’t accept otherwise.
3 2 “Alright! This is the Strongest Combo on Earth!” / “The World’s Strongest Team” [Unlikely Alliance]
“Yatta! Kore ga Chijō Saikyō no Konbi Da!” (やった! これが地上最強のコンビだ!)
May 10, 1989 September 20, 1996
In order to get Goku to join him, Raditz kidnaps Gohan and orders Goku to kill 100 earthlings before the next day. Goku tries to stop him, but not even he could stop his brother’s power. Even though he’s no match for him, Goku will do whatever it takes to save his son. Suddenly, Piccolo appears and proposes that he and Goku team up in order to stop Raditz. He had seen Raditz’s power while the Saiyan was looking for Goku, and he knows that neither of them are a match for this alien.
4 3 “Piccolo’s Trump Card! Gohan is a Crybaby” / “Gohan’s Hidden Powers” [Piccolo’s Plan]
“Pikkoro no Kirifuda! Gohan wa Nakimushikun” (ピッコロの切り札! 悟飯は泣きむしクン)
May 17, 1989 September 27, 1996
Goku and Piccolo throw everything they’ve got against Raditz, but it seems that even their combined power stops short of Raditz’s own strength. However, Piccolo has an idea that might beat him: the Special Beam Cannon, his newest and most powerful technique. But, he has to power up to make it work. He requires five minutes to gather the strength, and Goku does his best to give him that.
5 4 “Goku Dies! There’s Only One Last Chance” / “Goku’s Unusual Journey” [Gohan’s Rage]
“Gokū Shisu! Rasuto Chansu wa Ichido dake” (悟空死す! ラストチャンスは一度だけ)
May 24, 1989 October 4, 1996
As Raditz tortures Goku, Gohan bursts out of Raditz’s spaceship and hurls himself into Raditz with incredible power that stuns the Saiyan. However, Gohan’s power disappears as quickly as it surfaced, leaving him defenseless against his father’s attacker. In a last-ditch effort to save his son, Goku gets Raditz in a hold that leaves both of them open to Piccolo’s ultimate technique. Goku urges Piccolo to use it, even at the expense of his own life. Piccolo then starts to wonder whether or not he should use it. Despite Raditz’s pleas for mercy, Piccolo lets loose his attack, which kills both Goku and Raditz.
6 4 “Even King Yama is Surprised — The Fight Continues in the Next World” / “Goku’s Unusual Journey” [No Time Like the Present]
“Enmasama mo Bikkuri — Ano Yo de Faito” (エンマ様もビックリ あの世でファイト)
June 7, 1989 October 4, 1996
Raditz may be dead, but his last breath brings fear to Earth’s protectors. In one year’s time, two more Saiyans, more powerful than Raditz, are on their way to Earth to use the Dragon Balls to wish for immortality. To prepare for this threat, Kami takes Goku to the Other World for training with the legendary martial arts master, King Kai. Piccolo decides to take Gohan under his wing, with the hope of tapping into his hidden power.
7 4 “Dinosaur and Survival! Gohan’s Difficult Training” / “Goku’s Unusual Journey” [Day 1]
“Kyōryū to Sabaibaru! Gohan no Tsurai Shugyō” (恐竜とサバイバル! 悟飯のツライ修行)
June 14, 1989 October 4, 1996
Piccolo leaves Gohan alone in the wilderness for six months so he can learn to take care of himself, just like his father did as a child. Even though there are dangerous animals in the wild, Gohan’s hidden powers help him survive. Meanwhile, Krillin tries to break the news about Goku and Gohan to Chi Chi.
8 5 “The Great Transformation on a Moonlit Night! The Secret of Gohan’s Power” / “Gohan’s Metamorphosis” [Gohan Goes Bananas!]
“Tsuki no Kagayaku Yoru ni Daihenshin! Gohan Pawā no Himitsu” (月の輝く夜に大変身! 悟飯パワーの秘密)
June 21, 1989 October 11, 1996
As Krillin and the others try to find the Dragon Balls, as well as a “gentle” way of telling Chi Chi what has just transpired, Korin appears with a task for Krillin: he must bring Yamcha, Tien, and Chiaotzu to Korin Tower in preparation for the Saiyans’ arrival. Gohan sees the full moon for the first time and goes through the same transformation as his father once did: he becomes a giant ape-creature, an Oozaru, unable to control his power. With no other way to stop the rampaging Gohan, Piccolo is forced to destroy the moon. Gohan reverts to his original form, and with no moon, the chance of the transformation ever happening again is gone. Just to be safe, Piccolo pulls Gohan’s tail off.
9 6 “Sorry, Mr. Robot — The Desert of Vanishing Tears” / “Gohan Makes a Friend” [The Strangest Robot]
“Gomen ne Robottosan — Sabaku ni Kieta Namida” (ゴメンねロボットさん 砂漠に消えた涙)
June 28, 1989 October 18, 1996
After waking up from his transformation, Gohan finds his tail gone and a new set of clothes that resemble his father’s gi. But he has no time to figure out what happened, as hungry animals descend upon him. Gohan escapes, but falls into a cave where he finds an ancient Capsule Corp. robot that’s been trapped for over 30 years, and it’s not too pleased about having company.
10 6 “Don’t Cry, Gohan! His First Fight.” / “Gohan Makes a Friend” [A New Friend]
“Naku na Gohan! Hajimete no Tatakai.” (泣くな悟飯! はじめての闘い。)
July 5, 1989 October 18, 1996
Krillin finds Yamcha at a baseball game, tells him of the important news, and brings him to Korin Tower. As Gohan becomes more like his father in bravery, power, and benevolence, he finds a wounded dinosaur, and aids it in recovering. He then defends it from a hungry predator.
11 7 “Strongest Warriors in the Universe — The Saiyans Awaken!” / “Trouble on Arlia” [Terror on Arlia]
“Uchūichi no Kyōsenshi — Saiyajin Mezameru!” (宇宙一の強戦士 サイヤ人めざめる!)
July 12, 1989 October 25, 1996
Goku continues his seemingly endless journey on Snake Way. Deep in space, the Saiyan warriors, Vegeta and Nappa, make a stop on a planet called Arlia and “become prisoners” to their tyrant king. When they are called before the king, they break their bonds and kill the guards. The king sics his giant monster on them, but they easily take care of it. The other Arlians are grateful of the Saiyans for killing their tyrant king. They proclaim that Vegeta and Nappa will always receive a hero’s welcome on Arlia. Despite all of this, Vegeta destroys the entire planet.
12 8 “Catnap on the Serpentine Road — Goku Takes a Tumble” / “Home For Infinite Losers” [Global Training]
“Hebi no Michi de Inemuri — Gokū ga Okkochiru” (蛇の道でいねむり 悟空が落っこちる)
July 19, 1989 November 1, 1996
Gohan and Piccolo train hard in the wilderness. Meanwhile, Krillin and Bulma are still trying to find Tien and Chiaotzu so they can begin training with Kami. Unfortunately for Tien and Chiaotzu, Launch isn’t very willing to part with her company.
13 8 “Hands Off! King Yama’s Secret Fruit.” / “Home For Infinite Losers” [Goz and Mez]
“Te o Dasu na! Enmasama no Himitsu no Kudamono.” (手を出すな! エンマ様の秘密の果実.)
July 26, 1989 November 1, 1996
Goku accidentally falls from Snake Way into Hell, where he finds a fruit tree. Goku is famished, so he tries to take a piece. However, the tree belongs to King Yemma, and the two oni there, Goz and Mez, will do anything it takes to stop Goku from acquiring the fruit. They explain that it is special fruit that will keep whoever eats it full for a long time. They challenge Goku to a race, and if he wins, he will get a piece of fruit. To their great surprise, Goku wins the race. Frustrated, they direct Goku to a “shortcut” back to Snake Way. Unfortunately, this leads back to King Yemma, and Goku must start all over.
14 9 “Such Sweet Temptation! The Snake Princess’ Hospitality” / “Princess Snake’s Hospitality” [Princess Snake]”
“Ama〜i Yūwaku! Hebihimesama no Omotenashi” (あま〜い誘惑! 蛇姫さまのおもてなし)
August 2, 1989 November 8, 1996
Even though Goku has to start all over on Snake Way, he quickly catches up to where he was last thanks to King Yemma’s fruit. He sees a castle in up ahead, and assumes it must belong to King Kai. He enters the castle, only to find out that it belongs to Princess Snake. The Princess finds Goku very attractive, so she does everything she can to keep him there. Goku tries several times to leave, but finally, she is forced to show her true form. In her new, horrible form, she captures Goku, but he is able to break free and continue down Snake Way.
15 10 “Escape from Piccolo! Gohan Summons a Storm” / “Escape from Piccolo” [Dueling Piccolos]
“Pikkoro kara no Dasshutsu! Arashi o Yobu Gohan” (ピッコロからの脱出! 嵐を呼ぶ悟飯)
August 9, 1989 September 11, 1998
Piccolo splits himself in half, and the two forms fight each other. Piccolo uses this method to train by himself at a high intensity. Meanwhile, Gohan builds a boat, so he can pay a quick visit to his mother, whom he misses. As he drifts on the sea at night, a huge storm is heading Gohan’s way, and he can’t swim.
16 10 “Run, Gohan! Longing for Mt. Paozu, Where Chichi is Waiting” / “Escape from Piccolo” [Plight of the Children]
“Hashire Gohan! Chichi no Matsu Natsukashi no Paozu Yama” (走れ悟飯! チチの待つなつかしのパオズ山)
August 16, 1989 September 11, 1998
Gohan was able to survive the storm, and he washes up on the shore. There he finds a group of orphans living on their own. The adults in the area are trying to capture them and take them to an orphanage. After telling them his goal, Pigero, their leader, designs a plan to get Gohan home, and get all of the orphans to a safe location. The adults come, and Pigero and Gohan are able to defend themselves against the adults, but Pigero suddenly realizes something: the children will be better off at the orphanage. Knowing this, he lets the adults capture the other orphans. He takes Gohan to the woods near his house, and then drives off. Gohan gets within sight of his home, but decides not to go in. He knows how important it is that he train for the Saiyans. Piccolo, hovering above him, sees all of this, and takes Gohan back.
17 11 “City of No Tomorrow! The Long Road to Victory” / “Showdown in the Past” [Pendulum Room Peril]
“Asu Naki Machi! Shōri e no Tōi Michinori” (明日なき街! 勝利への遠い道のり)
August 30, 1989 November 15, 1996
Gohan’s real training is about to begin, as Piccolo trains him in the martial arts. On Kami’s Lookout, Yamcha, Tien, Krillin and Chiaotzu want to get the same training as Goku did. So, Mr. Popo takes them to the Pendulum Room where the past, present, and future intertwine. Krillin and the others use the room and are sent to Planet Vegeta in the past, facing two powerful Saiyan warriors. After a horrifying battle, the Z Fighters continue their training with more motivation.
18 12 “Last Stop on the Serpentine Road! Are you Kaio-sama?” / “The End of Snake Way” [The End of Snake Way]
“Shūte〜n Hebi no Michi! Omē Kaiōsama ka?” (終点〜ん蛇の道! おめえ界王様か?)
September 6, 1989 January 3, 1997
After a rough day of training, Gohan rests for the next day. Gohan has a bad dream involving Raditz beating his father, and he suddenly wakes up. He finds that his tail has grown back. Gohan looks up at the moon, which has mysteriously reappeared, and begins to transform. Piccolo does his best to stop him, but once Gohan transformed into the Oozaru, he was powerless to stop him. Piccolo tries to destroy it, but finds that it is a projection from Goku’s old spaceship. Piccolo destroys the ship, reversing the transformation. Meanwhile, after a long trip, Goku finally makes it to King Kai’s planet, and finds a friendly little monkey, whom he believes to be King Kai.
19 13 “The Battle with Gravity! Catch Bubbles” / “A Fight Against Gravity… Catch Bubbles!” [Defying Gravity]
“Jūryoku to no Tatakai! Baburusukun o Tsukamaero” (重力との戦い! バブルス君をつかまえろ)
September 13, 1989 January 10, 1997
As Gohan’s training gets harder every day, Goku’s training with King Kai has just begun. He has about 88 days to prepare for the Saiyans. It turns out that the monkey is not King Kai, but it is his pet. His first task is to catch the monkey, whose name is Bubbles, but it’s not going to be easy. The gravity on this tiny planet is 10 times that of Earth, making it hard for Goku to even stand up. Just when Goku is losing hope, he gets inspired after learning that his people withstand different fighting conditions. After three weeks, Goku conquers the gravity and catches Bubbles.
20 14 “The Return of the Saiyan Legend! Goku’s Roots” / “The Legend of the Saiyans” [Goku’s Ancestors]
“Yomigaeru Saiyajin Densetsu! Gokū no Rūtsu” (よみがえるサイヤ人伝説! 悟空のルーツ)
September 20, 1989 January 17, 1997
Goku’s next task in King Kai’s training is to hit the grasshopper, Gregory, with a heavy mallet. After a long chase, it seems that Goku can’t hit Gregory yet. While taking a break, King Kai tells Goku about the Saiyan people. They were a warrior race who shared a planet with the smarter, though weaker, Tuffles. Eventually, the Saiyans overpowered the Tuffles and stole their technology. Willing to stop the Saiyans from destroying Earth, Goku continues his training and manages to hit Gregory. Now King Kai will train Goku himself in the ways of the Kaio-Ken.
21 15 “Come Forth, Shen Long! The Saiyans Finally Arrive on Earth” / “A Black Day for Planet Earth” [Counting Down]
“Ide yo Shenron! Saiyajin Tsui ni Chikyū Tōchaku” (いでよ神龍! サイヤ人ついに地球到着)
September 27, 1989 January 24, 1997
After 70 days of hard training with King Kai, Goku has gotten much stronger and faster. But, the Saiyans are going to arrive the next day, so Goku speaks to Master Roshi telepathically through King Kai. He asks him to use the Dragon Balls to wish him back. Suddenly, King Kai realizes that he forgot to account for the time it will take Goku to go back down Snake Way. With no time to waste, Goku leaves King Kai’s planet and races down Snake Way.
22 16 “‘nbelievable! Saibaimen, Born of the Soil” / “The Battle Begins… Goku Where Are You?” [The Darkest Day]
“‘nna Baka na! Tsuchi kara Umareta Saibaiman” (んなバカな! 土から生まれたサイバイマン)
October 11, 1989 February 1, 1997
After a year of space travel, the two Saiyans, Vegeta and Nappa, arrive on Earth. To celebrate their arrival, Nappa completely destroys East City with an energy blast. Sensing their power, the Z Fighters mobilize for an attack. The Saiyans search for any large power levels with their scouters, and they head toward Piccolo and Gohan. Just when Krillin shows up to help, the Saiyans also arrive. Piccolo learns that he is a Namek, because Vegeta recognizes the green skin that is typical of Nameks. Yajirobe knows the threat as well, but instead of stopping them, he is posing as the leader of the earth’s Special Forces to get food.
23 17 “Yamucha Dies! The Terror of the Saibaimen” / “The Saibamen Strike” [Saibamen Attack!]
“Yamucha Shisu! Osoru Beshi Saibaiman” (ヤムチャ死す! おそるべしサイバイマン)
October 18, 1989 February 8, 1997
Just to have some fun, Vegeta and Nappa grow some weird creatures, called Saibamen, to test their opponents’ strength. Suddenly, Tien, Chiaotzu, and Yamcha arrive to join the battle. Tien is the first to go up against one of the Saibamen. They may be strong, but thanks to his training, Tien easily beats one of them. Angry at his failure, Vegeta destroys the losing Saibaman. Yamcha is up against the next Saibaman, and it seems he, too, is stronger, but his opponent grabs Yamcha and self-destructs.
24 18 “Farewell Ten-san! Chaozu’s Suicide Strategy” / “Nappa… The Invincible?” [The Power of Nappa]
“Sayonara Tensan! Chaozu no Sutemi no Senpō” (さよなら天さん! 餃子の捨て身の戦法)
October 25, 1989 February 15, 1997
Yamcha has been killed by the Saibaman’s surprise explosion. Angered by losing him, Krillin fights the remaining Saibamen. He fires a powerful energy attack that completely destroys the remaining Saibamen. However, the real battle is about to begin, because the Saiyan Nappa steps up to fight. Nappa is clearly much stronger than any of them.
25 19 “Tenshinhan Cries Out! This is My Last Kikoho” / “Tien Goes All Out!!” [Sacrifice]
“Tenshinhan Zekkyō!! Kore ga Saigo no Kikōhō Da” (天津飯絶叫!! これが最後の気功砲だ)
November 1, 1989 February 22, 1997
As Tien gets beaten up by Nappa, Chiaotzu latches on to Nappa’s back and explodes. As the smoke clears, Nappa is has only been slightly wounded by Chiaotzu’s attck. Piccolo and Krillin do their best against Nappa, but the Saiyan is much too strong for them. Using all the power he has, Tien fires an attack to avenge his fallen friend, but it is still not enough to stop the rampaging Nappa.
26 19 “An Intense Three-Hour Delay! The Kinto Un Bullet-Express” / “Tien Goes All Out!!” [Nappa’s Rampage]
“Hitasura Matte Sanjikan! Dangan Hikō no Kintoun” (ひたすら待って3時間! 弾丸飛行の筋斗雲)
November 8, 1989 February 22, 1997
Only Piccolo, Krillin, and Gohan are left to fight, and they begin to wonder when Goku will show up. They tell Vegeta that Goku is far more powerful than any of them, and the Saiyan Prince can’t resist the thought of a better fight, as he has grown bored of the relatively weak earthlings. He tells Nappa that they will wait three hours for Goku. But instead of standing around for three hours, Nappa flies around the world destroying everything in his path to kill some time. Goku arrives on earth, but he is far away from the battlefield. The three hours are up, so Vegeta tells Nappa to continue the fight.
27 20 “Leave it to Me! Gohan’s Great Burst of Anger” / “Time’s Up!” [Nimbus Speed]
“Boku ni Makasete! Gohan – Ikari no Daibakuhatsu” (ぼくにまかせて! 悟飯·怒りの大爆発)
November 22, 1989 April 12, 1997
As Goku heads toward the battlefield, Piccolo, Krillin, and Gohan devise a plan to stop Nappa: they plan to pull his tail, which will weaken him enough to take him out. As Piccolo grabs Nappa’s tail, Gohan rushes to finish the fight. However, it seems that Nappa and Vegeta have evolved past their weaknesses, and they are no longer crippled when their tail is pulled. With their plan a failure, Nappa begins to pound on Piccolo and Krillin. Only Gohan is left to fight, and the young Saiyan is holding his own against Nappa. Enraged by Gohan’s attack, Nappa fires a blast at Gohan that could finish him off.
28 21 “Ferocity of the Saiyans! Kami-sama and Piccolo Both Die!” / “The Return of Goku” [Goku’s Arrival]
“Saiyajin no Mōi! Kamisama mo Pikkoro mo Shinda” (サイヤ人の猛威! 神様もピッコロも死んだ)
November 29, 1989 April 19, 1997
To save his only friend, Piccolo makes the ultimate sacrifice, and dives in front of Gohan to block Nappa’s attack. With Piccolo dead, Kami and the Dragon Balls are also gone, meaning that no one can be wished back. When all hope seems lost for earth, Goku finally arrives. After giving Gohan and Krillin a senzu bean, Goku learns what happened to his friends. Angered, he takes out his frustration on the hulking Nappa.
29 22 “Father is Awesome! Kaio-Ken, the Ultimate Finishing Technique” / “Goku Strikes Back” [Lesson Number One]
“Tōsan Sugē ya! Kyūkyoku no Hissatsuwaza – Kaiōken” (父さんすげえや! 究極の必殺技·界王拳)
December 6, 1989 April 26, 1997
Goku is able to easily beat Nappa, thanks to King Kai’s training. He is vastly superior to the man who so easily defeated his friends. Having seen enough of the fight, Vegeta orders Nappa to stop and let him fight Goku. To have some more fun, Nappa decides to attack Gohan and Krillin, only to be stopped by Goku’s Kaio-Ken attack. Unable to move, Nappa asks Vegeta for help, but the cruel prince does not tolerate weakness. He kills his partner.
30 23 “A Hot, Unbounded Battle! Goku vs. Vegeta” / “Goku vs. Vegeta… A Saiyan Duel!” [Goku vs. Vegeta]
“Genkai o Koeta Atsui Tatakai! Gokū Tai Bejīta” (限界を超えた熱い戦い! 悟空対ベジータ)
December 13, 1989 May 3, 1997
Goku instructs Krillin and Gohan to leave the battlefield, because he doesn’t want them to get hurt. With no one in their way, Goku and Vegeta begin their fight for the fate of the earth. Even with Goku using his kaio-ken technique, Vegeta is still more powerful. Goku has no choice but to try a kaio-ken x2, but even with this increase in power, he still can’t overpower Vegeta. His only choice is to try a kaio-ken x3, but the incredible surge in power could destroy his body.
31 23 “Now, Goku! A Final Technique with Everything on the Line” / “Goku vs. Vegeta… A Saiyan Duel!” [Saiyan Sized Secret]
“Ima Da Gokū! Subete o Kaketa Saigo no Ōwaza” (いまだ悟空! すべてを賭けた最後の大技)
December 20, 1989 May 3, 1997
Thanks to the kaio-ken x3 technique, Goku has the upper hand against Vegeta, but the Saiyan Prince will not give up so easily. He decides that if he can’t beat Goku, he will destroy the earth. He flies high up in the air and fires his Galick Gun attack. Goku unleashes the Kamehameha wave, and the two energy blasts meet in midair. Goku and Vegeta pour all of their energy into this attack, and after a long struggle, Vegeta’s blast is pushing Goku’s back, even with Goku using the kaio-ken x3 attack. With no choice left, Goku uses a kaio-ken x4 attack, and with the extra power, he is able to blast Vegeta into space. Vegeta is able to recover, and flies back down to earth. Goku is completely spent, and Vegeta claims to have a trick up his sleeve. Meanwhile, Krillin and Gohan feel the tremendous surge in energy coming from the battlefield, and decide to head back.
32 24 “Battle Power Times Ten!! Vegeta’s Great Metamorphosis” / “Vegeta… Saiyan Style!” [Spirit Bomb Away!]
“Sentōryoku Jūbai!! Bejīta Daihenshin” (戦闘力10倍!! ベジータ大変身)
January 17, 1990 May 10, 1997
By creating an artificial moon with a specialized ball of energy, Vegeta transforms into the Oozaru. But unlike most other Saiyans, he has complete control of himself while in this transformed state. Luckily, Goku has one last attack that could finish Vegeta: the Spirit Bomb. As Gohan and Krillin return to the battlefield, Goku is able to create the bomb. Vegeta, however, is able to prevent Goku from using it. With no energy left, Goku is now at the mercy of Vegeta.
33 25 “Don’t Die, Father!! This is the Depth of Gohan’s Power” / “Stop Vegeta Now!” [Hero in the Shadows]
“Shinanaide Tōsan!! Kore ga Gohan no Sokojikara” (死なないで父さん!! これが悟飯の底力)
January 24, 1990 May 17, 1997
Gohan and Krillin arrive at the battlefield, but have to be quick to save Goku, who is being pounded mercilessly. Krillin devises a plan to stop Vegeta: cut off the Saiyan Prince’s tail. As Krillin prepares to fire the Destructo Disk, Gohan distracts Vegeta. But, the Saiyan Prince is too smart for their tricks, and foils their plot. Suddenly, Yajirobe appears out of nowhere and cuts Vegeta’s tail off. Vegeta reverts to his normal form, but he is still too powerful to be stopped by the remaining Z Fighters.
34 25 “Shoot, Kuririn! The Genki Dama, Packed with Hope” / “Stop Vegeta Now!” [Krillin’s Offensive]
“Ute Kuririn! Negai o Kometa Genkidama” (撃てクリリン! 願いをこめた元気玉)
January 31, 1990 May 17, 1997
As Gohan fights against Vegeta, Goku gives Krillin the part of the Spirit Bomb that he was able to save. As Krillin prepares to unleash the ball, King Kai says not to use his eyes to throw it, but to feel it out. Sensing the right moment, Krillin fires the bomb, but Vegeta is able to dodge it. Goku telepathically communicates with Gohan, telling his son to redirect the blast at Vegeta, who has jumped into the air. Gohan is able to aim it directly at Vegeta, and lands a direct hit.
35 26 “Cause a Miracle! Son Gohan, the Super Saiyan” / “The Battle Ends” [Mercy]
“Kiseki o Okose! Sūpā Saiyajin Son Gohan” (奇跡を起こせ! スーパーサイヤ人孫悟飯)
February 7, 1990 May 24, 1997
Vegeta falls back down to earth, and recovers from the blast. He is about to destroy them, when he notices that Gohan’s tail has grown back. Vegeta is about to rip it off, when Yajirobe jumps in and stops him. Gohan recovers, and then transforms into the Oozaru. Unlike Vegeta, Gohan can’t control himself in this state. The rampaging Gohan pounds on Vegeta. Vegeta is able to cut off Gohan’s tail in midair, but as Gohan falls to earth, he lands on Vegeta, crushing him. Vegeta pulls out his remote and summons his spaceship. As he crawls toward it, Krillin attempts to kill him with Yajirobe’s sword. Goku tells him to stop, and let Vegeta go. Bulma, Chi Chi, and the others arrive right after Vegeta leaves.
36 27 “We’re Off Into Space! The Planet of Hope is Piccolo’s Homeland” / “A New Goal… Namek” [Picking Up the Pieces]
“Tobidase Uchū e! Kibō no Hoshi wa Pikkoro no Furusato” (飛び出せ宇宙へ! 希望の星はピッコロの故郷)
February 14, 1990 September 13, 1997
The battle with Vegeta is over, at the cost of Yamcha, Chiaotzu, Tien, Piccolo, and Kami. With the Dragon Balls gone, the others can’t be wished back, but Krillin has an idea. He overheard Vegeta saying that it was the Nameks who created the Dragon Balls, so they decide to go to the planet Namek. The only problem is that it will take over 4000 years to reach Namek. They decide to use Nappa’s spaceship, because Saiyan spaceships travel much faster. Bulma destroys the ship by accidentally pressing the self-destruct button on its remote.
37 27 “Mysterious Yunzabit! The Search for Kami-sama’s Spaceship” / “A New Goal… Namek” [Plans for Departure]
“Nazo no Yunzabitto! Kamisama no Uchūsen o Sagase” (謎のユンザビット! 神様の宇宙船を探せ)
February 21, 1990 September 13, 1997
Mr. Popo arrives, and tells them that he knows of another spaceship. It’s the Namekian ship that Kami used to come to earth when he was a boy.
38 28 “Blast-off for Planet Namek! The Terror Awaiting Gohan & Company” / “Journey to Namek” [Nursing Wounds]
“Namekkusei Iki Hasshin! Gohantachi o Matsu Kyōfu” (ナメック星行き発進! 悟飯たちを待つ恐怖)
February 28, 1990 September 13, 1997
Because the ship works on voice commands given in the Namekian language, Mr. Popo teaches Bulma a little of the language so she can operate the spaceship. Meanwhile, Goku, Krillin, and Gohan recover from their wounds. Because Goku’s injuries are worse, he has to stay in the hospital after Gohan and Krillin are completely recovered. Gohan and Krillin decide to accompany Bulma on her journey to planet Namek.
39 28 “Friends or Foes? Children of the Mysterious Giant Spaceship” / “Journey to Namek” [Friends or Foes?]
“Teki ka Mikata ka? Nazo no Kyodai Uchūsen no Kodomotachi” (敵か味方か? 謎の巨大宇宙船の子供たち)
March 7, 1990 September 13, 1997
Gohan, Krillin, and Bulma blast off to Namek. On the way, they run into what appears to be an invisible spaceship. They enter the ship, only to discover that it’s full of traps. Suddenly, the ship’s inhabitants come out, and they don’t look very friendly.

Ep# Initial dub Ep# Translated Title/Original Dub Title [New Dub Title]
Japanese Title
Japanese Airdate English Airdate
40 29 “Honest to Goodness? There Lies Namek, Planet of Hope” / “Friends or Foes?” [Held Captive]
“Honto ni Honto? Are ga Kibō no Namekkusei” (ホントにホント? あれが希望のナメック星)
March 14, 1990 September 20, 1997
Gohan and the others are captured by a group of children, for they think they are the lackies of a villain named Frieza, who sent some of his forces to destroy their planet long ago. Suddenly, the station heads into an asteroid field, and Bulma runs toward the cockpit. She pushes the pilot out of the way, and guides the ship out of the asteroids safely. After realizing that they’re not enemies, the inhabitants of the ship let Gohan, Krillin, and Bulma go.
41 29 “Kind-hearted Aliens — There’s the 5-Star-Ball Already” / “Friends or Foes?” [Look Out Below]
“Shinsetsu na Uchūjin — Ikinari Atta yo Ūshinchū” (親切な宇宙人 いきなりあったよ五星球)
March 21, 1990 September 20, 1997
Thanks to the kids’ help, Bulma uses a shortcut to get to Namek. After a crash landing on the planet’s surface, two Namekians nurse them back to health. They offer to help the three in their search for the Dragon Balls.
42 30 “Planet Freeza No. 79 — Vegeta Recovers!!” / “Hunt for a Dragon Ball” [The Search Continues]
“Wakusei Furīza Nanbā Nanajūkyū — Fukkatsu no Bejīta!!” (惑星フリーザNo.79 復活のベジータ!!)
April 4, 1990 September 20, 1997
As they continue their search for the Dragon Balls, with the Namekians’ help, they get closer and closer to attaining all seven. Back on Earth, Goku escapes from the hospital and begins training. Meanwhile, Vegeta’s ship has reached its destination, and doctors have begun their work on him.
43 31 “The Dragonballs are All Here! Piccolo-san Will Also Come Back to Life” / “Who’s Who?!” [A Friendly Surprise]
“Sorotta zo Doragon Bōru! Pikkorosan mo Ikikaeru” (そろったぞ神龍球! ピッコロさんも生き返る)
April 11, 1990 September 27, 1997
Gohan, Krillin, and Bulma are one Dragon Ball away from making their wish. But during their search for the seventh Dragon Ball, their two Namekian friends reveal that they are not Namekians at all. In fact, they’re not even on Namek. Meanwhile, Vegeta learns that Frieza has traveled to Namek to gather the Dragon Balls. Not wanting to be beaten to the punch, Vegeta immediately blasts off for Namek.
44 32 “A Tough New Enemy! Freeza, Emperor of the Universe” / “Touchdown on Namek” [Brood of Evil]
“Arata na Kyōteki! Uchū no Teiō Furīza” (あらたな強敵! 宇宙の帝王フリーザ)
April 18, 1990 September 27, 1997
The two “Nameks” reveal that they have been stuck on this planet since their ship broke down, and they have been planning to steal Bulma’s ship. They read their minds after her ship crashed, and so they projected images of Nameks over their true forms. Gohan, Bulma, and Krilln, however, are able to escape the clutches of the two aliens, and continue their trip to Namek. After a long journey, Gohan and the others celebrate their arrival on Namek, but their party is cut short by the arrival of Vegeta. He tells them that he’s not even their worst problem, because Frieza is also on Namek.
45 33 “Vegeta’s Ambition! I am the Greatest Warrior in the Universe!!” / “Face-off on Namek” [Frieza Strikes!]
“Yabō no Bejīta! Uchūichi no Senshi wa Ore Da!!” (野望のベジータ! 宇宙一の戦士はオレだ!!)
April 25, 1990 October 4, 1997
Frieza is already in possession of four Dragon Balls. He has learned of Vegeta’s arrival, so he sends one of his henchmen, Cui, after him. Cui believes that he is much stronger than Vegeta, but Vegeta is much stronger and more skilled after his time on earth, and he easily destroys Cui.
46 34 “Goku’s Power Unleashed!! Six Days to the Ends of the Galaxy” / “The Ruthless Frieza” [Defying Orders]
“Gokū Pawā Zenkai!! Ginga no Hate made Muikakan” (悟空パワー全開!! 銀河の果てまで6日間)
May 2, 1990 October 4, 1997
With Bulma safely hiding in a cave, Gohan and Krillin fly to the nearby Namek village to investigate. Crouching behind a rock, they see Frieza and his henchmen trying to steal the fifth Dragon Ball. Back on Earth, Master Roshi tells Goku everything that happened on Namek and asks for Goku’s help, but he’s still not healed yet. Yajirobe arrives with a bag of senzu beans for Goku. Now that he’s healed, he flies to Capsule Corp. where Dr. Brief has made a replica of his spaceship, which includes a gravity chamber to train on his way to Namek. Goku immediately blasts off for Namek.
47 35 “Surprise Attack!! The Elder’s Target was the Scouter” / “The Nameks versus Frieza” [Namek’s Defense]
“Ihyō o Tsuita Kōgeki!! Chōrō no Nerai wa Sukautā” (意表をついた攻撃!! 長老の狙いはスカウター)
May 9, 1990 October 11, 1997
The evil Frieza and his henchmen try to persuade the Namek elder of the village to hand over the Dragon Ball by killing most of the villagers. Gohan, who can’t watch the innocent Nameks murdered anymore, is about to fly in and save them, when three more Namekians appear. These three are strong enough to defeat Frieza’s weaker henchmen, so the evil tyrant sends one of his best fighters, Dodoria, after them.
48 36 “Gohan in Peril! A Pursuing Dodoria Summons Death” / “Escape from Dodoria” [The Hunted]
“Gohan Ayaushi! Shi o Yobu Tsuisekisha Dodoria” (悟飯危うし! 死を呼ぶ追跡者ドドリア)
May 16, 1990 October 11, 1997
Dodoria steps in to fight, and he easily kills the Namekian warriors. With no other choice, the elder gives the fifth ball to Frieza, but despite his cooperation, he and the Namek boy, Cargo, were killed. Before Dodoria can finish off the last Namek boy, Gohan loses control and steps in to save him. He grabs the boy and takes off, with Krillin at his side. Dodoria speeds off after them.
49 37 “Dodoria Dies by Explosion! Vegeta’s Fearsome Shockwave” / “Secrets Revealed” [The Prince Fights Back]
“Bakushi Dodoria! Bejīta no Osoru Beki Shōgekiha” (爆死ドドリア! ベジータの恐るべき衝撃波)
May 23, 1990 October 18, 1997
By using Tien’s Solar Flare technique, Krillin, Gohan, and the Namekian boy, Dende, were able to escape from Dodoria. As the pink alien tries to get back to Frieza, Vegeta shows up, ready to settle the score between he and Dodoria. Dodoria is taken by surprise by Vegeta’s new strength, and the Saiyan Prince easily overpowers him. Pleading for his life, Dodoria barters information for his freedom. He tells Vegeta that it was actually Frieza, not an asteroid, that destroyed Planet Vegeta. Although taken aback at this new revelation, he kills Dodoria anyway.
50 38 “Escape From a Burning Planet!! A Life-or-Death Kamehame-Ha” / “A Collision Course” [Unexpected Problem]
“Moeru Wakusei kara no Dasshutsu!! Inochigake no Kamehameha” (燃える惑星からの脱出!! 命がけのカメハメ波)
May 30, 1990 October 18, 1997
With Vegeta stronger, and Frieza afoot, Krillin is having doubts if he and the others will be able to collect the Dragon Balls. Bulma hears from her father that Goku is already on his way to Namek. Meanwhile, Goku is training aboard his spaceship at 20x the earth’s gravity. Suddenly, an asteroid collides with his ship, which aims it directly into a star. Goku is forced to summon every ounce of strength that he has in order to blast his ship back on course.
51 39 “Courage Times One Hundred! The Warriors Gathered Under Kaio” / “Stay Away From Frieza” [Vegeta has a Ball]
“Yūki Hyakubai! Kaiō no Moto ni Shūketsu Suru Senshitachi” (勇気百倍! 界王の下に集結する戦士たち)
June 6, 1990 October 25, 1997
No longer needing a scouter to sense energy, Vegeta quickly finds the next Dragon Ball. For good measure, he wipes out the entire village, as well. He then hides the Dragon Ball in the water nearby, for safekeeping. Sensing the nearby destruction, Krillin and Gohan deduce that Vegeta has found the sixth Dragon Ball. With only one left, Dende and Krillin take off toward the Namekian leader, Guru. It is this Eldest Namek who holds the seventh Dragon Ball.
52 39 “Listen to Me Goku! Hands Off Freeza” / “Stay Away From Frieza” [The Past and Future]
“Kike Gokū yo! Furīza ni wa Te o Dasu na” (聞け悟空よ! フリーザには手を出すな)
June 20, 1990 October 25, 1997
As Goku steps up his training, King Kai tells him that Yamcha, Tien, Chiaotzu, and Piccolo have come to train with him. However, King Kai has discovered that Frieza is on Namek, and warns Goku not go near him. Back on Namek, as Krillin and Dende head towards the Eldest Namek, Zarbon, one of Frieza’s high-level henchmen, finds Vegeta, and intends to destroy him. Vegeta shows off his newfound strength by easily beating him up. However, Zarbon claims he has a trick up his sleeve.
53 40 “Nothing but Goosebumps! The Handsome Warrior Zarbon’s Devilish Transformation” / “Zarbon Transformed” [Zarbon’s Surprise]
“Hotondo Torihada! Bisenshi Zābon no Akuma no Henshin” (ほとんど鳥肌! 美戦士ザーボンの悪魔の変身)
June 27, 1990 October 25, 1997
Realizing he is no match for Vegeta’s increased power, Zarbon has no choice but to reveal his true power, transforming into a hideous reptilian beast. In this form, he is far more powerful, and begins to pound Vegeta. With a mighty stroke, he blasts Vegeta to the bottom of a lake, and he is presumed dead.
54 41 “Defend the Planet of Hope!! Kuririn’s Astonishing Power-Up” / “The Eldest Namek” [Guru’s Gift]
“Kibō no Hoshi o Mamore!! Kuririn Kyōi no Pawā Appu” (希望の星を守れ!! クリリン驚異のパワーUP)
July 4, 1990 November 1, 1997
Once they finally arrive at their destination, Krillin and Dende meet the Eldest Namek, Guru, and his bodyguard Nail, who closely resembles Piccolo. The wise old Namekian gives Krillin the last Dragon Ball, and, upon seeing that he is pure-hearted, unlike Frieza, also awakens hidden powers within him. As Krillin heads back to the others, Zarbon informs Frieza that he killed Vegeta. When Frieza finds out that Zarbon only assumes that Vegeta is dead, he makes him go back and find Vegeta. Zarbon arrives at their battle site, pulls Vegeta out of the water, and brings him back to Frieza’s ship.
55 42 “Back from the Brink of Death — The Miracle Man, Vegeta” / “Get Vegeta!” [Piccolo vs. Everyone]
“Shi no Fuchi kara Yomigaetta — Kiseki no Otoko – Bejīta” (死の淵からよみがえった 奇跡の男·ベジータ)
July 18, 1990 November 1, 1997
As Goku trains harder for Namek, Yamcha, Tien, and Chiaotzu complete King Kai’s first test. Even Piccolo helps out on the second test. Back on Namek, Frieza’s men are working to revive Vegeta, but he’s still unconscious from his battle with Zarbon. Meanwhile, Krillin is still on his way back to Gohan and Bulma.
56 43 “An Enormous Battle Power!! Freeza’s Strategy Shattered” / “Vegeta Revived” [Zarbon’s Mission]
“Dodekai Sentōryoku!! Kudakechiru Furīza no Inbō” (どでかい戦闘力!! 砕け散るフリーザの陰謀)
August 1, 1990 November 8, 1997
Vegeta has recovered, and with no one watching him, he breaks out of his medical chamber and hides. He creates a diversion to get Frieza and Zarbon away from the five Dragon Balls. He goes into the main control room that contains the Dragon Balls, blasts a hole in the ship, and escapes. Furious over the loss of the Dragon Balls, Frieza orders Zarbon to find Vegeta and the Dragon Balls in one hour, or he will die. Vegeta finds a suitable hiding spot for the five Dragon Balls. He knows that Frieza and his henchmen have no scouters and can’t sense energy signals, so they won’t be able to find the five balls without combing the entire surface of the planet.
57 44 “I’m Back to My Old Self Again!! Goku Takes On a 100G Force” / “A Heavy Burden” [Gohan, the Hunted]
“Genki ga Modotta zo!! Hyakubai Chōjūryoku no Naka no Gokū” (元気が戻ったぞ!! 100倍超重力の中の悟空)
August 8, 1990 November 8, 1997
Gohan suddenly senses an energy signal from the village that Vegeta destroyed earlier, and goes to check it out. Krillin arrives back at the cave to give Bulma the good news, however, Zarbon and Vegeta followed him. They see that he has a Dragon Ball, and they decide to fight each other for it. Zarbon thinks that the fight will be as easy as it was the last time, but he doesn’t know that a Saiyan’s strength increases after he recovers from injury, and Vegeta makes short work of him. He then takes Krillin’s Dragon Ball back to where he hid the other five. Meanwhile, Goku’s ship hits a magnetic storm, which screws up the gravity machine, causing it to increase the gravity to 100x normal. Though he can barely move, Goku sees this as a new challenge, and begins to train under the intense gravity.
58 45 “Freeza’s Secret Weapon! The Devilish Ginyu Special Corps” / “Immortality Denied” [Unknown Enemies]
“Furīza no Himitsu Heiki! Akuma no Ginyū Tokusentai” (フリーザの秘密兵器! 悪魔のギニュー特戦隊)
August 22, 1990 November 15, 1997
With both of his main henchmen killed by Vegeta, Frieza summons his elite fighting squad, the Ginyu Force. Meanwhile, Gohan finds the Dragon Ball Vegeta hid underwater, and heads back to the cave with it. Vegeta arrives at the village, only to discover that someone has taken his Dragon Ball. He takes off in a rage, and Gohan recognizes this sudden surge of power as belonging to Vegeta. He drops to the ground, and hides the Dragon Ball behind a rock. Vegeta finds him, but doesn’t suspect that Gohan has the Dragon Ball, and leaves Gohan alone. Amazed at his luck, Gohan brings the Dragon Ball back to Krillin and Bulma. He and Krillin then take off toward Guru’s place, leaving the Dragon Ball in Bulma’s possession. They hope that Guru will awaken Gohan’s hidden power.
59 46 “Watch Out, Bulma!! The Four-Star-Ball Falls into Freeza’s Clutches” / “Big Trouble for Bulma” [Destination: Guru]
“Buruma ga Abunai!! Sūshinchū wa Furīza no Te ni” (ブルマが危ない!! 四星球はフリーザの手に)
August 29, 1990 January 31, 1998
As Gohan and Krillin head to Guru’s place to awaken Gohan’s hidden powers, they leave Bulma behind to look after the Dragon Ball. Frustrated at his loss of five of the Dragon Balls, Frieza begins firing powerful energy blasts all over the surface of Namek. These explosions cause the Dragon Ball to roll away from Bulma and into the water nearby. Bulma takes her submarine into the water to find the lost ball, but there she finds more than she bargained for. As she reaches for the ball, a giant crab thinks she is trying to steal her eggs, and begins to attack Bulma. Bulma saves the crab from a falling rock, and the crab gives her the Dragon Ball.
60 47 “Charge!! The Kaio-ken and Kamehame-Ha of an Indomitable Spirit” / “Scramble for the Dragon Balls!” [Bulma’s Big Day]
“Gekitotsu da!! Fukutsu no Tōshi no Kaiōken to Kamehameha” (激突だ!! 不屈の闘志の界王拳とカメハメ波)
September 5, 1990 February 7, 1998
Bulma finally retrieves the Dragon Ball, only to be captured by two of Frieza’s henchmen. She persuades them to find the rest of the Dragon Balls and making a wish themselves. Knowing she has more Dragon Ball knowledge than the two of them, they take her along. She leads them into the water, and right to the giant crab, who eats both of them.
61 48 “The Great Battle Approaches! Ginyu’s Special Corps Takes the Stage!!” / “Arrival of the Ginyu Force” [Hidden Power]
“Semaru Chōkessen! Ginyū Tokusentai Tadaima Sanjō!!” (迫る超決戦! ギニュー特戦隊只今参上!!)
September 12, 1990 February 7, 1998
Krillin and Gohan finally make it to Guru’s place, but Vegeta has followed them, determined to get the last Dragon Ball. As Krillin tries to hold off Vegeta, Gohan has his hidden powers unleashed. Suddenly, they all sense an incredibly powerful force arriving on the planet. Vegeta recognizes it as the Ginyu Force. He tells Krillin and Gohan that the Ginyu Force is far more powerful even than himself. Vegeta says that if they are to defeat them and prevent Frieza from making his wish, they must work together.
62 49 “Goku on Final Approach! Smash through Freeza’s Dragnet” / “Elite Fighters of the Universe… The Ginyu Force” [New Ally, New Problem]
“Gokū ga Daisekkin! Furīza no Hōimō o Buchiyabure” (悟空が大接近! フリーザの包囲網をぶち破れ)
September 19, 1990 February 14, 1998
The Ginyu Force arrives on Namek. They are five incredibly powerful warriors named Guldo, Jeice, Recoome, Burter, and Captain Ginyu. These five fighters specialize in making flashy poses. Frieza tells them what the Dragon Balls are, and sends them after Vegeta. He tells Captain Ginyu to use his scouter to find the Dragon Balls while the other four deal with Vegeta. Meanwhile, Krillin is very reluctant to join forces with Vegeta, but Gohan knows that Goku would do it, so he convinces Krillin to help. The Ginyu Force quickly finds where Vegeta and the others are, and are prepared to fight.
63 50 “Is This Some Super-Magic or Just a Trick!? Mr. Ghurd is Angry!” / “Time Tricks and Body Binds” [Guldo’s Mind Binds]
“Chōmajutsu ka Torikku ka!? Misutā Gurudo ga Okotta zo!” (超魔術かトリックか!? Mr.グルドが怒ったぞ!)
September 26, 1990 February 14, 1998
The weakest member of the Ginyu Force, Guldo, steps up to fight against the powered up Krillin and Gohan. Guldo quickly discovers that both Krillin and Gohan are far more powerful than he is, so he uses his special technique: he holds his breath, stopping time. Krillin and Gohan swoop in for the final blow several times, but every time Guldo stops time, and runs to a different location. He then reveals another trick: he uses his mysterious power to completely bind Krillin and Gohan. Unable to move, they are at the mercy of Guldo. Having seen enough, Vegeta steps in and quickly annihilates Guldo.
64 51 “The Savage ReaCoom!! He’s Bad, He’s Strong, He’s Outrageous” / “No Refuge From Recoome” [Recoome Unleashed]
“Mōi Rikūmu!! Warukute Tsuyokute Tondemonai Yatsu” (猛攻リクーム!! 悪くて強くてとんでもない奴)
October 24, 1990 May 16, 1998
The next fighter from the Ginyu Force is the massive Recoome. Vegeta pulls out all the stops, but he is no match for Recoome. The giant begins to toy with Vegeta, despite the pleas from the remaining members of the Ginyu force. With Vegeta out of commission, Krillin steps in to save him. Though he does his best, he is easily defeated.
65 52 “Don’t Die, Gohan! Goku Finally Touches Down on the Battlefield” / “Enter Goku” [Let the Battle Begin]
“Shinu na Gohan! Gokū, Tsui ni Kessenjō ni Tōchaku Da” (死ぬな悟飯! 悟空, ついに決戦場に到着だ)
October 31, 1990 May 23, 1998
Since Krillin and Vegeta can’t fight anymore, Gohan is the only one left to fight. Captain Ginyu, leader of the Force, locates all seven Dragon Balls, and brings them to Frieza. Frieza tries to make his wish, but realizes he doesn’t know what to do. He figures there must be a password. Meanwhile, Gohan gives it everything he has against Recoome, but the giant warrior is too strong. Just as he is about to finish off Gohan, everyone senses a gigantic power arriving on the planet. Krillin, Gohan, and Vegeta realize it is Goku.
66 53 “Uncommon Strength!! Son Goku, the Legendary Super Saiyan” / “Goku… Super Saiyan?” [Goku’s New Power]
“Ketahazure no Tsuyosa!! Densetsu no Sūpā Saiyajin Son Gokū” (ケタ外れの強さ!! 伝説の超サイヤ人孫悟空)
November 7, 1990 May 23, 1998
Goku has finally arrived on Namek, and finds Krillin, Gohan, and Vegeta near death. He gives them all a senzu bean, and prepares to fight the Ginyu force. With a single blow to the gut, he puts Recoome out of commission. Goku’s training at 100x normal gravity has exponentially increased his strength.
67 53 “Lightning Balls of Red and Blue! Jheese and Butta Attack Goku” / “Goku… Super Saiyan?” [A Legend Revealed]
“Aka to Ao no Raitoningu Bōru! Jīsu to Bāta ga Gokū o Osō” (赤と青の光球! ジースとバータが悟空を襲う)
November 14, 1990 May 23, 1998
With Recoome beaten by one punch, the remaining two Ginyu Force members, Burter and Jeice, fight against Goku, but none of their speed attacks work against him. They try to hit him, but their punches seem to go through Goku. He is dodging so fast that it appears he isn’t even moving. Vegeta believes that Goku has become the legendary Saiyan warrior, the Super Saiyan. If this is true, Goku would be the first Super Saiyan in millenia.
68 54 “At Last, a Direct Confrontation!! Captain Ginyu Takes the Field” / “Ginyu Assault”
“Tsui ni Chokusetsu Taiketsu!! Ginyū Taichō no Odemashi Da” (ついに直接対決!! ギニュー隊長のおでましだ)
November 21, 1990 September 13, 1999
Goku easily beats Burter. Frightened, Jeice flies away to get Captain Ginyu. Vegeta then executes both Recoome and Burter, despite Goku’s pleas. Meanwhile, Frieza heads off towards Guru’s place, hoping to discover the secret to using the Dragon Balls. Goku, Vegeta, Krillin, and Gohan all sense that Frieza is on the move, but the Dragon Balls remain in their place. They recognize that this might be their only chance to make their wish.
69 55 “Incredible Force!! Did You See Goku’s Full Power?” / “Incredible Force”
“Susamajii Hakuryoku!! Mita ka, Gokū no Furu Pawā” (凄まじい迫力!! 見たか, 悟空のフルパワー)
November 28, 1990 September 13, 1999
Once Captain Ginyu arrives, Vegeta leaves Goku behind to get the Dragon Balls for himself. Krillin and Gohan leave to get the dragon radar from Bulma so they can find the balls before Vegeta. Jeice tells Captain Ginyu how powerful Goku is, but the Captain is confident he can beat him. Goku decides to skip the warmup and power up to his full strength immediately. As he is powering up, Jeice measures his power level on his scanner. He is shocked as the level continues to climb higher and higher, eventually surpassing Captain Ginyu’s maximum. Captain Ginyu doesn’t believe the scanner, and begins to fight with Goku.
70 56 “What of the Battle’s Outcome!? Freeza’s Evil hand Closes Around the Grand Elder” / “Frieza Approaches”
“Tatakai no Yukue!? Saichōrō ni Semaru Furīza no Ma no Te” (闘いの行方!? 最長老に迫るフリーザの魔の手)
December 5, 1990 September 14, 1999
Goku is obviously more powerful than Ginyu, but the Captain won’t give up so easily. Meanwhile, Guru sends Dende to tell Krillin and Gohan the password to use the Dragon Balls. Frieza arrives at Guru’s place, demanding to know the Dragon Balls’ password. Guru’s bodyguard, Nail, tries to hold him off. He leads Frieza away from the lookout so Guru won’t get hurt. Though he knows he can’t win, he continues to fight Frieza, hoping to buy enough time for Dende to deliver the password.
71 57 “Surprise!! Goku is Ginyu and Ginyu is Goku” / “Goku is Ginyu and Ginyu is Goku”
“Bikkuri!! Gokū ga Ginyū de Ginyū ga Gokū” (ビックリ!! 悟空がギニューでギニューが悟空)
December 12, 1990 September 15, 1999
As Dende flies toward Krillin and Gohan, Nail gives it everything he’s got against Frieza. There is not much time left, because Nail can’t hold out much longer. Gohan and Krillin get the dragon radar from Bulma and head towards Frieza’s spaceship. Meanwhile, Goku is winning his fight against Captain Ginyu. Realizing he can’t win, Captain Ginyu decides to use his special power: the ability to switch bodies with his opponent. He lets Goku beat him severely, then just before Goku lands the final blow, a beam of light shoots out of his mouth and into Goku’s, and the two switch bodies. Ginyu, as Goku, then flies back towards Frieza’s spaceship, leaving Goku in Ginyu’s thrashed body behind.
72 58 “Come Forth Super Shen Long!! Grant Me My Wish” / “Calling the Eternal Dragon”
“Ide yo Sūpā Shenron!! Boku no Negai o Kanaetamae” (出でよ超神龍!! ボクの願いをかなえたまえ)
December 19, 1990 September 16, 1999
Krillin and Gohan arrive at Frieza’s spaceship and locate the Dragon Balls, unaware that Vegeta is not far away. As the two try to figure out what the password is, Jeice and Captain Ginyu, in Goku’s body, arrive as well. The disguised Ginyu tries to trick Krillin into believing that he is Goku. Gohan, however, realizes that it is not the real Goku. Goku, in Captain Ginyu’s destroyed body, arrives, and tells Krillin and Gohan what happened. Now it is up to Gohan to defeat Captain Ginyu.
73 59 “That Ain’t Me! Gohan, Take Heart and Hit Your Father!!” / “Gohan, Defeat Your Dad!!”
“Yatsu wa Ora ja Nē! Gohan Bibiru na Chichi o Ute!!” (奴はオラじゃネェ! 悟飯びびるな父を撃て!!)
January 16, 1991 September 17, 1999
Ginyu tries to power up with Goku’s body, but he can’t reach its full potential, because he doesn’t know how to unite body and mind. But even at a relatively low power, he can still overpower both Krillin and Gohan. Vegeta arrives, and begins to fight Jeice. Having recovered from severe injury, Vegeta has greatly increased his power, and easily overpowers and kills Jeice.
74 60 “Whoops!! Ginyu Has Turned into a Frog” / “Captain Ginyu… The Frog”
“Daigosan!! Ginyū ga Kaeru ni Natchatta” (大誤算!! ギニューがカエルになっちゃった)
January 23, 1991 September 20, 1999
Realizing that he’s no match for the renewed Vegeta, Captain Ginyu decides to use his body-switching trick on him. Once again, he lets his body get thrashed, so his opponent will be very weak after the switch. Just as Captain Ginyu uses the trick, Goku recognizes the move and intercepts the light beam, switching back into his old body. Back in his broken body, Captain Ginyu tries to switch with Vegeta again. Goku throws a frog to intercept the transfer. The frog, in Ginyu’s body, hops into the water, while Ginyu, in the frog’s body, flees. With the Ginyu Force defeated, Goku recovers in an isolation chamber in Frieza’s spaceship. Vegeta finds two pairs of Saiyan armor for Krillin and Gohan to wear in their upcoming fight with Frieza.

Ep# Dub Ep# Dub Title
Japanese Title
Japanese Airdate English Airdate
75 61 “Password is Porunga”
“Nanatsu no Tama o Soroeshi Mono yo… Sā Aikotoba o Ie!” (七ッの玉を揃えし者よ… さあ合言葉を言え!)
January 30, 1991 September 21, 1999
While Goku is recovering, Krillin heads to Guru’s to get the password. Gohan is left behind to guard the Dragon Balls while Vegeta is taking a nap. On his way to Guru’s Krillin sees Dende flying in the opposite direction. He meets up with him, and Dende tells him that he has been sent to deliver the password. Krillin and Dende head back to Frieza’s ship. Once they arrive, they decide to make the wish now, so Vegeta won’t get his wish of immortality. They bring the Dragon Balls to a nearby island, and Dende summons Porunga. Frieza, meanwhile, realizes that Nail is purposely stalling him, and he finishes him off. As the sky suddenly turns black, he realizes that someone must be summoning the dragon, and frantically flies back to his ship.
76 62 “Piccolo’s Return”
“Kamisama mo Ikikaetta! Chō Shenron de Pikkoro ga Fukkatsu” (神様も生き返った! 超神龍でピッコロが復活)
February 6, 1991 September 22, 1999
Thanks to Dende, the Eternal Dragon, Porunga, has been summoned. Unlike Shenron, the earth’s dragon, Porunga has the power to grant three wishes. Through King Kai, Piccolo tells Gohan to use the first wish to bring him back to life, then use the second to bring him to Namek. The dragon grants these two wishes. While they are thinking of their third wish, Vegeta wakes up. Furious, he flies over to Gohan, Krillin, and Dende, demanding that they wish for his immortality. Before they can decide what to do, Porunga suddenly disappears. Guru has died, so the Dragon Balls die with him.
77 63 “The Fusion”
“Saikyō Senshi no Tanjō ka!? Neiru to Pikkoro ga Gattai” (最強戦士の誕生か!? ネイルとピッコロが合体)
February 13, 1991 September 23, 1999
Guru is gone, along with Porunga and Vegeta’s wish. Frieza arrives, furious at being denied his wish. He begins to fight with them. Vegeta is confident in his new strength. He also tells Frieza that Gohan is even more powerful than he is, but doesn’t even know it. Meanwhile, Piccolo comes upon Nail’s wounded body. Nail tells him to fuse with him, because this transformation might give him enough power to defeat Frieza. Though he is reluctant, Piccolo agrees. He and Nail become one, though it is in Piccolo’s body. With his newfound strength, Piccolo continues towards Frieza’s ship.
78 64 “Fighting Power: One Million?”
“Akumu no Chō Henshin!! Sentōryoku Hyakuman no Furīza” (悪夢の超変身!! 戦闘力100万のフリーザ)
February 20, 1991 September 24, 1999
As the battle continues, Frieza decides to tell Vegeta that it was actually he who destroyed planet Vegeta, wiping out the Saiyan race. Vegeta claims that he knew all along, which was why he hated Frieza so much. Frieza decides to reveal another secret: he can transform. He claims that at full strength, his fighting power is over one million. Eager to finally destroy Vegeta, Frieza transforms into a hideous giant.
79 “Gohan Attacks”
“Koko Made ka!? Kyōaku Chōzetsu Pawā ga Gohan o Osō” (ここまでか!? 凶悪超絶パワーが悟飯を襲う)
February 27, 1991
By transforming into a giant, Frieza has gained much more power. Frieza’s first victim is Krillin. After seeing his friend attacked, Gohan loses control of himself and unleashes a furious attack on Frieza. Though he is strong, he is not strong enough to stop Frieza, who pounds the inexperienced young warrior.
80 65 “Piccolo the Super-Namek”
“Ikki ni Keisei Gyakuten!! Okuretekita Senshi Pikkoro” (一気に形勢逆転!! 遅れてきた戦士·ピッコロ)
March 6, 1991 September 27, 1999
Dende heals Krillin’s injuries. Krillin is then able to distract Frieza long enough for Dende to heal Gohan. Though they are both back to full strength, it all seems useless, because none of them are a match for Frieza. Suddenly, Piccolo finally arrives at the scene. He tells them that he will take on Frieza alone. Krillin and Gohan don’t understand why he would do this, but Piccolo insists. With his new strength acquired from fusion, he is confident that he can take down Frieza.
81 66 “Deja vu”
“Pikkoro no Jishin! Furīza o Taosu no wa Ore da” (ピッコロの自信! フリーザを倒すのはオレだ)
March 13, 1991 September 28, 1999
Piccolo and Frieza begin to fight. With his new power, Piccolo is able to hold his own with Frieza. Also, since he is fused with Nail, he is familiar with the way Frieza fights. Inside the isolation chamber in Frieza’s spaceship, Goku senses that Piccolo has arrived, and that his strength has dramatically increased. It seems that Piccolo is going to defeat Frieza.
82 67 “Frieza’s Second Transformation”
“Shutsugeki da Gokū!! Gekido no Furīza ga Daini no Henshin” (出撃だ悟空!! 激怒のフリーザが第2の変身)
March 20, 1991 September 29, 1999
Piccolo is beating Frieza, but the evil tyrant has another trick up his sleeve: another transformation. He changes into a hideous beast. In this form, Frieza is even more powerful than before. Piccolo begins to fight the new Frieza, but it is clear that Frieza is more powerful. Piccolo is no longer able to hold him off.
83 68 “Another Transformation?”
“Kyōfu shiro!! Furīza wa Sando no Henshin de Shōbu suru” (恐怖しろ!! フリーザは3度の変身で勝負する)
March 27, 1991 September 30, 1999
Frieza is about to finish Piccolo off, but Gohan jumps in front of his energy blast to save him. He then fires a blast of his own at Frieza, but Frieza is able to deflect it. Frieza decides to transform into his final form to finish them off once and for all. Vegeta, however, comes up with a plan to stop him: he asks Krillin to severely injure him, so that when Dende heals him, he’ll become much more powerful. Krillin reluctantly gives Vegeta a powerful blast, and the Saiyan falls to the ground. He stumbles over to Dende, demanding that he be healed. Though Dende resists, Gohan and Krillin convince him to do it.
84 69 “Dende’s Demise”
“Dende no Shi… Detekoi! Tobikiri Zenkai Pawā” (デンデの死… でてこい!とびきり全開パワー)
April 3, 1991 October 1, 1999
Frieza realizes that Dende has been healing his opponents, so he kills him. Now in his final form, Frieza seems unstoppable. Gohan and Krillin throw everything they’ve got at him, but Frieza easily defeates them. Vegeta steps in, telling Frieza that he has now become a Super Saiyan. Unafraid, Frieza takes him on.
85 70 “The Renewed Goku”
“Machi ni Matta ze, Kono Shunkan!!! Son Gokū ga Fukkatsu da” (待ちに待ったぜ、この瞬間!!! 孫悟空が復活だ)
April 10, 1991 October 4, 1999
Despite his dramatic increase in power, Vegeta is no match for Frieza. It seems that he is not a Super Saiyan after all. Gohan, Krillin and Piccolo helplessly look on in horror as Frieza tortures Vegeta. Luckily, Goku has finally recovered. He breaks out of the isolation chamber, and flies to the battlefield.
86 71 “The End of Vegeta”
“Munen…!! Hokori Takaki Saiyajin Bejīta Shisu” (無念…!! 誇り高きサイヤ人·ベジータ死す)
April 17, 1991 October 5, 1999
Goku has entered the battlefield stronger than ever and prepares to fight Frieza alone. It seems that Goku might become a Super Saiyan, as he easily deflects Frieza’s energy attacks. As Vegeta taunts Frieza, the tyrant easily finishes him off with a cruel bout of laughter. With his last breath, Vegeta tells Goku of what Frieza has done to him and the Saiyans. Can Goku be able to defeat Frieza, the one person no one else has beaten?
87 72 “The Ultimate Battle”
“Chō Kessen no Makuake da!! Omēdake wa Ora ga Taosu” (超決戦の幕開けだ!! おめえだけはオラが倒す)
April 24, 1991 October 6, 1999
With new understanding of the Saiyans, Goku vows to avenge them by defeating Frieza. Both of these warriors match each other’s moves with great speed and strength. Then, Frieza fires at Namek, causing a volcanic eruption. Can Goku survive this?
88 73 “Clash of the Super Powers”
“Gekitotsu no Ni Dai Chō Pawā! Honki Dōshi no Nikudan Sen!!!” (激突の2大超パワー! 本気同士の肉弾戦!!!)
May 1, 1991 October 7, 1999
As the fight continues, Goku attacks from underwater upon realizing that Frieza can’t sense power levels. As Goku seems to be in control, Frieza uses his mind to use rocks to attack Goku so he can trap him in an energy ball that will explode if it touches anything but Frieza, and it doesn’t look good for Goku.
89 74 “Frieza’s Boast”
“Furīza Kyōfu no Sengen! Te o Tsukawasu Omae o Taosu” (フリーザ恐怖の宣言! 手を使わずお前を倒す)
May 8, 1991 October 8, 1999
To prove that he’s the strongest of all, Frieza uses his feet and not his hands to beat Goku. It may seem Frieza has the advantage, but Goku proves that the tyrant will have to use his hands. Meanwhile, Bulma finds a frog, unaware that it’s Captain Ginyu as he prepares to switch bodies with her.
90 75 “Bold and Fearless”
“Hattari ja nē zo!! Daitan Suteki na Yatsu – Son Gokū” (ハッタリじゃねえぞ!! 大胆素敵な奴·孫悟空)
May 15, 1991 October 11, 1999
To ensure Goku is defeated, Frieza powers up to 50% of his maximum and it seems that not even Goku can handle it. Captain Ginyu finds the other heroes in Bulma’s body and prepares to have his revenge.
91 76 “Embodiment of Fire”
“Ketchaku da!! Honō no Keshin Nijūbai Kaiōken no Kamehameha” (決着だ!!炎の化身 20倍界王拳のカメハメ波)
May 22, 1991 October 12, 1999
Captain Ginyu prepares his revenge by switching with Piccolo, but Gohan is able to throw Bulma (as a frog) in the way to get her body back. Meanwhile, Goku is being beaten up by Frieza with his power increase and even the Kaio-Ken attack doesn’t work. But as he is held by the monster’s power, he has a vision showing what Frieza could do to Earth. Rocked and inspired by the vision, Goku powers up.
92 77 “Trump Card”
“Chō Tokudai no Genki Dama Kore ga Saikyō no Kirifuda da!!” (超特大の元気玉 これが最後の切り札だ!!)
May 29, 1991 October 13, 1999
Goku’s 20x Kaio-Ken attack with a Kamehameha doesn’t work against Frieza, as the tyrant tries to destroy him once and for all. Suddenly, Vegeta telepathically speaks to Goku from the otherworld to not give up yet, giving Goku more power, but it’s not enough. Luckily, Goku has one more trick up his sleeve: the Spirit Bomb.
93 78 “Keep the Chance Alive”
“Chansu o Ikase!! Pikkoro Sutemi no Engo Shageki” (チャンスを生かせ!! ピッコロ捨て身の援護射撃)
June 5, 1991 October 14, 1999
As King Kai and the others watch the battle on Namek, the Ginyu Force arrives to take over the planet, but Yamcha, Tien and Chiaotzu are ready for a fight. Back on Namek, Frieza discovers Goku’s Spirit Bomb and plans to stop it. Suddenly, Piccolo steps in to give Goku more time.
94 79 “Power of the Spirit”
“Genki Dama no Chō Hakairyoku!! Ikinokotta no wa Dare da!?” (元気玉の超破壊力!! 生き残ったのは誰だ!?)
June 12, 1991 October 15, 1999
The battle on King Kai’s planet begins with the Z-Fighters against the Ginyu Force and it seems that our heroes’ training is paying off. Piccolo does his best for Goku to complete the Spirit Bomb, but it seems that Frieza might win this battle.
95 80 “Transformed at Last”
“Tsui ni Henshin!! Densetsu no Sūpā Saiyajin Son Gokū” (ついに変身!! 伝説の超サイヤ人·孫悟空)
June 19, 1991 October 18, 1999
It looks like the battle is over, as Frieza seems to be defeated and the Ginyu Force has fallen down to Hell. As everyone celebrates, Frieza reappears and spares no time knocking Piccolo out and killing Krillin. Fueled by rage, Goku’s power increases exponentially. Goku ascends to a Super Saiyan.
96 81 “Explosion of Anger”
“Ikari Bakuhatsu!! Gokū yo, Minna no Kataki o Uttekure” (怒り爆発!! 悟空よ、みんなの仇を討ってくれ)
June 26, 1991 October 19, 1999
Goku’s hair has turned gold and his eyes green, as he is surrounded by a gold aura; the fuel of this power being his anger towards Frieza. As Gohan takes Piccolo to Goku’s ship, our hero starts to pound on Frieza as the tyrant fires back, but none of his attacks are working against Goku now that he is a Super Saiyan. It looks like Frieza will finally be defeated.
97 82 “Namek’s Destruction?”
“Namekkusei Shōmetsu ka!? Daichi o Tsuranuku Ma no Senkō” (ナメック星消滅か!? 大地を貫く魔の閃光)
July 3, 1991 October 20, 1999
Not willing to be beaten, Frieza fires an attack to destroy Namek so Goku will be killed, as the Super Saiyan can’t do anything to stop the attack.
98 83 “A Final Attack”
“Katsu no wa Ore Da… Ikinokori o Kaketa Saishū Kōgeki” (勝つのはオレだ… 生き残りをかけた最終攻撃)
July 10, 1991 October 21, 1999
Namek is about to explode in 5 minutes, as Gohan finds Bulma and gets back to the ship. Meanwhile, Frieza powers up to 100% of his maximum to finish the fight. Instead of stopping him, Goku has let Frieza go full power.
99 84 “Approaching Destruction”
“Shenron yo Uchū o Hashire!! Semaru Namekkusei Shōmetsu no Toki” (神龍よ宇宙を走れ!! 迫るナメック星消滅の時)
July 17, 1991 October 22, 1999
As the battle on Namek continues, Kami and Mr. Popo have found all of the restored Dragon Balls, giving King Kai an idea that might save everyone on Namek.
100 85 “Gohan Returns”
“Boku wa Son Gokū no Musuko da!! Gohan, Futatabi Kessenjō e” (ボクは孫悟空の息子だ!! 悟飯、再び決戦場へ)
July 24, 1991 October 25, 1999
Everyone that has been killed by Frieza and his henchmen on Namek are resurrected, but so far, Guru isn’t back yet and it looks like Goku has been beaten by Frieza’s attack. To avenge his father, Gohan returns to the battle to make sure the cold tyrant blows up with the planet, but is no match for Frieza. Before Frieza lands the killing blow, however, Guru returns to life, and Goku reappears, and orders Gohan to leave Namek.
101 86 “The Last Wish”
“Ore wa Kono Hoshi ni Nokoru!! Shōri e no Saigo no Negai” (オレはこの星に残る!! 勝利への最後の願い)
July 31, 1991 October 26, 1999
With Guru back to life, the Namekian Dragon Balls have been restored as well, with Porunga ready to grant the third wish. As Dende prepares to complete the final phase of King Kai’s plan, Frieza flies towards Porunga to have his wish granted as well. Can Goku stop him in time?
102 87 “Duel on a Vanishing Planet”
“Tokoton Yarōze!! Kieyuku Hoshi ni Nokotta Futari” (とことんやろうぜ!! 消えゆく星に残った二人)
August 7, 1991 October 27, 1999
It seems that everyone on Namek has been transported to Earth, but Goku is still on Namek, insisting that he finish the fight. Everyone is upset with Goku’s decision, as it seems that there is no escape from the explosion.
103 88 “Pathos of Frieza”
“Aware Furīza! Furue Dashitara Tomaranai!!” (哀れフリーザ! 震えだしたら止まらない!!)
August 14, 1991 October 28, 1999
As Namek gets closer to explosion it looks like Goku can beat Frieza with ease as his power keeps increasing. Finally, Goku decides to leave, knowing that he’s more than a match for Frieza, but the tyrant won’t give up that easily.
104 89 “Frieza Defeated!!”
“Gokū no Shōri Sengen da!! Furīza ga Jimetsu suru Toki…” (悟空の勝利宣言だ!! フリーザが自滅する時…)
August 21, 1991 October 29, 1999
Frieza fires a pair of Krillin’s Destructo Disk that will follow Goku until it hits him or anything else. Even so, Goku has the situation under control as the battle draws to a close.
105 90 “Mighty Blast of Rage”
“Furīza Yabureru!! Subete no Ikari o Kometa Ichigeki” (フリーザ敗れる!! すべての怒りをこめた一撃)
August 28, 1991 November 1, 1999
As Guru enjoys seeing his people alive on Earth, the time has come for him to go, but gave his powers to Moori, as the next Eldest Namek. Back on Namek, Frieza has been cut in half by his own energy disk from behind, but Goku, being the kind person he is, gives Frieza some of his power to escape. However, Frieza will not accept defeat, as he uses the given power to finish Goku off, but Goku finishes off Freiza with a final blast attack.
106 91 “Namek’s Explosion… Goku’s End”
“Namekkusei Dai Bakuhatsu!! Uchū ni Kieta Gokū” (ナメック星大爆発!! 宇宙に消えた悟空)
September 4, 1991 November 2, 1999
With Frieza gone, Goku flies to Frieza’s spaceship to escape from Namek, but it looks like the ship doesn’t work. Even though it looks like Goku is gone, Bulma and the others have an idea that could work; using the Namekian Dragon Balls, once restored, to bring everyone else back.

Orig. Ep# Dub Ep# Dub Title/Re-Release Title
Original Japanese Title
Original Airdate English Airdate
107 92 “Goku Alive!” / “Goku’s Alive!!”
“Ikiteita Son Gokū Zetto Senshi ga Zen’in Fukkatsu da!!” (生きていた孫悟空 Z戦士が全員復活だ!!)
September 11, 1991 November 3, 1999
As it looks like Goku and Krillin can’t come back, Vegeta has an idea: wish them back to the Check-in Station, then wish them back to life. After 130 days, Krillin and Yamcha are back to life, but Porunga says Goku is alive, but where is he?
108 93 “The Heavens Tremble” / “The Heavens Tremble”
“Tenkai ga Taihen da!! Gārikku Junia ga Kami ni Naru!?” (天界が大変だ!! ガーリックJr.が神になる!?)
September 18, 1991 April 8, 2000
Even with Goku not back yet, the Earth has been very peaceful as Gohan fishes and Krillin dates a young girl named Maron. However, the peace will be disturbed because an old enemy has escaped from his dark prison- Garlic Jr!
109 94 “Black Fog of Terror” / “Black Fog of Terror”
“Kyōfu no Kuroi Kiri…!! Minna Mazoku ni Natchatta” (恐怖の黒い霧…!! みんな魔族になっちゃった)
September 25, 1991 April 15, 2000
Garlic Jr. and his henchmen, the Spice Boys, have infiltrated Kami’s Lookout and have captured Kami and Mr. Popo. With Garlic Jr. in control, he releases his father’s Black Water Mist- a vapor that unlocks any evil within a person, becoming a demon. Can anyone withstand the mist’s power?
110 95 “Battle in Kami’s Lookout” / “Battle on Kami’s Lookout”
“Tenkai ga Senjō da!! Pikkoro ga Mazoku ni Gyaku Modori…” (天界が戦場だ!! ピッコロが魔族に逆戻り…)
October 2, 1991 April 22, 2000
With their friends infected by the Black Water Mist and the knowledge of Garlic Jr.’s return, Gohan and Krillin head towards the Lookout to get the Sacred Water, but it’s going to be tricky with Garlic Jr. beating them to the punch. Meanwhile, Piccolo handles the Spice Boys and the others, but will he too be infected by the mist?
111 96 “Fight with Piccolo” / “Fight with Piccolo”
“Pikkoro to Kyokusetsu Taiketsu!! Tenkai ni Ikari no Masenkō” (ピッコロと直接対決!! 天界に怒りの魔せん光)
October 9, 1991 April 29, 2000
The brave Namekian has been tainted by the mist too, as he now follows Garlic Jr. As the immortal demon relaxes, Mustard and Salt have their fun with Earth’s last heroes. Will Krillin and Gohan beat them and how will they able to handle Piccolo?
112 97 “Call for Restoration” / “Call for Restoration”
“Minna no Kokoro o Torimodose!! Shinden ni Nemuru Chō Shinsui” (みんなの心を取り戻せ!! 神殿に眠る超神水)
October 16, 1991 May 6, 2000
Gohan easily beats Mustard and Salt, but is powerless against the infected Piccolo. Krillin tries to save Kami and Mr. Popo, but eventually gets bitten by Piccolo. Gohan seems to be the only hero left and it seems that the battle is over…or is it?
113 98 “Suicidal Course” / “Suicidal Course”
“Asa made Matenai!! Kamisama no Kakugo o Kimeta Kesshikō” (朝まで待てない!! 神様の覚悟をきめた決死行)
October 23, 1991 May 13, 2000
Piccolo and Krillin fooled Garlic Jr., for they were not infected by the Black Water Mist, and they freed Kami and Mr. Popo. Kami heads towards the seven air currents to spread the Sacred Water, but he could lose his life. Will he make it time, and will the others handle Garlic Jr.’s power increase with the Makyo Star?
114 99 “Extreme Measures” / “Extreme Measures”
“Chō Kageki ni Shōbu da!! Okite Yaburi no Kamisama” (超過激に勝負だ!! 掟やぶりの神様)
October 30, 1991 May 20, 2000
Gohan, Krillin and Piccolo do their best against Garlic Jr. and the remaining Spice Boys, with the Makyo Star powering them up, but is it enough? Meanwhile, Kami and Mr. Popo try to get to pour the Sacred Water, but the former guardians won’t allow it, and they drain Kami’s lifeforce… as well as Piccolo’s.
115 100 “The World Awakens” / “The World Awakens”
“Kiita ze Chō Shinsui!! Sekai ga Akumu kara Sameta” (効いたぜ超神水!! 世界が悪夢からさめた)
November 6, 1991 May 27, 2000
With Piccolo down, Gohan fights the powered up Garlic Jr., but can he really defeat an immortal demon? Kami distracts the former guardians by using himself as bait so Mr. Popo can spread the Sacred Water, but will it work in time?
116 101 “Brief Chance for Victory” / “Brief Chance for Victory”
“Gohan ni Isshun no Shōki!! Ano Makyōsei o Ute…” (悟飯に一瞬の勝機!! あの魔凶星を撃て…)
November 13, 1991 May 27, 2000
With his plan in ruins, Garlic Jr. opens up the Dead Zone to finish off the others once and for all. With Kami and Mr. Popo spared, Piccolo is back with a plan: destroy the Makyo Star. But can Gohan do it with his friends still safe?
117 102 “Krillin’s Proposal” / “Krillin’s Proposal”
“Otoko da nē…Kuririn Hyakuikkaime no Puropōzu” (男だねェ…クリリン101回目のプロポーズ)
November 20, 1991 September 1, 2000
With the Earth at peace once again, Krillin and Maron do a little shopping, but then Maron looks at a wedding dress and a house. Krillin thinks they might get married, but is he right?
118 103 “Frieza’s Counterattack” / “Frieza’s Counterattack”
“Are ga Chikyū dayo Papa… Furīza Oyako no Gyakushū” (あれが地球だよパパ… フリーザ親子の逆襲)
November 27, 1991 September 4, 2000
With Mr. Shu as his tutor, Gohan’s studies become more intense as he still waits for Goku to come back. However, it looks he won’t be the only one coming to Earth, for somehow, Frieza is coming to Earth as well.
119 104 “The Mysterious Youth” / “The Mysterious Youth”
“Furīza wa Boku ga Taosu… Gokū o Matsu Nazo no Shōnen” (フリーザはボクが倒す… 悟空を待つ謎の少年)
December 4, 1991 September 5, 2000
Thanks to his father, King Cold, Frieza has survived Namek’s explosion and has been repaired. These two tyrants are headed to Earth to exact revenge against Goku. It looks like all hope seems lost as no one can stop these two powerful warriors… or is there?
120 105 “Another Super Saiyan?” / “Another Super Saiyan?”
“Furīza o Ittō Ryōdan!! Mō Hitori no Sūpā Saiyajin” (フリーザを一刀両断!! もう一人の超サイヤ人)
December 11, 1991 September 6, 2000
As Frieza and King Cold prepare to strike, a mysterious young man armed with a sword comes out of nowhere and challenges them to fight. It looks like this boy has made a grave mistake, or maybe …it’s the other way around.
121 106 “Welcome Back Goku” / “Welcome Back Goku”
“Ossu!! Hisashiburi… Kaettekita Son Gokū” (オッス!! ひさしぶり… 帰って来た孫悟空)
December 18, 1991 September 7, 2000
By becoming a Super Saiyan, this young warrior defeats Frieza and King Cold with ease. With the threat over, he tells the others Goku will be coming soon, but can he be trusted?
122 107 “Mystery Revealed” / “Mystery Revealed”
“Boku no Chichi wa Bejīta desu… Nazo no Shōnen no Kokuhaku” (ボクの父はベジータです… 謎の少年の告白)
January 15, 1992 September 8, 2000
Goku finally arrives to Earth, but wonders who this mysterious man is. The young swordsman asks Goku to speak to him privately. Once he and Goku are out of nearly everyone’s earshot, his identity is finally revealed, and he is from the future. But why is he here, and what news does he bring?
123 108 “Goku’s Special Technique” / “Goku’s Special Technique”
“Gokū no Shin Hissatsu Waza!? Mitekure, Ora no Shunkan Idō” (悟空の新必殺技!? 見てくれ、オラの瞬間移動)
January 22, 1992 September 11, 2000
Trunks, the son of Bulma and Vegeta, has told Goku of a new threat- two powerful Androids that will bring destruction to Earth. But maybe Goku and the others can do something about it.
124 109 “Z Warriors Prepare” / “Z Warriors Prepare”
“Koeteyaru…Gokū o!! Sentō Minzoku Saiyajin no Ō” (こえてやる…悟空を!! 戦闘民族サイヤ人の王)
January 29, 1992 September 12, 2000
As Goku and Piccolo train with Gohan, Vegeta trains under very high gravity levels in an effort to become a Super Saiyan, but can he survive it?
125 110 “Goku’s Ordeal” / “Goku’s Ordeal”
“Menkyo Kaiden? Gokū no Aratanaru Shiren” (免許皆伝? 悟空の新たなる試練)
February 5, 1992 September 13, 2000
Goku and Piccolo stop their training to learn how to drive so Chi-Chi can get a car. They may be powerful fighters, but can they get their licences in time to continue their training and keep Chi-Chi happy?
126 111 “The Androids Appear” / “The Androids Appear”
“Kehai o Motanu Satsujinki Doitsu ga Jinzō Ningen da!?” (気配を持たぬ殺人鬼 どいつが人造人間だ!?)
February 12, 1992 September 14, 2000
Three years have passed and Goku and the others arrive on Amembo Island, where the Androids are going to attack as Trunks predicted. Despite their training, can they stop these monsters?
127 112 “A Handy Trick” / “A Handy Trick”
“Reiketsu Nijūgō no Akugyaku Hidō!! Gokū, Ikari no Chō Henshin” (冷血20号の悪逆非道!! 悟空、怒りの超変身)
February 19, 1992 September 15, 2000
Yamcha has found Androids 19 and 20, but is hanging on by a thread as Goku and the others come to his aid. Krillin brings Yamcha to Bulma with the Senzu Beans while Goku leads the Androids away from the city, but the Androids have a secret ability that only Yamcha knows.
128 113 “Double Trouble for Goku” / “Double Trouble for Goku”
“Gokū, Daburu Shokku!! Yamai to Teki no Hasamiuchi” (悟空、ダブルショック!! 病と敵のはさみ撃ち)
February 26, 1992 September 18, 2000
The fight begins as Goku turns Super Saiyan and fights Android 19. It looks like Goku has the situation handled, but he discovers 19’s absorption technique after firing a Kamehameha. To make matters worse, it looks like something else is weakening him while 19’s ready to fight.
129 114 “Upgrade To Super Saiyan” / “Upgrade To Super Saiyan”
“Bejīta Tsuyoshi!! Mezameru Sūpā Saiyajin no Chi” (ベジータ強し!! 目覚める超サイヤ人の血)
March 4, 1992 September 19, 2000
It looks like the heart virus Trunks warned about came true after all, but at a bad time for Goku as he is in the clutches of Android 19. Suddenly, Vegeta saves Goku and prepares to fight the Androids and he’s got a surprise for everyone.
130 115 “The Secret of Dr. Gero” / “The Secret of Dr. Gero”
“Nijūgō no Futeki na Warai… Dokutā Gero no Himitsu” (20号の不敵な笑い… ドクターゲロの秘密)
March 11, 1992 September 20, 2000
Finally becoming a Super Saiyan, Vegeta easily defeats Android 19, but 20 has escaped to come up with a new plan. Vegeta and the others look for the diabolical Android, but it won’t be easy.
131 116 “More Androids?!” / “More Androids?!”
“Jijitsu wa Mirai yori Osoroshii!? Torankusu no Giwaku” (事実は未来より恐ろしい!? トランクスの疑惑)
March 18, 1992 September 21, 2000
Android 20 prepares to absorb Piccolo to get stronger, but Gohan comes just in time to save him. As Piccolo fights the Android, Trunks returns to the past and has discovered something different about these Androids- he never saw them before! If that’s the case, then where the Androids he warned about?
132 117 “Follow Dr. Gero” / “Follow Dr. Gero”
“Tsuigeki!! Dokutā Gero Nazo no Kenkyūjo o Sagashidase” (追撃!! ドクターゲロ 謎の研究所を探し出せ)
March 25, 1992 September 22, 2000
Bulma arrives on the scene to discover that Android 20 is Dr. Gero himself. The insane scientist fires an energy blast that sends Bulma flying so he can activate Androids 17 and 18. After saving his young mother and younger self, Trunks follows Vegeta to stop him from facing the Androids head as the others find Gero’s laboratory before he does, but will they make it?
133 118 “Nightmare Comes True” / “Nightmare Comes True”
“Soshite Kyōfu ga Genjitsu ni… Mezameru Jū-Nanagō to Jū-Hachigō!!” (そして恐怖が現実に… 目覚める17号と18号!!)
April 1, 1992 September 25, 2000
Dr. Gero hides on the ground as the Z Warriors are close to finding his secret laboratory, thanks to Bulma, but the mad doctor won’t give up so easily. Meanwhile, Goku’s condition is starting to get better, but will he recover quickly enough to help his friends?
134 119 “Goku’s Assassin” / “Goku’s Assassin”
“Subete ga Teokure ka!? Gokū o Korosu Saishū Heiki” (すべてが手遅れか!? 悟空を殺す最終兵器)
April 8, 1992 September 26, 2000
Androids 17 and 18, the ones responsible for the future destruction of Earth, have finally awakened. It seems the Androids will not follow Dr. Gero’s orders as they try to activate another Android- Android 16. Can the creator control his creations?
135 120 “Deadly Beauty” / “Deadly Beauty”
“Kawaii Kao de Chō Pawā!? Jūhachigō ni Shikaku Nashi” (かわいい顔で超パワー!? 18号に死角なし)
April 15, 1992 September 27, 2000
The Androids are heading to Goku’s place to complete their mission, but Vegeta arrives to face them head-on. The first to fight is the beautiful Android 18. Can Vegeta beat 18 or is a Super Saiyan not enough for these Androids’ unlimited power?
136 121 “No Match For The Androids” / “No Match For The Androids”
“Dare ni mo Yatsura o Tomerarenai… Zetto Senshi Zenmetsu ka!?” (誰にも奴らを止められない… Z戦士全滅か!?)
April 22, 1992 September 28, 2000
Vegeta fights with everything he’s got, but he can’t beat Android 18. To save his father, Trunks steps in to help, but gets beaten easily by 17, as do Piccolo and Tien. As 16 just stands there, 17 and 18 have easily beat Earth’s heroes and head off to complete their mission, but can Goku recover in time to help and protect himself?
137 122 “Last Ditch Effort” / “Last Ditch Effort”
“Pikkoro no Ketsui!! Totteoki no Saigo no Shudan” (ピッコロの決意!! とっておきの最後の手段)
April 29, 1992 September 29, 2000
As the Androids try to find a car for some fun, the Z-Fighters try to think of a way to get stronger quickly as Piccolo heads to Kami’s Lookout for the one thing he needs to beat the Androids- fuse with Kami.
138 123 “Closing In” / “Closing In”
“Aruku Chō Hakai Heiki!! Jinzō Ningen ga Gokū ni Semaru” (歩く超破壊兵器!! 人造人間が悟空に迫る)
May 6, 1992 October 2, 2000
The Androids find a car to find Goku, but have to deal with the authorities. Meanwhile, Kami looks over the Earth for some time to decide to fuse with Piccolo, as Krillin and Trunks head to Goku’s house to take him somewhere else, but how long can Goku be hidden until he’s better?

Orig. Ep# Dub Ep# Dub Title/Re-Release Title
Original Japanese Title
Original Airdate English Airdate
139 124 “Unwelcome Discovery” / “Unwelcome Discovery”
“Fukitsu na Yokan! Buruma ga Shiraseta Misuterī” (不吉な予感! ブルマが知らせたミステリー)
May 13, 1992 October 3, 2000
The Z-Fighters head to Master Roshi’s island to keep Goku safe for time being as Trunks tries to figure out how the timeline became so different. Bulma calls discovering another time capsule, but it looks pretty old. How long has it been out there, and more importantly, who was using it?
140 125 “Seized With Fear” / “Seized With Fear”
“Jaaku no Tamago o Hakken!! Kyōfu suru Torankusu” (邪悪の卵を発見!! 恐怖するトランクス)
May 20, 1992 October 4, 2000
Gohan and Trunks head to the other time capsule with Bulma to find more about it. Along the way, they discover that not only did it come here 4 years ago, but also it contained weird egg shells and a gigantic bug that has already shed its skin, but what could it mean?
141 126 “The Reunion” / “The Reunion”
“Katsutenai Teki ni Mukete… Sūpā Namekkuseijin Tanjō!!” (かつてない敵に向けて… 超ナメック星人誕生!!)
May 27, 1992 October 5, 2000
While Gohan and Trunks go to Master Roshi’s island, there’s a crisis in Gingertown where its inhabitants are disappearing but with no damage to the town. Realizing this threat, Kami decides to fuse with Piccolo, but will their combined power be enough to handle whatever is going on down there?
142 127 “Borrowed Powers” / “Borrowed Powers”
“Kamehameha!? Gokū no Ki o Motsu Monsutā” (カメハメ波!? 悟空の気を持つモンスター)
June 3, 1992 October 6, 2000
The deserted streets of Gingertown become a battlefield as the power-up Piccolo confronts this terror from the future. The monster’s name is Cell, and he gains strength from sucking the life out of his victims! But that’s not the only secret the creature reveals. Somehow, he also knows Goku’s special attack, the Kamehameha!
143 128 “His Name is Cell” / “His Name is Cell”
“Zōo to Hakai no Seimeitai!! Yatsu no Na wa Jinzō Ningen Seru” (憎悪と破壊の生命体!! 奴の名は人造人間セル)
June 10, 1992 October 9, 2000
With the element of surprise, the creature gets ahold of Piccolo and begins to absorb him, but Piccolo manages to break free. With his arm weakened, Piccolo surrenders, but the Super Namekian asks for one last request to know who this creature. His name is Cell, an Android made of the strongest fighters in the universe and he’s hungry for more power, thanks to Dr. Gero.
144 129 “Piccolo’s Folly” / “Piccolo’s Folly”
“Pikkoro Tsūkon no Dai Shippai! Seru ga Machi ni Hanatareta!” (ピッコロ痛恨の大失敗! セルが街に放たれた!)
June 17, 1992 October 10, 2000
As the Android from the future tells Piccolo his objective to absorb Androids 17 and 18 to obtain his “Perfect Form,” Piccolo regenerates his arm. With his power restored and Krillin and Trunks by his side, Piccolo has a good chance against Cell, but the Android has more tricks up his sleeve.
145 130 “Laboratory Basement” / “Laboratory Basement”
“Seru Tanjō no Himitsu! Kenkyūjo no Chika ni Nani ga aru!?” (セル誕生の秘密! 研究所の地下に何がある!?)
June 24, 1992 October 11, 2000
By using Tien’s Solar Flare, Cell manages to escape and suppress his power in order to complete his dreadful mission. After telling everyone the bad news, Piccolo and Tien find Cell, as Trunks and Krillin try to find the bunker beneath Gero’s laboratory and destroy the present Cell and find some incredible news- the plans of Android 17.
146 131 “Our Hero Awakes” / “Our Hero Awakes”
“Gokū Tatakai e no Mezame! Sūpā Saiyajin o Koero!!” (悟空闘いへの目覚め! 超サイヤ人を超えろ!!)
July 1, 1992 October 12, 2000
As Krillin heads back to Master Roshi’s, he crosses Cell’s path and barely escapes his wrath as Piccolo and Tien arrive at the scene. Meanwhile, Trunks finds his father to train with him in order to surpass a Super Saiyan. As hope seems lost, a glimmer still remains- Goku has made a recovery and plans to get stronger, but how?
147 132 “Time Chamber” / “Time Chamber”
“Shugyō o Isoge Saiyajin! Seishin to Toki no Heya de…” (修行を急げサイヤ人! 精神と時の部屋で…)
July 8, 1992 October 13, 2000
After enduring the terrifically horrifying effect of the viral heart disease, Goku recovers, and has only one objective on his mind, surpassing a Super Saiyan. With Vegeta’s mind set on reaching the same seemingly unreachable goal, Goku takes him, Trunks and Gohan to the mysterious Hyperbolic Time Chamber, a room where one year is equivalent to that of one Earth day. Meanwhile, the Androids face an unexpected and unforeseen issue, Goku’s not home. With the Androids now closing in on Master Roshi’s island can Piccolo beat the destructive trio?
148 133 “The Monster is Coming” / “The Monster is Coming”
“Ten o Saku Gekiretsu Kōdan!! Pikkoro tai Jinzō Ningen Jūnanagō” (天を裂く激烈光弾!! ピッコロVS人造人間17号)
July 15, 1992 October 16, 2000
Piccolo begins his epic battle against Android 17, and he seems to be on par with the mechanical monster, meanwhile Bulma continues to work on the remote that will shut down the Androids. However, Cell can feel Piccolo’s energy, and knows he must be fighting one of the Androids, he charges towards them, in the hope that he will become complete.
149 134 “He’s Here” / “He’s Here”
“Kono Hi o Matteita!! Seru – Kanzentai e no Jokyoku” (この日を待っていた!! セル·完全体への序曲)
July 22, 1992 October 17, 2000
Piccolo and 17 continue their showdown, unbeknownst to them that the power-hungry Cell is approaching fast. Piccolo is as strong as 17 but fatigue kicks in, while the malicious Android’s power remains undrained. Meanwhile Goku and Gohan impatiently wait for Vegeta and Trunks to finish their Super Saiyan training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Cell arrives at the battlefield, ready to attain his final perfect form, and the Androids don’t seem to know who Cell is.
150 135 “Up to Piccolo” / “Up to Piccolo”
“Sutemi no Hangeki Oyobazu! Pikkoro Moetsukiru!!” (捨て身の反撃及ばず! ピッコロ燃え尽きる!!)
July 29, 1992 October 18, 2000
With more people absorbed, Cell has become more powerful than both Piccolo and 17 combined. Despite Piccolo’s best attempts, Cell easily disposes of Piccolo. Knowing of his origin and mission the Androids must work together in order to save themselves from Cell’s overwhelming power.
151 136 “Silent Warrior” / “Silent Warrior”
“Nokosareta Yuiitsu no Nozomi… Mugon no Senshi Jūrokugō Tatsu!!” (残された唯一の望み… 無言の戦士16号立つ!!)
August 5, 1992 October 19, 2000
With Piccolo gone, Android 17 has no choice but to fight Cell on his own or so it seems, that is until Android 16 steps in to fight. As the battle rages on, it is easily noticeable that Android 16 is just as strong as Cell, but can the silent giant Android 16 defeat Cell? Or maybe this fight will buy Vegeta and Trunks the precious time they need to complete their training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.
152 137 “Say Goodbye, 17” / “Say Goodbye, 17”
“Jūnanagō o Nomikonda… Henshin Seru wa Chō Gurume” (17号を飲み込んだ… 変身セルは超グルメ)
August 12, 1992 October 20, 2000
The battle between Android 16 and Cell continue. Cell tries to counter-attack but falls short to 16’s Inferno Flash. 16 warns 17 and 18 to quickly leave the battlefield, however they wait, believing Cell to be dead. But before they could do so, Cell sneaks up behind 17, and before he can get away, quickly absorbs him. Cell transforms into his second imperfect form, and his next task is to absorb 18 to become complete. Android 16 attempts to attack cell, but is no match for the second form of Cell, and is severely damaged by a blast from Cell. Tien then attempts to give 16 and 18 time to escape by using several attacks to stall Cell.
153 138 “Sacrifice” / “Sacrifice”
“Ashita wa Omē o Tatakinomesu!! Gokū no Chōsenjō” (明日はオメエを叩きのめす!! 悟空の挑戦状)
August 19, 1992 October 23, 2000
Tien, attempting to give 16 and 18 enough time to escape, subsequently uses up all his energy in a vicious attack, and falls to the ground. Goku knows that Cell is far stronger than Tien, so he descends on the battlefield to help Tien recover. Whilst there he notices Piccolo is still alive, but he’s hanging on barely by a thread. Cell desires to fight Goku immediately, but Goku uses his Instant Transmission to get back to Kami’s lookout successfully, and Vegeta and Trunks finally emerge from the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.
154 139 “Saiyans Emerge” / “Saiyans Emerge”
“Subete Ore ga Katadzukeru!! Shinsei Bejīta Oyako Shutsugeki” (全てオレが片付ける!! 新生ベジータ親子出撃)
August 26, 1992 October 24, 2000
Goku asks Trunks about the training, but Vegeta doesn’t want him to say anything about it. Meanwhile, 18 questions 16 on his love for nature and asks if he even cares that Cell might absorb her and kill him. Then Bulma lands at Kami’s lookout. She gives Gohan, Goku, Trunks, and Vegeta a set of Saiyan armour. Tien and Piccolo refuse to wear the suits, claiming they do not want to wear the same clothes as the Saiyans. Vegeta then leaves to find and destroy Cell, while Trunks closely follows
155 140 “Super Vegeta” / “Super Vegeta”
“Ikinari Zenkai!! Hikari Kagayaku Bejīta no Chō Pawā” (いきなり全開!! 光り輝くベジータの超パワー)
September 2, 1992 October 25, 2000
Anxious to find 18, the heartless Cell obliterates a chain of inhabited islands, with each explosion bringing him closer to the Android’s hideout. Vegeta, anxious to test his new power, heads towards Cell’s whereabouts. Just as Cell is about to destroy the last island, Vegeta arrives to fight Cell. Up on Kami’s lookout, Tien and Piccolo don’t believe that Vegeta has the power to beat Cell, and neither does Android 18, based on the fact that she beat Vegeta in their fight. As Vegeta begins to power up, he begins his transformation, which stuns everybody that senses his power, including Android 18 and Cell. Vegeta finishes transforming, reaching an ascended level of Super Saiyan, and begins the fight by delivering the first hit to Cell.
156 141 “Bow to the Prince” / “Bow to the Prince”
“Seru yo Hizamaduke! Ore wa Sūpā Bejīta da!!” (セルよひざまずけ! オレは超ベジータだ!!)
September 9, 1992 October 26, 2000
As Vegeta battle Cell, it is clear that Vegeta has the upper hand in the fight, his strength superior to Cell. Watching from the sidelines, Trunks recalls the intense time he spent training with his father, in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. As the fight between Cell and Vegeta continues, the pressure falls on Gohan as he trains in the time chamber with Goku in an attempt to become a Super Saiyan.
157 142 “Hour of Temptation” / “Hour of Temptation”
“Kiken na Puraido!! Kanzentai Seru e no Chōsen” (危険なプライド!! 完全体セルへの挑戦)
September 16, 1992 October 27, 2000
Goku and Gohan continue to push themselves forward in their training, but at this point, they may not even be needed. In his powered up state, Vegeta is making quick work of Cell, who seems to be utterly no match for Vegeta. Vegeta then explains to Cell that it is useless to fight him in his current state, as even if he somehow manages to get past him, Trunks would finish him off. With his back against the wall, the ever-clever android attempts to exploit Vegeta’s weakest point, his unbridled arrogance, but Vegeta brushes this off as an attempt from Cell to get his own way, at which Cell becomes infuriated.
158 143 “Krillin’s Decision” / “Krillin’s Decision”
“Ore Nayanjau!! Kuririn no Jūhachigō Hakai Kōsaku” (オレ悩んじゃう!! クリリンの18号破壊工作)
September 23, 1992 October 30, 2000
With Cell being thrown around by Vegeta, Cell still attempts to exploit Vegeta’s weak point in an attempt to get the chance to absorb Android 18. With 18 in his sights, Krillin attempts to get closer to her in an attempt to shut down the android forever. But at the moment of decision, Krillin hesitates, his emotions clouding his judgement. Cell is gaining momentum in his push for perfection, enticing Vegeta to be able to test his true power. Upon hearing this, Android 16 tells 18 that she must leave immediately, as Vegeta may let Cell go. Krillin’s emotions finally get the best of him, and he destroys the controller in front of 18, just as Vegeta lets Cell go and find 18. Trunks, fearful of what would happen, intervenes and prevents Cell from looking for 18. Just as Cell complains to Vegeta, he catches a glimpse of 18 on the ground, and can only gape at the android.
159 144 “The Last Defense” / “The Last Defense”
“Zen Uchū ni Shōgeki!! Seru, Kanzentai e Kyōi no Shinka” (全宇宙に衝撃!! セル、完全体へ驚異の進化)
September 30, 1992 October 31, 2000
Cell has spotted 18, but so has Trunks, and he warns Krillin, 16, and 18 that Cell knows their whereabouts, just as Cell begins flying towards them. Trunks gives chase, and every time Cell gets the chance to absorb 18, Trunks intervenes. Vegeta has other plans, however, and begins to interfere with Trunks. Trunks defy’s Vegeta’s thought that Trunks would be too weak-minded to attack his own father, and sends Vegeta flying towards the water with a large Ki blast. As Trunks continues to interfere with Cell’s quest, the android sees 16 and 18 getting away, and devises a plan, using Tien’s “Solar Flare” technique to blind everybody, including Vegeta as he heads back to the battlefield. With nobody but Krillin to stand in his way, Cell is unphases by Krillin’s attempts to stall Cell as he absorbs 18 and begins his transformation.
160 145 “Cell is Complete” / “Cell is Complete”
“Sentōryoku Mugendai!! Seru to Iu Na no Hakaishin Tanjō” (戦闘力無限大!! セルという名の破壊神誕生)
October 14, 1992 November 1, 2000
Dr. Gero’s dream has been realized, as Cell begins his final tranformation, with everybody but Vegeta, who has realized his own dream of testing his strength, looking on in fear. After Cell becomes complete, he begins testing his new body, as Krillin and Trunks attempt to subdue him. Eventually, Cell tests one of his kicks on Krillin, knocking him out cold. Up in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Gohan and Goku are still training. Gohan becomes tired of being treated like his father’s son, and wants Goku to give it everything he’s got. Goku complies, transforms to a Super Saiyan, and unleashes a powerful Kamehameha wave at Gohan, who, while fighting it, realizes how he has let people down his whole life, and finally transforms into a Super Saiyan, albeit maintaining the transformation only for a couple minutes.
161 146 “Vegeta Must Pay” / “Vegeta Must Pay”
“Sūpā Bejīta Ayaushi!! Kanzen Muketsu no Kyōfu ga Semaru!!” (超ベジータ危うし!! 完全無欠の恐怖が迫る!!)
October 21, 1992 November 2, 2000
After allowing Cell to reach his final form, Vegeta is ready for the challenge he was promised. But Cell has become a brick wall to the Saiyan’s every blow, it becomes clear that Vegeta has bitten off more than he can chew, as even a direct blow to the android barely phases him. Meanwhile, Goku and Gohan, who is now a Super Saiyan, continue to train in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.
162 147 “Trunks Ascends” / “Trunks Ascends”
“Sūpā Saiyajin no Genkai Toppa!! Arashi o Yobu Torankusu” (超サイヤ人の限界突破!! 嵐を呼ぶトランクス)
October 28, 1992 November 3, 2000
Vegeta is clearly no match for Cell now he has powered up to his perfect form, and it seems Trunks will have no choice but to reveal his hidden ascended power. Just as it appears that Vegeta is losing consciousness, however, he powers up for his ultimate move, the final flash. He spends several minutes powering up for the attack, crumbling the surrounding landscape as he does so. As he prepares to launch it, he challenges Cell to stay right where he is and take on his attack. He launches it, and it proves very effective, demolishing Cell’s right arm, and a large portion of the right side of his torso. Vegeta begins laughing but his celebration is quickly cut short when Cell reminds Vegeta that he possesses Piccolo’s regenerative ability. Cell resumes the fight and, after a massive onslaught of Ki blasts from Vegeta, knocks Vegeta out cold, and prepares to kill Vegeta until he senses that Trunks is beginning to power up.
163 148 “Save your Father!! Trunks’ Fury, Which Scorches Even the Heavens” / “Saving Throw”
“Chichi o Sukue!! Ten o mo Kogasu Torankusu no Ikari” (父を救え!! 天をも焦がすトランクスの怒り)
November 4, 1992 November 6, 2000
With Vegeta out of commission, it’s up to the newly-ascended Trunks to take down Cell. As they fight, Trunks tries to divert Cell’s attention away from his unconscious father’s body, allowing Krillin to bring him to safety. Meanwhile, Goku and Gohan continue training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.
164 149 “The Future of Despair!! The Man Who Lived Through the Hell, Trunks.” / “Ghosts from Tomorrow”
“Zetsubō no Mirai!! Jigoku o Ikinuita Otoko Torankusu” (絶望の未来!! 地獄を生き抜いた男トランクス)
November 11, 1992 November 7, 2000
Trunks recounts the events that lead to the destruction of the Z fighters in the future. Using the rage from these memories, Trunks powers up to finish his battle with Cell. Cell then tells Trunks how he was created, and why he traveled to the future. As the battle continues, Trunks has the upper hand, but Cell claims that he knows Trunks cannot beat him.
165 150 “Super Trunks Has a Weakness!! Cell’s Shocking Bombshell Declaration.” / “The Cell Games”
“Sūpā Torankusu ni Jakuten!! Seru, Shōgeki no Bakudan Hatsugen” (超トランクスに弱点!! セル、衝撃の爆弾発言)
November 18, 1992 November 8, 2000
As the battle between Trunks and Cell rages on, Cell reveals Trunks’s weakness: in his ascended form, his new bulk slows him down. Goku, having ascended in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, also realizes this. He plans to spend as much time as possible as a Super Saiyan to eliminate this weakness. Vegeta recovers, and returns to the island to resume his battle with Cell. Cell, having the same desire for an interesting fight as most of the Z warriors and their allies, cannot resist the idea of facing the Z fighters at their best, so he decides to revive the World Martial Arts Tournament for just this purpose

Orig. Ep# Dub Ep# Translated Title/Dub Title
Original Japanese Title
Original Airdate English Airdate
166 151 “Goku’s Ultimate Battle Draws Near!! Mystery of the New World Top Martial Arts Competition” / “What is the Tournament?”
“Gokū ni Semaru Dai Kessen!! Shin Tenkaichi Budōkai no Nazo” (悟空に迫る大決戦!! 新天下一武道会の謎)
November 25, 1992 November 9, 2000
Trunks tells the others about Cell’s tournament. It will be held in ten days, which doesn’t give them much time to prepare. Cell builds the tournament ring, and begins to get the word out about the Cell Games.
167 152 “Viewer rating 100%! Live Coverage of the Deadly Cell Game” / “The Doomsday Broadcast”
“Shichōritsu Hyaku Pāsento!! Shi o Yobu Seru Gēmu Dokusen Nama Hōsō” (視聴率100%!! 死を呼ぶセルゲーム独占生放送)
December 2, 1992 November 13, 2000
As Goku and Gohan continue to train in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Yamcha and Krillin begin to get ready for the Cell Games. Cell goes on television and announces his plan to the world. He challenges Earth’s best fighters to beat him.
168 153 “Goku and Gohan…The Hero Father and Son’s Ultimate Level-Up” / “Meet Me in the Ring”
“Gokū to Gohan… Hīrō Oyako Kyūkyoku Reberu Appu” (悟空と悟飯… ヒーロー親子究極レベルアップ)
December 9, 1992 November 14, 2000
Goku and Gohan finally emerge from the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, and Trunks gets them up to speed on what’s happening. They decide that in the nine remaining days until the Cell Games, Piccolo will go in the Chamber first, followed by Vegeta, and finally Trunks. Goku decides that he and Gohan don’t need another period of training in the Chamber, and will finish their training outside. Goku confronts Cell to size him up.
169 154 “Son Goku’s Composure!? Just Rest and Wait for the Cell Games” / “No Worries Here”
“Gokū no Yoyū!? Yasunde Matō Seru Gēmu” (悟空の余裕!? 休んで待とうセルゲーム)
December 16, 1992 November 15, 2000
Goku asks Korin to weigh his strength against Cell’s, and the verdict is that Cell is still stronger than Goku. However, Goku doesn’t seem worried by this at all. He seems to have a secret plan. Meanwhile, Cell begins to warm up for the tournament by flying into space and destroying some meteors. Goku sets out he and Gohan’s training regimen, which is three days of rest, three days of training, and then three more days of rest.
170 155 “The Relaxation of the Fighters. The Girl, the Lie and Gohan’s Decision.” / “A Girl Named Lime”
“Senshi no Kyūsoku… Shōjo to Uso to Gohan no Ketsui” (戦士の休息… 少女と嘘と悟飯の決意)
January 13, 1993 November 16, 2000
As Goku continues to relax, Gohan goes into town and befriends a young girl named Lime. While there, he discovers that the villagers are panicked about Cell, and have built a shelter. Mr. Bourbon, the rich man who owns the shelter, hired General Tao to force the villagers to do what he says. Gohan is forced to step in and take him on.
171 156 “The Hidden Strength!! When Gohan was a Baby” / “Memories of Gohan”
“Himerareta Chikara!! Gohan ga Akanbō datta Koro” (秘められた力!! 悟飯が赤ン坊だった頃)
January 20, 1993 November 20, 2000
Chi Chi reminisces about the story of how Gohan was named. Goku, Gohan, and Krillin relax by picking apples. Goku remembers an incident involving the tree and a baby Gohan. Later, they celebrate Gohan’s birthday.
172 157 “Find the Kami-sama!! Goku, the Great Instantaneous Teleportation” / “A New Guardian”
“Kamisama o Sagashidase!! Goku, Dai Shunkan Idō” (神様を探し出せ!! 悟空、大瞬間移動)
January 27, 1993 November 21, 2000
Piccolo emerges from the Hyperbolic Time Chamber as a much more powerful warrior, and Vegeta takes his place inside to begin his training. As Cell awaits the start of the games, the Royal Military shows up to try and stop him. Of course, their attempts are futile, and Cell smites the entire force. Goku, wanting to bring all of these innocent people back to life, decides to locate the remaining Nameks and ask one of them to become the new guardian of Earth.
173 158 “Dende’s First Job!! Reviving the Dragon Balls” / “Dende’s Dragon”
“Dende no Hatsu Shigoto!! Doragon Bōru Fukkatsu da” (デンデの初仕事!! ドラゴンボール復活だ)
February 3, 1993 November 22, 2000
Goku travels to the Nameks’ new planet, and Dende decides to become the new guardian. Hercule Satan announces that he will be fighting against Cell in the Tournament. Once Dende arrives on Earth, he creates a new dragon and a new set of dragonballs. This new dragon will be able to grant two wishes at a time. Goku then begins to gather up the seven balls.
174 159 “Goku’s Big Problem!? Get Back the Dragon Ball” / “The Puzzle of General Tao”
“Gokū ni Nanmon!? Doragon Bōru o Torimodose” (悟空に難問!? 神龍球をとり戻せ)
February 10, 1993 November 23, 2000
With the Cell Games right around the corner, Mr. Satan is busy attending rallies in his own support. Meanwhile, Goku is tracking down the last two dragonballs. He finds that General Tao is in possession of them. Rather than risk a fight that he knows he’ll lose, Tao challenges Goku to unlock three puzzle rings to earn his dragonballs. Finally, Goku gathers all seven dragonballs, and just in time, because the Cell Games are ready to start.
175 160 “The Challengers of Cell!! The Final Battle Begins” / “The Games Begin”
“Seru ni Idomu Mono Tachi!! Kessen no Makuake” (セルに挑む者たち!! 決戦の幕開け)
February 17, 1993 November 27, 2000
The Cell Games have finally begun, and all of the Earth’s fighters have come to take on the evil tyrant Cell. Mr. Satan shows up first, convinced that he will be the one to take down Cell.
176 161 “Hold On!! The Satan Corps’ Great Riot” / “Losers Fight First”
“Chotto Matta!! Satangundan Daiabare” (ちょっと待った!! サタン軍団大暴れ)
March 3, 1993 November 28, 2000
Mr. Satan’s students show up and decide to fight Cell first. Each of them is defeated with virtually no effort from Cell. Mr. Satan then steps in, and is defeated in a more “forceful” manner, with Cell pushing Mr. Satan aside… into the mountainside. Finally, Goku steps into the ring to fight Cell.
177 162 “Fight Goku!! The Massive Tensioned Cell Game” / “Goku vs. Cell”
“Shōbu da Gokū!! Chō Kinpaku Seru Gēmu” (勝負だ悟空!! 超緊迫セルゲーム)
March 10, 1993 November 29, 2000
The fight between Cell and Goku begins, and the Earth begins to shake as they fight. After they finally land back on the ring, it is revealed that it was just their warm-up. Goku prepares to power up to full strength as the real battle is about to begin.
178 163 “Direct Hit on Earth!! Cell’s Massive Kamehameha” / “Cell’s Bag of Tricks”
“Chikyū Chokugeki!! Seru no Tokudai Kamehameha” (地球直撃!! セルの特大カメハメ波)
March 17, 1993 November 30, 2000
With Goku and Cell fully powered up, the battle begins, and as the match progresses, Cell realizes that they are very evenly matched, and so he resorts to trickery. First, he uses Tien’s multi-form trick. Then he tries Piccolo’s Special Beam Cannon and Frieza’s final attack. Frustrated, he fires an incredibly powerful Kamehameha wave. Luckily, Goku is able to direct it away from the planet, and teleport back to the ring.
179 164 “Lose or Die!? Goku’s Secret Turnabout Plans” / “No More Rules”
“Haiboku ka Shi ka!? Gokū, Gyakuten no Hisaku” (敗北か死か!? 悟空、逆転の秘策)
March 31, 1993 December 4, 2000
The battle between Goku and Cell continues to heat up. Both of them seem to have even strength and speed. After Goku nearly falls out of the ring, Cell decides to destroy the ring and continue the fight with no rules. With nothing restricting them, the battle quickly intensifies, and as they fight, their power seems to increase. As they fight on, Goku decides to attempt to trick Cell by preparing a Kamehameha wave from up in the air. Cell doesn’t believe that Goku would risk destroying the Earth, and so does nothing to defend himself. As the other fighters look on in horror, believing that Goku will release it from the air, Goku uses his Instant Transmission technique, and appears directly beneath Cell. He unleashes the wave directly into Cell’s chest, and when the dust clears, Cell is severely maimed. It appears that Goku has won the tournament.
180 165 “The Death Match’s Conclusion!! Goku’s Surrender Declaration!?” / “The Fight is Over”
“Shitō ni Ketchaku!! Gokū no Kōsan Sengen!?” (死闘に決着!!悟空の降参宣言!?)
April 7, 1993 December 5, 2000
As the dust clears, Cell’s mangled body becomes visible. While the rest of the Z fighters believe that they’ve won, Goku thinks differently. He senses that something isn’t right when he can still feel a large amount of energy is what’s left of Cell’s body. Suddenly, Cell’s body stands up, to the horror of virtually everybody, and regenerates the missing parts. Cell’s energy has been depleted by the attack, but Goku’s energy has been depleted more severely, and as the battle continues, it becomes clear that Goku is no match for Cell. Knowing that he cannot win, he declares that Cell is the winner. The Z fighters, and Cell, can’t believe it.
181 166 “The Strongest Successor…His Name is Gohan” / “Faith in a Boy”
“Saikyō o Tsugu Mono… Sono Na wa Gohan” (最強を継ぐ者…その名は悟飯)
April 14, 1993 December 6, 2000
After Goku’s shocking declaration, Cell claims victory over Earth. But, Goku says that Cell has one more competitor to fight. Cell has already fought and defeated Vegeta, Trunks, and Piccolo, and these three are supposed to be the strongest of the remaining fighters. Goku stuns everyone by selecting Gohan. He claims that Gohan’s strength far exceeds his own. Despite the rest of the Z fighters protests, and even despite the fact that Goku willingly gives Cell one of their senzu beans, Goku remains confident in Gohan’s strength. Gohan then powers up and begins his battle with Cell.
182 167 “Angry Gohan!! Awaken the Sleeping Power” / “Gohan’s Desperate Plea”
“Okore Gohan!! Nemureru Chikara o Yobiokose” (怒れ悟飯!!眠れる力を呼び起こせ)
April 21, 1993 December 7, 2000
It appears that Cell has delivered the final blow to Gohan. But, Gohan is able to recover, and he looks more powerful than ever. He warns Cell that if he is pushed, an unbelievable power will be unleashed. He tells him about the time Raditz came to Earth and he was forced to let loose his amazing strength to save Goku. He also tells Cell about the time he had to do the same thing to save Krillin from Frieza. Instead of being scared by this, Cell is intrigued, and is determined to push Gohan to his limit so he can test himself against this awesome strength.
183 168 “Tiny Menaces!! Cell Juniors Invasion” / “Android Explosion”
“Chitchana Kyōi!! Seru Junia Raishū” (ちっちゃな脅威!!セルジュニア来襲)
April 28, 1993 December 11, 2000
Cell begins to punish Gohan in every way he can think of in order to unleash his hidden power. He inflicts as much pain as he can on the young Saiyan warrior. As Cell is trying to crush Gohan, Android 16 jumps in and grabs Cell. He attempts to use the self-destruct explosive inside his chest, but finds that he can’t. Krillin reveals that Bulma removed it while repairing him. Cell destroys 16 with one blast, and then turns his attention on Gohan’s friends. His tail opens up and seven tiny “Cell Juniors” pop out, one for each of the Z Fighters.
184 169 “Number 16’s Tragedy!! Enlivened Angry Super Gohan” / “Cell Juniors Attack!”
“Jūrokugō Muzan!! Ugokidasu Ikari no Sūpā Gohan” (16号無惨!!動き出す怒りの超悟飯)
May 5, 1993 December 12, 2000
The Cell Juniors are attacking the Z Fighters, and there’s nothing they can do to defend themselves. Only Trunks and Vegeta are able to remotely defend themselves. As they continue to beat up on them, Android 16’s head rolls towards the camera crew, and makes his final wish: he asks Mr. Satan to bring him to Gohan. Running through the crossfire caused by Piccolo’s “Rapid fire” technique, he throws 16’s head towards Gohan. Once there, 16 tells Gohan that it is okay to fight if you’re doing it for the right reasons, and to unleash his power. After he utters his final words, he is crushed by Cell. This is enough to push Gohan over the edge, and to transform into a Super Saiyan 2.
185 170 “Devastating True Power!! Cell Juniors Demolished” / “The Unleashing” and “Awakening”
“Fukiareru Shin no Pawā!! Seru Junia Funsai” (吹き荒れる真の力!!セルジュニア粉砕)
May 12, 1993 December 13, 2000
Gohan, angered by the destruction of Andriod 16, begins to ascend to a Super Saiyan 2. Cell initially thinks that Gohan is making the same mistake that Trunks did, by simply powering up. Eventually though, Gohan fully transforms into a Super Saiyan 2, to the amazement of the Z-fighters. Gohan is fully powered up now, to the delight of Cell, until Gohan snatches the bag of senzu beans from Cell before he realizes it. With the beans in hand, he begins to attack the Cell Juniors. One by one, he destroys each of the Cell Juniors, each with a single blow. Trunks comments that he did the transformation right, increasing his strength without losing speed. When Gohan is finished destroying the Cell Juniors, he gives the senzu beans to Trunks, to distribute to the wounded Z Fighters, and moves on to Cell himself.
186 171 “Cell KO!! With Just Two Super-Iron Fists” / “The Unstoppable Gohan”
“Seru o Nokkuauto!! Tatta Nihatsu no Chō Tekken” (セルをko!!たった2発の超鉄拳)
May 19, 1993 December 14, 2000
Cell and Gohan begin to fight, and from the start it is clear that Gohan is far superior to Cell. None of Cell’s punches are landing, and Gohan doesn’t even appear to be trying. Goku comments that the reason he fought Cell first was to show Gohan how Cell fights. Cell decides that he should fight at full strength. As he powers up, the Earth itself shakes. But even at full power, and delivering a quick blow to Gohan, Gohan is able to easily deliver two crushing blows to Cell, severely damaging Cell. It appears that Gohan has won, although Piccolo comments that it’s not over yet.
187 172 “Cell’s Disaster!! Perfect Form Crumbled” / “Cell’s Breakdown”
“Seru ni Ihen!! Kuzusareta Kanzentai” (セルに異変!!崩された完全体)
May 26, 1993 December 18, 2000
Gohan, no matter how many attacks Cell throws at him, is totally unfazed by Cell’s attacks, and it looks more and more like Gohan will win the battle. Desperate, Cell aims a massive Kamehameha wave at the Earth, hoping to destroy it. Gohan counters this with an even bigger wave, which hits Cell, and dismembers him. Gohan starts to reveal the sadistic qualities of the Super Saiyan 2, preferring to let Cell suffer, despite Goku’s protests that Gohan must destroy Cell now. Cell regenerates himself, and becomes enraged, and powers up to an extreme power level, but makes the same mistake that Trunks did, and is unable to hit Gohan due to his size. Gohan then delivers several crushing blows to Cell, including a kick to his gut, which eventually causes Cell to regurgitate Android 18.
188 173 “Bye-Bye Everyone!! Goku’s Final Instantaneous Teleportation” / “A Hero’s Farewell”
“Bai Bai Minna Gokū Saigo no Shunkan Idō” (バイバイみんな!!悟空最後の瞬間移動)
June 2, 1993 December 19, 2000
With Android 18 no longer a part of Cell, he regresses to his second imperfect form and finds himself absolutely no match for Gohan. Goku pleads with Gohan to end the battle immediately, but Gohan’s new found arrogance causes him to simply toy with Cell. In desperation, Cell decides to blow himself up along with the planet, but Goku makes the ultimate sacrifice. He transports Cell to King Kai’s planet, and they are destroyed in the blast. As the Z Fighters are mourning the loss of their friend, and Gohan angered that his arrogance caused him to lose his father, Cell suddenly reappears and kills Trunks with a single blast.
189 174 “Daylight Nightmare!! Terrifying Reperfection” / “Cell Returns!”
“Hakuchū no Akuma!! Kyōfu wa yori Kanpeki ni” (白昼の悪夢!!恐怖はより完璧に)
June 16, 1993 December 20, 2000
Cell is once again in his perfect form after regenerating from his own explosion. He reveals that one single cell was left after the explosion, and that was enough for him to come back. Vegeta becomes enraged at the loss of his son and attempts to take on Cell on his own. He unleashes a barrage of blasts at Cell, but is eventually tossed aside easily by the even more powerful Cell. Cell aims a blast at Vegeta, attempting to finish him off, but Gohan dives in front of him and takes the blast himself. Gohan survives, but is severely injured, losing the use of his left arm, and what’s more, Krillin has no senzu beans left. Cell then begins to charge up a Kamehameha blast to destroy the Earth, and proclaims that he will live forever.
190 175 “From Goku to Gohan…Father’s Soul Comes Down” / “The Horror Won’t End”
“Gokū kara Gohan e… Chichi no Tamashii wa Tsutawatta” (悟空から悟飯へ…父の魂は伝わった)
June 23, 1993 December 21, 2000
Cell is through playing games, so he decides to take out Gohan, and the Earth, once and for all. While powering up his Kamehameha wave, he explains how he became Dr. Gero’s “ultimate perfection.” Gohan thinks this is the end of the world, but suddenly Goku begins to speak to him telepathically through King Kai. He tells Gohan that he has the strength and that he can’t give up. So, despite only being able to use one arm, Gohan powers up the biggest Kamehameha wave he can muster and aims it directly at Cell, just as Cell releases his wave.
191 176 “The Battle Ends…Thanks, Son Goku” / “Save the World”
“Tatakai wa Owatta… Arigatō Son Gokū” (戦いは終った…ありがとう孫悟空)
June 30, 1993 December 26, 2000
Gohan and Cell’s waves collide, creating a crater in the Earth. As Gohan struggles to put all of his energy into his wave, Cell’s wave begins to overtake his, despite the telepathic encouragement of Goku. Seeing that Gohan is losing, Piccolo comes to his aid and attacks Cell. Although the attack is deflected with no effort from Cell, he continues his efforts. Tien, Yamcha, and Krillin all join in, but it is all for nought. Just as it looks like Cell is going to win, Vegeta fires a giant beam directly at Cell, and this distraction is just enough for Gohan to make the final push and defeat Cell. The battle is finally over.
192 177 “I’m Training in That World!! Goodbye’s Smiling Face” / “Goku’s Noble Decision”
“Ora Ano Yo de Shugyō suru!! Egao no Wakare” (オラあの世で修業する!!笑顔の別れ)
July 7, 1993 December 27, 2000
With Cell defeated, the Z Fighters head to the lookout to summon the dragon. This dragon is able to grant two wishes, but unfortunately can’t bring Goku back because he’s already been brought back. Although they think of a way to revive him, Goku suddenly speaks to all of them through King Kai. He says that all of the trouble that has been caused on Earth is because of him. Frieza, the Androids, and Cell were all after him. He seems to be a magnet for trouble, so he decides to remain in the Other World. Now they have one more wish left.
193 178 “New Days…Dad! Good Luck” / “One More Wish”
“Atarashii Hibi… Tōsan! Boku Ganbaru” (新しい日々…父さん!ボクがんばる)
July 14, 1993 December 28, 2000
Because no one can think of a good wish, Krillin decides to use it to turn the androids into humans. Shenron says that it is beyond his power to do that, so Krillin asks him to take the explosives out of them. After Trunks goes back to his own time, life returns to normal for the rest of the Z Fighters.
194 179 “One More Conclusion!! I’ll Protect the Future” / “Free the Future”
“Mō Hitotsu no Ketsumatsu!! Mirai wa Ore ga Mamoru” (もう一つの結末!!未来はオレが守る)
July 21, 1993 December 29, 2000
Back in his own time, Trunks decides it is time to end the fight once and for all. He finds androids 17 and 18 and easily defeats them. Later, the Imperfect Cell tries to sneak up on Trunks, but he is too quick for him. Trunks, being much more powerful than Cell, quickly dispatches with him. The nightmare is finally over. Meanwhile, Goku and King Kai begin their journey to the Otherworld.

Orig. Ep# Dub Ep# Translated Title/Dub Title
Original Japanese Title
Original Airdate English Airdate
195 180 “Great Impression!! Let’s Go! The Amazing People of That World” / “Warriors of the Dead”
“Daikangeki!! Ita zo! Ano Yo no Sugē Yatsu” (大感激!!いたぞ!あの世のスゲエ奴)
July 28, 1993 September 10, 2001
Goku and King Kai arrive in the Otherworld. King Kai explains that the universe is divided into four quadrants: north, south, east, and west, and that each of these quadrants has a Kai. King Kai watches over the north. Above these four is the Grand Kai. Goku and King Kai go to the Grand Kai’s planet, and upon arrival, they learn that Cell, Frieza, King Cold, and the four deceased members of the Ginyu Force are causing trouble in the Home For Infinite Losers. Goku and Pikkon, a warrior from the west quadrant, are dispatched to deal with it. When they get there, Goku takes care of the Ginyu Force, and Pikkon shows off his awesome strength by doing away with the rest of them.
196 181 “Goku enters Dai-Kaio’s tournament” / “Tournament Begins”
“Ano Yo Ichi wa Ora da Rekishi no Yūsha Daishūgō” (あの世一はオラだ歴代の勇者大集合)
August 11, 1993 September 11, 2001
West Kai suggests that an Otherworld Martial Arts Tournament be held to determine which quadrant has the greatest fighter. The Grand Kai agrees, and so the Tournament begins. After several matches, it is Goku’s turn. His opponent grabs him and starts to tickle him into submission. Goku gets in a hit on him, and this causes his opponent to cry and start his metamorphosis into his ultimate form. But because this metamorphosis takes 1200 years, Goku is declared the winner by default.
197 182 “Hold that breath! The Goku Hurricane” / “Water Fight”
“Daikaiōsei Nekkyō!! Makiokose Gokū Senpū” (大界王星熱狂!!まきおこせ悟空旋風)
August 18, 1993 September 12, 2001
The quarterfinals of the Otherworld Tournament are under way. In his match, Goku faces an aquatic being who fills the ring with water. Underwater, Goku is no match for him. Knowing this, he flies out of the water and aims a Kamehameha wave directly at the ring, blowing his opponent out of it. Goku wins, and is a semi-finalist, along with Tolby from the south, and Maraiko and Pikkon from the west.
198 183 “Goku makes it to the final round. Goku VS. Paiku-han” / “Final Round”
“Honoo no Kesshō!! Gokū ka Paikūhan ka!?” (炎の決勝!!悟空かパイクーハンか!?)
August 25, 1993 September 13, 2001
The semi-finals in the Otherworld Tournament begin. Goku faces off against Maraiko of the western quadrant and wins. In the meantime, Pikkon, also of the western quadrant, defeats Tolby from the southern quadrant. In the finals, Goku and Pikkon begin to fight. After a small skirmish, both fighters reveal that they have been hiding their true strength. Pikkon takes off his weighted training clothes, and Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan.
199 184 “Goku vs. Paiku-han, the battle continues” / “Goku vs. Pikkon”
“Nigasu na Shōri!! Kimero Chōhaya Kamehameha” (逃がすな勝利!!決めろ超速かめはめ波)
September 1, 1993 September 14, 2001
Now at full strength, the battle between Goku and Pikkon really heats up. The stadium is rocked with their awesome power. Since they seem evenly matched, Pikkon reveals his greatest technique: the Thunder Flash attack. Goku is flattened by this powerful blast twice. But when Pikkon decides to use it a third time, Goku finds a weakness. He uses Instant Transmission to appear right behind Pikkon and delivers a Kamehameha wave that blasts him out of the ring. It seems that Goku has won, but the Grand Kai reveals that both Goku and Pikkon touched the ceiling, which disqualifies them both. As a consolation, he offers a private lesson to both of them in 200 years.
200 185 “Seven Years since. I’m a High School Student” / “Gohan Goes To High School”
“Are kara Shichinen! Kyō kara Boku wa Kōkōsei” (あれから7年!今日から僕は高校生)
September 8, 1993 September 17, 2001
Seven years have passed since the Cell Games and Goku’s death, and now Gohan is a teenager. Chi Chi decides to send him to high school for the first time, in far-off Satan City. While there, he meets Hercule’s daughter, Videl. During the course of the day, he tries to hide his true strength, but he lets it slip a few times. Videl suspects that he is the Gold Fighter who foiled a robbery that very morning, but Gohan doesn’t want her to find out that her suspicions are correct.
201 186 “The Lover of Justice The Great Saiya-man” / “I am Saiyaman”
“Ai to Seigi no Gurēto Saiyaman Sanjō” (愛と正義のグレートサイヤマン参上)
September 15, 1993 September 18, 2001
Gohan asks Bulma for help designing a costume for his new persona, the Great Saiyaman. He learns that Trunks and Vegeta have been training vigorously. Because he can fly with his new costume without revealing his identity, he give Nimbus to his little brother, Goten, whom Chi Chi was pregnant with during the Cell games. Gohan uses his superhero powers to save a bus of senior citizens from a hijacking.
202 187 “Gohan’s Mixed up First Date” / “Gohan’s First Date”
“Gohan no Hachamecha Hatsu Dēto!?” (悟飯のハチャメチャ初デート!?)
September 29, 1993 November 27, 2001
When Gohan thinks a girl at his school, Angela, saw him transforming out of his Saiyaman outfit, he does everything he possibly can to please her so she won’t reveal his identity. She asks him out on a date, so he obliges, hoping to protect his secret. A building downtown catches fire, so he leaves Angela to save the building. Afterwards, when he is looking for her, he accidentally runs into Videl. Angela sees them and thinks that Gohan is cheating on her with Videl. As quickly as it started, Gohan’s first relationship is over.
203 188 “Gohan you must move quick! Save Videl…” / “Rescue Videl”
“Gohan, Kinkyū Shutsudō! Bīderu o Sukue!” (悟飯、緊急出動!ビーデルを救え!!)
October 20, 1993 September 19, 2001
Videl is obsessed with discovering the real identity of the Saiyaman, and even suspects Gohan. When she gets in trouble fighting some terrorists who have kidnapped the Mayor of Satan City, Gohan has to go save the day. He arrives and easily takes care of most of the gang, but finds that Videl is strong enough to take them out herself.
204 189 “A Great Theft! And the Culprit is The Great Saiya-man” / “Blackmail”
“Tōnan Jiken Hassei!! Hannin wa Saiyaman!?” (盗難事件発生!!犯人はサイヤマン!?)
October 27, 1993 September 20, 2001
A dinosaur friend of Goten’s is kidnapped and taken to the circus. Gohan, as Saiyaman, decides to take him back to his parents before they go on a rampage in the city, but is stopped by Videl, who thinks he’s stealing the baby dinosaur. When the dinosaur parents arrive, everyone finds out that Saiyaman was right, and after a brief skirmish, the parents are able to fly away safely with their baby. Unfortunately for Gohan, Videl found out that he is the Great Saiyaman. She says that she will divulge his secret to the press unless he enters the World Martial Arts Tournament, and teaches her to fly.
205 190 “Goku’s coming to the Tenka-Ichi Budokai” / “I’ll Fight Too!”
“Gokū mo Fukkatsu!? Tenkaichi Budōkai Shutsujō da!!” (悟空も復活!?天下一武道会出場だ!!)
November 3, 1993 September 21, 2001
Gohan tells Bulma, Trunks, and Vegeta that he’ll be participating in the World Martial Arts Tournament. After Vegeta says that he, too, will enter, Goku suddenly speaks up and says that he will be allowed to come back for one day to compete. Excited, Gohan flys off to tell Krillin the good news. Krillin and his wife, Android 18, each decide to enter as well. Even Piccolo says that he’ll participate. He and Goten begin training.
206 191 “Gohan is Surprised Too. Goten’s Explosive Power” / “The Newest Super Saiyan”
“Gohan mo Bikkuri! Goten no Bakuhatsu Pawā” (悟飯もビックリ!悟天の爆発パワー)
November 10, 1993 September 24, 2001
Gohan begins training for the World Tournament, and he takes Goten along. During the training, Goten reveals that he can become a Super Saiyan at nearly half the age Gohan did.Their training is interrupted by Videl, who has arrived to take her first flying lesson.He also reveals that Trunks is stronger then him.Vegeta also finds out that Trunks can also become a Super Saiyan.
207 192 “AHH! I Flew!! Videl Learns to fly” / “Take Flight Videl”
“Attobeta!! Bīderu no Bukūjutsu Nyūmon” (あっ飛べた!!ビーデルの舞空術入門)
November 17, 1993 September 25, 2001
Gohan begins teaching Videl and Goten how to fly. Goten quickly manages to manipulate his chi and fly, but Videl has difficulties. She ends up managing to fly as well. In the meantime, Vegeta gets a nasty surprise when his son Trunks transforms into a Super Saiyan during a training session. He is relieved, though, to find out that Trunks is still a little stronger than Goten.
208 193 “Welcome Back Goku! The Whole Z Team is Gathered” / “Gather For the Tournament”
“Okaeri Gokū! Zetto Chīmu Zen’in Shūgō!!” (おかえり悟空!Zチーム全員集合!!)
November 24, 1993 September 26, 2001
Videl finally manages to fly with ease, allowing Gohan to resume training with Goten for the Tournament. The day soon arrives, and most of the Z Fighters show up to participate, including Gohan, Goten, Piccolo, Vegeta, Trunks, Android 18, and Krillin. When they arrive at the Tournament grounds, Goku appears and sees his son Goten for the first time.
209 194 “Guard yourself against Camera Attacks” / “Camera Shy”
“Ayaushi Saiyaman! Gekisha ni Goyōjin!?” (危うしサイヤマン!激写に御用心!?)
December 8, 1993 September 27, 2001
The Tournament officials announce that there are only sixteen spots in the Tournament, and the defending champion, Hercule, is automatically granted a spot. So, they decide the final fifteen spots with a punching machine. Although the Z Fighters try to take it easy, their scores still far outstrip the rest of the competition. Vegeta, however, does not take it easy, and completely obliterates the machine.
210 195 “Not Bad Little Trunks” / “The World Tournament”
“Hanpa ja nai ze!! Chibi Torankusu” (ハンパじゃないぜ!!チビトランクス)
December 15, 1993 September 28, 2001
Just before the junior competition, a film is shown depicting Hercule’s “triumph” over Cell. Only the Z Fighters and Hercule himself know it is a fraud. Meanwhile, Trunks runs into a bully in the waiting room, and it turns out that his first match is against this kid. With two swift kicks, Trunks effortlessly dispatches this bully.
211 196 “It’s My Turn!! Goten’s Nerves First Fight” / “Trunks vs. Goten”
“Boku no Deban Da!! Goten, Kinchō no Daiissen” (ボクの出番だ!!悟天、緊張の第一戦)
December 22, 1993 October 2, 2001
It’s Goten’s turn now, and he happens to be fighting the brother of the kid that Trunks knocked out. Goten doesn’t seem to understand that the other kids don’t have the awesome abilities that he and Trunks have, and wonders why his opponent won’t fight seriously. He finally takes this kid out, and makes his way to the finals, where he faces Trunks. Their battle rocks the stadium, and the spectators love it. So far, it’s an even match.
212 197 “The New Junior Champion has Been Determined!” / “Best of The Boys”
“Ureshisa Hyakumanbai! Shōnen Chanpion Kettei!!” (うれしさ百万倍!少年王者決定!!)
January 12, 1994 October 3, 2001
The match between Trunks and Goten begins to heat up. Trunks gets Goten in a stranglehold, and Goten can’t seem to break free. Desperate, he transforms into a Super Saiyan and busts loose. Trunks is angry, because all of the Saiyan warriors agreed not to transform during the Tournament. To embarrass him for this, Trunks decides to fight the rest of the way without using his left arm. But when Goten seems to have the advantage, he uses his left arm AND transforms into a Super Saiyan to knock Goten out of the ring. Trunks says that since both he and Goten transformed once, they’re even.
213 198 “The Greatest Crisis in History!!” / “Big Trouble, Little Trunks”
“Dō suru Satan!? Shijō Saidai no Pinchi” (どうするサタン!?史上最大のピンチ)
January 19, 1994 October 4, 2001
As promised, Hercule begins a match with the junior world champion, which happens to be Trunks. Trunks thinks that Hercule is as strong as he says he is, so he is expecting a real bout. Hercule, in an attempt to trick Trunks, instructs the boy to give him the lightest punch he can. Unfortunately for Hercule, Trunks’ lightest punch knocks the “champion” out of the ring, though luckily it is played off as if he let Trunks win. While waiting for the adult tournament to begin, Goku and his friends run into two weird-looking strangers, one of whom says he looks forward to fighting Goku.
214 199 “Let’s start the first Match Without Delay!” / “Who Will Fight Who?”
“Taisen Aite Kettei!! Hayaku Yarō ze Ikkaisen” (対戦相手決定!!早くやろうぜ一回戦)
January 26, 1994 October 5, 2001
Trunks and Goten decide to sneak into the adult tournament. They knock out a masked fighter and take his costume, with Goten acting as the legs and Trunks as the head. It is learned that the names of the two mysterious strangers are Shin and Kibito. The tournament draws are out, and in the first round, Goku will be fighting Vegeta! But before that, Krillin, Videl, and Piccolo, who is fighting under the pseudonym ‘Majunior’, are scheduled to fight their respective matches.
215 200 “What’s Wrong Piccolo? The Impossible non Fight…” / “Forfeit of Piccolo!”
“Dōshita Pikkoro!! Masaka no Fusenbai” (どうしたピッコロ!!まさかの不戦敗)
February 2, 1994 October 8, 2001
In the first match, Krillin easily defeats his incredibly large opponent. Now it’s Piccolo’s turn to fight the mysterious Shin. Once the match starts, Piccolo seems to be paralyzed with fear. Suddenly, he realizes who Shin is, and forfeits the match. He tells Goku that Shin is unimaginably strong. Videl and the large Spopovich fight next.
216 201 “Disgusting and Immortal!! The Mystery of Supopo Bitchi” / “A Dark and Secret Power”
“Fujimi de Bukimi!? Supopobitchi no Nazo” (不死身で不気味!?スポポビッチの謎)
February 9, 1994 October 9, 2001
Videl’s fight with Spopovich begins. She seems to have the upper hand in this bout, but every time she knocks him down, he gets back up, even when it seems impossible. As the fight continues, Spopovich begins to take the upper hand. To counter, Videl deals him a ferocious kick to the head. This kick turns Spopovich’s head all the way around! Although it seems like he is dead, he suddenly gets back up and straightens his head out. Meanwhile, Shin reveals to Piccolo that he is the Supreme Kai. He gives him no more details, but tells Piccolo to keep it a secret.
217 202 “No Mercy for Videl. Will the Anger Bring Super Gohan?” / “Videl is Crushed”
“Bīderu Muzan!! Deru ka Ikari no Sūpā Gohan” (ビーデル無残!!出るか怒りの超悟飯)
February 16, 1994 October 10, 2001
Spopovich starts wailing on Videl, and there’s nothing she can do about it. When it seems like he is about to deal out her final blow, Gohan decides that he’s seen too much, and goes out to rescue her. Suddenly Yamu, Spopovich’s partner, tells him to stop punishing Videl and to finish the match. Spopovich tosses her out of the ring, and he and Yamu leave for the moment. With Videl badly injured, Goku goes to get some senzu beans from Korin.
218 203 “Unmasked!!! The Great Saiya-man is Son Gohan” / “Identities Revealed”
“Barechatta!! Saiyaman wa Son Gohan” (バレちゃった!!サイヤマンは孫悟飯)
February 23, 1994 October 11, 2001
Gohan is waiting anxiously for Goku to return with the senzu beans. Finally, the hero arrives, and Gohan takes a bean to Videl, who heals instantly. Gohan and Kibito start their match, but no punches are thrown. Kibito asks to see Gohan’s Super Saiyan power, and Piccolo tells Gohan to show him.
219 204 “A Sneaky plan! Gohan’s power gets stolen” / “Energy Drain”
“Ugomeku Inbō!! Gohan no Pawā ga Ubawareta” (うごめく陰謀!!悟飯の力が奪われた)
March 2, 1994 October 12, 2001
Gohan fully powers up, and just as Shin predicted, Spopovich and Yamu suddenly attack him. They stick a weird device inside him, steal all of his energy, and then leave. Shin takes off after them, and Goku, Piccolo, Krillin, and Vegeta follow. Kibito heals Gohan, and those two and Videl also leave. Shin explains that long ago there was a wizard named Bibidi who created a monster with unbelieveable destructive power. Shin killed Bibidi, and the monster, Majin Buu, was left sealed in a ball. Now Bibidi’s son, Babidi, has come to resurrect the monster, and they plan to use Gohan’s stolen energy to do it.

Orig. Ep# Dub Ep# Translated Title/Dub Title
Original Japanese Title
Original Airdate English Airdate
220 205 “The Evil Magician Babidi…” / “The Wizard’s Curse”
“Kuromaku Tōjō!! Aku no Madōshi Babidi” (黒幕登場!!悪の魔導師バビディ)
March 9, 1994 October 15, 2001
Videl can’t keep up with Gohan and Kibito, so she decides to go back. Before she leaves she realizes that Gohan was the kid who defeated cell and not her father. They follow Spopovich and Yamu to Babidi’s spaceship. Babidi comes out, along with his new partner Dabura, the King of the Demons. After Spopovich and Yamu deliver the energy to Babidi, the wizard has no use for them, and he kills both of them.
221 206 “A Trap in Waiting. A Challenge from the Dark side” / “King of the Demons”
“Machiukeru Wana!! Makai kara no Chōsenjō” (待ち受けるワナ!!魔界からの挑戦状)
March 16, 1994 October 16, 2001
Babidi enters the spaceship, but Dabura suddenly flies over to the Z Fighters, and he kills Kibito. Goku and Vegeta take some shots at him, but they miss. Dabura spits on Krillin and Piccolo, turning them both to stone. The only way to revive them is to kill Dabura. This lures the warriors into the ship. Upon arrival, they meet Babidi’s henchman, Pui Pui, who tells them that they must fight a different opponent on each level of the spaceship, and as they are beaten up, their energy will be absorbed by the room and injected into the ball that contains Buu.
222 207 “Vegeta’s first Attack is filled with Anger” / “Vegeta Attacks”
“Nameru na!! Bejīta Ikari no Hassen Toppa” (なめるな!!ベジータ怒りの初戦突破)
March 23, 1994 October 17, 2001
Vegeta starts to beat up Pui Pui with no effort. To give his fighter the advantage, Babidi changes the room to mimic Pui Pui’s home planet, where the gravity is ten times that of earth’s. Unfortunately for Pui Pui, Vegeta trains at hundreds of times earth’s gravity, and he easily destroys Pui Pui. They move on to the second level where Goku will fight Babidi’s pet monster Yakon.
223 208 “Goku At full power. Take that Yakon!!!” / “Next Up, Goku”
“Gokū Pawā Zenkai!! Buttobe Yakon” (悟空パワー全開!!ブッ飛べヤコン)
April 13, 1994 October 18, 2001
Goku and Yakon start to fight. Goku is obviously stronger than Yakon, so Babidi changes the environment to mimic the Planet of Darkness, which is Yakon’s home planet. To help himself see, Goku becomes a Super Saiyan. Yakon, the devourer of light, sucks up the light emitting from Goku. Seeing this, Goku again becomes a Super Saiyan, allowing Yakon to suck up all the light energy he can. Finally, he gives off a flash of brilliant energy which is too much for Yakon to handle. Victorious, the fighters head to the next level.
224 209 “A Huge Mistake!!! Satan VS. The 3 Super Warriors!?” / “Battle Supreme”
“Daigosan!! Satan tai Sannin no Chōsenshi!?” (大誤算!!サタンVS3人の超戦士!?)
April 20, 1994 October 22, 2001
The fighters move to the third level. This time, it’s Gohan’s turn to fight. Dabura decides that he will fight this time, but first he goes to the meditation chamber to prepare. Meanwhile, back at the World Martial Arts Tournament, only five fighters remain because the rest of them flew away. Hercule decides to finish the tournament with all five remaining fighters in the ring at the same time. 18 takes out one of them, and Mighty Mask, composed of Goten and Trunks, takes out another. Now it’s down to those two and Hercule.
225 210 “The Kids are Strong! A tough fight for Number 18!” / “Eighteen Unmasks”
“Tsuyoi ze Chibikko!! Jūhachigō Daikusen!?” (強いぜチビッコ!!18号大苦戦!?)
April 27, 1994 October 23, 2001
18 and Mighty Mask (Trunks and Goten) start to fight, and because they are able to use their arms and legs simultaneously as Mighty Mask, they have the upper hand against 18. But when she steps up the intensity, they can’t keep up with her, so they decide to turn into Super Saiyans. This, of course, blows their cover, and they are disqualified. Now it is down to 18 and Hercule. Meanwhile, Dabura has finally finished his meditation, and is ready to fight Gohan.
226 211 “The Debut of the King of Evil. It’s your turn Gohan!!” / “Pay to Win”
“Tachihadakaru Maō! Deban da Gohan!!” (たちはだかる魔王!出番だ悟飯!!)
May 4, 1994 October 24, 2001
18 gets Hercule in a headlock, and she uses the opportunity to cut him a deal: she’ll throw the match if he pays her double what he wins for the title. He reluctantly agrees, and the fight soon ends with Hercule as the victor. Over in Babidi’s spaceship, Dabura finally emerges ready to fight. Babidi sends them to a planet similar to earth so their fight won’t damage the ship. As their battle begins, Gohan finds that Dabura is a tough opponent, so he revs up his power to Super Saiyan level.
227 212 “The Heart of Evil Found. Doubler’s good idea” / “Heart of a Villain”
“Mitsukerareta Jashin!! Dābura no Meian” (見つけられた邪心!!ダーブラの名案)
May 18, 1994 October 25, 2001
Gohan and Dabura continue fighting, and from the outset it is clear that Gohan has lost his edge. He hasn’t trained for seven years. He was even stronger when he was a kid. Dabura is beating him fairly easily, and Vegeta starts to lose his cool. Noticing this, Dabura tells Babidi to return them all to the ship. He privately informs Babidi that Vegeta has a terrible rage burning inside him, and that he could be made to serve their purposes. Meanwhile, Goten and Trunks see Videl flying back to the stadium, and she tells them all about what’s happening. Excited at the prospect of seeing magic and a wizard (although they reveal that they don’t even know what a wizard is), they race off after the others.
228 213 “The Rebirth of Vegeta, Dark Prince of Destruction!” / “The Dark Prince Returns”
“Hakai Ōji Bejīta Fukkatsu!! Butōkai Rannyū” (破壊王子ベジータ復活!!武闘会乱入)
May 25, 1994 October 29, 2001
Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, and Shin are left wondering why Dabura suddenly stopped the fight. Suddenly, Babidi tries to take over Vegeta’s mind. Although he is urged to fight it, Babidi’s magic is too strong, and Vegeta’s impure heart gives in. Now with Babidi’s “M” on his forehead, he has turned evil. Babidi transports them all back to the World Martial Arts stadium where he instructs Vegeta to kill his friends. Vegeta refuses, as he apparently has not lost complete control of his mind. He says that his only goal is to fight Goku. To bait Goku into fighting him, Vegeta destroys part of the stadium, killing many fans.
229 214 “The Fated Battle! Son Goku VS. Majin Vegeta…” / “Vegeta’s Pride”
“Shukumei no Chōtaiketsu!! Gekitotsu Gokū tai Bejīta” (宿命の超対決!!激突 悟空 VS ベジータ)
June 15, 1994 October 30, 2001
Goku refuses to fight Vegeta, so Vegeta destroys another part of the stadium. To avoid any further casualties, Goku reluctantly agrees to fight. Shin tries to stop him, but he sees that it is no use. Goku tells Babidi to transport them far away from people, and the wizard obliges. Shin and Gohan decide to break into the next level of the ship and try and stop Babidi. To avoid this, Babidi commands Vegeta to kill Shin, but Vegeta refuses. Though Babidi is possessing him, Vegeta can only focus on one thing: fighting Goku. Goku gives Gohan one of the last two senzu beans before he and Shin go further into the ship. Vegeta and Goku power themselves up to their maximum level, and are ready to fight.
230 215 “We won’t let you continue your Evil” / “The Long Awaited Fight”
“Mattero Babidi!! Yabō wa Yurusanai” (待ってろ バビディ!!野望は許さない)
June 22, 1994 October 31, 2001
Goku and Vegeta start to fight, and their raw power is astounding. Both fighters possess incredible ability, and so far, the fight seems to be a draw. Vegeta is able to lock Goku to a bolder with cuffs made of energy. He tells Goku how he has stolen his royal destiny by beating Frieza and becoming a Super Saiyan, and how insulting it was to be surpassed in power by the child Gohan. Goku is able to break free, and the battle resumes with crushing force. Meanwhile, Gohan and Shin have made it all the way to Buu’s ball, but Babidi and Dabora are waiting for them.
231 216 “The Ultimate Evil Majin Buu Appears…” / “Magic Ball of Buu”
“Toketa Fūin! Deruzo Kyōaku Majin Bū!!” (解けた封印!出るぞ 凶悪魔人ブウ!!)
June 29, 1994 November 1, 2001
Goku and Vegeta continue their awesome battle. Vegeta reveals that he knew he could never surpass Goku’s strength, so he allowed himself to be taken over by Babidi. He had seen what it had done to Spopovich and Yamu, and he wanted the power for himself. He also says that he wanted Babidi to reawaken the evil in his heart. Over the years, he had become like a normal person; he had a wife and a son, and thought the earth was a nice place to live. He wanted Babidi’s magic to free him from “those petty attachments.” Meanwhile, before Gohan and Shin can stop Babidi, Buu has finally gathered enough energy, and has begun to hatch.
232 217 “The Kamehameha to change fate!” / “Buu is Hatched!”
“Fukkatsu Sasenai!! Teikō no Kamehameha” (復活させない!!抵抗のかめはめ波)
July 6, 1994 November 5, 2001
In an attempt to abort the hatching, Gohan begins firing Kamehameha waves at the ball, but it doesn’t seem to do much good. The ball opens, but after some pink steam escapes, there is nothing left in the ball. They believe that Gohan destroyed Buu with his energy blasts, but suddenly the pink steam begins to congeal. It forms into Majin Buu. Instead of a fearsome beast, Buu is a fat, pink child, but Shin knows that it is really Majin Buu and not something else. Goku and Vegeta have noticed the sudden upsurge in power, and realize that Buu has been hatched.
233 218 “A Straight Path to Destruction!? Kaiou in Despair” / “The Losses Begin”
“Zetsubō e Itchokusen!? Nageki no Kaiōshin” (絶望へ一直線!?嘆きの界王神)
July 13, 1994 November 6, 2001
Dabora insults Majin Buu, and with a single blow, Buu dispatches with the King of the Demons. Goku and Vegeta feel Buu’s surge of power, and Goku convinces Vegeta to postpone the fight until they can take out Buu. Vegeta says he doesn’t want Goku distracted while they’re fighting. As Goku is preparing to leave, Vegeta knocks him out with a blow to the head and takes the final senzu bean. Babidi’s first order to Majin Buu is to kill Gohan and Shin. Gohan grabs Shin and takes off, but even with their head start, Buu catches up to them with blinding speed. With a single blow, Buu puts Gohan out of commission, leaving Shin unguarded.
234 219 “It’s feared That Gohan is on the Brink of Death” / “The Terror of Majin Buu”
“Majin Osoru Beshi!! Gohan ni Semaru Shi no Kyōfu” (魔人恐るべし!!悟飯に迫る死の恐怖)
July 27, 1994 November 7, 2001
Shin defends himself as best he can against Buu, but he is no match for him. Buu pounds Shin into the ground, and is preparing to eat him when Gohan flies in and knocks Buu away. Gohan’s recovery is short-lived, because Buu hits him with an energy blast of incredible power. Gohan falls to the earth in a forest somewhere, unconscious. Trunks and Goten arrive at the outskirts of the scene and notice the “statues” of Piccolo and Krillin. Trunks accidentally breaks the Piccolo statue. As Buu is preparing to eat Shin, Dabora suddenly throws a spear through him. Dabora warns Babidi that he will soon lose control of Buu and his monster will turn on him. Babidi doesn’t believe him, and now Buu’s plans have changed: Dabora is next on the menu.
235 220 “I’ll Eat you! The Starving Majin’s Psychic Powers…” / “Meal Time”
“Tabechau zo!! Harapeko Majin no Chōnōryoku” (食べちゃうぞ!!腹ペコ魔人の超能力)
August 3, 1994 November 8, 2001
Dabora tries his best to destroy Buu, but he is nowhere near strong enough to do the job. Buu turns him into a cookie and eats him. With Dabora gone, Krillin and Piccolo, despite his statue being slightly broken, are able to come back to life. Just as Buu’s about to eat the Supreme Kai, Vegeta makes his presence known by destroying Babidi’s spaceship. Vegeta knows what Buu did to Gohan, and he vows that when Goku regains consciousness, this will all be over, even if it costs him his own life. He promises to atone for what he’s done, and he powers up. At full strength, he ferociously attacks Buu.
236 221 “I’m going to Destroy Majin Buu myself” / “The Warrior’s Decision”
“Senshi no Ketsui!! Majin wa Ore ga Shimatsu suru” (戦士の決意!!魔人はオレが始末する)
August 17, 1994 November 12, 2001
Though incredibly powerful, Vegeta’s attacks do nothing to Majin Buu. He even blasts a hole in the monster, but Buu is able to regenerate his body. Tired of playing around, Buu rocks the entire planet by powering up. He then rips off part of his own belly and is able to wrap it around Vegeta. Trapped, the Saiyan prince can do nothing to defend himself. Trunks can’t stand to see his father tortured like this, so he powers up and jets off to help him, and Goten follows.
237 222 “For The Sake of my Loved ones… Vegeta Falls!!!” / “Final Atonement”
“Ai suru Mono no Tame ni… Bejīta Chiru!!” (愛する者のために…ベジータ散る!!)
August 24, 1994 November 13, 2001
Trunks knocks Buu away from his father, and he and Goten free Vegeta from his bonds. Piccolo attacks Babidi, and despite the wizard using all of his magic to defend himself, Piccolo is able to slice him in half. Vegeta recovers, and tells Trunks that he is proud of him. For the first time, Vegeta embraces his son. He then knocks out Trunks and Goten, allowing Piccolo to carry them away to safety. With Buu back and ready for more, Vegeta makes the ultimate sacrifice: he erupts in a blinding flash of light, certainly killing anything near him, including himself. One of the two last pure Saiyan’s is now gone.
238 223 “The Nightmare continues! Majin Buu is still Alive” / “Evil Lives On”
“Akumu Futatabi! Ikiteita Majin Bū” (悪夢ふたたび!生きていた魔人ブウ)
August 31, 1994 September 16, 2002
After Vegeta’s eruption, Piccolo returns to the scene of the battle. He finds no sign of Vegeta left, and that Buu has been blasted into thousands of small pieces. He also finds the top half of Babidi, who is begging for help. Suddenly, the pieces of Buu begin to reform. They all combine to make Majin Buu whole again. Knowing he’s outmatched, Piccolo retreats. Buu heals Babidi, and the two embark on a killing spree. Piccolo catches up with Krillin, telling him that the world’s last hope, Trunks and Goten, must be protected. Krillin is instructed to take the two young Saiyans to Dende’s lookout. Meanwhile, the Supreme Kai has recovered, and is searching for Gohan.
239 224 “Videl’s Struggle, Searching for the Dragonballs” / “Find the Dragon Balls”
“Bīderutachi no Funtō! Sagase Doragon Bōru” (ビーデルたちの奮闘!探せ神龍球)
September 7, 1994 September 17, 2002
Yamcha, 18, Bulma, Videl, and Chi Chi, among others, go looking for the Dragon Balls. Their search for the seventh one leads them to a nest full of eggs, but before Bulma can grab it, a dinosaur eats the entire nest. Yamcha hits the beast with an energy ball, which causes it to fly into the ocean. Videl goes swimming after it, and with a little help from Master Roshi, they are able to extract the ball. Piccolo and Krillin arrive at the lookout with the unconscious Trunks and Goten. Soon after, Goku regains consiousness and appears at the lookout himself.
240 225 “A Big Hope. The Kids’ New Ultimate Attack!!!” / “Revival”
“Dekkai Kibō!! Chibitachi no Shin Hissatsu Waza” (でっかい希望!!チビたちの新必殺技)
September 21, 1994 September 18, 2002
While discussing tactics, Goku reveals that he knows of a method by which two similar-sized people can fuse together into one ultimate being. They decide that Trunks and Goten will learn this new trick, but the only problem is that it will take about a week to learn it, and Goku has less than a day left on earth. Piccolo decides to teach the boys after Goku is gone. Suddenly, the sky turns black, and they realize that Bulma is calling the dragon. Goku uses Instant Transmission to appear at Capsule Corp., but she has already made one wish. Her wish was to bring back everyone that died today. Goku tells Shenron that they will postpone their second wish, and uses Instant Transmission to take everyone there back to the lookout with him. Meanwhile, Kibito awakens because of the wish, and Shin is still searching for Gohan.
241 226 “The Whole World’s Ordered to find them…” / “A Global Announcement”
“Goten Torankusu Zensekai ni Shimei Tehai” (悟天 トランクス全世界に指名手配)
September 28, 1994 September 19, 2002
Kibito finds Shin and heals him. Then, both of them find Gohan, and decide to take him to the world of the Kais. Meanwhile, back at the lookout, Goku breaks the news about Vegeta and Gohan to the newcomers, as both of them are believed to be dead. They are just about to wake Trunks and Goten when Babidi suddenly starts a global announcement. He tells everyone that he and Majin Buu will terrorize the entire planet until Piccolo, Trunks, and Goten show themselves. To give them a taste of what’s in store, he shows Buu turning the entire population of a major city into small candies, which he greedily consumes.
242 227 “Is that Kaiou-Shin’s Secret Weapon???” / “Learn to Fuse”
“Gohan Fukkatsu!! Kaiōshin no Himitsu Heiki!?” (悟飯復活界王神の秘密兵器!?)
October 12, 1994 September 23, 2002
Babidi tells the earth that anyone with any information about Piccolo, Trunks, or Goten should tell him. To stop any further damage, Piccolo wants to turn himself in, but Goku convinces him not to, because he knows that even if the three turn themselves it, it won’t stop Buu’s destruction. Trunks and Goten wake up, and they learn about Vegeta and Gohan’s (supposed) demise. Goku is harsh with them, because they can’t waste any time mourning right now. The boys know that they must be tough to stop Majin Buu. In the world of the Kais, Kibito heals Gohan, and Shin tells him about the Z Sword. It is a mystical sword that contains great power, and even the Kais themselves could not pull it from the rock it is now stuck in. Shin believes that Gohan possesses the strength to do so.
243 228 “I Pulled It Out! The Legendary Z Sword…” / “The Z Sword”
“Nuketā〜!! Densetsu no Zetto Sōdo” (抜けたァ〜!!伝説のゼットソード)
October 19, 1994 September 24, 2002
Gohan attempts to free the Z Sword, but can’t do it in his normal state. He transforms into a Super Saiyan, and with a mighty heave, he frees the sword from the rock. To his great surprise, the sword is incredibly heavy, and he must now train himself to use it. Back on earth, Babidi and Buu continue their reign of terror, and Goten and Trunks tell him that they’re going to destroy him and Buu.
244 229 “He’s After the Western Capitol!!! Stop Majin Buu” / “Race To Capsule Corp”
“Nerawareta Nishi no Miyako! Tomare Majin Bū!!” (狙われた西の都!止まれ魔人ブウ!!)
November 2, 1994 September 25, 2002
Goten and Trunks begin their fusion training, but it is soon interrupted by Babidi. He announces that he has learned where Trunks lives, and he and Buu are now on their way to kill him. Goku sends Trunks to get the Dragon Radar from Capsule Corporation before it is destroyed, and he himself heads off to slow down Buu and Babidi. He asks Buu why he takes orders from someone as weak as Babidi. Though Buu seems intrigued by the thought of killing his master, he dislikes Goku as much as he does Babidi, so he decides to attack Goku. Goku knows that an ascended Super Saiyan isn’t enough to stop Buu, so he says he’ll take it up to the next level.
245 230 “Oh! What a Surprise!! The Super Saiya-jin 3 Classic” / “Super Saiyan 3?!”
“Atto Odoroku Daihenshin!! Sūpā Saiyajin Surī” (アッと驚く大変身!!超サイヤ人3)
November 9, 1994 September 26, 2002
To buy as much time as possible, Goku demonstrates the Super Saiyan transformations. He starts in his normal form, then goes to Super Saiyan, then Super Saiyan 2. He then transforms into Super Saiyan 3, and the immense power of this transformation rocks the entire planet. His hair grows down to his knees, and his eyes change. His power is so incredible that Gohan, Shin, and Kibito can feel it in the world of the Kais. As a Super Saiyan 3, he possesses even more power than Majin Buu. He starts to pound Buu with relative ease. At Capsule Corporation, Trunks and Dr. Brief frantically search for the Dragon Radar.
246 231 “Bye Bye Babidi!!! Majin Buu Rebels…” / “Buu’s Mutiny”
“Bai Bai – Babidi!! Majin Bū Hangyaku” (バイバイ·バビディ!!魔人ブウ反逆)
November 16, 1994 September 30, 2002
Goku continues his awesome display of power, but with each blow to Majin Buu, the monster gets even more powerful. He seems to have an unlimited well of energy to use. Bulma calls Trunks on Videl’s cell phone to tell him that she left the Dragon Radar in the airplane. He retrieves the radar, and heads back to the lookout. Goku senses this, and decides to end his fight with Buu. He once again tells Buu that he’s much too skilled to be taking orders from Babidi. Goku Instantly Transmits himself back to the lookout. This time, Buu takes Goku’s advice and turns on his master. He executes Babidi. Meanwhile, Gohan continues his training with the Z Sword.
247 232 “Incredible Ugly!? The Special Transformation Training” / “The Fusion Dance”
“Mecha Kakko Warui!? Tokkun Henshin Pōzu” (メチャカッコ悪い!?特訓変身ポーズ)
November 23, 1994 October 1, 2002
Without Babidi to control him, Majin Buu goes on a spree of destruction. Trunks returns to the lookout with the Dragon Radar. Baba shows up to tell Goku that he only has thirty minutes left. His transformation into Super Saiyan 3 was very draining, and it ate up a lot of his time that was left. Even though he is exhausted, he begins teaching Goten and Trunks the Fusion Dance. On the world of the Kais, Gohan begins training with even more intensity than before, determined to save the universe from Majin Buu.
248 233 “Bye Bye Everyone. Goku Goes back to the After Life” / “Goku’s Time is Up”
“Jā na Minna!! Gokū Ano Yo ni Kaeru” (じゃあな みんな!!悟空あの世に帰る)
November 30, 1994 October 2, 2002
Buu clears some space in the countryside and builds a house for him to live in. Trunks and Goten continue learning the Fusion Dance, and begin to master the technique. They each plead with Goku for him to show them the Super Saiyan 3 transformation, and because he knows his time is up, Goku complies. Soon after the transformation, Baba shows up to take him away. Goku says goodbye to everyone at the lookout. Once again, he is gone.
249 234 “The Harsh Training on Kaiou-Shin’s Planet” / “Return to Other World”
“Gohan wa Doko da!? Kaiōshinkai no Mōtokkun” (悟飯はどこだ!?界王神界の猛特訓)
December 7, 1994 October 3, 2002
Back in Other World, Goku visits King Yemma to ask him if he’s seen Gohan. King Yemma says that Gohan has not checked in. Thrilled that his son is still alive, he searches for his energy signal, and uses Instant Transmission to go there. He starts to help Gohan with his training with the Z Sword. Piccolo continues training Trunks and Goten to fuse. Buu happens upon a blind kid, who doesn’t seem to be scared of him. Buu restores the kid’s vision, but to his surprise, the child is not afraid of him. He is grateful that Buu made him see, and considers Buu a friend. Buu seems to like friendship more than fear.
250 235 “This can’t be true! The Zed Sword gets Broken…” / “Out From the Broken Sword”
“Uso daro!? Zetto Sōdo ga Orechatta” (ウソだろ!?ゼットソードが折れちゃった)
December 14, 1994 October 7, 2002
Goku throws a giant boulder at Gohan to test his abilities with the Z Sword. Gohan makes a clean cut, so Shin conjures up a block of the hardest metal in the universe. This time, the sword can’t cut it, and breaks under the pressure. But from out of the Z Sword comes the Elder Kai, who is fifteen generations older than Shin. In exchange for a date with Bulma, the Elder Kai agrees to awaken Gohan’s sleeping powers. He starts to do a strange dance in circles around the Saiyan, and says that it will take 25 hours to awaken his sleeping power. Meanwhile, Trunks and Goten have finally mastered the Fusion Dance, and are ready to attempt it for real.
251 236 “The Birth of Super Fusion, The Name is Gotenks” / “Gotenks is Born”
“Gattai Chōjin Tanjō!! Sono Na wa Gotenkusu” (合体超人誕生!!その名はゴテンクス)
December 21, 1994 October 8, 2002
Trunks and Goten attempt to fuse, and their first attempt yields a weird-looking fat kid with very little power. Their second attempt creates an old, emaciated weakling. Finally, the two are perfectly in sync, and make Gotenks. Piccolo tells him to wait thirty minutes for the fusion to wear off so they can try it as Super Saiyans. Gotenks thinks he’s powerful enough already and takes off to find Majin Buu. He is able to get some hits in on the monster, but when Buu steps up the intensity, Gotenks is no match and is easily defeated. Meanwhile, on the world of the Kais, the Elder Kai continues the long ceremony needed to awaken Gohan’s hidden power.
252 237 “The Last Weapon Mobilized. Satan will save the Earth” / “Unlikely Friendship”
“Saishū Heiki Shidō!? Satan wa Chikyū o Sukū” (最終兵器始動!?サタンは地球を救う)
January 11, 1995 October 9, 2002
Trunks and Goten heal up from their injuries. They will train the rest of the day and fight Majin Buu tomorrow at full strength. On the world of the Kais, the Elder Kai has finished his five-hour ritual. Now Gohan must sit and meditate for twenty more hours for his power to awaken. Back at Buu’s house, Hercule arrives to defeat the evil creature. He tries some tricks with poison candy and exploding video games, but they have no effect on the monster. Buu decides to be friends with Hercule.
253 238 “I’ve given up Killing! Majin Buu’s Boy Scout Pledge!!!” / “I Kill No More”
“Korosu no Yameta!! Majin Bū Yoi Ko Sengen” (殺すのやめた!!魔人ブウよい子宣言)
January 25, 1995 October 10, 2002
Trunks and Goten successfully fuse as Super Saiyans, but once again, their ego takes over. Gotenks spends all of his time flying around the earth at full speed, and by the time he decides to attack Buu, his 30 minutes are up. Back at Buu’s house, Hercule is doing his best to please the monster. He even cooks him dinner. While away murdering people, Buu finds an injured dog and heals him. Buu discovers the joys of friendship with this dog, and when Hercule tells Buu that killing is bad, Buu vows never to kill again. But while Buu and his pet are playing fetch, two crazed gunmen shoot the dog.

Orig. ep# Dub ep# Translated title/Dub title
Original Japanese title
Original airdate English airdate
254 239 “The Appearance of the evil Majin Buu!!!” / “The Evil of Men”
“Nigero Satan!! Ikari no Majin Bū Shutsugen” (逃げろサタン!!怒りの魔人ブウ出現)
February 1, 1995 October 14, 2002
The two gunmen proceed to shoot rockets at Buu’s house. Hercule runs up to the hill they’re on and pounds each of them. Buu is able to heal the dog, and the three friends continue having fun. Buu rebuilds his house to look like the dog. While Hercule is cooking a meal for Buu, one of the gunmen sneaks into Buu’s house and shoots the World Champ. Buu starts to lose control of himself. After he heals Hercule, he instructs him to get away. Buu begins giving off more steam than ever, and the steam is congealing in the sky. It forms the evil side of Buu, a tall, thin, gray version of Majin Buu. Evil Buu flies over to the gunman and blasts him into nothing.
255 240 “Who Will Win?! A Battle Between Good and Evil Buus” / “Buu Against Buu”
“Dotchi ga Katsu no!? Zen’aku Bū Bū Taiketsu” (どっちが勝つの!?善悪ブウブウ対決)
February 8, 1995 October 15, 2002
Evil Buu and Good Buu begin to fight, and it’s clear that Evil Buu has the advantage. Good Buu tries to turn his opponent into chocolate, but Evil Buu deflects the ray back at Good Buu, who becomes a piece of chocolate. Evil Buu consumes the chocolate, and transforms into Super Buu, a bulkier, pink version of Evil Buu. Super Buu blows up the other gunman, and spies another person hiding nearby. He is about to destroy the other person, when he realizes that it’s Hercule. He spares his friend, and flies off. He arrives at Dende’s lookout.
256 241 “The Extinction of Humanity…” / “Empty Planet”
“Matta nashi no Hakyoku!! Chikyū Jinrui Zetsumetsu” (待ったなしの破局!!地球人類絶滅)
February 15, 1995 October 16, 2002
Buu demands to fight Gotenks, but Piccolo knows that the boys aren’t ready. To buy time, he tells Buu that he can spend a day killing the rest of the people on earth. Buu starts walking around the edge of the lookout, and Piccolo uses this time to tell Krillin to wake up the boys and get them into the Hyperbolic Time Chamber to train. Buu completes his walk, and raises up his arm. Millions of energy blasts start flying out of his hand down to earth. After the Human Extiction Attack is finished, only Hercule, the dog, Tien, and Chiaotzu remain, as well as the fighters on the lookout. Piccolo asks for Super Buu to wait for one hour, and Videl agrees. Buu complies, because Videl is the daughter of Hercule.
257 242 “You’re Finished now Majin Buu!” / “Time Struggle”
“Tokkun Seikō!! Kore de Owari da Majin Bū” (特訓成功!!これで終りだ魔人ブウ)
February 22, 1995 October 17, 2002
Chi Chi slaps Super Buu for killing Gohan, and in retaliation, Buu turns her into an egg and crushes her. Goten vows to train as hard as he can for what Buu did to his mother. The boys enter the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and begin to train. Buu’s patience wears off after thirty minutes, and he demands to fight his opponent right now. Piccolo decides to take Buu to the Chamber, but he walks as slowly as he can, giving the boys as much time as possible. He mentally warns them that Buu is coming so they can rest up in time. The boys seem to have developed a few new tricks, and they have planned their fight with Buu. Finally, Piccolo and Buu arrive at the chamber, and Goten and Trunks fuse together.
258 243 “Super Gotenks goes all out…” / “Super Moves of Gotenks”
“Honki de Iku ze!! Sūpā Gotenkusu Zenkai” (本気で行くぜ!!超ゴテンクス全開)
March 1, 1995 October 21, 2002
Super Buu and Gotenks begin to fight, and Gotenks decides to use some of his special moves. The problem is that these moves are totally ineffective, not to mention they have ridiculous names, like the Screaming Angry Wombat. After it is clear that these moves have no effect, Gotenks talks strategy with Piccolo. He then creates a ring of energy and traps Buu inside. After a brief struggle, Buu is able to break the ring. The two then do a bit of real fighting. Gotenks decides to use another one of his special moves, called the Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack. He spits out a ghost of himself, and plans to use it against Buu.
259 244 “I did it! The Ghosts succeeded in defeating Majin Buu” / “Trapped in Forever”
“Yatta ze!! Obake de Seikō Bū Taiji!?” (やったぜ!!オバケで成功 ブウ退治!?)
March 8, 1995 October 22, 2002
Gotenks creates ten ghosts that detonate with explosive force when they are touched. He sends all but one at Super Buu, and they reduce him to a deformed puddle of his former self. Gotenks sends the final one down Buu’s mouth, blowing him into tiny pieces. Gotenks and Piccolo destroy all of the pieces, but the smoke coming from the pieces gathers above their heads and reforms Super Buu. To play up the drama of the situation, Gotenks acts like he’s out of ideas, and Buu begins beating up on the fused Saiyan. Suddenly, Piccolo destroys the door to the outside world, which traps the three of them in the Chamber for all eternity.
260 245 “Interdimensional escape! Super Gotenks 3?” / “Feeding Frenzy”
“Ijigen kara no Dasshutsu!! Sūpā Gotenkusu Surī” (異次元からの脱出!!超ゴテンクス3)
March 15, 1995 October 23, 2002
Heartbroken at the idea that he will never eat candy again, Super Buu lets out a powerful scream that rips a hole in the dimension. He jumps through it, and the hole closes before Piccolo and Gotenks can get through. Back on the outside, Buu is hungry, and so he turns everyone at the lookout into chocolate. Piccolo and Gotenks have been attempting to scream loud enough to create an interdimensional hole like Buu did, but they’ve seen no success. Gotenks decides to play his trump card, transforming into a Super Saiyan 3. This gives him the power Buust needed to rip a hole for he and Piccolo to jump through. Back at the lookout, Buu tells Gotenks that he ate all of his friends, and enraged, Gotenks promises Buu that he’ll pay for each one.
261 246 “Have we gone too Far???? Buu Buu Volleyball…” / “Gotenks is Awesome”
“Norisugi!? Bū Bū Barēbōru” (ノリすぎ!?ブウブウ バレーボール)
March 22, 1995 October 24, 2002
Gotenks and Super Buu begin to fight, and the collateral damage from the battle begins to destroy the lookout. Buu slams Gotenks down through the lookout itself. Down on earth, Gotenks tries another Super Ghost Kamikaze attack, but it once again fails. Buu lands a powerful hit on Gotenks that sends him flying back into the lookout. Buu then forms himself into a ball, and begins repeatedly shooting himself at the lookout until all that’s left is rubble floating in the air. While still in a ball, Gotenks is able to trap him in a little sphere. He and Piccolo then play some volleyball with Buu, and Gotenks spikes him down to earth. Just when it seems like Buu is dead, a powerful blast of energy comes from the crater. Gotenks only has a few minutes until he separates.
262 247 “Even Greater, The Remade Gohan goes To Earth…” / “Unlucky Break”
“Masa ni Gurēto!! Shinsei Gohan Chikyū e” (まさにグレート!!新生悟飯地球へ)
April 26, 1995 October 28, 2002
Gotenks and Buu continue their fight. Gotenks seems to be wearing Buu down, and he has the upper hand in the fight. Just as he’s about to hit Buu with his final move, Gotenks returns to normal from his Super Saiyan 3 form. The power was too much for him to sustain. Buu begins beating up Gotenks, who is now much weaker. Gohan has finally finished his training, and is ready to return to earth. After saying goodbye to Goku for the last time, Kibito takes him back, and Gohan asks him to change his clothes. He’s now wearing clothes just like Goku. He’s arrived just in time, because Gotenks has separated.
263 248 “He’s overwhelming Buu. Gohan’s Miraculous Power” / “A Whole New Gohan”
“Bū o Attō!! Gohan no Mirakuru Pawā” (ブウを圧倒!!悟飯のミラクルパワー)
May 3, 1995 October 29, 2002
Gohan arrives at the scene, and everyone is shocked at how much power he has. As Gohan begins pounding him, Buu steps up the intensity, but Gohan still has the upper hand. He is easily picking Buu apart.
264 249 “Gohan can’t be Beat! Buu self-destructs” / “Search For Survivors”
“Yatta ka!? Majin Bū Daibakuhatsu” (やったか!?魔人ブウ大爆発)
May 17, 1995 October 30, 2002
Realizing that he’s totally outmatched, Buu decides to self-destruct, hoping to take Gohan with him. Gohan is able to escape, and he takes the others with him. After the detonation, there is no sign of Buu, but Gohan is sure that he’s still around. They suddenly sense Dende’s energy signal, and they go to find him. On the way, they pick up Hercule and the dog, Bee. Dende explains that as Buu was escaping through the dimensional hole, Mr. Popo threw him from the lookout, because without Dende, there are no Dragon Balls. Buu tracks them down, but instead of having a rematch with Gohan, he calls out Goten and Trunks.
265 250 “Buu commits a Foul! Gotenks is absorbed!?” / “Majin Buu Transforms”
“Bū Saiaku no Hansoku!! Gotenkusu Kyūshū” (ブウ最悪の反則!!ゴテンクス吸収!?)
May 24, 1995 November 4, 2002
Unknown to the others, Buu secretly separates part of his back, and the two pink blobs creep around behind the others. As soon as Goten and Trunks fuse, one of the blobs encases the Saiyan. Piccolo, too, has been covered by a pink blob. Buu calls each of the blobs back to him, and they combine to form a Super Buu that’s even stronger than he was before. Buu and Gohan start to fight, and it’s clear that Super Buu has the advantage. Gohan seems unable to keep up with Buu’s new speed and strength. Buu taunts Gohan by telling him what his three friends that were absorbed think of him.
266 251 “Come Back Goku! Save the Universe” / “The Old Kai’s Weapon”
“Zen’uchū no Tame ni… Yomigaere Son Gokū” (全宇宙のために…よみがえれ孫悟空)
May 31, 1995 November 5, 2002
Gohan is no match for the new Super Buu. Buu now possesses new skills, such as the Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack, and the Special Beam Cannon, each of which he uses on Gohan. He is about to finish Gohan, when Bee comes running up. Hercule tries to save Bee, but is incredibly weak. Buu is about to blast each of them when Gohan saves them. Buu then uses Gotenks’ Ring Binding trick on Gohan. He then aims a Kamehameha wave at him, but Gohan is able to summon enough strength to escape in time. Meanwhile, in Other World, King Yemma decides to send Vegeta back to earth to fight Buu. On the world of the Kais, the Elder Kai decides to give his life to Goku so he can fight Buu. The now deceased Elder Kai gives Goku his earrings. If Goku and Gohan each wear one, they will fuse together.
267 252 “One more Miracle. The Super Fusion With Gohan…” / “Ready to Fuse?”
“Kiseki wa Ichido… Naru ka Gohan to no Chōgattai” (奇跡は一度…なるか悟飯との超合体)
June 7, 1995 November 6, 2002
Elder Kai tells Shin and Kibito to try a fusion with their earrings, but only after they fuse together does he reveal that it is a permanent fusion. Dende heals Gohan’s injuries, so to prevent this from happening again, Buu creates a giant energy ball and aims it at Dende. Just before it hits, it is blasted out of the way by Tien’s tribeam, who has arrived just in time. Buu tries again, but Goku suddenly appears and sends a disk of energy at the monster. It cuts off his legs and part of his head. His legs give Tien a crushing kick, and then return to Buu. Goku throws Gohan the other earring, but his aim is off. Goku goes Super Saiyan 3 to hold off Super Buu while Gohan serches for the earring. Suddenly, Gotenks’ fusion wears off, and Buu loses most of his power. To make up for this, the part of Buu’s head that was cut off suddenly engulfs Gohan, just like Piccolo and Gotenks. He merges with Gohan, and is now even more powerful than before.
268 253 “The Birth of the Invincible Hero” / “Union of Rivals”
“Gattai!! Bejīta no Hokori to Gokū no Ikari” (合体!!ベジータの誇りと悟空の怒り)
June 28, 1995 November 7, 2002
Buu gives Goku some time to find someone to fuse with. He considers Dende and Hercule, but neither of them would be any help. He suddenly senses that Vegeta has returned, and uses Instant Transmission to find him. Dende then heals Tien. After he finds him, Goku tries to convince Vegeta to fuse with him, but Vegeta is angry because he knows Goku was holding back his Super Saiyan 3 technique when they fought. They each try to take on Buu, but are clearly outclassed. Goku tells Vegeta that Buu absorbed Trunks and killed Bulma and asks him to put their differences aside to save their race. Vegeta finally agrees, and only when he puts the earring on does Goku mention that the fusion is permanent.
269 254 “The Ultimate Power. Vejitto the Lethal Warrior!” / “Meet Vegito”
“Sōzetsu Pawā!! Kyūkyoku o Koeru Bejitto” (壮絶パワー!!究極を超えるベジット)
July 5, 1995 November 8, 2002
The fused Goku and Vegeta names himself Vegito, and begins to fight Buu. He clearly is far superior to even the new Super Buu. In Other World, Bulma, Videl, Chi Chi, and Dabura are looking for Gohan, whom they believe to be dead. Dabura has changed his ways, and is trying to help them. Back on earth, Dende and Hercule arrive at the battle scene, just as Buu has decided to destroy the earth. He creates a massive ball of energy, and throws it towards the earth. Vegito easily catches it, and deflects it back out into space. Buu claims that he has yet to fight at his full power. Vegito says the same, and powers up to a Super Saiyan.
270 255 “The Dimension is Shattered! Is Buu out of control?!” / “Rip In The Universe”
“Jigen ni Kiretsu!! Bū ga Kirechatta!?” (次元に亀裂!!ブウがキレちゃった!?)
July 12, 1995 November 11, 2002
Vegito continues to thrash Majin Buu. Buu tries to hide himself with his own steam, but Vegito still beats up on him. On the Grand Kai’s planet, Krillin and Yamcha are training with King Kai. Back on earth, Buu is starting to become desperate. He liquifies himself, and shoots down Vegito’s mouth. While inside Vegito, he tries to control the Saiyan, but Vegito uses his energy to isolate Buu and beat up on him. Buu is forced to exit Vegito’s body. He begins to freak out, and the universe itself starts to rip. Vegito tries to stop him, but Buu has put up a shield around himself. After a long struggle, Vegito breaks through the shield and stops Buu.
271 256 “Buu’s favorite Technique!! Become Candy!!” / “Vegito…Downsized”
“Bū no Oku no Te!! Amedama ni Natchae” (ブウの奥の手!!アメ玉になっちゃえ)
July 19, 1995 November 12, 2002
Vegito and Buu continue to fight, and Vegito is still far more powerful than his opponent. He repeatedly dominates Buu, which makes Buu angrier and angrier. Vegito is just toying with him. Buu hatches a plan, and calls Vegito out. Vegito comes closer, and Buu turns him into candy. Meanwhile, Videl, Bulma, Chi Chi, and Dabora continue their search for Gohan. Videl still doesn’t believe that Gohan is dead.
272 257 “Vejitto gets Absorbed” / “The Incredible Fighting Candy”
“Hīrō Sōshitsu!? Kyūshūsareta Bejitto” (ヒーロー喪失!?吸収されたベジット)
July 26, 1995 November 13, 2002
Before Buu can eat it, the candy made of Vegito begins to fight back. It is just as powerful as Vegito was, except it is too small for Buu to hit. Buu changes it back into Vegito, who then proceeds to beat him up. Vegito literally starts tearing Buu apart. He gives Buu until the count of ten until he destroys him, and during this countdown, Buu notices a part of himself that Vegito tore off down on the ground. This part rises up behind Vegito, and before vegito reaches ten, he is engulfed by the pink blob. Buu has absorbed Vegito.
273 258 “No more fusion, Buu’s Digestive system attacks” / “The Innards of Buu”
“Ma no Meikyū!! Bū no Onaka ni Nani ga Aru!?” (魔の迷宮!!ブウの腹に何がある!?)
August 2, 1995 November 14, 2002
After absorbing Vegito, Buu has not taken on any of his characteristics, because he hasn’t digested him yet. Inside Buu, Vegito still exists. He put up a barrier during the absorption, because he let it happen on purpose. Once he dispels the barrier, Vegito splits back into Goku and Vegeta. Vegeta crushes his fusion earring, citing that once they free their absorbed friends, Buu will lose most of his power. As they journey through his innards, they find some tiny green pieces of slime. The slime starts to attack, and it completely covers Goku. Suddenly, a giant worm appears, ready to eat Goku.
274 259 “Is That you Gohan? Buu’s Victims Attack!” / “Mind Trap”
“Akumu ka Maboroshi ka!? Gokū to Gohan no Oyako Taiketsu” (悪夢か幻か!?悟空と悟飯の親子対決)
August 9, 1995 November 15, 2002
Goku shakes off the slime, and blasts the worm. The worm then calls his father, but instead of eating Goku, the father yells at his son. Goku and the worm become friends, and the worm points them in the direction of the four they’re looking for. Goku and Vegeta arrive in Buu’s head, where they encounter what appear to be Piccolo, Gohan, and Gotenks. These three begin attacking Goku and Vegeta, and even though Goku and Vegeta are winning the fight, their attackers don’t take on any damage. Buu goes to a bakery and begins to eat some cake, which causes what appeared to be Piccolo, Gohan, and Gotenks to turn into cakes. They were just Buu’s thoughts. Goku and Vegeta finally find their four friends, who are trapped in cocoons, unconscious, but alive.
275 260 “Buu’s inner body experience, The Great escape…” / “Deadly Vision”
“Majin no Himitsu!! Bū no Naka ni Futari no Bū” (魔人の秘密!!ブウの中に2人のブウ)
August 16, 1995 November 18, 2002
Goku and Vegeta cut down their four friends, and as they do, Super Buu regresses to his earlier form. Dende and Hercule continue to follow Buu. Back inside Majin Buu, Goku and Vegeta also find the original Majin Buu. They read his thoughts to find out what happened to him. Suddenly, a thought form of Buu himself appears. The two join forces to defeat it, but once they do, another one appears. They realize that this is a battle they can’t win. Buu finally decides that he’s had enough, and he tries to absorb Goku and Vegeta.
276 261 “Where’s the Exit!!!? Escape from the failing Buu!!” / “Evil Kid Buu!”
“Deguchi wa Doko Da!? Kuzureru Bū kara Dasshutsu” (出口はどこだ!?崩れるブウから脱出)
August 23, 1995 November 19, 2002
Goku saves Vegeta from being absorbed. As Vegeta recovers, Goku continues to fight the thought form of Buu. Goku is rapidly losing energy, and just as Buu is about to destroy him, Vegeta cuts down the pod containing the original Majin Buu. This causes Buu to go mad, and so Goku and Vegeta grab the four pods and try to make their escape. On their way through is body, they notice one of the tunnels that leads to one of the holes in Buu’s body where the steam escapes. They are able to fly out through here, and when they emerge on the other side, all six of them regain their normal size. As Goku and Vegeta set the pods down, they notice Buu undergoing a change. He shrinks into Kid Buu.
277 262 “Goodbye Earth!!! Buu falls into evil…” / “End of Earth”
“Chikyū Shōmetsu!! Bū Jaaku e no Gyakuhenshin” (地球消滅!!ブウ邪悪への逆変身)
September 6, 1995 March 17, 2003
Supreme Kai explains to the Elder Kai that there were once five Supreme Kais. Four of them ruled over a quadrant of the universe, and the fifth was their leader. He says that Kid Buu was his original form. North and West Kai perished against Majin Buu. South Kai was absorbed. The leader, Dai Kaio, was also absorbed, but this absorption changed Buu into the fat, happy Buu that came out of the ball. The absorption of the Kais weakened Buu. Back on earth, Kid Buu creates a massive ball of energy and throws it at the earth. Goku and Vegeta try to grab their sons and Piccolo, but are only able to grab Dende and Hercule. Goku instantly transmits to the world of the Kais.
278 263 “Buu get over here! Finish it off in Kaiou-Shin-Kai!!!” / “True Saiyans Fight Alone”
“Bū Raishū!! Kaiōshinkai de Ketchaku da” (ブウ来襲!!界王神界で決着だ)
September 13, 1995 March 18, 2003
Buu reforms after the destruction of the earth, and goes on a rampage throughout the galaxy. He goes from planet to planet, looking for Goku and Vegeta, and then destroys the place when he doesn’t find them. He goes to the Grand Kai’s planet, and starts to destroy everyone there. Supreme Kai offers Goku and Vegeta his fusion earrings, but they both refuse them. They raise their power levels so Buu will know where to find them. Buu appears on the world of the Kais.
279 264 “Seize the future! The Big Battle over the universe” / “Battle for the Universe Begins”
“Mirai o Tsukame!! Uchū o Kaketa Daikessen” (未来をつかめ!!宇宙をかけた大決戦)
September 20, 1995 March 19, 2003
The Supreme Kai transports himself, Dende, and the Elder Kai to a distant planet so they will be out of Goku and Vegeta’s way. Unfortunately, they forget to take Hercule and Bee along. Goku and Vegeta play rock, paper, scissors or jengen to decide who will fight first, and Goku wins. He powers up to Super Saiyan 2, and starts beating on Buu. He blasts him apart, but he reforms. Buu creates another massive energy ball and throws it down at the planet. Goku is able to deflect it, but Buu guides the ball back around and into the planet. Powerful earthquakes rock the surface of the planet, leaving the ground ragged and uneven. Goku decides to power up to Super Saiyan 3.
280 265 “Vejita’s Hat’s off. Goku, You are #1” / “Vegeta’s Respect”
“Bejīta Datsubō!! Gokū Omae ga Nanbā Wan da” (ベジータ脱帽!!悟空おまえがNo.1だ)
October 18, 1995 March 20, 2003
Goku and Buu continue to fight, each taking powerful blows from each other. Buu tries his ball trick again, and hits Goku hard. Goku puts all of his energy into a massive Kamehameha, but Buu just reforms afterward. Goku powers down to his normal state and collapses. Vegeta steps in, but he is no match for Buu. Buu cleans his clock, and just as he’s about to give Vegeta his finishing blow, Goku pushes him out of the way. He then powers back up to Super Saiyan 3 and continues their furious fight. Vegeta reminisces about all of the fights he and Goku were in. He finally admits that Goku is better.
281 266 “Hold on Vejita! A minute fight at the risk of life” / “Minute of Desperation”
“Taenuke Bejīta!! Inochigake no Ippunkan” (耐え抜けベジータ!!命がけの1分間)
November 1, 1995 March 21, 2003
Goku continues to fight Buu, and he seems to have the upper hand. He deals out a lot of damage to Buu, but as the fight goes on, his hits become weaker and weaker until they have no effect at all. He tells Vegeta that it’s his turn, but Vegeta declines, citing that he is no match for Buu. He tells Goku that he’s better than him. Goku says that he needs one minute to power up enough to destroy Buu. While Goku is powering up, Vegeta steps in, knowing that if he dies again, he will no longer exist in any form. Buu thrashes Vegeta, but every time he gets knocked down, he gets up, ready for more. Buu stretches out his arm, wraps it around Vegeta’s neck, and begins choking him. It’s been more than one minute, but Goku still has not generated enough power.
282 267 “Don’t tease Satan!! The original Majin Buu returns!!!” / “Old Buu Emerges”
“Satan o Ijimeru na!! Ganso Bū Fukkatsu” (サタンをいじめるな!!元祖ブウ復活)
November 8, 1995 March 24, 2003
Buu is about to blast Vegeta, when suddenly Hercule starts to taunt him. Buu lets Vegeta go, and turns his attention to Hercule. The world champ, thinking that it’s all a dream, tries to destroy Buu, but is obviously ineffective. Buu winds up to punch him, but suddenly stops. He wrestles with his mind for a moment, and then spits out the fat form of Buu, who, though not part of his physical being, was still inside of Kid Buu. Hercule tries to beat up Buu again, but fails. Buu sends a blast toward Hercule, but it is knocked away by the old Buu, who has regained consciousness. Meanwhile, Goku still can’t gather enough energy. He starts losing energy, and falls to the ground in his normal form.
283 268 “Vejeta’s secret plan!! Porunga’s two wishes!” / “Earth Reborn”
“Bejīta no Hisaku!! Porunga to Futatsu no Negai” (ベジータの秘策!!神龍と2つの願い)
November 15, 1995 March 25, 2003
The old Buu is no match for Kid Buu, who begins to wail on him. Hercule continues to try to help the old Buu, but is ineffective. Vegeta suddenly comes up with a plan. He communicates with Dende, telling him to go to the new planet Namek and gather the Dragon Balls. The Supreme Kai and the Elder Kai take him there, and the Namekians are waiting with the seven balls. Porunga is summoned, and Vegeta tells Dende his two wishes: bring back the earth and restore it to its original state, and bring back all of the non-evil people that died since the morning of the World Martial Arts Tournament. These wishes are granted, and even Vegeta himself comes back to life. He finally reveals the main part of his plan to destroy Buu: the Spirit Bomb.
284 269 “Our last hope! A Really Huge Genki-Dama” / “Call To Action”
“Saigo no Kibō!! Tsukuru ze Dekkai Genkidama” (最後の希望!!作るぜでっかい元気玉)
November 22, 1995 March 26, 2003
The people of earth come back to life, including the Z Fighters and their friends. Goku gets into position to create the Spirit Bomb, and with the help of King Kai, Vegeta speaks to the entire population of earth. He tells them what’s going on, and that to defeat Buu, they need to raise their hands up and offer their energy. Only Goku and Vegeta’s family and friends comply. No one else is willing to listen to a mysterious voice from the sky. Vegeta repeatedly pleads with the earthlings, but to no avail. While this is going on, old Buu is buying them time by fighting Kid Buu, but it’s not going well. Goku hasn’t gathered nearly enough energy to destroy Buu.
285 270 “Big Appreciation! It’s here, Everyone’s Energy Ball…” / “People of Earth Unite”
“Chōkangeki!! Dekita ze Minna no Genkidama” (超感激!!できたぜみんなの元気玉)
November 29, 1995 March 27, 2003
Vegeta continues to plead with the people of earth, but no one will listen to him. Old Buu has finally lost all of his energy, so Vegeta is forced to fight Kid Buu. He is no match for him, and gets pounded. Now Goku asks the earthlings to raise up their arms, and small pockets of people who recognize his voice do so, but the vast majority remain uninterested. Piccolo, Gohan, Goten, and Trunks spread out into the city, hoping to convince people to raise their arms. Hercule has finally had enough, and he speaks to the people of earth. When they hear the familiar voice of the World Champion, all of the people of earth raise their arms and offer their energy. The Spirit Bomb is finally ready.
286 271 “Majin Buu is Destroyed…” / “Spirit Bomb Triumphant”
“Yappari Saikyō Son Gokū!! Majin Bū Shōmetsu” (やっぱり最強孫悟空!!魔人ブウ消滅)
December 13, 1995 March 28, 2003
Goku is ready to throw the Spirit Bomb, but Vegeta is in the way, and, despite Vegeta’s pleas otherwise, he refuses to take out Vegeta along with Buu. Suddenly, old Buu gets up and holds Kid Buu down long enough for Hercule to pull Vegeta to safety. Old Buu is kicked aside, and Goku throws the Spirit Bomb. It hits Kid Buu, but he starts pushing it back. Goku uses all of the energy he has trying to push it back into Kid Buu, but Buu is too powerful. Vegeta suddenly remembers that they still have a third wish with Porunga. He instructs Dende to wish for Goku’s power to be normal again. The wish is granted, and Goku is able to force the Spirit Bomb back at Majin Buu. As he does so, he silently wishes that Buu had been a better person, and hopes to fight him some day in the future. The Spirit Bomb hits with full force, driving Buu into the ground. Majin Buu is finally dead.
287 272 “Peace is Restored! Friend of Justice, Majin Buu!?” / “Celebrations With Majin Buu”
“Modotta Heiwa!! Seigi no Mikata Majin Bū!?” (戻った平和!!正義の味方魔人ブウ!?)
December 20, 1995 March 31, 2003
The Supreme Kai brings Dende back to the world of the Kais. Dende heals Vegeta and Goku. Hercule finds the body of old Buu, and asks Dende to heal him. Vegeta won’t let him, and plans to destroy him. He says it is too dangerous for any form of Majin Buu to exist, but Hercule continues to plead with him. Goku takes Hercule’s side, explaining to Vegeta that it was old Buu who saved Vegeta’s life right before Goku threw the Spirit Bomb. Vegeta reluctantly agrees, and Majin Buu is healed. Supreme Kai takes them all back to Dende’s lookout, where they reunite with friends and family. Goku tells his family that Elder Kai gave him his life, so he can stay on earth for good. Four months later, they use their remaining wish with Shenron, asking him to erase the memory of Majin Buu from the mind of everyone on earth, so that the good Buu can assimilate into society. Life finally returns to normal on earth.
288 273 “You’re late, Goku! Everyone’s Partying!” / “He’s Always Late”
“Osoi ze Gokū! Minna de Pāti!!” (遅いぜ悟空!みんなでパーティ!!)
January 10, 1996 April 2, 2003
Bulma has invited everyone to a barbecue at Capsule Corporation, and Goku’s family is ready to leave. The only problem is that Goku is nowhere to be found. Frustrated, Chi Chi and the boys leave without him. While everyone’s having a good time at the party, Goku is out on a mountaintop, looking after some eggs that are ready to hatch. He protects them from the storm and from predators. After they hatch, he finally arrives at the party, to the delight of everyone.
289 274 “Grandpa Goku! I’m Pan!!!” / “Granddaughter Pan”
“Gokū Ojiichan! Watashi ga Pan yo!!” (悟空おじいちゃん!私がパンよ!!)
January 17, 1996 April 3, 2003
Five years have passed, and Goku is training with Goten when Bulma and Vegeta show up. Goku says that he and Goten will be entering the World Martial Arts Tournament, so Vegeta says that he and Trunks will do the same. The day of the tournament comes, and old friends catch up. Everyone has arrived to watch. Gohan, who is now married to Videl, has decided not to enter, but his daughter, Pan, will fight. Since there is no junior division, she will be fighting with the adults. Hercule and Buu will be fighting, however, and Goku says that there is someone who is 100% human that can threaten to beat Goku and Vegeta.
290 275 “I’m Uub. Now 10 years old, Formerly Majin Buu” / “Buu’s Reincarnation”
“Oira wa Ūbu! Ima Jussai de Moto Majin!?” (オイラはウーブ!今10歳で元魔人!?)
January 24, 1996 April 4, 2003
The seeding draw for the tournament begins, and Goku has Majin Buu use his magic to rig it so that he faces the powerful mystery fighter he had talked about. In the first match, Pan faces Wild Tiger, and the four-year-old easily dispatches with him. Next up is Goku vs. Uub. Uub is the reincarnation of Buu. King Yemma apparently heard Goku’s wish right before Buu was destroyed, and he reincarnated Buu as a good person, named Uub. Uub is apprehensive, so to bait him into fighting, Goku resorts to taunting the young boy. After a particularly nasty insult and a kick to the face, Uub has snapped, and is now ready to fight.
291 276 “To Become Stronger! Goku’s Dream is to Surpass it!!” / “Goku’s Next Journey”
“Motto Tsuyoku!! Gokū no Yume wa Chō Dekkē” (もっと強く!!悟空の夢は超でっけえ)
January 31, 1996 April 7, 2003
Goku and Uub begin to fight, and it’s clear that Uub doesn’t know much about fighting. But as the match goes on, he learns more and more, and is able to go toe to toe with Goku. Uub nearly falls out of the ring, but Goku saves him from hitting the ground. He realizes that Uub doesn’t even know how to fly, so he decides to live with Uub in his village and train him. Despite his friends and family pleading with him to stay, he flies away with Uub. Goku decides to train Uub to defend the earth when he’s gone. He hopes one day, when Uub’s training is complete, to have a real all-out match with him to test their power.


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A monkey-tailed boy named Goku is found by an old martial arts expert who raises him as his grandson. One day Goku meets a girl named Bulma and together they go on a quest to retrieve the seven Dragon Balls, mythical objects that can summon a dragon who will grant any wish. Along the way, they meet and befriend a plethora of martial artists. They also undergo rigorous training regimes and educational programs in order to fight in the World Martial Arts Tournament, a tournament in which the most powerful fighters in the world compete. Outside the tournaments, Goku faces diverse villains such as Emperor Pilaf, the Red Ribbon Army, a demon known as Piccolo Daimao and his offspring.

Episode listing

Emperor Pilaf Saga

Ep# Title Original Airdate English Airdate
1 “Secret of the Dragon Balls”
“Buruma to Son Gokū” (ブルマと孫悟空)
February 26, 1986 August 20, 2001
Goku, an orphan living in the mountains, is out fishing when he meets Bulma, a young girl searching for the seven Dragon Balls, which, when gathered together, grant a wish. Goku’s grandpa gave him the four-star Dragon Ball before he died. Needing this ball for her collection, which already contains two balls, Bulma decides to let Goku join her search. They take off on a motorcycle, but Bulma is suddenly grabbed by a giant flying dinosaur. Goku hits the monster with his power pole and rescues Bulma.
2 “The Emperor’s Quest”
“Arararaa! Tama ga Nai!” (あらららー!タマがない!)
March 5, 1986 August 21, 2001
Goku and Bulma set up a shelter to sleep in. At night, Goku goes out looking for some food. He sees a ship fly overhead, and, thinking that it’s a bird, goes running after it. The ship belongs to Mai and Shu, who are servants of Emperor Pilaf. The Emperor is also looking for the Dragon Balls. Goku saves them from wolves, and heads back. In the morning,he finds a giant turtle who is looking for the sea. Goku volunteers to take him there, so he picks up the turtle on his back and begins running, with Bulma following on her motorcycle.
3 “The Nimbus Cloud of Roshi”
“Kame-Sen’nin no Kinto-Un” (亀仙人のキント雲)
March 12, 1986 August 22, 2001
On their way to the sea, Goku and Bulma run into a Bear Thief[citation needed] that tries to eat the turtle. Goku makes short work of him, and they continue on their way. When they arrive at the shore, the turtle tells them to wait for him. When he comes back, a man is riding on his back. The man is Master Roshi, and as a reward for helping his turtle, he gives Goku his flying Nimbus Cloud. Roshi himself can’t ride the cloud, because only good and pure people can. Bulma can’t ride it either, but Goku can. Roshi also gives Bulma the three-star Dragon Ball, not knowing what it is. When Master Roshi returns to his island, he finds Emperor Pilaf and his two henchmen searching his house for the Dragon Ball. After he tells them that he gave it away, the three leave his island.
4 “Oolong the Terrible”
“Hitosarai Yōkai Ūron” (人さらい妖怪ウーロン)
March 19, 1986 August 23, 2001
The dragon radar leads Goku and Bulma into a remote village. They find that the village is being terrorized by a shapeshifter named Oolong. An old woman in this village has the six-star Dragon Ball, and she agrees to give it to them if they drive Oolong away from their village. Oolong wants to marry a girl in the village, so Goku dresses up like her to trick Oolong. When Oolong discovers this, he gets very angry. Five minutes after he transforms, he reverts back into his original state, so to protect his identity, he runs away from the village. Goku follows, and eventually catches him. With the village saved, the old woman gives them the six-star ball.
5 “Yamcha the Desert Bandit”
“Tsuyokute Warui Sabaku no Yamucha” (つよくて悪い砂漠のヤムチャ)
March 26, 1986 August 24, 2001
Bulma lets Oolong join their group, thinking that his shapeshifting ability will come in handy. Their boat runs out of gas, so they are forced to walk through the desert. Yamcha, a dangerous bandit, is said to live in this desert. While they walk through the desert, Yamcha and his shapeshifting cat, Puar, ambush them. Goku and Yamcha begin to fight. Yamcha thinks he won after he uses his Wolf’s Fang Fist technique, but Goku is able to get up. Just as Yamcha is about to attack again, he sees Bulma. Yamcha gets nervous around girls, so he trips. He and Puar retreat to their hideout.
6 “Keep an Eye on the Dragon Balls”
“Mayonaka no Hōmonsha-tachi” (真夜中の訪問者たち)
April 2, 1986 August 27, 2001
Oolong remembers that he has a camper dyno capsule, so the three spend the night in it. Goku tells Oolong about the Dragon Balls. Oolong drugs the drinks of Goku and Bulma, causing them to fall asleep. Yamcha and Puar have been listening from outside the window, and now plan to take the balls for themselves. Puar changes into Goku to lure Oolong out of the camper. Yamcha goes in, but sees Bulma and chickens out. The next morning, Yamcha shows up with a rocket launcher and destroys their vehicle. Goku beats him in a fight, so Yamcha and Puar retreat again. Later, he shows up with a car for them to use, saying that he didn’t want any hard feelings. He secretly planted a homing device on the car so he can follow them on their quest for the Dragon Balls. Meanwhile, Mai and Shu have been trying to steal the balls for Emperor Pilaf, but the misuse of their bomb foiled their own plot.
7 “The Ox-King on Fire Mountain”
“Furaipan Yama no Gyūmaō” (フライパン山の牛魔王)
April 9, 1986 August 28, 2001
Goku, Bulma, and Oolong arrive at Fire Mountain, with Yamcha following closely behind. There, they meet the Ox King, who lives in the castle on Fire Mountain. The Ox King notices Goku’s flying Nimbus Cloud, and realizes that he must have received it from Master Roshi. He says that he sent his daughter Chi Chi to go to Master Roshi’s island to borrow the Bansho Fan to put out the flames on Fire Mountain, but she never came back. The Ox King tells Goku that if he finds Chi Chi and returns with the Bansho Fan, then he can have the Dragon Ball that’s inside his castle. Goku takes off and finds Chi Chi right away. After asking for directions from a dolphin, they arrive at Master Roshi’s island.
8 “The Kamehameha Wave”
“Kame-Sen’nin no Kamehameha” (亀仙人のカメハメ波)
April 16, 1986 August 29, 2001
Master Roshi agrees to let Goku borrow the Bansho fan, but when he goes to retrieve it, he remembers that he spilled juice on it and threw it out. He decides to put out the fire himself. When they arrive back at Fire Mountain, Master Roshi uses his famous Kamehameha wave to blow out the flames. The wave puts out the fire, but it also destroys the entire mountain. With the dragon radar, Bulma is able to search through the rubble and find the seven-star ball. Goku asks Master Roshi if he can learn the Kamehameha wave, but is disappointed to find out that it will take him 50 years to learn it. He tries it anyway, and is miraculously able to do it the first time.
9 “Boss Rabbit’s Magic Touch”
“Usagi Oyabun no Tokui Waza” (うさぎオヤブンの得意技)
April 23, 1986 August 30, 2001
Goku, Bulma, and Oolong drive into a city to get gas. Everyone in this town seems to be afraid of Bulma, but after she buys some new clothes and gets rid of her bunny costume, no one even notices her. Just as they’re about to leave, two men in bunny ears begin to hassle them. Goku beats up both of them, so they call in ‘the boss.’ The Boss, whose name is Monster Carrot, arrives. He is a giant rabbit whose special power is his touch; if you touch him, you turn into a carrot. Not knowing this, Bulma slaps him, turning her into a carrot, which Monster Carrot grabs. Watching from behind a boulder, Puar turns into a bird and snatches the carrot out of his hand. Goku then hits him with his power pole, forcing Monster Carrot to surrender. He changes Bulma back. Goku then ties up Monster Carrot and his henchmen and takes them to the moon by extending his power pole, proceeding to force them to make treats for children.
10 “The Dragon Balls Are Stolen!”
“Doragon Bōru Ubawareru!!” (D.B.うばわれる!!)
April 30, 1986 August 31, 2001
While they’re driving towards the final Dragon Ball, Shu fires a rocket at their car. Then he jumps down and runs off with Bulma’s suitcase, which contains their Dragon Balls. Goku tries to follow, but loses him. Luckily, Goku still has the four-star ball, so Emperor Pilaf can’t make his wish. Bulma’s dyno capsules were in her suitcase as well, so they have no ride. With no other options, Yamcha is forced to give them a lift. They arrive at Emperor Pilaf’s castle. Inside, they come to a dead end, but before they can turn around, a wall comes down, trapping them inside.
11 “The Penalty Is Pinball”
“Tsui ni Doragon Arawaru!” (ついに龍あらわる!)
May 7, 1986 September 3, 2001
Emperor Pilaf releases sleeping gas inside the chamber, which knocks everyone out. Mai goes in and steals the four-star ball from Goku while he’s sleeping. When they wake up, they realize the ball has been stolen, and begin to run through the hallways. Emperor Pilaf sends giant pinballs rolling after them. Just when one of the balls has them cornered, it suddenly backs off, and a wall comes down again. They are trapped in the same room as before. Goku tries to use a Kamehameha wave to blast away the wall, but only manages to open up a small hole that leads outside, where Pilaf is summoning the dragon. Puar and Oolong turn into bats and fly through the hole to try and steal one of the balls. But before they can get close enough, the dragon appears.
12 “A Wish to the Eternal Dragon”
“Shenron e no Negai” (神龍への願い)
May 14, 1986 September 4, 2001
Desperate to stop Pilaf, Oolong interrupts his wish with his own: a pair of women’s underwear. This wish is granted, the dragon disappears, and the seven balls scatter all over the earth. Furious, Pilaf sends Mai and Shu after Oolong and Puar. Goku manages to destroy the wall with another Kamehameha wave, but suddenly a herd of guard dogs appears. Goku and Yamcha beat these dogs, and on their way out they find Oolong and Puar. Just as they’re about to leave, Mai and Shu corner them with another pack of dogs. They are transported to a room with a glass ceiling that gathers energy from the sun and heats up. By morning, they will be burnt alive. Goku and Yamcha try to break down the walls, but fail. Puar notices the full moon, and Goku warns them about a monster that appears during the full moon. He said that this monster trampled his grandpa Gohan to death, and that his grandpa told him never to look at the moon. He accidentally looks at it and begins to transform into a gigantic ape.
13 “The Legend of Goku”
“Gokū no Dai-Henshin” (悟空の大変身)
May 21, 1986 September 5, 2001
Goku the ape begins demolishing Pilaf’s castle. Bulma, Yamcha, Oolong, and Puar are able to escape. Pilaf, Mai, and Shu board an airplane and start attacking Goku. They are able to bring him down temporarily, but Goku recovers and destroys their plane. He then picks up Bulma and prepares to eat her. Remembering that his tail is his weak point, Puar changes into a giant pair of scissors and cuts Goku’s tail off. He regresses back to his normal self, and sleeps until morning. When he wakes up, he is shocked to find that his tail and his clothes are missing, and remembers nothing about his rampage. He borrows Oolong’s pants and finds his power pole in the rubble, but finds it hard to balance without his tail. Yamcha and Bulma decide to go to the city together, with Puar and Oolong tagging along. Goku decides to go to Master Roshi’s island to train, so Bulma gives him the dragon radar so he can find the four-star ball when the Dragon Balls reappear.

The Tournament Saga

Ep# Title Original Airdate English Airdate
14 “Goku’s Rival”
“Gokū no Raibaru? Sanjô!!” (悟空のライバル?参上!!)
May 28, 1986 September 6, 2001
Goku stops by his house to gather his things, then heads towards Master Roshi’s island. When he arrives, Master Roshi tells him that he will only train him if he brings him a girlfriend. Goku brings back a big ugly-looking girl but Master Roshi wanted a beautiful girl. So Goku got a mermaid, but it didn’t go well. Suddenly, a small boy named Krillin paddles ashore on a boat and requests training from Master Roshi. With the help of a bribe, Master Roshi agrees to train him. He sends Goku and Krillin into the city to find him another girl. Meanwhile, Yamcha’s ship crashed, so he, Bulma, Puar, and Oolong are forced to walk through the desert.
15 “Look out for Launch!”
“Fushigi na On’na no Ko Ranchi” (?な女の子ランチ)
June 4, 1986 September 7, 2001
Because Krillin can’t sit on the Nimbus Cloud, he is forced to cling to Goku’s back during their search for a girl. They find a girl being attacked by two men. Goku beats up these two guys, and they bring the girl back to Master Roshi’s island. Unknown to either of them, the girl, Launch, was actually being arrested when they found her. When she sneezes, she turns into a mean, aggressive, blonde criminal. Back on the island, Roshi likes Launch so much that he agrees to take her on as a student, along with Goku and Krillin. Launch sneezes, and then takes out a machine gun and shoots at the three boys. After another sneeze, everything is back to normal.
16 “Find That Stone”
“Shugyō·Ishi Sagashi” (修業·石さがし)
June 11, 1986 September 10, 2001
Master Roshi packs up his house in a dyno capsule, and the four of them head to a bigger island. Master Roshi tests the boys’ speed by timing them in a 100 meter dash. Krillin goes first, and runs the distance in 10.4 seconds. Goku’s time is 11 seconds, but after he takes off his old, beat-up shoes, he runs it in 8 seconds. Master Roshi dazzles them by running it in 5.6 seconds. Then he gives them their final test for the day. He makes a mark on a stone, then throws it into the woods, telling them to find it; the loser must go without dinner for the night. Krillin tries to fool Master Roshi with a stone of his own, but Roshi sees through the lie. Goku finds the stone, but Krillin steals it and runs away. Goku catches up, and the two of them fight. Goku wins, so Krillin throws a decoy stone back into the woods, and Goku runs after it, thinking it’s the real one. Krillin takes the real stone back to Master Roshi. However, it ultimately turns out to be a pyrrhic victory for Krillin, as Launch made pufferfish for dinner and failed to properly prepare it.
17 “Milk Delivery”
“Inochigake! Gyūnyū Haitatsu” (命がけ!牛乳はいたつ)
June 18, 1986 September 11, 2001
Master Roshi wakes the boys up early to begin their training. Their job is to deliver milk, but there are several miles between each house. After several exhausting runs, they are made to climb a mountain to deliver milk to the monk at the top. While at the top, Master Roshi tells them that in eight months, they will be competing in the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament. This encouraging thought is enough to drive Goku and Krillin through the end of their milk delivery. Once the delivery ends, Master Roshi tells them that they will be delivering milk every day until the tournament. The boys are shocked to find out that the milk delivery was only their early morning training, and that they have much more to do every day. Meanwhile, Yamcha is also training for the World Martial Arts Tournament.
18 “The Turtle Hermit Way”
“Kamesen-Ryū Kitsūi Shugyō” (亀仙流きつーい修業)
June 25, 1986 September 12, 2001
The boys continue their workout by plowing an entire field with their hands. After a quick breakfast, they head over to a construction site. Here, they dig holes and haul equipment. Their speed dazzles the foreman. They eat lunch and then take a nap. Goku is getting impatient, and wants to learn fighting moves, but Master Roshi says he won’t teach them fighting moves until their bodies are in the proper condition. Their next task is to swim ten laps on a lake while they’re being chased by sharks. Then Master Roshi ties them to a tree and makes them dodge angry bees. At the end of the day’s training, Master Roshi tells them they will be doing the same thing every day for the next eight months, but with 50 lb. turtle shells on their backs.
19 “The Tournament Begins”
“Tenka-ichi Budōkai Hajimaru!” (天下一武道会はじまる!)
July 2, 1986 September 13, 2001
After several months of training, the boys are anxious to learn fighting techniques. Master Roshi tells them that he has no technique to teach them. The whole point of turtle hermit training is to get your body in superhuman condition. He says fighting is just the expression of your power. Then he gives them 100 lb. turtle shells to wear from now on. After several more months, the day before the tournament finally arrives. After everyone checks in, Yamcha, Bulma, Oolong, and Puar meet up with Goku. The next morning, Master Roshi gives Goku and Krillin fighting uniforms to wear.
20 “Elimination Round”
“Deru Ka? Shugyō no Iryoku” (でるか?修業の威力)
July 9, 1986 September 14, 2001
The preliminary rounds are divided into four sections, with the top two from each section going on to the finals. Goku and Krillin are drawn into the same section, but are on opposite ends, so they won’t have to fight each other. Goku’s first match is against a giant, but he is able to knock him out of the ring with only a slight tap to the leg. Krillin’s first opponent is an enemy from his old martial arts school. He kicks his opponent so hard that he breaks a hole in the wall. Bulma, Oolong, and Puar are able to watch the matches through this hole. At the end of the day, Goku, Krillin, and Yamcha all advance to the final round of the World Martial Arts Tournament.
21 “Smells Like Trouble”
“Ayaushi! Kuririn” (危うし!クリリン)
July 16, 1986 September 17, 2001
Goku and Krillin meet up with Bulma, Oolong, and Puar before the finals start. Master Roshi arrives, saying that he missed the preliminaries because of a long line in the bathroom. When the contestants are called to the arena, Goku and Krillin leave, and Master Roshi mysteriously disappears. They draw numbers to set the quarterfinal matches. Krillin is in the first match against Bacterian, a giant whose stench is paralyzing. Yamcha is in the second match against Jackie Chun, and Goku is in the fourth match. The first match starts, and right away Krillin is paralyzed by Bacterian’s stench. Just when it looks like he’s going to lose, Goku reminds him that he doesn’t have a nose, and Krillin is able to get up and give Bacterian a taste of his own medicine. Krillin moves on to the semifinals.
22 “Quarter Finals Begin”
“Yamucha Tai Jakkī Chun” (ヤムチャVSジャッキーチュン)
July 23, 1986 September 18, 2001
The second match begins. Yamcha tries his best moves against Jackie Chun, but he can’t even land a punch. The old man is far too quick for him. The fight ends when Jackie Chun pushes Yamcha out of the ring with his energy. The third match between Nam and Ranfan begins. Nam is fighting for prize money to buy water for his village. Nam hits her and she starts to cry, but the crying is just an act. She takes advantage of this and quickly attacks. When Nam is able to defend her attacks easily, she takes off her clothes to distract him. Jackie Chun begins hooting wildly, and Yamcha recognizes this laughter as Master Roshi’s. He realizes that Jackie Chun is Roshi. Nam closes his eyes and is able to beat Ranfan.
23 “Monster Beast Giran”
“Deta—! Kyōteki Giran” (出たーっ!強敵ギラン)
July 30, 1986 September 19, 2001
Goku’s match is postponed by rain. While they’re waiting for the weather to clear up, they relax in the bar. Giran, Goku’s opponent, comes in and starts causing trouble. Yamcha warns Goku that Giran has been known to cheat. When the match finally starts, Giran tricks Goku into dropping his guard, then punches him. Goku responds with a furious attack and throws Giran out of the ring. Giran reveals that he can fly, and he lands safely back in bounds. He then spits rock-hard gum onto Goku, paralyzing him. He throws Goku out of the ring, but Goku calls the flying Nimbus Cloud to save him. Just as Giran is about to punch Goku, his tail grows back and he dodges the punch. Since he is stronger with his tail, he is now able to break the gum. Shocked at this incredible display of strength, Giran forfeits the match.
24 “Krillin’s Frantic Attack!”
“Kuririn Hisshi no Dai-Kōbōsen” (クリリン必死の大攻防戦)
August 6, 1986 September 20, 2001
The first semifinal begins. Unfortunately, Jackie Chun’s punches are too fast for Krillin to see. He attacks Jackie Chun, and after a brief instant, they fly away from each other. The announcer asks them to slowly reenact what happened. Jackie Chun tried to kick Krillin, but he dodged it and then tried to land a punch, but Jackie spit at him. Krillin countered this with his own spit. Then they played janken, which was just a distraction, allowing Jackie to kick Krillin in the face. After the reenactment, Krillin distracts Jackie with a pair of panties, then kicks him far out of the ring. Jackie uses a Kamehameha wave to blast himself back into the ring. Then he uses the after-image technique to distract Krillin, allowing him to land a powerful kick, which knocks Krillin out. After the match, Yamcha, thinking that Jackie Chun is Master Roshi, tries to pull his wig off, but can’t. Even though it seems like Jackie Chun is Master Roshi, no one can prove it.
25 “Danger From Above”
“Tate Gokū! Osorubeki Tenkū-Pekeji-Ken” (たて悟空!恐るべき天空X字拳)
August 13, 1986 September 21, 2001
Goku starts his semifinal match against Nam. He uses a tornado attack to push Nam out of the ring, but gets too dizzy before he can finish it. Nam then uses his aerial attack, which is supposed to leave the victim unconscious. Goku is somehow able to stand up afterwards, and jumps up in the air just like Nam. Once Nam lands, Goku kicks him out of the ring. Afterwards, Nam packs up to leave, but Jackie Chun stops him. He gives him a dyno capsule that can be used for storage. Nam asks Jackie how he knew about his water problem, and Jackie says that he read his mind. Nam realizes that Jackie Chun is Master Roshi, but Jackie keeps him quiet. He explains that he is fighting undercover to beat Goku and Krillin. He doesn’t want them to know that they’re already the strongest in the world. Nam then does Jackie a favor by dressing up like Master Roshi and standing in the crowd. Yamcha sees him, and no longer thinks that Jackie Chun is Master Roshi.
26 “The Grand Finals”
“Kesshōsen da!! Kamehameha” (決勝戦だ!!カメハメ波)
August 20, 1986 September 24, 2001
The final match begins. Goku jumps up in the air, but Jackie Chun sees it coming and kicks him out of the ring. Everyone thinks that Jackie has won, but Goku flies back into the ring by spinning his tail like helicopter blades. Jackie challenges Goku to use the Kamehameha wave, and to his great surprise, Goku can do it just as well as he can. Jackie uses a double after-image to fool Goku. Goku counters with a triple after-image. Jackie then begins staggering wildly around the ring. With his unpredictable movements, he begins beating up Goku. Yamcha tells Goku that he’s using the drunken boxing technique, so Goku counters with his crazy monkey attack. He runs around like a monkey, and Jackie Chun can’t follow him. Once this is over, Jackie Chun says that his next move will win the match.
27 “Number One Under The Moon”
“Gokū ·Saidai no Pinchi” (悟空·最大のピンチ)
August 27, 1986 September 25, 2001
Night begins to fall as the final match continues. Jackie Chun hypnotizes Goku and puts him to sleep. Goku can’t wake up unless Jackie tells him to. Just before the count reaches 10, Bulma yells “Goku! Your dinner is ready!” and Goku wakes up. Then Goku uses janken attack moves, but Jackie defends them. Goku tricks him by saying “paper,” but throwing rock. Jackie decides to use an attack that he’s only ever used once before: the Lightning Flash Surprise attack. He gathers his energy and shoots it at Goku. This energy is transformed into 20,000 volts when it hits Goku. Just as Goku is about to give up, he glimpses the moon, and transforms into a gigantic ape again. Knowing that he must stop Goku’s rampage at any cost, Jackie Chun fires his most powerful Kamehameha wave. When the dust clears, it looks like Goku is dead.
28 “The Final Blow”
“Gekitotsu!! Pawā Tai Pawā” (激突!!パワー対パワー)
September 3, 1986 September 26, 2001
Jackie Chun actually fired the wave at the moon, not Goku. Goku is found sleeping in the rubble, so they wake him up to continue the match. Krillin lends Goku his clothes. Once the match resumes, Jackie Chun tries to fire another Kamehameha wave at Goku, but finds that he doesn’t have the energy. Goku kicks him out of the ring, but Jackie avoids hitting the ground by sticking his foot inside the wall. With both of them completely exhausted, they on a straightforward finish to the match. After a long bit of fighting, Goku and Jackie jump and kick each other in the face, knocking them both down. The count goes past 10, so the rules say the first person to stand up and declare victory wins. Goku struggles to his feet and nearly finishes his victory declaration, but collapses. Then Jackie Chun gets up and declares victory. After the match, Jackie secretly takes off his disguise, and they all go out to eat. Goku eats so much that Master Roshi has to spend his entire $500,000 prize on the meal.

Red Ribbon Army saga

Ep# Title Original Airdate English Airdate
29 “The Roaming Lake”
“Futatabi Bōken Samayō Mizūmi” (ふたたび冒険 さまよう湖)
September 10, 1986 February 11, 2002
Master Roshi tells Goku and Krillin to take a break from training for now, but Krillin still decides to go live with him. Goku sets off on his search for the four-star Dragon Ball. Meanwhile, Nam has arrived at his village with the water, but it is still not enough. The river has run dry, so Nam heads upstream to find the source of the disturbance. He is attacked by a dinosaur, but luckily Goku is swimming in a nearby lake and comes to rescue him. He and Nam continue upstream and find that a dam has been built. The monsters that live there refuse to tear it down. Their leader, Giran, recognizes Goku from the tournament. He says that he would tear it down, but it’s too strong for them to break. Goku fires a Kamehameha wave at it, which is enough to destroy the dam. With the river replenished, everything seems okay, but a sandstorm suddenly kicks up and dries up the river again. Goku notices the lake he was swimming in before. This is the Roaming Lake, and it came to help the village.
30 “Pilaf and The Mystery Force”
“Pirafu to Nazo no Gundan” (ピラフと謎の軍団)
September 17, 1986 February 12, 2002
Goku stops at a lake for a swim. When he gets out, he finds that the dragon radar has been stolen. He picks up on the thief’s scent and follows it to its source. The thief tells him that he sold the radar to an antique salesman in a nearby town. Goku locates the shop and finds his dragon radar there. He picks up a signal coming from the shop, so he turns around and sees Emperor Pilaf and Mai holding the four-star ball, having just bought it from this store. They are able to escape on their ship, but Goku follows them on the Nimbus Cloud. Back at the antique store, a mysterious military force has arrived looking for a Dragon Ball. The salesman gives them a four-star ball, but they recognize it as a fake. Pilaf’s four-star ball was also a fake, but Goku doesn’t yet know. The signal he picked up on was the six-star ball in a nest above the shop. A bird then flies away with the ball in its talons.
31 “Wedding Plans”
“Gege! Nise Gokū Shutsugen!!” (ゲゲ!ニセ悟空出現!!)
September 24, 1986 February 13, 2002
Emperor Pilaf gives Goku the fake four-star ball, but Goku accidentally breaks it. The bird that had the six-star ball got eaten by a larger bird, and that bird got captured by the Ox King. Chi Chi thinks Goku is coming, and since she wants to marry him, the Ox King roasts the bird for a wedding feast. Emperor Pilaf’s radar picks up the signal coming from Ox King’s village, so Shu dresses up like Goku to get close enough to steal the ball. Goku follows his radar’s signal and finds Chi Chi in a field picking flowers for the wedding. Back at the feast, suddenly the mysterious military force, the Red Ribbon Army, attacks the village, having followed the six-star ball’s signal as well. Ox King tries to fight back, but gets captured. Pilaf snatches the Dragon Ball from inside the bird and takes off in his ship. Goku and Chi Chi notice smoke coming from the village, so they go to check it out.
32 “The Flying Fortress – Vanished!”
“Kieta!? Soratobu Yōsai” (消えた!?空とぶ要塞)
October 1, 1986 February 14, 2002
Goku and Chi Chi arrive at the village in time to rescue the Ox King. After a quick meal, Goku follows the signal on the dragon radar again. Emperor Pilaf’s flying fortress shoots down the jets of the Red Ribbon Army and escapes. Both the Red Ribbon Army and Goku follow their signals to a remote point in the middle of the desert. Goku, searching on foot, is suddenly attacked by automatic guns rising from the sand. Colonel Silver notices this and realizes Pilaf is hiding in an underground base. Pilaf, Mai, and Shu all try to escape on the flying fortress. Goku follows them and clings to the wall of the ship. The Red Ribbon Army is waiting for them, and they destroy the fortress. Pilaf, Mai, and Shu parachute down and are forced to hand over the six-star ball.
33 “The Legend of a Dragon”
“Doragon no Densetsu” (竜の伝説)
October 8, 1986 February 15, 2002
Goku calls the Nimbus Cloud to save him just before the flying fortress explodes. Then he heads off towards the nearest signal on the dragon radar. Back at Kame House, Master Roshi tells Krillin and Launch the legend of the Dragon Balls. Long ago, the seven balls were one, but evil forces tried to steal it. The ball split itself into seven useless parts, but when combined, they summon the eternal dragon who will grant one wish. Goku follows the radar to a forest where he finds the Red Ribbon Army also in search of the ball. The army is burning down the forest, so Goku tries to stop them. Suddenly, a monkey runs by holding the five-star ball. Colonel Silver shoots at it, causing the monkey to fly over the edge of a cliff. Goku grabs it, but the monkey drops the ball into a river.
34 “Cruel General Red”
“Hijō no Reddo Ribon” (非情のレッドリボン)
October 15, 1986 February 18, 2002
While the Red Ribbon Army is searching the river for the five-star ball, Goku follows the dragon radar downstream and finds it. Before he can escape, Colonel Silver destroys the flying Nimbus. Angry, Goku easily defeats him. He finds some dyno caps in a nearby building and throws them. One is a robot, and the other is a plane. The robot flies the plane for Goku as he follows the nearest signal on the dragon radar. Goku instructs the robot to land the plane, but the robot’s circuits freeze up in the extreme cold, so the plane crashes. Goku, frozen solid, is dragged away by a mysterious young girl.
35 “Cold Reception”
“Kita no Shōjo Suno” (北の少女スノ)
October 22, 1986 February 19, 2002
The girl called Snow, takes Goku back to her house to recover. She and her mother explain that the Red Ribbon Army has taken their village chief hostage and are forcing the men to help them look for the Dragon Ball. The chief is being held in a fortress called Muscle Tower. Two soldiers break in, just as Goku is in the bathroom but Goku beats them. Snow gives Goku warm clothes to wear outside. Goku arrives at Muscle Tower and makes short work of the guards waiting outside. He uses his power pole to vault up onto the first level.
36 “Major Metallitron”
“Massuru Tawā no Kyōfu” (マッスル塔の恐怖)
October 29, 1986 February 20, 2002
Goku enters the second floor of Muscle Tower and defeats the guards waiting for him. He heads up to the third floor where he finds a large android named Major Metallitron. Goku and Major start to fight, and after a few hits, Goku knocks him over. Goku is caught off guard when the giant gets up and grabs him. Major launches a missile at him, but he dodges it. Goku counters with a Kamehameha wave and blows Metallitron’s head off. Despite being decapitated, the android is still moving. Goku punches a hole through the robot’s chest, but even that doesn’t stop him. The fight finally ends when Major Metallitron’s batteries die.
37 “Ninja Murasaki is Coming!”
“Ninja Murasaki Sanjō” (忍者ムラサキ参上)
November 5, 1986 February 21, 2002
Goku enters the fourth floor of Muscle Tower and finds himself in the middle of a forest. Ninja Murasaki, who is hiding in the trees, has been sent to kill Goku. After games of hide and seek, racing and shuriken throwing Ninja Murasaki finally decides to fight, and Goku breaks his sword with the power pole. Murasaki throws a boomerang at him which hits and knocks out Goku.
38 “Five Murasakis”
“Osorubeshi!! Bunshin no Jutsu” (恐るべし!!分身の術)
November 12, 1986 February 22, 2002
Goku recovers from his injury and begins to chase Murasaki. The ninja then and Goku cross a pirahna infested lake. Murasaki decides to use his ultimate technique and seemingly splits into five. The five Murasakis nearly overwhelm Goku. They reveal that they are actually quindruplet brothers, not five parts of one person. Goku takes them out one by one. He chases the last Murasaki brother up to a cage. The ninja releases the monster within, Android 8.
39 “Mysterious Android No. 8”
“Nazo no Jinzōningen Hachi-gō” (謎の人造人間8号)
November 19, 1986 February 25, 2002
Ninja Murasaki releases Android 8 to fight Goku. Android 8 however refuses to fight. Murasaki threatens Android 8 with a remote to set off a bomb inside him. Goku stops Murasaki, destroys the remote and beats the ninja. Goku has walked into a labyrinth but cannot find a way past. Android 8 comes to repay Goku with help to get past the maze. Goku nicknames Android 8 “Eighter”. They easily stop approaching soldiers. Finally they manage to get past the trick wall at the end of the maze. They find General White waiting for them in the 6th floor command room. General White won’t give up and drops Goku and Eighter down a trapdoor.
40 “Horrifying Buyon”
“Dō Suru Gokū!! Senritsu no Buyon” (どうする悟空!!戦慄のブヨン)
November 26, 1986 February 26, 2002
Goku and Eighter land on 5th floor. General White releases a monster to destroy the both of them. Meanwhile Snow has found some sweet furry rodents. Eighter cowers at the other side of the room while Goku fights the monster Buyon. Goku can’t even hurt Buyon. Buyon eats Goku, but he struggles out. Even a Kamehameha Wave doesn’t affect Buyon. Goku saves Eighter from being eaten. Recalling an earlier exchange with Snow, Goku punches a hole in the wall letting in cold air and freezing Buyon solid. Goku smashes Buyon and ascends with Eighter back to the command room.
41 “The Fall of Muscle Tower”
“Massuru Tawâ no Saigo” (マッスルタワーの最後)
December 3, 1986 February 27, 2002
Goku fights General White who is not very fit. Eighter is too pacifistic to join in the fight as General White grabs Goku by the tail. After giving General White a severe bashing, he pretends to surrender and releases the village chief. When the chief’s back is turned, General White threatens Goku and Eighter to shoot the chief. The chief is hesistant whether he wants to live or die. Then the General blackmails Eighter into beating Goku. Hearing this, an enraged Goku demands that White deal with him, and White promptly shoots Goku. Eighter loses his temper and punches General White out of the tower. Finally all three leave the tower and Eighter destroys it. They all receive a warm welcome back at Snow’s house.
42 “The Secret of Dr. Flappe”
“Kiki Ippatsu!! Ganbare Hat-chan” (危機一髪!!ガンバレ8ちゃん)
December 10, 1986 February 28, 2002
The village is safe again but Snow’s parents wonder where the dragonball was. Eighter had it all along so General White wouldn’t exterminate the village. Unfortunately Eighter cannot risk staying in the village with the bomb still inside him. The chief suggests they go to Dr. Flappe to sort the problem. Goku has broken his dragon radar. While Snow, Goku and Eighter head to Dr. Flappe, Muraski (who has survived) stalks them. Before Dr. Flappe can get to work, Muraski surprises him. It is revealed Dr. Flappe created Eighter, not the RR Army. Murasaki forces Dr. Flappe to swipe Goku’s dragonballs. Goku chases and beats the ninja. Dr. Flappe is able to take the bomb out of Eighter but cannot fix Goku’s radar. Goku throws the bomb which kills Murasaki.
43 “A Trip to the City”
“Nishi no Miyako no Buruma n’chi” (西の都のブルマんち)
December 17, 1986 March 1, 2002
After spending a night in Snow’s house one of the villagers helps Goku summon his Nimbus next morning. Goku reaches West City, but has no idea where to find Bulma. Nobody he meets has a clue. Goku hasn’t got any money, but manages to win a lot in a street fighting competition. Along the way, Goku is abducted by a couple of thieving rogues, but they are far from a problem for him. Goku finds a policeman to direct him to Bulma’s house which is the Capsule Corp where dyno caps were first invented.
44 “Master Thief, Haski”
“Gokū to Nakama to Kiken ga Ippai” (悟空と仲間と 危険がいっぱい)
December 24, 1986 March 4, 2002
Bulma is currently out. Bulma shortly returns skipping school hours. Bulma leads Goku and the policeman to the garden where Bulma’s Dad is. While Bulma fixes the radar, her dad fixes the policeman’s motorcycle. Bulma finds Goku has procured 2 dragonballs. To come with Goku, Bulma demonstrates her Microband invention. Meanwhile the RR Army are plotting against Goku. General Black has hired a master thief to get the balls from him. The thieving rogues team up with Haski. Goku and Bulma meet up with Yamcha, Puar and Oolong. They all decide to go to the new Dreamland amusement park. Haski is ready to make her move.
45 “Danger in the Air”
“Ki o Tsukero! Kūchū no Wana” (気をつけろ!空中の罠)
January 7, 1987 March 5, 2002
Goku’s group enters the Dreamland amusement park, Haski and her two men stalking them. Haski plans how to steal the dragonballs while Goku’s group is having fun. Haski baits the group into thinking she is a poor but promising fortuneteller. Goku makes it difficult for Haski but with the Dragonballs in Yamcha’s possession, Haski seizes her chance. Haski’s cover is shortly blown but she swipes the Dragonballs. Haski says she’s planted a bomb to blow up Dreamland. Yamcha manages to tell Goku. On his Flying Nimbus Goku chases Haski’s hover ship. Goku pins down Haski, disarms the bomb and takes back the Dragonballs. Bulma dumps Yamcha and she and Goku head off to search for the remaining dragonballs.

General Blue saga

Ep# Title Original Airdate English Airdate
46 “Bulma’s Bad Day”
“Buruma no Daishippai” (ブルマの大失敗)
January 14, 1987 March 6, 2002
Goku and Bulma head to an island to look for a dragonball. The island however is under the control of General Blue of the RR Army. Goku lands on the island and Bulma finds only one dyno cap in her dad’s case, but all there is are several nudie mags. Bulma snatches the lot and gets frustrated and furious that her dad is into this and shreds them up. Goku dives into the ocean but cannot dive deep enough to find the dragonball. Meanwhile a couple of RR pilots are shooting at Bulma. As the pilots harass Bulma, Goku comes and blows them from the sky. Goku decides to go to Master Roshi’s much to Bulma’s dismay.
47 “Kame House – Found!”
“Kame Hausu Hakken Saru!!” (KΑME HOUSE 発見さる!!)
January 21, 1987 March 7, 2002
As General Blue’s men recover the scouts, Goku makes it to Roshi’s island. Roshi offers the submarine (which Krillin and Launch are using) in exchange for Bulma’s microband. Meanwhile Commander Red orders General Blue to take action. Roshi attempts to use the microband for some indecent mischief and Launch and Krillin return. While planning to find the dragonball Krillin mentions something about Pirates’ Treasure and Master Roshi tells the tale of it. After Goku, Bulma and Krillin leave, a RR scout spies the island.
48 “Deep Sea Blue”
“Burū Shōgun Kōgeki Kaishi!!” (ブルー将軍 攻撃開始!!)
January 28, 1987 March 8, 2002
Krillin manages to manuever the air/sub ship to the location where the dragonball is. General Blue plans to tail Goku, while another squad heads to Roshi’s Island. Despite their searching Bulma, Krillin and Goku don’t find the dragonball on the ocean bed. Meanwhile General Blue prepares and launches all his forces. As Krillin drives the sub into a cave, General Blue’s submarines tail and attack them. Krillin makes it to narrower caves, but General Blue sends his minisubs to pursue them.
49 “Roshi Surprise”
“Ayaushi Ranchi-san” (危うしランチさん)
February 4, 1987 March 11, 2002
General Blue continues to chase Bulma, Goku and Krillin in their submarine. They resort to ramming them into the cave walls. Meanwhile Master Roshi is having a bit of trouble with aggressive Launch. As Launch turns back into her gentle self, Captain Dock’s flying circus approaches and lands on the island. Roshi mocks the Captain and does a surprise attack on the men, aggressive Launch finishing it off. Goku, Bulma and Krillin narrowly escape Blue’s subs and surface into a long dark tunnel. Goku finds a button and lights up the tunnel. At the sight of a skeleton, Krillin confirms the place is the Pirates’ hideout. Hearing that the legend is true, General Blue has new ideas.
50 “The Trap is Sprung”
“Kaizokutachi no Wana” (海賊たちのワナ)
February 11, 1987 March 12, 2002
General Blue continues to follow Goku, Krillin and Bulma whilst Commander Red is impatient for results. The trio walk into a spear trap room. Goku and Krillin jump over the floor buttons but Goku has to manuever Bulma with his power pole. Blue’s soldiers get killed by the trap but General Blue finds a secret passage. As the trio cross a dark passage, they fall down an unstable floor into a lava pit, but Goku vaults them out with his power pole. General Blue gets attacked by an electric eel but manages to kill it. As the trio linger in the Pirates’ port, a deadly robot emerges bent on terminating intruders.
51 “Beware of Robot”
“Kaitei no Gādoman” (海底のガードマン)
February 18, 1987 March 13, 2002
Goku and Krillin fight the Pirate robot in between evading its heavy machine gun and sword. Krillin manages to disarm the sword from it. General Blue stays in hiding watching the fight. Bulma fires a gun cannon on the robot as it skis across a pool. As Goku fights the robot with his power pole, Bulma rams a truck on it. Next the robot drags Goku into an underwater battle, Goku narrowly escaping. The robot chases Bulma and Krillin through the hideout where all the pirates are dead. Goku recovers and rescues the other two. Goku performs an aerial attack smashing the robot. As everyone makes their way through the inner halls, the place begins to collapse. Goku takes a different route from the others. Bulma, Krillin and General Blue are forced to dive into a well.
52 “The Pirate Treasure”
“Yatta! Otakara Hakken” (やった!お宝発見)
February 25, 1987 March 14, 2002
As the hideout continues to collapse, Goku reaches a dead end and falls down a trapdoor onto a giant octopus. Krillin and Bulma emerge into a room with a booby trapped ten-armed statue and three chests and General Blue emerges. Krillin disarms the statue and opens the gold chest while Goku blasts and eats the octopus. Krillin inserts a key in the statue and General Blue shows himself to the two. General Blue mocks Krillin as he fights him. Goku hears the fight and swims it. General Blue demonstrates he’s very sensitive about his good looks and stuns Krillin making it easy to beat him. General Blue isn’t affected by Bulma’s charms. Goku arrives just before General Blue can kill Krillin.
53 “Blue, Black and Blue”
“Kyōfu no Hikaru Me” (恐怖の光る眼)
March 4, 1987 March 15, 2002
Goku and Blue start fighting and Goku is winning till Blue powers up. Meanwhile the whole ceiling is collapsing. He is just about to kill Goku when a mouse scares him.Goku gets up and beats Blue. Bulma and Krillin want to get out before the ceiling falls but Goku wants to find the dragon ball. When he feels its dangerous in here he picks the mouse that saved him and runs but Bulma and Krillin are about to leave.
54 “Escape From Pirate Cave”
“Nigero ya Nigero!! Daidasshutsu” (逃げろや逃げろ!!大脱出)
March 11, 1987 October 21, 2002
Goku makes it to the getaway submarine in the nick of time still carrying the mouse in his mouth. As the trio escape, rocks collapse and hit the sub and it soon runs out of fuel. Goku manages to launch the sub to the surface with a Kamehameha Wave. Bulma has managed to take one diamond with her. General Blue also reaches the surface. In the Blue Sector HQ Goku fiddles with the radio. As the trio make their way to Master Roshi’s, General Blue follows. As Roshi gets the diamond, he is forced to hand it to aggressive Launch who makes off with it. General Blue lands on the island preparing for revenge.
55 “Penguin Village”
“N’cha! Otte Pengin Mura” (んちゃ!追ってペンギン村)
March 18, 1987 October 22, 2002
General Blue binds the occupants of the Kame house with rope he powered with pyschic waves. General Blue then steals the dragon balls and sets a 5 minute bomb. Gentle Launch makes it in time to release Goku and Goku throws out the bomb. Goku then chases General Blue. As Goku and General Blue speed up to max, they both fly across a strange island. A speedy girl with a couple of sprites watch in amazement. General Blue causes Goku to fall and crashes his jet into a mountain.
56 “Strange Visitor”
“Uhohōi! Arare Kumo ni Noru” (うほほーい!アラレ雲にのる)
March 25, 1987 October 23, 2002
The girl introduces herself as Arale and the sprites are Gachem 1 & 2. Blue flees before Goku can find him. Arale and Gachem 1 & 2 catch up with Goku and are able to ride on the Nimbus with him. Blue meets Showerman and commandeers his car. Goku meets a lady called Akuma and a policeman called Toro both incapable of riding the Nimbus. The mention of the RR Army terrifies Toro. Blue meets someone who resembles his little brother and attacks Toro and his partners. As Goku tries to find the General, Arale bumps into Blue and she and Gachem 1 & 2 try to socialise with him, to Blue’s horror. Goku fails to find Blue and can’t get the dragon radar to work. Arale takes Goku to a doctor to get it fixed.
57 “Arale vs. Blue”
“Taiketsu! Arare Tai Burū” (対決!アラレVSブルー)
April 8, 1987 October 24, 2002
Senbei attempts to fix the dragon radar while Officer Toro faints in the coffee shop. Baby Turbo manages to help Senbei fix the radar. Blue arrives and waits for his chance to steal the plane by the family’s house. Blue tries to avoid detection from Goku’s fixed radar. The police at the station are getting trigger happy. Goku finds Blue by surprise and Blue threatens Arale with a knife in front of the family. Blue stuns Goku and swipes his radar. Before Blue can kill Goku, Arale rushes into and chases him through Penguin village. Meanwhile a small fight occurs between the police and a couple of trash collectors. Turbo offers to make a new radar for the one Goku lost. Blue is stranded making contact with Red.

Commander Red saga

Ep# Title Original Airdate English Airdate
58 “The Land of Korin”
“Makyō no Seichi Karin” (魔境の聖地カリン)
April 15, 1987 October 28, 2002
In the Land of Korin, Captain Yellow is looking for another dragonball. They find the ball in the crater of a volcano. Near a massive tower that reaches the sky Bora and his son Upa are fishing. As Captain Yellow’s men retrieve the dragonball, the volcano erupts. Bora gets hold of the dragonball. As Yellow and his men land, Bora demands they leave. They attack him seeing him with the dragonball but Bora resists. Bora kills a backstabbing grenadier and beats down Yellow’s men. Yellow kidnaps Upa and blackmails Bora. Goku arrives in time to defeat Yellow and save Upa (who is able to ride the Nimbus). The dragonball Bora has is the very one Goku was looking for. Meanwhile the guards of the RR base hardly recognize General Blue on his arrival. Commander Red has summoned the infamous Mercenary Tao.
59 “The Notorious Mercenary”
“Kita! Sekaiichi no Koroshiya Taopaipai” (きた!世界一の殺し屋 “桃白白”)
April 22, 1987 October 29, 2002
General Blue enters the RR base and Commander Red is making a pretty expensive deal Mercenary Tao. Despite procuring the dragon radar, Red is displeased with Blue and offers him the a second chance if he can defeat Mercenary Tao. Meanwhile Bora tells Goku the legend of the Korin Tower. General Blue thinks Mercenary Tao is a joke. Tao is very quick in both dodging and attacking, and even proves to be immune to Blue’s paralysis technique. Using only the tip of his tongue, Tao kills Blue. After being briefed of his target, Tao travels by a flying pillar to Korin’s Land. As Goku, Bora and Upa are enjoying themselves, Tao storms in and Bora fights him. Bora is defeated and Tao kills him before Goku can save him. Upa is heartbroken and Goku is angered.
60 “Tao Attacks!”
“Shōbu!! Kamehameha Tai Dodonpa” (勝負!!カメハメ波VSどどん波)
April 29, 1987 October 30, 2002
Goku fights Tao. Despite his best attacks, Goku takes a severe beating from Tao. A Kamehameha Wave has no effect on Tao, but it sears his outfit. Angered, Tao fires a lethal beam (Dodon Wave) from his finger on Goku. Tao takes the dragonballs and hurts Upa before making his leave. Tao heads to a rich town to get a new outfit,while Red tells him he is one dragonball short. Upa has buried his father and is about to bury Goku when an RR pilot lands. As the pilot tries to take the dragonball Goku kept, Goku beats him and blasts him out the sky. Apparently Goku’s grandfather’s dragonball blocked the Dodon Wave. Not knowing what to do next, Upa suggests Goku try to climb the Korin Tower. Goku makes a good start while Tao enjoys his luxury to Red’s frustration. The tower is indeed a lot higher than Goku thought and he nearly falls off but continues his long journey without giving up.
61 “Korin Tower”
“Karin-Tō no Karin-sama” (カリン塔のカリン様)
May 6, 1987 November 4, 2002
Goku reaches the summit of Korin’s tower. He sees visions of the past, present and future in pots. Goku goes upstairs to meet Korin (who is nothing more than a blind cat). Korin is not about to hand the sacred water to Goku. An assassin fails to kill Mercenary Tao as he heads to his usual hotel to take a boiling hot bath. Korin seems to be deceitful not letting Goku take the bottle of sacred water. After a long hard attempt trying to get the sacred water, Korin reveals Master Roshi was the first to climb the tower and took three years to get the water.
62 “Sacred Water”
“Hatashite!? Chōseisui no Kikime” (果して!?超聖水のききめ)
May 13, 1987 November 5, 2002
Goku attempts to snatch the sacred water from Korin with his After Image technique which is no surprise to Korin. The next day Korin gives Goku a Sensu Bean to last Goku’s apetite and energy for ten days. Korin throws Goku’s dragonball out of the tower forcing Goku to run down and up the tower again. Goku attempts to take the sacred water in Korin’s sleep, but thinks better of it. Goku tries long and hard for the next two days to get the sacred water. Mercenary Tao realises how he wasn’t able to kill Goku. Goku attempts to read Korin by mimicking his every move. The very next day, Goku finally manages to get the sacred water. To his disappointment it doesn’t strengthen him, but all that exercise did him good. Tao kills the tailor who made his outfit before leaving. Goku also makes his leave.
63 “The Return of Goku”
“Son Gokū no Gyakushū” (孫悟空の逆襲)
May 20, 1987 November 6, 2002
Tao arrives and bullies Upa. Goku arrives to save him and rounds on Tao. After a small talk, Goku demonstrates his speed and strength on Tao. Tao also happens to know the legend of Korin’s tower and the sacred water. Goku blocks most attacks from Tao to Upa’s surprise. Meanwhile Bulma is working on a new scout plane to assist Goku. Goku beats Tao a lot. Tao’s Dodon Wave only singes Goku’s hands. Tao resorts to wielding a sword on Goku, but Upa fetches Goku his power pole and Goku breaks Tao’s sword. Tao kicks a stone, missing Upa and destroying the teepee. Tao decides to climb the tower to get the sacred water.
64 “The Last of Mercenary Tao”
“Saigo no Taopaipai” (最後の桃白白)
May 27, 1987 November 7, 2002
While Mercenary Tao tires himself climbing the tower, Goku enjoys his moments with Upa who is amazed at Goku’s confidence. Meanwhile Bulma’s dragon radar is malfunctioning due to some radar jamming situation which is also affecting Commander Red. Tao reaches the tower summit and meets Korin. Arrogant Tao drinks the sacred water and Korin tricks him into thinking his strength is boosted. In addition Korin gives Tao a dark cloud to ride. Korin then causes Tao to plummet to the ground. Tao beats Goku, but Goku was just taking blows to read his moves. Tao acts a surrender and throws a napalm grenade at Goku, but Goku kicks it back. The bomb explodes right in Tao’s front killing him. Meanwhile Bulma has finishing engineering her radar against the radar jammer which also boosts Goku’s. Goku is off to defeat the RR at their HQ.
65 “Confront the Red Ribbon Army”
“Yuke Gokū! Totsugeki Kaishi” (ゆけ悟空!突撃開始)
June 10, 1987 November 8, 2002
Commander Red receives word that Colonel Violet has tracked another dragonball. Her divers successfully procure the ball. As they are attacked by a giant alligator and savages, Violet selfishly leaves her men to die, giving her the chance to escape with the ball. Violet hands the ball to Commander Red receiving a pint-sized reward. Bulma has completed her spy camera to find Goku and launches it. As Goku makes his way to the RR HQ, Commander Red is convinced it is Mercenary Tao. Bulma’s spy camera is destroyed when it hovers above the RR base. Bulma, Launch and Roshi realise Goku is making a direct attack on the RR base. Yamcha, Oolong and Puar receive the news and off to take the others to follow Goku.
66 “A Real Bind”
“Reddo Ribon Gun Hisshi no Kōbō” (レッドリボン軍必死の攻防)
June 17, 1987 November 11, 2002
While Yamcha and the others are flying after Goku, they decide to find Krillin. They find Krillin swimming but he flees before he realises they’re here to pick him up. Goku beats a scout of the sky and his cover is blown. Goku gets past the defenses and penetrates the base perimeter. All at once he has the entire army on top of him. Yamcha flies the plane into the RR sector barely escaping a heat seeker missile. Colonel Violet is grabbing every scrap of money she can get. Goku infiltrates Red’s command building as Commander Red retreats to his office with General Black.
67 “The End of Commander Red”
“Reddo Sōsui Shisu!!” (レッド総帥死す!!)
June 24, 1987 November 12, 2002
The warfare against Goku continues for the RR Army. Then the soldiers flee in terror except for Colonel Violet who is heading for Red’s treasure vault. Violet swipes all the money and valuables and makes her leave. Red gets frustrated and angry and leaves Black to face Goku as he retreats to his penthouse. As Goku beats Black, Red activates the ceiling to crush Goku. Having been betrayed and risking his life, Black kills Red. Goku emerges from the wreckage and Black tries to talk his way out, but Goku won’t fall for his lies. As a last resort Black uses a mech robot machine to take out Goku. Meanwhile Yamcha and Violet are both trying to evade each other. General Black beats Goku plenty and is preparing to fire a lethal weapon on him.

Fortuneteller Baba saga

Ep# Title Original Airdate English Airdate
68 “The Last Dragon Ball”
“Saigo no Doragon Bōru” (最後のドラゴンボール)
July 1, 1987 November 13, 2002
As Yamcha nears the RR base, Goku evades Black’s laser cannon. Annoyed at Goku’s survival, Black uses all he’s got against him and Goku destroys the robot mech suit along with Black. Goku now has six dragonballs but cannot track the last one. By the time Yamcha and the others arrive, the war is over and Goku reunites with the lot. Goku’s success crippling the RR Army amazes everyone. Puar scouts around but finds no one and Launch turns back into sweet Launch. Even Goku’s climbing to the peak of Korin’s Tower surprises Roshi. Bulma promises to fix the dragon radar and Goku promises to have Bora resurrected.
69 “Who is Fortuneteller Baba?”
“Kyūto na!? Uranai Baba” (キュートな!?占いババ)
July 8, 1987 November 14, 2002
Bulma finds there is nothing wrong with the dragon radar and thinks something organic must have swallowed the ball that puts the ball off detection. Roshi suggests Goku visits Fortuneteller Baba to find the last dragonball with her clairvoyance. Goku takes off with Yamcha, Puar and Krillin. They stop at a town and Goku needs to get a new suit of clothes. While a new martial suit is being made, Goku flies take Upa on the adventure with him. After changing into his new clothes, Goku and his friends head off to Fortuneteller Baba’s palace passing desert tornados and storms. Goku is greeted by Ghost at the palace. A group of mean-looking visitors enter the palace and leave in a devastated state. Goku and the others enter and meet Fortuneteller Baba who isn’t what they expected. Baba is asking a huge price for a single fortune and Goku’s only alternative is to battle five warriors of Baba’s.
70 “We Are The Five Warriors”
“Totsugeki! Warera Gonin no Senshi” (突撃!われら5人の戦士)
July 15, 1987 November 15, 2002
Yamcha, Krillin and Goku feel up to fighting while Upa and Puar choose to stay back. Krillin starts against Fangs the Vampire. Krillin misses every time and is beaten when Fangs sinks his fangs into Krillin’s scalp. Krillin loses a lot of blood and Fangs pushes him into the lake. Ghost attends to Krillin’s blood loss. Unsuspecting Upa and Puar volunteer to be the next to fight Fangs together, which Fangs agrees to. Scared but determined, Upa breathes crunched up garlic in Fangs’ face. Fangs then rounds on Puar but she turns into porcupine that impales Fangs’ jaws. She then turns into a giant hand and slaps Fangs into the lake. Yamcha chooses to fight next. Baba tells Yamcha he is fighting an invisible warrior. While Yamcha’s attempts are unsuccessful, Krillin sends Goku to fetch Bulma and Roshi. Yamcha tries hearing the invisible man out.
71 “Deadly Battle”
“Kesshi no Dairyūkessen” (決死の大流血戦)
July 22, 1987 November 18, 2002
Goku locates Roshi and Bulma in their capsule ship. Goku collects Roshi and Bulma in a careless manner than makes the ship swurve down and aggressive Launch takes control in the nick of time. Yamcha’s hearing the invisible man works out at first until Baba starts singing awfully. Yamcha takes repetitive blows. Krillin diverts the invisible man with applause giving Yamcha the chance to fight back, but the invisible man becomes silent and starts devastating Yamcha. Goku arrives with Roshi and Bulma. With a thrust of Bulma’s breast, Krillin makes Roshi have a violent nosebleed right on the invisible man, exposing him to Yamcha. Yamcha beats the invisible man with a Wolf Fang Fist, forcing him to surrender. Roshi reveals that Baba is his sister. For the next fight Baba leads the whole lot into her creepy tower. Yamcha is to fight in a realm called ‘The Devil’s Toilet’. Baba takes Goku to her home room, serving him a meal while testing his reflexes. Baba has creepy ideas in store for Goku and his friends.
72 “Goku’s Turn”
“Son Gokū Kenzan! Akuma no Benjo” (孫悟空見参!悪魔の便所)
July 29, 1987 November 19, 2002
Baba summons a coffin. Out comes Yamcha’s opponent, a mummified warrior. The mummy is a lot faster and stronger than he looks and Yamcha nearly falls in the Devil’s Toilet. The mummy beats Yamcha despite his attempt to retaliate a surprise attack. Puar cuts in, but it makes matters worse. Goku saves Yamcha and enters the next fight.
73 “The Devilmite Beam”
“Hissatsu Akumaitokōsen to wa!?” (必殺アクマイト光線とは!?)
August 5, 1987 November 20, 2002
The mummy feels a bit hesitant to fight Goku. Goku whets the mummy’s apetite and counterstrikes. The mummy binds Goku with his own bandages. After a long struggle, Goku jumps down just beyond the deadly toilet water and breaks free. Goku defeats the mummy with a single punch. Goku’s next opponent is a demon called Spike. The demon seems easy to beat and he nearly falls in the toilet. Spike prepares to use his Devilmite beam to finish Goku.
74 “The Mysterious Fifth Man”
“Nazo no Goninme no Otoko” (なぞの五人目の男)
August 12, 1987 November 21, 2002
Master Roshi briefs the others on the story of the Spike. Spike fires his Devilmite beam on Goku. Goku resists the beam entirely. Spike fires a stronger Devilmite beam. Goku resists that one entirely as well. Spike then flails a trident at Goku. A mysterious man wearing a cat mask and a halo on his head has been watching Goku closely. Goku almost falls in the Devil’s Toilet but climbs on the other side of the bridge and surprises Spike. Goku finishes Spike with a mighty kick. The final fighter requests Baba that he and Goku fight outside. Roshi senses some familiarity of the fifth fighter. The fight begins.
75 “The Strong Ones”
“Gekitotsu!! Kyōteki Dōshi” (激突!!強敵同士)
August 19, 1987 November 22, 2002
The final fight begins with a struggle. Both opponents are evenly matched. The masked man launches Goku in the air and sends him crashing through the stage, but Goku attacks back. The masked man launches a Kamehameha Wave, which Goku avoids. Goku does his own Kamehameha Wave on the masked man. The masked man grabs Goku’s tail, disabling him from fighting. The masked man is getting more familiar to Roshi all the time and he has a good idea who is under the mask. Roshi reveals that the man is none other than Goku’s deceased grandfather Gohan.
76 “The True Colors of the Masked Man”
“Kamen Otoko no Shōtai ha!?” (仮面男の正体は!?)
August 26, 1987 November 25, 2002
Gohan repeatedly slams Goku against the floor. Meanwhile Pilaf is trying out his new power suit and Shu and Mai spy from a satelite on Goku. It turns out Pilaf has the final dragonball and has jammed the dragon radar. Eventually Goku’s tail rips off. Gohan surrenders and reveals his face to Goku. Bulma retells her adventures with Goku. Gohan chooses to stay dead and vanishes after a farewell. Baba reveals the exact location of the last dragon ball.
77 “Pilaf’s Tactics”
“Pirafu no Daisakusen” (ピラフの大作戦)
September 2, 1987 November 26, 2002
Goku flies his Nimbus after Pilaf’s car to get the last dragon ball. Pilaf is heading to Baba’s place in hope of procuring the other dragon balls, thinking Goku still has a weakness. Goku stops the car and recognises his previous enemies. Pilaf challenges Goku to a battle, with his Dragon ball against all 6 in Goku’s possession. Pilaf, Shu and Mai get in their powersuits. The machines are unaffected by Goku’s first attacks. The machines corner Goku and Shu burns his clothes off. To Pilaf’s horror he finds Goku has no tail. Pilaf, Mai and Shu combine their powersuits into a titanic machine. Using a Kamehameha Wave, Goku blasts the side of Mai’s powersuit. Mai ditches her broken powersuit and rides Pilaf’s and Shu’s combined powersuits as the trio flees. Shu fires a missile, but Goku throws it right back, trashing the powersuits. Pilaf gives Goku the dragonball and Shu gives him his clothes.
78 “The Eternal Dragon Rises”
“Shenron Futatabi” (神龍ふたたび)
September 9, 1987 November 27, 2002
Goku flies back to Baba’s place and takes Upa with all the dragonballs to the Land of Korin. Yamcha wants to train with Roshi who doesn’t feel up to it but Bulma changes his mind. Goku and Upa have fun on their journey. Goku summons the eternal dragon and with a pluck of his courage, Upa wishes his father be resurrected. The dragon grants the wish and Bora rises from his grave. Upa delightfully embraces his father and the dragon vanishes into the seven balls. Before they can scatter Goku grabs the four star ball already turning to stone. Goku bids Bora and Upa farewell and heads back to Baba’s place. Roshi says that he has nothing more to teach Goku. Goku walks without any use of the Nimbus cloud ready for training and adventure.
79 “Terror and Plague”
“Kinkaku · Ginkaku no Hito Kui Hyōtan” (金角·銀角の人食いひょうたん)
September 16, 1987 November 28, 2002
Goku is travelling when he sees a girl about to be eaten by a tiger-monster.He saves her and she asks him to help her village which is being terrorized by 2 people called Terror and Plague. When they reach the village they see that there is a call going on in which when a person’s name is called, and he doesn’t reply ‘here’ he’ll be sent inside the gourd(a thing Terror and Plague use to trap people).Goku shows up and challenges them and beats them but they use the gourd and trap him.Goku escapes the gourd with his power pole and takes the gourd, trapping Terror and Plague.They feel sorry and Goku releases them and they now work for the villagers.Goku then travels on towards the wilderness.
80 “Goku vs. Sky Dragon”
“Iza Gozen Shiai! Gokū Tai Tenron” (いざ御前試合!悟空VS天龍)
September 23, 1987 November 29, 2002
Goku makes an enduring journey to challenge Master Chin. Chin is busy fending off Rising Dragon and his two men. Before Rising Dragon can begin a fight, his brother Sky Dragon stops him. Chin’s agrees to workout with Goku, his son Shoken getting worried. Goku finds Chin has been in weak health lately and learns from him about the King’s Tournament. Goku manages to get medicine for Chin, managing to avoid conflict with the Dragon brothers. Sky Dragon spends his time terrifying his students. Goku volunteers to take Chin’s place in the King’s Tournament. Jealous Shoken spikes Goku’s breakfast. At the tournament Goku battles Sky Dragon as the laxative kicks in Goku, but he resists the effect and beats Sky Dragon. The Dragon brothers and students join Chin’s teachings and Goku resumes his journey.
81 “Goku Goes to Demon Land”
“Gokū · Makai e Iku” (悟空·魔界へ行く)
September 30, 1987 December 2, 2002
In a castle Princess Misa is taken by a demon. Goku reaches the village avoiding the traps. In the castle the king has doubts Goku will succeed but recruits him to face the demon Shula after seeing his fighting skills. At that moment the demons are rampaging the village. The king escorts Goku to the portal next day and Goku cannot pull Shula’s sword from the door. At the Kame House, Launch is getting agitated with Roshi and Yamcha and Krillin are hard at training. Goku meets the guards Gola and Maylay, who advise caution fighting Shula, who intends to marry Princess Misa. Goku defeats the first demon and shocks everyone with his intention to fight Shula. Goku beats Shula and escapes with Misa, Maylay and Gola helping. Goku pulls out Shula’s sword and seals the portal.
82 “The Rampage Of InoShikaCho”
“Abare Kaijū InoShikaChō” (あばれ怪獣イノシカチョウ)
October 7, 1987 December 3, 2002
Goku finds some people running away from their village. They say that a monster named InoShikaCho is terrorizing their village. Goku goes to the village and finds two men, one of whom has a third eye, who defeated Inoshikacho. The villagers pay them 100,000 seni for their services. Later, Goku finds them in the woods with InoShikaCho around a campfire. Goku realizes that they only pretend to kill the monster to get money. The three-eyed stranger fights Goku. He chops down a tree, which falls on Goku. A girl wakes him up, saying that she found him unconscious in the woods. Goku goes to the next village and finds The two strangers pulling the same trick. Goku says that they’re friends with InoShikaCho, but they trick the villagers into believing Goku is friends with them. Goku picks up InoShikaCho and runs off, but the villagers catch him. The girl who saved him appears and clears Goku’s name.
83 “Which Way to Papaya Island?”
“Isoge Gokū! Tenka-ichi Budōkai” (いそげ悟空!天下一武道会)
October 14, 1987 December 4, 2002
Three years have passed, and it is the day before the World Martial Arts Tournament. Goku sees three guys beating someone up, so he steps in and fights. They run away, and the guy he saved, Konkichi, is very thankful. Konkichi takes Goku to the airport so he can fly to Papaya Island, the site of the tournament. Goku has no money, so they go to a carnival to win some. Goku wins enough money for the tickets, so they head back to the airport. Goku sees Fortuneteller Baba, so he stops to talk. Konkichi runs off, but is caught by the same guys as before. They force him to rob a bank, but he gets caught. Konkichi admits to Goku that he was a criminal, but he wants to change. Baba tells Goku where the three men are, so he takes off after them. He catches them and brings them to jail. Unfortunately, he missed his flight, so he decides to swim to Papaya Island.

Tien Shinhan saga

Ep# Title Original Airdate English Airdate
84 “Rivals and Arrivals”
“Mezase Budō Tenka-ichi!!” (めざせ武道天下一!!)
October 21, 1987 December 5, 2002
Krillin, Yamcha, and the others arrive at Papaya Island and check in. While they wait for Goku to arrive, the Crane Hermit and his two students, the same two who were swindling villages with Inoshikacho, arrive. Once they check in, Master Roshi says that he and Master Shen, the Crane Hermit used to be friends. Just as the registration period is about to end, Goku shows up. He and the others go out for a meal, and Master Roshi promises the restaurant owner he’ll pay him with the prize money from the tournament. That night, Krillin and Yamcha go out for a run and come across many of the other contestants training. The next morning, Goku, Krillin, and Yamcha head towards the preliminary round arena. Master Roshi disappears, and Jackie Chun arrives.
85 “Preliminary Peril”
“Kachinokoru zo!! Yosen Sabaibaru” (勝ちのこるぞっ!!予選サバイバル)
October 28, 1987 December 6, 2002
Goku, Krillin, Yamcha, and Jackie Chun all get drawn into separate eighths of the bracket, so they won’t meet each other until the finals. Yamcha easily defeats his first opponent. Krillin pretends to struggle with his opponent, but is easily victorious. Master Shen’s two students, Tien Shinhan, who has three eyes, and Chiaotzu, approach Yamcha and tell him how weak he is. The two of them square off to fight, but Jackie Chun steps in and reminds them that fighting now would disqualify them. Later, Tien quickly wins his first match. The time has come for Goku’s match, but unfortunately he is up against King Choppa. The last time King Choppa entered the tournament, he won without even getting hit.
86 “Then There Were Eight”
“Kettei!! Hachinin no Yūshatachi” (決定!!8人の勇者たち)
November 4, 1987 December 9, 2002
From the start, it is clear that Goku is much faster and stronger than King Choppa. He jumps in the air, and on his way down, he blows at the ground to slow himself down and throw off King Choppa’s timing. He then delivers the final blow. The preliminary rounds continue until the first intermission. During the meal, Yamcha and Tien nearly get in a fight, but once again, Jackie Chun stops them. Nam comes up to Goku to greet him. He is fighting in the tournament again, but this time it’s only for fun, since his village is in no need of water anymore. Later, in the last match before the finals, Nam is nearly killed by Tien. Goku, Krillin, Yamcha, and Jackie Chun all advance to the final round.
87 “Yamcha vs. Tien”
“Taiketsu!! Yamucha Tai Tenshinhan” (対決!!ヤムチャVS天津飯)
November 11, 1987 December 10, 2002
The finalists prepare to draw their numbers for the championship round. Chiaotzu uses his powers to rig the seeding. The first match is Yamcha against Tien, the second match is Jackie Chun against Man Wolf, the third match is Krillin against Chiaotzu, and the fourth match is Goku against Pomput. After a quick meal for Goku, the finals begin. Yamcha and Tien start fighting, and the two of them seem evenly matched. They each are surprised with the other’s strength. During a lull in the action, Yamcha says that he is going to use his new technique: Wolf Fang Blowing Wind.
88 “Yamcha’s Big Break”
“Yuke Yamucha! Osoru Beshi Tenshinhan” (ゆけヤムチャ!恐るべし天津飯)
November 18, 1987 December 11, 2002
Yamcha uses his Wolf Fang Blowing Wind technique, but it has no effect. He lands dozens of punches on Tien, but they, too, don’t seem to work. To everyone’s surprise, Yamcha fires a Kamehameha wave, but Tien deflects it back at him. Yamcha jumps up to avoid it, but Tien is there and kicks him to the ground. Tien comes down hard on Yamcha’s leg, breaking it. Once Tien is declared the winner, Puar rushes in and transforms into a flying carpet to transport Yamcha to the hospital. Everyone heads back to the hotel to await tomorrow’s match: Jackie Chun vs. Man Wolf.
89 “Full-Moon Vengeance”
“Kyōfu!! Mangetsu no Urami” (恐怖!!満月の恨み)
November 25, 1987 December 12, 2002
Man Wolf has been waiting three years for the opportunity to fight Jackie Chun. He is angry with Jackie because he destroyed the moon, preventing him from changing back into a human. Man Wolf tries to hit Jackie as hard as he can, but Jackie dodges with no effort. Man Wolf pulls a knife on Jackie Chun, thereby disqualifying himself, but Jackie easily stops Man Wolf from hurting him. He paralyzes Man Wolf with a special technique, then brings Krillin out into the ring. He hypnotizes Man Wolf into thinking that Krillin’s bald, shiny head is the moon. Man Wolf changes back into a human. He thanks Jackie Chun and leaves the tournament.
90 “The Dodon Wave!”
“Nanana!! Nanto Dodonpa” (なななっ!!なんと どどん波)
December 2, 1987 December 13, 2002
Krillin and Chiaotzu begin to fight. Chiaotzu reveals that he has the ability to fly. Before Krillin can lay a hand on him, he floats up above the ring. He starts firing Dodon rays at Krillin, who is forced to run wildly around the ring to avoid them. Goku realizes that the Dodon ray is the same technique that was used by Mercenary Tao. Tien overhears Goku talking about the Dodon ray, so Goku tells him that Tao used it right before he killed him. Tien is shocked to hear this because Tao was one of the strongest men he ever knew. Jackie Chun tells Goku that Tao was Master Shen’s brother. Tien tells Shen about Tao, causing Shen to become even angrier at Master Roshi’s students. Meanwhile, Krillin tries to knock Chiaotzu out of the air, but fails. He decides to try the Kamehameha wave, even though he’s never used it. Jackie Chun tries to tell Krillin that he’s not ready to use it yet.
91 “Counting Controversy!”
“Gyakuten!! Kuririn no Paaden ne Daisakusen” (逆転!!クリリンの8でんネ大作戦)
December 9, 1987 December 16, 2002
Chiaotzu fires his Dodon ray at Krillin, and it seems to destroy him. Suddenly, Krillin appears in the air behind Chiaotzu and fires a Kamehameha wave at him. Chiaotzu is only barely able to float above the ring now, so he tries another special attack. He jumps head-first towards Krillin in an attempt to push him out of the ring, but Krillin pushes him back. Chiaotzu then uses his special powers to paralyze Krillin. As Krillin is getting beaten up, he realizes Chiaotzu needs his hands to use his powers, so he gives him a math problem. Chiaotzu begins counting on his fingers, allowing Krillin to punch him out of the ring. Later that night, someone sneaks into Goku’s room and tries to kill him. Goku wakes up, so the man flees. Goku and Krillin catch up to him and find that it was the Crane Hermit trying to avenge the death of Tao. They square off to fight, but Tien suddenly shows up and stops them. He says that Goku deserves to be punished and humiliated in the ring, not in the street at night.
92 “Goku Enters the Ring”
“Omatase! Son Gokū Sanjō!!” (おまたせーっ!孫悟空参上!!)
December 16, 1987 December 17, 2002
Goku and Master Roshi have a sparring session before the fourth match. Pomput’s manager sees how strong Goku is and realizes Pomput can’t beat him. Goku goes for a quick run and Pomput’s manager follows in his car. He catches Goku and tells him that the fight has been moved. He offers to take Goku to the new arena. Launch witnesses Goku getting in the car, so she chases after them. When she catches up to him, she easily defeats the manager’s bodyguards. Goku runs back to the arena just in time for his fight. Pomput is a movie star and has never lost a fight, so he is very confident he can win. Once the fight starts, he tries to punch Goku, but Goku dodges it and gives Pomput three quick jabs to the gut, knocking him out.
93 “Tien Shinhan vs. Jackie Chun”
“Jitsuryoku Hakuchū!! Tenshinhan Tai Jakkii” (実力伯仲!!天津飯VSジャッキー)
December 23, 1987 December 18, 2002
Everyone waits for the first semifinal to start. Finally, Jackie Chun and Tien Shinhan begin their match. Tien attacks first, and Jackie Chun grabs him and throws him out of the ring. Tien reveals that he, too, has the ability to fly, and floats back into the ring. Jackie Chun tries the mirror-image technique. He creates eight images of himself that rapidly rotate around Tien. They close in and attack from all sides. Tien uses his three eyes to figure out which is the real Jackie Chun, and give that one a harsh kick to the face. Jackie discards his shirt and powers up. The two of them begin attacking wildly. After a while, they fall apart from each other, badly beaten.
94 “Stepping Down”
“Gegege!! Shintsurusenryū Taiyōken” (ゲゲゲッ!!新鶴仙流·太陽拳)
December 30, 1987 December 19, 2002
Tien and Jackie Chun continue fighting. Tien kicks Jackie in the face, causing him to fly to the edge of the ring. Tien tries to push him out, but Jackie manages to get away and get back to the center of the ring. Tien decides to use his Solar Flare technique, which blinds everyone in the stadium, including Jackie. He delivers a powerful blow, nearly knocking Jackie out. The announcer begins to count, but before he reaches ten Jackie gets up. Jackie then begins preaching to Tien, telling him the error of his ways. Tien ignores him and begins a furious attack. As Jackie continues preaching, Master Shen suddenly realizes Jackie Chun is really Master Roshi in disguise. He telepathically communicates this to Tien, who then fires a Kamehameha wave. Jackie Chun is able to deflect it upwards, and with some last words of wisdom, he inexplicably walks out of the ring.
95 “Goku vs. Krillin”
“Faito!! Gokū Tai Kuririn” (ファイト!!悟空VSクリリン)
January 6, 1988 December 20, 2002
Goku and Krillin start their semifinal match. After several minutes of fighting, they seem evenly matched. Goku jumps high in the air, and Krillin follows him. The sun reflects off of Krillin’s bald head and blinds Goku, allowing Krillin to kick him to the ground. Goku somehow lands on his feet and attacks Krillin as he falls. Krillin sucks in some air, causing him to float, thus throwing off Goku’s timing. Meanwhile, Tien confronts Master Roshi to ask him why he quit the match. Master Roshi tells Tien that he is not a killer, even though he acts like it. He says that Tien has a conscience, and this will make him into a hero. Tien tries to ignore Roshi’s teachings, and promises to kill Goku to prove him wrong.
96 “Tail’s Tale”
“Masa ka Gokū!? Kuririn no Daisakusen” (まさか悟空!?クリリンの大作戦)
January 13, 1988 December 23, 2002
Goku and Krillin continue their fight. Goku runs toward Krillin, creating a Kamehameha wave as he goes. He jumps in the air and uses the wave to blast himself into Krillin. The announcer begins the count, but Krillin gets up, so they continue fighting. Goku gets several powerful hits in on Krillin, who realizes he only has one chance to win. He fires a Kamehameha wave at Goku, who easily blocks it. Suddenly, Krillin appears behind Goku and grabs his tail. Goku passes out and the announcer begins counting. Before he reaches ten, Goku gets up and slams Krillin to the ground, saying that during the last three years, he worked with his tail until the weakness was gone. Krillin fools Goku and gets in a cheap shot, causing the two of them to launch into another furious bout. After Krillin hits him again, Goku disappears. He is moving so fast that no one can see him. He suddenly appears next to Krillin and kicks him out of the ring.
97 “Final Match: Goku vs. Tien”
“Kesshō!! Hatashite Budō Tenka-ichi wa!?” (決勝!!はたして武道天下一は!?)
January 20, 1988 December 25, 2002
Yamcha sneaks out of the hospital to watch the final match. Oolong transforms into a giant ogre to save front-row seats for everyone. The match finally starts, and right away Goku attacks. He grabs Tien’s leg with his tail and swings around to punch him in the face. Tien flies up in the air, and Goku jumps up after him. Tien hits Goku with a Dodon ray, blasting him down through the floor of the ring. Goku jumps up from the rubble and continues his assault. He tries his disappearing trick again, but Tien’s three eyes help him to keep track of Goku’s movements. While Goku is running around, Tien hits him, sending him flying to the wall of the ring. Tien pins Goku against the wall and beats him mercilessly.
98 “Victory’s Edge”
“Higi·Haikyūken to Sentō Pawā” (秘技·排球拳と戦闘パワー)
January 27, 1988 December 26, 2002
Tien grabs Goku and begins to play volleyball with him. He spikes Goku down into the ground, but to his surprise, Goku gets up. He says that throughout the tournament, he had only been using a fraction of his strength to protect his opponent, but now he is going to fight at full power. He unleashes a brutal assault on Tien, then starts conjuring a Kamehameha wave, but stops, realizing Tien would have dodged it. Tien meditates briefly, then they continue the match. Goku’s next assault nearly pushes Tien out of the ring, but Tien is able to counter it. Goku then creates ten images of himself to confuse Tien. When Tien attacks one of the false images, Goku sneaks up and knocks him down. Tien uses his Solar Flare technique, but Goku borrows Master Roshi’s glasses and counters with his own attack. Goku jumps up for an attack, but is mysteriously frozen, allowing Tien to knock him down.
99 “Tien’s Insurrection”
“Tenshinhan no Kunō!!” (天津飯の苦悩!!)
February 3, 1988 December 27, 2002
Goku once again gets frozen in midair, allowing Tien to kick him down to the ground. Goku uses a Kamehameha wave to prevent landing outside the ring. He attacks Tien, but is frozen again. Yamcha realizes Chiaotzu is using his powers to paralyze Goku. Tien hits Goku dozens of times, nearly knocking him out. Goku gets up and kicks Tien in the face, but is frozen once more. Tien once again pounds Goku mercilessly. Realizing that he’s winning too easily, Tien figures out that Chiaotzu is helping him and forces him to stop, wanting to beat Goku in a fair fight. Seeing the error in Shen’s teachings, Tien refuses to kill Goku. Shen tells Chiaotzu to paralyze Tien, but he refuses. Shen tries to kill him, but Master Roshi hits him with a Kamehameha wave, blasting him out of the arena. Goku then attacks Tien with incredible force. Afterwards, Tien says that he let Goku beat him up to make up for the beating Goku took when he was paralyzed. Suddenly, Tien grows two extra arms out from his back.
100 “The Spirit Cannon”
“Sei ka Shi ka!? Saigo no Shudan” (生か死か!?最後の手段)
February 10, 1988 December 30, 2002
With four arms, Tien clearly has an advantage over Goku. He nearly pushes him out of the ring, forcing Goku to jump up. Tien grabs Goku’s arms and legs and repeatedly headbutts him. Goku begins to smack Tien in the face with his tail, forcing Tien to let him go. Goku then appears to grow six extra arms to counter Tien’s four. The two of them continue fighting until they simultaneously knock each other down. The count reaches eight before they both stand up. Goku trips Tien and grabs his legs. He pulls on his legs, causing Tien tremendous pain. Tien’s extra arms reach up and choke Goku, but they quickly give up. After a long struggle, Tien’s legs flip Goku off of him and into the wall. Goku gets up, so Tien decides to use the Tri-Beam Cannon, a devastatingly powerful attack. Tien floats high above the ring and fires the Tri-Beam on Goku. When the dust clears, the entire ring is gone, leaving a gaping hole in the ground. Goku is nowhere to be found.
101 “The Fallen”
“Budō Taikai Shūryō! Soshite…!!” (武道大会終了!そして…!!)
February 17, 1988 December 31, 2002
Everyone looks up and finds Goku miles above the surface. Tien jumps up and tells Goku that he never meant to hit him with the Tri-Beam Cannon. He just wanted to knock him out of bounds, and since there’s no stage to land on and since Tien can fly, Goku seems to have no chance. With a Kamehameha wave, Goku blasts himself into Tien. As they rapidly approach the surface, Goku is hit by a car, causing him to touch the ground slightly before Tien. The announcer declares Tien the winner, and the entire crowd rushes over to the landing site. Later, Tien offers Goku half of his prize money, but Goku declines the offer. Tien apologizes to Yamcha for breaking his leg, then takes everyone out to dinner. Right before they eat, Goku realizes he left the power pole and the four-star ball at the arena, so Krillin leaves to get them for him. While they’re eating, Goku suddenly runs back to the arena and finds Krillin dead. The announcer said a monster stole the Dragon Ball and a list of names from the tournament.

King Piccolo saga

Ep# Title Original Airdate English Airdate
102 “Enter King Piccolo”
“Kuririn no Shi Osoroshiki Inbō!!” (クリリンの死恐ろしき陰謀!!)
February 24, 1988 September 1, 2003
Goku and his friends find Krillin murdered. The referee says it was a monster that in addition took Goku’s Dragon Ball and a list of tournament participants. A vengeful Goku takes the Dragon Radar and charges off in pursuit of the killer. Judging by a crest on a paper, Roshi knows this to be the work of King Piccolo. Roshi retells how the world suffered his carnage long ago and how he and his master Mutaito had to trap him in a jar at the cost of Mutaito’s life. It turns out Pilaf released King Piccolo and is assisting him. Goku catches up with King Piccolo’s minion Tambourine.
103 “Tambourine Attacks!”
“Pikkoro Daimaō no Kyōfu!!” (ピッコロ大魔王の恐怖!!)
March 2, 1988 September 2, 2003
Goku engages Tambourine in combat, but, as Goku is weak from hunger, Tambourine overpowers him and destroys the Flying Nimbus, leaving Goku for dead. Roshi and the others decide to head to the Kame house. After Tambourine hands King Piccolo the dragonball and list of fighters, he is sent to kill all the fighters, starting with King Chappa.
104 “Mark of the Demon”
“Yomigaere Son Gokū!!” (よみがえれ孫悟空!!)
March 9, 1988 September 3, 2003
While Tambourine kills fighter after fighter around the world (leaving the mark of the demon behind), King Piccolo creates and sends a new warrior called Cymbal to gather the remaining dragon balls. Goku wakes up and tries to look for food. Roshi plans to move from the island to somewhere else. Goku finds a fish cooking and eats it. When he’s finished, he vows for revenge. Suddenly Yajirobee emerges from the thickets mad that Goku ate his fish.
105 “Here Comes Yajirobe”
“Kaidanji·Yajirobee Tōjō!!” (怪男児·ヤジロベー登場!!)
March 16, 1988 September 4, 2003
Goku fights with Yajirobe making him angry. Yajirobe is a skilled and tough fighter. Roshi finds a safe haven for his friends and sets out with Tien and Chiaotzu to find the dragon balls and stop King Piccolo. Bulma preserves Krillin in a freezing capsule. Goku accuses Yajirobe of assisting Tambourine but Goku learns Yajirobe isn’t lying and never steals. Cymbal appears eyeing Yajirobe’s dragon ball. After a game of rock, paper, scissors, Yajirobe fights Cymbal. Eventually Yajirobe slices Cymbal killing him. At that moment King Piccolo feels the presence of Cymbal’s death.
106 “Terrible Tambourine”
“Majū·Tanbarin ga Yatte Kuru!!” (魔獣·タンバリンがやってくる!!)
March 23, 1988 September 5, 2003
Yajirobe eats Cymbal which Goku finds gross. King Piccolo gets frustrated from Cymbal’s death. Meanwhile Giran is bullying a fisherman when Tambourine appears. Tambourine fights Giran and kills him along with the fisherman. Yamcha is next on Tambourine’s hit list. Goku requests for Yajirobe’s dragon ball explaining their powers to him. Tambourine finds Yamcha but before he can kill him, King Piccolo telepathically orders him to find Cymbal’s killer. Master Roshi manages to procure one of the dragon balls. Goku intends to use the dragon balls to resurrect Krillin.
107 “Tien’s Atonement”
“Son Gokū·Ikari Bakuhatsu!!” (孫悟空·怒り爆発!!)
April 6, 1988 September 9, 2003
Master Roshi drives a hard bargain with pirates on a land battleship to get another dragon ball. Yajirobe refuses to hand his dragon ball to Goku. Goku won’t leave Yajirobe until Tambourine finds them. They both stop at a river, exhausted from their long run. Tambourine has a hard time tracking Goku and Yajirobe as they continue their chase. During their search for another dragon ball in a town, Tien comes across an old rival he previously broke a leg in a fight. Tien tries to ask nicely for the dragon ball, but the man refuses. Several soldier storm the house thinking Tien is the killer of the martial arts fighters, but Master Roshi convinces them they’re mistaken. To the man’s astonishment Tien gets down on his knees and begs him to give him the dragon ball. The man forgives Tien and offers to give the dragon ball when his baby wakes up. Tambourine finds Yajirobe and Goku catches up ready to take his revenge.
108 “Goku’s Revenge”
“Pikkoro Daimaō Oritatsu!!” (ピッコロ大魔王降り立つ!!)
April 13, 1988 September 10, 2003
As Roshi follows a dragon ball in motion, Goku begins his fight with Tambourine immediately overwhelming him. Tambourine fires an incinerating beam at Goku, but Goku evades it and kills him with a Kamehameha Wave in midair. Sensing Tambourine’s death, King Piccolo decides to deal with Goku himself. Roshi and Tien find a fourth dragon ball in a cave getting tangled with crows. As King Piccolo decides to wait for all the other dragon balls to be gathered, the ship approaches Goku’s location.
109 “Goku vs. King Piccolo”
“Son Gokū Tai Pikkoro Daimaō” (孫悟空対ピッコロ大魔王)
April 20, 1988 September 11, 2003
Roshi is on the verge of getting the fifth dragon ball. Pilaf’s ship lands near Goku and Yajirobe. Recalling King Piccolo, Yajirobe hands Goku the dragon ball and hides. King Piccolo jumps down to face Goku. After a warmup, King Piccolo stuns Goku. Roshi procures the fifth dragon ball, but drops it down a canyon. After a few injuries, Goku bites King Piccolo’s finger. King Piccolo fires several explosive beams at Goku. When Goku fails to counter attack, King Piccolo prepares to finish him off.
110 “Piccolo Closes In”
“Ganbare! Son Gokū!!” (がんばれっ!孫悟空!!)
May 4, 1988 September 15, 2003
After a few more hits, King Piccolo critically wounds Goku with one of his most powerful beams and takes his dragon ball. King Piccolo makes his way to get the rest of the dragon balls. In his state, Goku requests Yajirobe to take him to Korin Tower. Meanwhile Chiaotzu finds the fifth dragon ball. Roshi decides they head to King Piccolo to get the other two balls. Yajirobe tells Goku the story of King Piccolo. Roshi takes to the ground and hides the dragon balls he collected. King Piccolo swallows his two dragon balls thwarting Roshi’s plan. To prevent Tien from fighting, Roshi paralyses him. King Piccolo jumps down to face Roshi.
111 “Roshi’s Gambit”
“Kame-Sen’nin no Saigo no Mafūba!!” (亀仙人の最後の魔封波!!)
May 11, 1988 September 16, 2003
Bulma is unable to contact Roshi. Roshi reluctantly tells King Piccolo where his dragon balls are. Roshi, knowing full well that he is no match for King Piccolo, has no wish to fight and toys with King Piccolo, enduring the pain he receives. King Piccolo doesn’t recall meeting Roshi before until Roshi mentions Mutaito, and grows fearful as he realizes what Roshi is here to do. Roshi takes a special jar out a capsule and unleashes an evil containment wave, King Piccolo attempting to resist and Tien watching the whole thing. Unfortunately, Roshi misses at the last second and dies. King Piccolo unites all 7 balls and summons the Eternal Dragon.
112 “King Piccolo’s Wish”
“Wakagaeru ka!? Pikkoro Daimaō” (若がえるか!?ピッコロ大魔王)
May 18, 1988 September 17, 2003
Chiaotzu tries to thwart King Piccolo’s wish, but gets killed instead. King Piccolo makes his wish and becomes younger. Before Shenron can disperse, King Piccolo kills him so that no one else could use the Dragon Balls against him. King Piccolo intends to target the Kingdom of Chow. There the king Furry is a kind-hearted person. Tien intends to use the evil containment wave on King Piccolo. Pilaf tries to request his reward but King Piccolo dumps him, Mai and Shu off the ship. Yajirobe and Goku finally reach Korin’s tower greeted by Bora and Upa.
113 “Siege on Chow Castle”
“Kingu Kyassuru no Kōbō!!” (キングキャッスルの攻防!!)
May 25, 1988 September 18, 2003
As King Piccolo prepares to attack Chow Castle, everyone is celebrating the King Furry’s anniversary including Snow. Goku intends to climb Korin’s tower to meet Korin once more. Yajirobe doesn’t want to go with Goku anymore until Goku mentions Sensu Beans. With Bora’s help Yajirobe begins his climb up the tower. Yamcha and the others arrive where Tien is waiting. As girls hand King Furry bouqeuts, King Piccolo storms the castle. Things get ugly in the kingdom, even for King Furry. King Piccolo kills the commander and captures the evacuating king. Yajirobe finally reaches near the tower summit.
114 “Conquest and Power”
“Gokū no Negai!! Karin-sama mo Nayamu” (悟空のねがい!!カリン様もなやむ)
June 1, 1988 September 22, 2003
King Piccolo kills King Furry’s first officer and demands Furry sends word to the world of his conquest. Furry refuses and King Piccolo destroys a large part of the city making him give in. Bulma places Chiaotzu and Roshi’s corpses in freezing capsules. Meanwhile Yajirobe meets Korin and eats too many Sensu beans. Goku’s friends are trying to enjoy themselves while Tien is having a hard time learning the evil containment wave. Sadly Korin has nothing left to teach Goku, but tips Goku on Ultra Divine Water.
115 “Awaken Darkness”
“Te ni Irero! Nazo no Chōshinsui” (手に入れろ!謎の超神水)
June 8, 1988 September 23, 2003
Piano antagonises King Piccolo’s enslaved subjects. Korin tells Goku that the Ultra Divine Water is hidden deep in an icy labyrinth where many have perished trying to pass. Yajirobe doesn’t want to go, but accidentally goes in the same portal that Goku enters after (Korin warning him about Darkness). As Goku fights an indestructable ice monster, Darkness awakens. Yajirobe and Goku escape sliding down a long twisty path. Snow is very tempted to shoot King Piccolo with a rifle, but knows how unwise it is. Darkness has something bad in store for Goku and Yajirobe.
116 “A Taste of Destiny”
“Ikite Ita Kame-sen’nin!?” (生きていた亀仙人!?)
June 22, 1988 September 24, 2003
As Yajirobe and Goku press on, they go their separate ways. Goku meets Master Roshi and is taken to the Kame House in the middle of the labyrinth where all his friends await him. Somthing doesn’t seem right to Goku and he realises all this is an illusion to bait him into danger and this Roshi is a fraud. Yajirobe falls onto Goku and they both fall off a cliff clinging for their lives. With effort Goku stays put, even as Roshi injures him. Satisfied, Darkness meets with Goku and warns him the possibility of death from drinking the water if he is not fit for it. Goku takes the risk and drinks the water getting feeling excrutiating pain. Meanwhile King Piccolo broadcasts that criminals are free to reign in the world.
117 “The Ultimate Sacrifice”
“Son Gokū Tsui ni Hasshin!!” (孫悟空ついに発進!!)
June 29, 1988 September 25, 2003
Goku has survived the Ultra Divine Water and vaults his and Yajirobe’s way out with the power pole. Meanwhile crimewave spreads throughout the world. Eighter has travelled to Chow Kingdom to find Snow. Snow is making use herself helping those in casualty as Eighter finds her. Eighter forcefully persuades a band of rogues to aid the casualties. Tien finally masters the evil containment wave and makes his way to confront King Piccolo. Goku and Yajirobe manage to get back to Korin’s Tower. Korin gives Goku a new Nimbus cloud and Goku makes his way to face King Piccolo once more.
118 “Prelude to Vengeance”
“Tenshinhan no Ketsui!!” (天津飯の決意!!)
July 6, 1988 September 29, 2003
King Piccolo keeps the world at suspense as he chooses a target sector to annihilate. Yajirobe has a rough landing having fell right through a Nimbus cloud. King Piccolo chooses to destroy Sector 28, which is none other than Bulma’s homeland. The entire city tries to evacuate in a frenzy including Bulma’s parents. A team of convicts storms the Kame House, but Yamcha and Launch beat them. Tien arrives at Chow Castle just as King Piccolo is about to depart. Before Tien can start his plan, King Piccolo creates a new warrior called Drum.
119 “Battle Cry”
“Kimaru ka!? Densetsu no Mafūba” (きまるか!?伝説の魔封破)
July 20, 1988 September 30, 2003
As crisis continues in West City, Tien is forced to fight Drum. Goku stops halfway on his journey to help the Ox King and Chi Chi from soldiers blackmailed into killing martial artists by King Piccolo. Tired of waiting Yamcha and the others decide to go after Tien. After taking blows Tien seizes his chance to perform the evil containment wave, but Piccolo destroys the jar. Goku arrives and kicks Drum, killing him instantly.
120 “Goku Strikes Back”
“Gokū·Ikari no Furu Pawā!!” (悟空·怒りのフルパワー!!)
July 27, 1988 October 1, 2003
Goku starts his fight off throwing King Piccolo through Chow Castle. King Furry watches the fight in amazement. King Piccolo first attacks fail to harm Goku. All this time Tien is stunned by Goku’s new power. Piccolo gets many blows from Goku, so he harnesses his full power, killing Piano in the process. Goku takes a powerful hit and Piccolo rounds on Tien. Goku suddenly leaps about about to launch a Kamehameha wave.
121 “The Biggest Crisis”
“Son Gokū Saidai no Kiki!!” (孫悟空最大の危機!!)
August 3, 1988 October 2, 2003
Goku blasts King Piccolo in the back with a Kamehameha Wave. Goku continues to devastate King Piccolo. News of the fight reaches everywhere. King Piccolo disables Goku’s right leg with an energy blast, but Goku merely uses the Power Pole. King Piccolo fire deadly beams until Goku has lost his power pole and hits him, destroying the entire kingdom, King Furry evading death. Tien was able to save Goku from certain death but gets exhausted. Goku prevents King Piccolo from conjuring another explosive wave, but King Piccolo manages to hit Goku and create a huge crater. Goku gets out with his Nimbus Cloud.
122 “Final Showdown”
“Saigo no Kake!!” (最後の賭け!!)
August 10, 1988 October 6, 2003
Sensing he’s in a losing battle, King Piccolo resorts to a cowardly resort, threatening to kill Tien, if Goku moves a muscle. Yamcha reaches the place and lands his plane. Yajirobe has also arrived to watch Goku fight hesitating whether he should or shouldn’t. Upon discovering that King Piccolo killed Shenron, Goku resigns himself to endure repetitive pains getting his limbs crippled. With Goku incapacitated, King Piccolo prepares to finish him off, but Goku uses full power in his right fist to punch a hole through King Piccolo’s. Seconds before King Piccolo’s death he uses the last of his energy to create his final offspring. Yajirobe saves Goku from falling to his death and retrieves Tien. Tien is motivated to train better than ever.

Piccolo Jr saga

Ep# Title Original Airdate English Airdate
123 “Lost and Found”
“Nyoibō no Himitsu” (如意棒の秘密)
August 17, 1988 October 7, 2003
Tien retrieves Goku’s power pole as Bulma, Yamcha and sweet Launch scan the place. Yaijarobe takes Goku back to Korin’s tower. News of King Piccolo’s defeat spreads with much celebration. Even as the eternal dragon is dead, Bulma procured all the stones anyway. An old lady spots King Piccolo’s egg and she and her husband bring to their house and Piccolo Junior is about to hatch. Korin is shocked to hear that the eternal dragon is dead, and reveals that those killed by King Piccolo and his sons do not go to the afterlife, instead spending eternity trapped in Limbo. Korin knows the creator of the dragon balls Kami. To get to him Goku searches for the power pole while meeting King Furry. Fortuneteller Baba tells Goku the power pole is at Master Roshi’s. Goku gets the power pole and flies back to Korin’s tower. Piccolo Junior destroys the couple’s house and vows for revenge.
124 “Temple Above the Clouds”
“Kumo no Ue no Shinden” (雲の上の神殿)
August 24, 1988 October 8, 2003
Goku extends the Power Pole from the top of Korin’s Tower to reach the temple above. Once there he must battle Mr. Popo in order to obtain an audience with Kami. The placid Mr. Popo proves to be a lot stronger than he appears. Meanwhile, back on the ground, Kame House gets flooded with reporters looking for Goku after it is discovered that he is the one who defeated King Piccolo.
125 “Earth’s Guardian Emerges”
“Kami-sama Tōjō!!” (神様登場!!)
August 31, 1988 October 9, 2003
Mr. Popo finally agrees to train Goku after seeing his potential. At the same time, Tienshinhan vows to train hard to beat Goku in the next Martial Arts Tournament. Realizing Goku’s determination, Kami reveals himself to Goku, who is shocked by his appearance and the story he tells. Kami agrees to revive the Eternal Dragon if Goku will stay and train with Mr. Popo for a while, terms which Goku gladly accepts.
126 “Eternal Dragon Resurrected”
“Yomigaeru Shenron!!” (よみがえる神龍!!)
September 14, 1988 October 13, 2003
Kami revives Shenron, the Eternal Dragon. When Goku’s friends down on Earth call Shenron, he tells them that Goku is training in Heaven under Kami-sama and will meet them at the next Martial Arts Tournament. They wish for everyone who was killed by Piccolo to be revived. The news that Goku is training under Kami spurs Tienshinhan, Yamcha, and Krillin to train hard as well for the competition.
127 “Quicker than Lightning”
“Kaminari yori mo Hayaku!!” (カミナリよりも速く!!)
September 21, 1988 October 14, 2003
Tienshinhan, Krillin, and Yamcha continue to train at Kame House. Simultaneously, Kami and Mr. Popo send Goku on a special training mission to fetch a crown. As Goku tries to take the crown from the top of a mountain, he is struck by lightning. Goku meets a young girl who uses her “sixth sense” to find her lost bird. This makes Goku realize how he must acquire the crown: he must be faster than lightning.
128 “Secret of the Woods”
“Sora no yō ni Shizuka ni” (空のように静かに)
September 28, 1988 October 15, 2003
Tienshinhan, Krillin, and Yamcha ask Master Roshi why he is not teaching them anymore and he explains to them that he has nothing more to teach and that they should seek training on their own. Mr. Popo sends Goku to a forest in search of someone who can train his mind. Goku meets a large family that lives in a cabin and the grandfather of the family, a simple fisherman, turns out to be able to teach Goku more than he expected.
129 “The Time Room”
“Toki o Kakeru Gokū” (時をかける悟空)
October 12, 1988 October 16, 2003
Mr. Popo sends Goku back in time to train more. In the past he meets the young Master Roshi and his rival, the young Crane Hermit. Goku learns from their master Mutaito how to harness his spirit energy. During an incident where the Crane Hermit steals Roshi’s love interest, Goku gets angry and manages to use his spirit energy successfully. Back in the present, Tienshinhan contemplates visiting Korin’s Tower in order to train as Goku once had.
130 “Goku’s Doll”
“Gokū no Teki wa…Gokū!?” (悟空の敵は…悟空!?)
October 19, 1988 October 20, 2003
Tienshinhan, Krillin, Yamcha, and Chaozu all are heading toward’s Korin’s Tower, and are training on the way. Mr. Popo finally gives Goku an opponent to train with, and it turns out to be a clay version of Goku. Their skills are exactly the same, the only difference is that the clay Goku has no interference in his mind, and can concentrate completely on fighting. This shows Goku that he needs to quiet his mind, and he begins to realize how to achieve that.
131 “Walking Their Own Ways”
“Sorezore no Michi o Mezashite” (それぞれの道をめざして)
October 26, 1988 October 21, 2003
Mr. Popo plays hide and seek with Goku to teach him about concentration and finding people’s ki. Meanwhile, Tienshinhan, Krillin, Yamcha, and Chaozu continue their search for Korin’s Tower. In doing so they happen across a small village at the base of a large mountain that the townsfolk consider to be their protecting god. Suddenly the mountain explodes and the four warriors rush to try and stop the lava flowing towards the town.
132 “Hotter than Lava”
“Maguma yori Atsuku” (マグマより熱く)
November 2, 1988 October 22, 2003
Still training with Mr. Popo, Goku can not yet harness his ki. Back on the ground, Tienshinhan, Krillin, Yamcha, and Chaozu each try individually to stop the flow of lava towards the defenseless village. Just as it looks like the threat has passed, the volcano erupts again with even more power. This time the four warriors work together to avert the magma for good. Training continues as the next Martial Arts Tournament is only three years away.
133 “Changes”
“Arashi no Mae no Saikai” (嵐の前の再会)
November 9, 1988 October 23, 2003
Three years have passed and all of the warriors reunite for the 23rd Martial Arts Tournament. Goku, Tienshinhan, Krillin, Yamcha, and Chaozu have all been training for the last three years, resulting in drastic physical changes and improvement in martial arts skills. However, on the first day of the preliminary rounds, the warriors are encountered by an old nemesis.
134 “Preliminary Peril”
“Haran no Tenka-ichi Budōkai” (波乱の天下一武道会)
November 16, 1988 October 27, 2003
Goku and Tienshinhan agree to keep it a secret that Piccolo’s spawn is at the tournament. In the preliminaries, all the fighters get a chance to show off the benefits of their training. Goku demonstrates that he has learned to harness his ki. Tao Pai Pai surfaces again, still alive and now a cyborg. He has entered the tournament and plans to kill Goku and Tenshinhan for vengeance. He seriously injures Chaozu.
135 “Battle of the eight”
“Erabareta Hachinin” (選ばれた8人)
November 23, 1988 October 28, 2003
Even the preliminary rounds of the 23rd Martial Arts Tournament are more brutal than those of years past. Eventually eight people come out on top to advance to the final rounds: Tienshinhan, Tao Pai Pai, a strangely familiar girl, Goku, Krillin, Piccolo, Yamcha, and a bumbling man known as Hero. Everyone is worried that Tao Pai Pai will defeat Tienshinhan in the first match but Goku is certain that Tienshinhan is stronger.
136 “Tien Shinhan vs. Mercenary Tao”
“Koroshiya Taopaipai no Gyakushū” (殺し屋桃白白の逆襲)
November 30, 1988 October 29, 2003
Tienshinhan proves to be much stronger than Tao Pai Pai. Being a former student under the assassin, Tienshinhan gives Tao Pai Pai a chance to back down. After Tao Pai Pai tries to kill Tienshinhan, however, he loses all respect for his former master and takes him out easily. The battle ended up being more of an emotional victory than one of strength. Meanwhile, Goku must face the angry, familiar woman.
137 “Anonymous Proposal”
“Son Gokū no Kekkon” (孫悟空の結婚)
December 7, 1988 October 30, 2003
Goku’s female opponent proves to be a worthy contender, fueled by her anger at Goku. She says she will tell Goku who she is if he defeats her, which he does so easily. It turns out that she is none other than Chichi, daughter of the ox king, and the girl who Goku promised he would marry. Goku agrees to live up to this promise, and warns Krillin to be careful of his opponent in the next match. Realizing that Krillin is indeed strong, Piccolo agrees to show his true strength.
138 “The Mysterious Hero”
“Nazo no Otoko·Shen” (謎の男·シェン)
December 14, 1988 November 3, 2003
As a final act of desperation, Krillin unleashes a powerful Kamehameha upon Piccolo, who is unaffected. After getting what Piccolo thought was a fatal blow, Krillin surrenders; everyone realizes he still did very well. In the next match, Yamcha does not take his seemingly foolish opponent, Hero, seriously. However, Hero decides to battle Yamcha with his real power, exhibiting strength that surprises everyone.
139 “Rematch”
“Gekitō Futatabi! Gokū Tai Tienshinhan” (激闘ふたたび!悟空VS天津飯)
December 21, 1988 November 4, 2003
Hero tries to teach Yamcha as they battle, but Yamcha will hear nothing of it. Finally, after rebounding from Yamcha’s toughest attack, Hero ends the match with ease. Yamcha then thanks Hero for what he has taught him. Goku realizes that Hero is actually Kami in a human body. In the next battle, Tienshinhan and Goku seem to be of equal strength. But after an intense bout of sparring, Tienshinhan is panting while Goku breathes normally, seeming to have the upper hand.
140 “Goku Gains Speed”
“Hontō no Chikara” (ほんとうの力)
January 11, 1989 November 5, 2003
Tienshinhan exhibits a drastic increase in speed, and notes that Goku hasn’t sped up at all since the most recent tournament. However, asking for a quick pause, Goku removes his shirt, wrist bands, and boots–a combined weight of 100 kg. With the extra training weight off Goku is faster than ever. Having no other choice, Tienshinhan decides to use a new skill: 12 eyes.
141 “The Four Faces of Tien”
“Yonin no Tenshinhan” (四人の天津飯)
January 18, 1989 November 6, 2003
Tienshinhan splits his body into four separate Tienshinhans with a total of 12 eyes. Goku gets knocked down by their first attack, but used the opportunity to find the two weaknesses in this skill: the 12 eyes are too sensitive and each Tienshinhan is only a fourth as strong as the actual Tienshinhan. Goku uses Tienshinhan’s own Taiyoken against him to blind the 12 eyes, and then knocks all four Tienshinhans out of the ring for the victory.
142 “Kami vs. Piccolo”
“Docchi ga Tsuyoi!? Kami Tai Pikkoro Daimaō” (どっちが強い!?神VSピッコロ大魔王)
January 25, 1989 November 10, 2003
Finally Kami battles his evil half. He tells Goku that he must vanquish Piccolo because he knows that Goku, knowing that if Piccolo dies Kami must die as well, will not have the heart to kill Piccolo himself. Kami uses the Mafuba technique to seal Piccolo in a Denshi jar, just like what happened centuries earlier. Piccolo counters the attack, sealing Kami in the Denshi jar and swallowing it. Before he is sealed Kami implores Goku to destroy Piccolo at any cost.
143 “Battle for the Future”
“Kono Yo no Unmei o Kakete!” (この世の運命を賭けて!)
February 1, 1989 November 11, 2003
Goku explains to Master Roshi, Tienshinhan, Krillin, and Yamcha that Hero was actually Kami in a human body. He tells the about Kami and Piccolo splitting into two separate entities, good and evil. Goku realizes that it is up to him to stop Piccolo now. As their match begins, their strength appears to be equal. Soon, however, Piccolo unleashes a flurry of attacks that leaves Goku lying in a hole as the cou